Up for Adoption

Uh, hi.

You've probably noticed I've been away for a long, long time. According to my account, I haven't updated for nearly a year. There's a couple of big reasons for that. First off is life in general. So much to do, so little time. Anyone who writes while having a full-time job understands what I mean. The second reason is that I have too many ideas. For other stories. It's a big reason why I decided to change my update style, since I would have 20 to 30 stories all waiting to be updated at the same time. And my ideas are all over the place. I've got plans for a Mass Effect/Destiny story, a Mass Effect/Ben 10 story, a second Destiny/RWBY story, a Destiny/Game of Thrones story, an Overlord/Game of Thrones story (the videogame Overlord not the light novel), a Diablo/Dresden Files story, a Mass Effect/Asura's Wrath story, and probably a couple of others. And it ends up being that I come up with ideas for one story, then the next day, I'm thinking about another story. And on top of that, I have trouble linking my ideas together. I'll come up with idea A, come up with idea B, and have trouble writing the plot points that move from one to the other. Hell, for a few I've already thought of an ending without coming up with anything in the middle.

But for Shards of Impossibility itself, I've got a serious writer's block. And the idea I came up with… I'm really second guessing it. At the time, I thought it was alright. But now I'm wondering where the hell do I go from here? And what if people don't really like it? I look at what I had planned, and it feels a lot like pointless filler. A way to procrastinate since I haven't come up with any actual ideas for the new Slaughterhouse Nine or the Endbringer hybrids. And while I'd appreciate any contributions from readers, I'll admit that It'll still be about a year before I get around to continuing, assuming I can come up with an idea on where to go from where I am.

But I'm not killing off this story. Lots of people still like it and all. As you can tell from the title, I'm putting Shards up for adoption. Let someone else with time and skill continue writing this story. But I can't just hand it to the first person I can find. I find it aggravating when some writers can't seem to spell or format their stories properly. So I've decided to have a little 'contest'. If anyone is interested in adopting Shards, just go to Docx and make a connection with me (make sure to PM me and let me know you're doing this). After we've made a connection, write out a chapter of any length where you come up with an idea for what could happen next. Any idea. I'll read through them, and the one I like the most will get to adopt my story. I'll give everyone until… the 16th of December. Might as well do it on the day I first published it. That seems long enough.

So yeah. That should be everything. I'm really sorry about this, but it's probably better this way.

Edit: So someone brought up a point (in the worst, most insulting way) that showed there might be a misunderstanding with this contest. He thinks this contest is some means of limiting who can write content about my story. For anyone else feeling the same way, this contest is actually to check writing quality. Everyone knows that there are plenty of stories that are completely illegible thanks to lack of formatting, spelling, and grammar. This contest is to make sure that the person I send the whole story file to has legible writing. And is willing to continue the story. A lot better than just picking a reviewer at random and letting this all be their problem.