The one with the power to change the timeline must choose

Between those who live and those who die.

They must bear the burden of the eternal paradox.

When the world is consumed by Chaos and the knight of Etro is thrown into a long forgotten past, will she be able to set things right, or will she allow herself to be swept away by the raging tides of Chaos lurking within all of us?

This story is for those who choose to read it.

This story is for you.

Here we go with my new story.

This story is Lightning x Caius and it is `slightly´ AU *wink*

There will be a maximum of 15 chapters - update intervals will be about once to twice a month. Depending on freetime and inspiration.

This story has lots of quotes inside. Please note that although I altered many of them in order to fit my story and I do not always indicate their origin right where I put them, none of them is originally mine.

Most of them are written italic, but some are not, as I incorporated them into my text and I didn´t want cursive letters to disturb the layout. I will point them out at the end of every chapter though.

I also put in song titles at the beginning of most chaps, because I just love to listen to music while writing. Feel free to listen to them to create additional athmosphere, or don´t, if this kind of stuff just annoys you.

In the first 2 chapters you will encounter a lot of quotes and content you already know from the game - some of it twisted and bent again to accomodate the story. I´m really sorry if this bores the crap out of you guys, but I really needed it to get the story started.

My appologies.

And, oh yes, of course Square Enix owns Final Fantasy.