"Ugh, remind me again, Donnie, why are we here?" "To collect the mutagen! I traced it back here!" "Sure is nice to have the Foot Ninja welcome us!" Raph sarcastically said. It WAS bad timing that there was not just mutagen in that alley, but also hordes of Foot Soldiers waiting next to the mutagen. "Guys, I hate to break up the argument here, but we have to focus!" Leo interrupted their conversation. "Ok, Raph, you take the left, Donnie, you take the right, I will take the middle." Leo ordered. The other 2 nodded in agreement.

With Mikey injured during their previous fight with Fishface, they insisted that Mikey stayed in the lair. "WHAT? But dude, I will go nuts!" "Sorry, Mikey, but we can't risk you getting injured again." "Yeah, if you go back out there, you can open up your wounds, making them worse! This can result in bleeding to death." Leo and Donnie insisted that Mikey stay in the lair and not get out. "Awwww! But I will just go bored!" "Don't worry Mikey, we will be back soon." Leo said.

Even though they are fighting hard, the Foot Soldiers seemed to be unlimited in numbers; every time a horde of Foot Soldiers is defeated, more will just keep coming. "Is there any end to this...Foot nightmare?" Raph burst out. As time goes by, they are starting to feel worn out. Just when they are reaching their limits, suddenly, arrows started to shoot from the roof, shooting the Foot Soldiers. "Guys, watch out! Arrows!" Leo shouted. They tried to dodge each shot while attacking the Foot Soldiers.

"Wait." Leo wondered. "Is it me, or are the arrows missing us? Deliberately?" Soon, the Foot Soldiers were completely wiped out. The mysterious arrows stopped shooting as well. Leo could have sworn that he saw a figure on the roof. "Uh guys, did you notice the arrows that were shooting from the roof? What was that all about?" "I saw them too. What's odd is that they seemed to deliberately miss us during each shot and only shoot the Foot Soldiers." "But who will know about us? Besides Casey and April, that is." Raph stated. "I honestly have no idea. The big question is, why would that...thing or a...person want to help us?" "I don't know, let's get back to the lair and take the mutagen with us." The 3 turtles nodded and headed towards the manhole cover.

Mikey's POV
Seeing my brothers safe and sound, I immediately rushed to the lair. I have no idea how I even manage to get out of there without being seen but that was too close! I reached the lair, panting and also minding my injuries. I am still in the middle of recovery but I will be ok...I think. Still, I can't let my brothers know about the arrows I shot. They will kill me! I better bring this bow back to the dojo. Can't let those dudes find out my secret.