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The young Arc was in a panic. He was going to be late. Again.

Glancing up at the clock on his wall, Jaune made note of the time. It was almost eight o'clock. That meant that if he ran – no, if he sprinted – he might just make it in time. If he was still late at that point, well, then there was nothing he could do about it.

Slipping into his shoes, Jaune's thoughts wandered back to the book he'd spent all night reading. Should he bring it to class? Maybe he could find some time at lunch to read another section. Casting it a final longing glance, the blond bolted out the door, hastily locking it behind him. He didn't have time.

Taking the stairs two at a time, Jaune hit the ground floor in seconds. Rushing past his landlady with a quick "excuse me", the hunter hopeful started in a full out sprint towards Signal.

Although he was curious as to why his landlady had worn such an odd expression on her face, he didn't have enough time to ask her what was wrong.

Keeping low to the ground, Jaune poured all of his energy into covering the most distance he possibly could, the quickest he could. Focused on keeping his stride length long, he tried to ignore how cold the air felt as it passed by him, or as it entered his lungs. While the chilly air was uncomfortable, Jaune could put up with it. He was infinitely more concerned about being late.

It would be the second day in a row he'd be late, and while Mr. Branwen could be forgiving, Jaune was certain his tardiness today would tick his teacher off a little bit too much. So far this year, he'd managed to avoid detention entirely, and he'd sorely wanted to keep that record going.

Detentions with Mr. Branwen were things to be feared, apparently. Even Yang Xiao Long, Mr. Branwen's niece, hadn't escaped 'unscathed.'

Qrow Branwen didn't mince words, even when it came to family. Or so it seemed.

Jaune couldn't help but shudder at the thought. He reassured himself that surely being late two days in a row wasn't that bad of an offence? The cynic in Jaune dismissed that immediately; students got detention for things as minuscule as speaking out of turn in Mr. Branwen's class.

No one ever disagreed with their teacher's decision either. In their first ever combat class of the year, the grizzled teacher fought every single student at once, bare handed, and swept the floor with them. Literally - he grabbed one student by the leg, and dragged him around the entire time he fought. If that wasn't a testament to his skill, Jaune wasn't sure what would be.

Jaune slowed to a jog, panting lightly as he passed through the gate that indicated he was now on Signal Academy grounds. The sprint had taken a lot out of him – maybe it was the lack of sleep catching up to him – but he was too close to stop and catch his breath now.

Aesthetically, Signal wasn't exactly the prettiest of schools, its rough stone walls painted a dark, bloody crimson. While it was rather... basic, that didn't mean Signal wasn't imposing - he'd actually been quite scared the first time he walked it's halls, though his fear was mostly brought upon by his nerves at the time. But all the same, after all the time he'd spent there, Jaune could consider it his "home away from home, away from home". He'd spent hours cooped up in the classrooms contained by those red walls.

It wasn't as if every minute he spent there was enjoyable, oh no. But Signal was a place that symbolized the memories he'd made with his friends.

Friends that were no longer with him, was the bitter thought that crossed Jaune's mind. They hadn't died or anything morbid like that, but most of the friends he'd made were people closer to his skill level. As such, his friends - instead of taking an extra year for hunter prep - decided to move on to other things: one friend went to join the Vale Police Force, another moved to Atlas, signing up for the military. Everyone seemed to be going separate ways.

And now, he was the only one of his group left, stubbornly keeping on through the rigorous hours of physical and mental training. He may be lonely now, but he was certain that would change when he went to Beacon. He was sure he'd be able to make some new friends there.

Finally outside the door of his classroom, Jaune couldn't help but curse under his breath. The door was closed – lessons had already started. The boy took a deep breath, prepared to face what lay on the other side. He turned the doorknob and carefully started to push the door open, praying it wouldn't creak.

His prayers went unanswered, as the door made quite possibly the loudest creaking noise he'd ever heard... ever. The 'stealthy' approach out the window, Jaune instead swung the door open quickly, strode confidently into the classroom, and into the prying gaze of his fellow students and his instructor.

The entire room was silent: not even the hushed whispers of friends or neighbors were heard. Jaune looked around nervously, sheepishly rubbing the back of his head.

A beat passed, and then there was a peculiar sound. Was that… laughter?

Jaune glanced towards the source, and was shocked. His teacher, Qrow Branwen, had a fist held in front of his face, attempting to hide his grin and stifle the chuckles that were coming forth.

Not a moment later, the entire class broke out into raucous laughter. Jaune didn't know how to respond, face beet red, he did the only thing he could; he moved forward, ignoring the laughter and sat in his seat.

The laughter started to die down a little, until from the back of the class, he heard Yang Xiao Long call out: "Nice onesie, Arc!"

Jaune's heart practically skipped a beat. He looked down, and then, it dawned on him.

He'd sprinted to school because he was going to be late, without a thought. He hadn't even thought to change out of his warm, fuzzy, and damn right cozy sleepwear.

He was going to have to burn it when he got home now.

His head collided with his desk as he let out a loud groan. This, of course, renewed the jubilation of the entire class. "Thanks Yang." Jaune whispered under his breath, inaudible amongst the din of the students.

The laughter rang for another few seconds before Mr. Branwen – now fully recovered by his own laughing fit – was able to calm the class back down.

At least Jaune had been able to make someone else's day better. He knew for a fact that his was going to be hell.

"Now then, Arc's choice of dress aside-" Oh come on, Mr. Branwen! "-I believe it's time we continued with our lesson, yeah?" he got a nod of affirmation from his more attentive students. "Well then, we're now moving onto a topic that a lot of you will love, and even more of you might hate.

"Today," Mr. Branwen turned and began writing on the chalkboard "we're going to be learning about Dust."

Jaune couldn't help but perk up at that. They were going to be talking about something he had just spent all night studying? What a lucky coincidence.

At the same time, he heard the groans of numerous students all around him, including one particular blonde brawler.

"Xiao Long," despite being his niece, there was no affection in his words "why… the Long face?"

A chorus of groans went up at the awful pun.

Gods, now he knew where she got that great sense of humor from.

"I just don't see why we all need to learn about Dust, when some of us don't even use it in combat." Yang stated seriously, ignoring the pun.

"Oh, but you do."

It took a couple of seconds, but Jaune realized that by everyone else's inquisitive looks, it was himself that had been the one to speak.

He swore to never miss out on sleep ever again.

"Go on, Mr. Arc." His teacher prompted, eyes narrowing curiously.

Turning towards his fellow blonde, nervous about being the center of attention yet again, Jaune continued: "Yang, your gauntlets use shotgun shells, correct?" a quick nod was her response. "Thought so. Any and all types of ammunition use Dust primers and charges in order to propel their projectiles; some more specialized types of ammunition have projectiles that are even made from Dust, and can convey a variety of different effects."

That was the second time that day Jaune had left the entire class silent.

That didn't make me sound like too much of a nerd, did it? Jaune glanced around awkwardly, seeing the stunted looks on some of his classmates' faces.

"Mr. Arc is not wrong," Jaune was thankful that Mr. Branwen was able to draw the prying eyes off him "Dust, in reality, is a naturally occurring energy propellant – one might say it is nature given a crystallized form. Fire, lightning, ice, wind; there are many kinds of things it can do, and it can be prepared in a multitude of ways.

"On the topic of Dust ammunition, is there anyone who can tell me what exactly you would find within the casing of a Dust round?"

Jaune knew the answer – it was simple. But the blond had to resist the urge to raise his hand. He'd drawn more than enough attention to himself already today - he was the only kid in the hunter-prep course who didn't have an active aura. He already had all sorts of rumors going around about him. The last thing he needed was people thinking he was some sort of genius.

Or... well, maybe he'd like that.

Mr. Branwen's non-plused expression as he scanned the crowd of students, however, gave the young Arc the final push he needed to slowly raise his hand. If he could get into his teachers good graces, maybe he could avoid a detention.

The grin Mr. Branwen had as he met Jaune's eyes made everything worth it.

"A lot of participation from you today Mr. Arc." Qrow stated clearly as he leaned back in his chair. The Arc kid - no doubt thinking he was in 'detention' - shuffled nervously in front of his desk.

Well, theoretically, Qrow supposed it could be considered detention. He was holding a student... 'captive'... after class hours. Whatever, it made no difference to the grizzled Huntsman whether the young blond considered this detention or not.

"Well, uhh, yeah," Gods above, why was the kid so nervous? "Dust is... uhh, a topic I know quite a bit abo-"

"Did you learn anything new today, Arc?" Qrow interrupted, taking a swig from the glass of water he kept on his desk - actual water, too, not that he could convince Yang any different.

The blond stopped to ponder Qrow's question, a ghost of a smile coming to the hunter aspirant's face.

Gesturing to his own state of dress, Jaune quipped "That a lack of sleep leads to a lack of attention to detail?"

Qrow couldn't help but chuckle briefly at that. "You are not wrong, but I meant with regards to today's lecture."

Leaning forwards and tenting his fingers on his desk, the veteran elaborated: "You claim to know a lot about Dust, and by the answers you were giving, that's not false. Was there anything that I had mentioned today that was new to you?"

"Hmm... not necessarily, but when I gave you my answer for the contents of a Dust cartridge, you said it was ground Shock Dust that carried the charge, not cut. Why is that?"

Honestly, when Qrow had posed that question, he'd hoped to just get a straight answer of 'Burn Dust.' If that was the case, then Qrow would have been able to explain exactly why that was wrong. Jaune's explanation, however, was more than he'd expected.

If the young Arc had given that answer on a quiz, Qrow would have felt the need to give bonus marks.

Qrow didn't give bonus marks. Ever.

"As you no doubt know, Mr. Arc, cut Shock Dust crystals carry a charge much quicker than its ground counterpart, correct? Cut Shock crystals are a lot more fragile however, and can lead to misfires and accidental weapon discharge. It's been a topic of debate between many Huntsmen and Huntresses for years. Ground-Shock rounds, as they are called, are much more durable and safe, while the cut-Shock rounds simply fire quicker. However, the difference in speed is minuscule, thus irrelevant, and ground-Shock rounds have become the norm."

At a glance, Qrow could tell the young man was absorbing what he said like a sponge. Strange, considering the boy hadn't been doing well in his studies as of late.

Qrow sighed before continuing, returning to his laid back position, "I had a friend, once, who used cut-Shock rounds. But that's because it had really mattered to her – 'even a split second can make a difference' she'd said."

Qrow hadn't seen her in awhile – maybe he should go visit? She'd probably-

Jaune clearing his throat returned Qrow to the present. As much as he might have enjoyed talking about Dust with Qrow, it was evident that he wanted to be on his way – likely to go spend time with friends or something.

"Ah, but I've gone off on a tangent, haven't I? I didn't call you here to talk about your classes today, nor about your tardiness, as you may have feared." There was a sigh of relief from the blond at that. "No, we're here to talk about your graduation requirements, one in particular."

"… My graduation requirements?"

"Oh, I should clarify. I know you've been avoiding it for quite some time – three years, to be exact – but you do need to craft your own weapon at some point, you do know that right?"

The blond sighed, while turning his eyes to his shoes – the only part of his outfit that was correct. "I know." was the curt reply.

"I know that you know," Qrow quipped back, "But it needs to be done. I know your father – I've spoken with him recently. He's... very adamant that he'll be leaving the Arc's traditional blade in your care once you graduate Signal, but he agrees with me when I say you need the experience."

"I'll... start working on it." was the quiet response.

"Good. If you have something drawn up for the forge-master by the end of the month, she'll get something in your hands before the holidays hit - that's all I ask." Receiving a nod in return, Qrow gestured towards the door, hoping the young man would take the hint. "Keep up the good work, you impressed me today." The blond gave a polite nod in acceptance, before turning and leaving the room.

Glancing around to confirm the room was empty, Qrow let out a lengthy sigh.

Now, where'd he leave his flask?

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