Over a year passed before Robin returned to the castle in London. Gwen sat at the window, staring out over the gardens when two delicate white doves flew overhead.

"White birds," she exclaimed, catching the attention of Phillip and Froedrick who stood nearby talking.

Phillip took a few steps toward his wife. "What's so special about white birds?"

"Robin is coming," Froedrick answered, joining his friends.

Suddenly, the cries of an infant rang out in the stone room. Gwen leaned over and picked the baby out of his crib. "If you'll excuse me gentlemen, I think that our little price is hungry."

Robin and will stood quietly in the doorframe of the throne room, watching Gwen and phillip as they stood over the cradle.

"I've grown old, Will," Rob mused. "I am a grandfather."

Will laughed lightly, patting his friend on the back. "Well, old man, shall we go meet him?"

At that moment, Gwen turned. Her eyes lit up when she saw them. "Father!"

Robin quickly closed the distance between them and embraced her protectively. When they parted, Gwen scooped the infant up, placing him in Rob's arms.

"Robin hood," Phillip said, resting his had on Gwen's shoulder. "Meet your grandson, Prince Conrad."