Sheldon never wanted nor desired a relationship. He definitely didn't think he would fall for the local criminal.

After being arrested at a university event for being drunk and disorderly-thanks to Penny of course-Sheldon finds himself In the cells of pasadena police station along with a beautiful young women with captivating blue eyes.

After getting bailed out they part ways not even knowing the others names..will he ever meet the mysterious blue eyed beauty again?

Chapter One:

Drunk & Disorderly

It was Penny's fault of course it was. She had practically forced the alcohol down his throat.

Well kind of. She hadn't pinned him downed and poured it into his mouth he had taken it willingly and drank it on his own accord but she had told him it would calm his did but it also had gotten him locked up inside a germ riddled cell with filthy criminals all around him. It was disgusting.

His head ached, his throat was dry and he had the constant urge to throw up whatever was still left in his stomach.

What was worst of all? Well that would be that his so called best friend had failed to bail him out and it was almost half ten the next day. How could he just leave him there.

"To busy having coitus." He huffed to himself.

Slowly Sheldon sat up from the bench he laid on. His new suit crinkled and creased with spots of vomit staining the front.

"Oh god..." He groaned feeling utterly disgusting.

He heard a sniggered and turned to the source of the sound.

He was surprised to see and young smartly dressed women sat in the next cell. She had long brown hair and had her hand over her mouth suppressing the laugh she so desperately wanted to let out.

"Why are you laughing ?" Sheldon asked annoyed. "Are you laughing at me?"

She sniggered and pulled her hand away from her mouth grinning. His eyes locked into hers and he scowled over at her.

"Oh honey, you think the vomits bad. Inhale deeply and you will smell what the other drunk guy left behind for you." She laughed.

He frowned at her but then it hit him. He stood up quickly almost toppling over from the dizziness that followed.

"Is that.."

"Pee..." She chuckled. "He was so drunk he didn't know if you was the toilet or not. He nearly peed all over you." She chuckled.

"That's disgusting. What kind of human being urinates on another!" He shouts disgusted.

"Keep it down!" A police officer shouts over at him.

"Hey! When can I go home?" He asked the police officer who sighed and ignored him. "Well that's rude." He grumbled.

The women chuckled again.

"Really? Is that all you do? Laugh at people?" He asked.

She shrugged grinning.

"What are you doing in here anyway? You look to stuck up to be a criminal.." She said with a complete different expression to before.

"My neighbour decided to get me drunk at a university event that's all I can remember although I think I may have taken my pants off at some point..." He sighed.

The women laughed out loud again.

"And what about you? You don't look like the kind of women to be stuck in a filthy cell." He spat back in the same tone she had asked.

She raised an eyebrow. "Looks can be deserving darlin'." She grinned.

"That doesn't answer my question." He grumbled.

She stood from her seat and approached the bars the separated them. She held onto them and looked directly at him. Her eyes twinkling as she smirked.

"If I told you I would have to kill you." She whispered grinning.

Sheldon gasped and stepped away from the bars.

She grinned. "Although right now I'm in here for getting too cocky." She said in a normal voice before sitting back where she was.

Sheldon eyed her curiously. She seemed almost mysterious, he liked mysteries...

His eyes were locked on hers as she gazed back at him.

He felt his mind go fuzzy and he was sure she was making it happen and quickly looked away.

"What if she can read my mind?

What if she's hypnotising me?

There's my drunk brain. Don't be stupid Sheldon. She's just an ordinary women. Who may or may not be in disguise and is secretly a serial killer. Oh god...oh god." He panicked.

"I need to go home. Can you please let me out?" He pleaded with the officer as he tried to avoid eye contact with the women.

"Your friend is on his way to bail you out until then put up and shut up." The officer said fiercely.

Sheldon sighed. He felt sick and dizzy, he could feel the women's eyes on him and wished she would stop.

"You scared of me now? I was only joking you know." He heard her say.

"I'm not scared of anything especially not a women!" He spat.

She chuckled. "Maybe I wasn't joking after all then."

"Oh well done me!" His internal monologue shouted. "HURRY LEONARD! PLEASE!"

Sheldon stood in the middle of his cell waiting and waiting. He didn't want to look at the women again incase she made him explode with that fierce gaze with those captivating blue eyes.

As he was waiting for Leonard to come and rescue him the fuzzy memories of the night began appearing.

He groaned out loud when he remembered singing the element song in front of the large crowd before babbling on about taking his trousers off over his head and as the grand finale taking his underpants off.

"What's was I thinking!" He groaned.

He just hoped he wouldn't loose his job over Penny's stupidity.

"Yes, Penny, it was all Penny's fault." He continued to tell himself.

"What's up?" He heard the women ask from behind him.

"Mind your own business." He replied rudely.

He blamed the alcohol for his rudeness and the fact that the women scared him slightly. He was certain she had put him in a trace or something crazy.

"Sorry it's just your fidgeting and making funny noises." She said with a huff.

"Well I'm fine. Maybe if you stopped looking at me I wouldn't feel so uncomfortable." He told her.

"I'm making you uncomfortable?"

He knew she was grinning as she said it making him even more uncomfortable.

He shifted from foot to foot before nodding.

He heard her stand and walk towards the bars. "Really?" She asked sounding slightly more concerned.

He turned to look at her. "Yes." He replied.

She frowned. "I'm sorry I was just playing." She shrugged before going back to her seat.

Before he had the chance to reply the officer approached him and informed he was free to go.

"See you around." The women said with a smile and not a smirk.

He nodded firmly before following the officer.

"Hey buddy!" Leonard smirked as Sheldon approached him.

"Don't buddy me! Why didn't you come and collect me earlier." He asked annoyed.

"They told me to let you sleep it off." He shrugged before walking out of the police station.

"Are you okay?" Leonard asked noticing Sheldon was quiet.

"Yes, I just want to go home have a shower, brush my teeth and take an unscheduled nap before having a firm word with Penny." Sheldon said. He was still slightly muddled from his experience with the women in the cells. He hadn't even gotten her name..did he care? Why should he care? He would never see her again.

"Oh by the way. Howard filmed everything." Leonard laughed as they sat in the car. "Wanna see?" He asked waving his phone in front if him.

Sheldon groaned and pushed the phone away.

"Just take me home Leonard." He grumbled.

After finally showering and brushing the awful taste from his mouth Sheldon laid down in bed finally ready to sleep.

"Hello again."

That voice, familiar, but he couldn't see anyone around. He was in his room, no one was suppose to be in his room.

"Leonard?" He called.

"Not Leonard." The voice replied giggling.

"Who are you? Why are you in my room? Show yourself!" He demanded.

She giggled.

That giggle familiar.:.


"Why are you here? Did you follow me home?" He asked the empty room.

Another giggle. "Maybe..."

"A-are you going to kill me?" He asked nervously still looking around his room for the voice.

Another giggle. "Oh and why would I do that honey?" She asked. "I just came to say hello."

He felt a hand on his shoulder.

He shrieked and jumped off the bed. He turned around and saw the women from the cells kneeling on his bed. On the bed next to her lay a gun.

"W-why do you have a g-gun?" He asked shakily as he backed up into his dresser knocking the figures on top of it over as it shook from the impact.

She picked it up grinning. "Why not?" She asked.

She but her lip and pointed it towards him grinning. "Want me to show you how to use it honey?" She giggled.

"N-no! No! NOO!"

"NOO!" Sheldon bolted upright in bed. Sweat dripped from his forehead.

"Just a nightmare. Just a nightmare.,," he repeated to himself.

The headache that was once fading was back in full force.

"This is all Penny's fault. I am never listening to her advice again!" He grumbled as he went to get another shower.

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