It was our weekly sleepover where my best friend Talia Hanna Lovegood would come and spend the night at my house; we were going to watch Disney movies. Talia has long straight dark brown hair, a tanned complexion and is average height. My name is Spencer Annabeth Granger; I have hair longer than Talia's that is wavy and I happen to be a ginger, I have pale skin with a lot of freckles and who can forget my gorgeous blue grey eyes. Unfortunately I am a little shorter than Talia. Though the fact that this week the sleepover was at my house meant I got to pick the movies which always angered Talia, and if you did not know Talia when she is angry it is not a good thing unless you could distract or calm her down after.

"I always hate the movies you pick!" she complained when she walked in my house at 5:00. I had already ordered the pizza and pulled the five movies we were gonna watch out. They were my favorites Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, Into the Woods, and last but certainly not least my all-time favourite Newsies.

As Talia look at the options she decided three of the five were good choices. She was actually proud until she came to the last one. "Really Spence again? How many times are you going to choose this movie?"

I just smiled knowing she hated Newsies. Or she used to with the amount of times I've made her watch it I think it is starting to grow on her. We had already finished the first four and Talia was pissed I made her sit through Into the Woods again. It was time to watch Newsies and Talia pissed that they actually got to the fifth movie; she was hoping that they would run out of time. Knowing she was already agitated about Into the woods, this Newsies watching experience will be a bit on the lower end of the spectrum than the usual anger she would exhibit.

As my darling Racetrack Higgins started the introduction of the movie I let out a girlish squeal. But then to my dismay the power went out. "That's odd there is no storm" I started to say but them we heard the thunder and we heard the rain start pouring down. As the power came back on there was an odd message on the screen.

Before we could read the mystery message the house started to shake. It did not make sense there were no earthquakes where we are from. Things started to fly off the walls and I was hit in the back of my head which knocked me out. The last thing I heard was Talia call to me before screaming in pain and then silence and blackness.

When we came to we had a major surprise waiting for us.