Author's Note: Hey everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read this. It's for those people who love to see Inu get Fluffy! Go Inu!!! Okay, I'm done, lol. It's also for those who like a fanfic that pretty much sticks with the regular show's story line in the way that the characters behave, and the time. There will be more chapters to come, and I bring them out quickly so that you won't be tortured. Enjoy! (By the way: Some course language and violence is in this story.)

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Goodbye Brother…

Chapter 1: Sword of Brotherly Love

            "Die, Sesshomaru!!!" InuYasha screamed to his half brother as he flew at him with the Tetsusagia in front of him. The youkai dodged the attempted blow easily, and scoffed at his brother's weakness.

            "You do not know how to use that properly, you dirty hanyou. I shall finally get rid of you, and clear the family name!" Sesshomaru's face was blank. It held neither excitement, nor anger. All poor InuYasha knew was that it reeked of evil.

            All the hanyou could do was try another attack. He roared with anger only known to those who contain pure hate for another, and flipped the Tetsusagia this way and that, trying to confuse his brother. Ah… But the Lord Sesshomaru is not confused so easily. He was well aware that because he contained no human blood, he could not touch the fang-sword, but that didn't mean that he couldn't kill his weak half brother who fouled the family name.

            He swished to the side, and struck out his hand where the hanyou would be in a second. And sure enough, he flew by; unaware of the claws that awaited him. InuYasha cursed his brother to the darkest depths as he fell to the ground. Dropping the Tetsusagia. The fang-sword untransformed as it clattered to the rocky ground.

            The onlookers gasped when they saw their hanyou friend hit the ground in a pool of his own blood. Shippo shielded his eyes, Miroku opened his wider, because he did not trust what he was seeing, and Kagome's were filled with tears. "InuYasha!" She cried in vain, but no response came out of his lifeless body.

            Sesshomaru frowned. Killing your own blood was not the best thing, but sometimes it had to be done. He glanced at his brother's friends, then turned and left without a word; his white boa blowing slightly in the wind. Then he was gone.

            Tears streamed down Kagome's face as she ran to the hanyou. She knelt by his side, and softly spoke his name, "InuYasha… Why…?" She looked longingly for any sign of life. When she felt no pulse, she knew that all was lost, and wept. She mumbled the hanyou's name over and over, her voice slightly muffled from her hands clasped over her face.

            Sango and Miroku walked over, their heads hung low. Sango helped Kagome up and hugged her tightly around the shoulders as she gently led her away. Miroku crouched over the hanyou's body and whispered a few prayers. Then he, too, turned and walked away with the others. Shippo followed, silently crying to himself. He lept into Kagome's arms and she hugged him tight. They all knew that this day would someday come, and had silently prepared for it so that they would be able to leave as quickly and quietly as this. It was dangerous to have Shikon shards and stay in the same place for a long amount of time.

            "He is was so stubborn!" Kagome thought to herself, and angrily wiped the tears away from her face, but they were quickly replaced by new ones. "I told him that he wasn't ready to fight Seshomaru after that horrible fall he took down the cliff, but he wouldn't listen…" Her eyes burned with anger and tears. She clasped her hands into fists and then yelled outloud, "The stubborn ass just wouldn't listen!!" She dropped Shippo in her rage, who landed on the ground with a sharp cry. Then she collapsed onto her knees and raised her fist to the sky. "You stubborn ass!" She cried again to the unknown, "Why didn't you listen to me??" Then she fell to the ground in the fetal position and wept.

              Miroku looked towards Sango, unsure of what to do. Sango shook her head sadly and walked over to Kagome. She put her hand on the girl's shoulder, and helped her up. Miroku helped her to steady the poor, broken hearted girl, and they began to walk again.

              "Hey?! When I really die are you just gonna leave my body for the demons?? A few mumbled prayers, huh! I want a proper burial!" InuYasha's voice rang out. It was a little forced, but other wise didn't sound as offal as it should. The group turned around, they're faces pale as if they were seeing a ghost.

              "Are you just gonna stand there and stare, or are you gonna help me up??" The hanyou yelled to them. Kagome squealed with glee, which was very unlike her, and ran to him. She helped him up, smiling a smile so big that it seemed as if the whole world was gleaming with happiness. InuYasha was alive! It was the best news she could hear.