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Goodbye Brother…

Chapter 10: At Long Last

It had been two days. Two dull suns had risen among the clouds to shine all day upon a forlorn land. Two croissant moons had taken their place among stars that no longer glittered.

Two days of sheer torture.

            InuYasha kneeled at the foot of a grave, a dozen or so wild flowers clutched lovingly in his clawed hands. His eyes gazed at the wooden cross across from him, countless flowers arranged neatly below it.

            With a sigh, the hanyou placed the flowers next to the current ones. For a moment, he stayed crouched over, his claws running along the name scratched deeply into the wood of the cross.



            "InuYasha?" Shippo bounded over as the hanyou walked into camp, "Are you hungry? Sango made some ramen that she found in…" The little kitsune trailed off, dimly realizing where the conversation was taking him. He sniffled a bit for a moment, and then scampered off to cry in the woods.

            InuYasha turned his head in the direction Shippo was going. He sighed and continued his walk. Perhaps ramen would be comforting.


            He had been wrong; very wrong. The hanyou sunk into a deeper depression as he poked at the noodles flowing about in his cup. If he looked hard enough, he could almost see Kagome's face in the broth.

            "We should go after him. I understand your pain, InuYasha, but we are all dealing with it in some way or another." Miroku spoke, without looking up from his ramen. Perhaps because he saw the same image in his cup, or perhaps it was because he simply could not look the hanyou in the eyes.

            Sango turned and glared at the monk, but only for a moment. She was more interested in what InuYasha had to say.

            The hanyou sat for a moment, not looking at them. He began to speak, for the first time in the two torturous days, "Yes. We have to go after him, and we'll do it tonight." Both exterminator and monk looked startled. Shippo yelped and scrambled backwards as InuYasha stood up, his hand balled into a fist as he yelled, "We'll avenge Kagome's death!"


            "Are you sure about this, InuYasha? When I said that we should go after him, I didn't mean right away… You need time to grieve," Miroku called from atop Kirara. InuYasha ran below them, his body healed from their last clash with the youkai lord.

            "I've had enough sitting around," the hanyou snarled, "I won't be happy until I've killed that bastard."

            They remained silent for the rest of the time. Up until InuYasha caught the scent. After about an hour of searching, they found a camp of a human army.

            Peering through the bushes, the group remained silent as they watched the scene unravel before them. Miroku and Sango, on each side of the hanyou, kept a hand on each arm to keep him from leaping at his brother.

            Below Sesshomaru did what he seemed to be best at: striking fear the hearts of humans and youkai alike.

            "Foolish humans. You would have done well to leave me alone, but seeing that I haven't seen bloodshed in a few days, I won't be so kind with you for it," He mocked the humans around him. They were armed with weapons, and yelled curses and such at the youkai, sure that they could win this.

            A group to the right yelled as they attacked, their weapons rose in the air to strike. Sesshomaru cut them down in one stroke. "Anyone else?" He asked, a wicked smile playing across his lips.

            "Sesshomaru!" Sango and Miroku could not hold InuYasha down any longer. He stood up, his left hand flexing his claws, and his right hand resting at the hilt of Tetsusaiga. "That's enough! It's me you're after, isn't it?" The hanyou pulled out the sword, and it instantly transformed into the enormous fang it truly was, "Well, come and get it."

            The youkai lord's smile vanished in an instant as he stared at the group, apparently caught off guard. Not a moment later, though, the wicked form returned upon his lips, and he glared up at the group.

 "It's about time, dear brother." He stated calmly, "I've been waiting for this." He pulled out his energy whip, killing the few humans brave enough, or stupid enough, to be standing near him. "I've killed the one you love, and now I will kill you."

            With an unearthly roar, InuYasha leapt upwards, and came crashing down. Tetsusaiga created a crater in the ground where the youkai had once been. InuYasha glanced to his right, and saw Sesshomaru pulling back his hand to strike with the whip. The hanyou jumped to a new position, the whip narrowly missing him.

            The battle continued much like this for almost an hour. InuYasha slumped against Tetsusaiga, watching his brother angrily as his chest heaved up and down from labored breathing.

            "End it now, InuYasha. I can make it less painful. Of course… I would rather it to be more painful." Sesshomaru, who was not winded at all, stated carelessly.

            The hanyou stayed where he was. In his mind he weighed out the chance of actually killing his brother, and things didn't seem too good.

            "InuYasha…" He looked to his right. Was that who he thought it was? No, it couldn't be… She was dead… He gasped.


            She stood over to the side, her eyes held anger and defiance, but not hate. It was impossible for someone so pure to hate. As he gazed at her, he could see the love for him in her eyes; somewhere beyond the rage.

            "InuYasha, you can't do this alone, and I won't let you die because of me." She looked at him with sorrow replacing the fury for a moment. Her expression softened, and a slight, strengthening smile curved the edge of her mouth. "Attack him one more time, I'll take care of it."

            The stunned hanyou simply nodded to her. He willed the last of his strength, and heaved Tetsusaiga over his head. In the corner of his eye, he saw Kagome draw back her bow.

            "For Kagome!" He yelled as he ran at Sesshomaru. The youkai lord was about to leap effortlessly out of harm's way, when he felt a sharp pain in his side. Looking down, he saw an arrow pierced through his flesh. But that was all before the darkness.

            InuYasha slumped down next to Tetsusaiga, his breathing heavy and forceful. He looked over to where Kagome had been, and saw her. Her face was a frown as she gazed upon the fallen body of the youkai lord. With a sigh, she turned to InuYasha, "I love you, and always will…" and then she vanished.

            "I love you too, Kagome…" He mumbled as he stood up. A single tear slipped from his amber eye as he walked towards Miroku and Sango, who stood waiting for him, perplexed looks on their faces.

            With a sigh, he turned around to look upon the once great youkai lord, Sesshomaru.

            "Goodbye brother… Goodbye Kagome…"