Captain America Short Stories

Fiona Canard

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I stood at the corner across the street from my favorite cafe, waiting for the crosswalk sign to change. Although I had told myself I wanted to arrive after the rush, I couldn't help but find myself gravitating towards the building. The delicious pastries had been calling my name all day long while I was hunched over my laptop in my stuffy apartment. I had been hard at work for a few hours, putting together some presentation about humans with abilities for my job.

I work at a research facility that doubles as a physical therapy center for people with powers. We were trying to introduce new physical therapy methods that would cater to specific heroes, and I was in charge of creating a new method for Captain America. I sighed to myself, as I realized I was only half done with my presentation. Not only did I have to implement all the methods we had already been using, but I also had to design new methods that would focus on the therapy machines that Tony Stark had donated to our center.

Finally, after waiting for about a minute, the signal changed from a hand to a man, and I began to take a step forward onto the asphalt. I heard a shout from somewhere in the distance, but my mind was so focused on my project that the words didn't register. The next thing I knew, the overbearingly loud honking of a delivery truck horn was blaring right in my ears. I looked up from the white stripes of the crosswalk to see a large truck barreling towards me. I had enough time to gasp, and my eyes shut tight waiting for the impact.

A large rough hand was suddenly wrapped around my wrist, and it jerked me back towards the person with enough force to break my trance. I felt my body collide with someone's torso, and then a pair of arms wrapped themselves around me. From behind me, I heard the large truck speed through the intersection, and a barrage of honking and yelling quickly followed.

"Are you okay, ma'am?"

That voice sounded vaguely familiar. I opened my eyes to see a white button up shirt obscuring my view. My line of vision slowly traveled upwards, past defined shoulders and a chiseled jaw, until it rested on a pair of beautiful blue eyes that rivaled the prettiest shade of the sky.

"I am now... Thanks to you, I mean," I replied barely above a whisper.

I was super embarrassed by my first sentence, but I was having an incredibly difficult time breaking my gaze from galaxies that swirled inside his irises.

I felt the pair of arms unwind themselves from around me, and he took a single step back.

When my brain finally processed what was going on, I felt my heart take off like an airplane departing a runway. I gasped air back into my lungs, and my eyes grew wide.

"You're, oh my god, you're... Steve Rogers!"

His lips quickly curled into a gorgeous half-smile, "At your service. And you may be..?"

I felt my heart pounding away in my chest as I searched for my name in my own head.

"I'm Fiona Canard," I mentally slapped myself for giving him such a short reply, "It's nice to finally meet you, Captain. I've heard so much about you from the therapists at my job."

A puzzled look crossed his face before a look of recognition replaced it.

"Oh, you work at the center? I've never seen you before. You must be new there."

I shook my head, "Actually, I've worked there for several years. Before you were unfrozen, actually. I just work in the research department, so I don't actually get to interact with patients. I'm the one who created all of your physical therapy regimes. I devised them with your powers and body specifications in mind, and I organize all of your sessions from the start to finish."

He looked amazed, and I was embarrassed once again by my insistent ramblings.

"You're the one who does all of that?" I nodded. It was hard to believe that a young woman barely six years out of medical school was the mastermind, but here I was.

"That's amazing. So, when I was unfrozen, you were the one who helped me get back to health?" I nodded once again.

He started to asked me another question, but I cut him off, "Would you like to ask me all of these questions over a cup of coffee?"

He beamed me another gorgeous smile, and I felt my heart begin to race again.