Bonded Souls: Year of the Toad

C45: Forward to the Future

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It was two weeks after the trial that they got an invitation from McGonagall for an Order meeting in two days' time.

Currently most of their mates were at Eliza and Narcissa to help around the house a bit, except for Bella, who had taken Morgana shopping in London, leaving Fabian alone in their home with Nym.

"Well my love, McGonagall wants to talk to us again, we're expected at school in two days for an Order meeting." Hermione said with a smile.

"And I thought we were done with school, but I guess we have to be there if McGonagall asks it." Fabian said with a teasing wink.

Nym smiled and moved over to the couch to straddle and kiss him. "Well baby, you know we are not completely done with school, because I had a thought. How about we draw out Tom in school, where it will be easier to finish him." She said softly.

Fabian thought about it for a minute and then smiled at her. "I think that is our only chance of drawing his snake out and finishing this quickly, but we'll talk to McGonagall on her thoughts." He said softly.

She smiled and kissed him, deepening it quickly. "You know baby, we have while before the others come home, we could have some fun together." She said in a suggestive tone.

He smiled and kissed her "And what kind of fun did you have in mind baby? A day of making love together until we're sweaty and sated? Or something a bit more tame?" He asked with a soft smile.

"I was thinking of going swimming for a bit and then cuddling up on the beach until we get hungry or the others return, whichever comes first." She said softly.

"Then I suggest we get naked baby, because you know we absolutely have to skinny dip now." He whispered in her ear.

Nym smiled and kissed him before standing up and slowly undressing herself, knowing that her husband was watching her every single second.

Fabian smiled and followed her example, the two lovers wrapping an arm around each other as they walked outside.

As soon as they were in the sea Nym swam up to her lover and wrapped her legs around his waist while she rested her head against his chest, content to be close to her husband for now.

He smiled at her affections and wrapped his arms around her while they floated in the sea.

"I love you so much Fabian, thank you for everything you have given me over the past months." She said softly.

He smiled and gave her a soft kiss. "I love you too Nym, and it is I who should be thanking you for everything you have done for me over the last months."

Nym kissed him and quickly deepened it, moaning into his mouth as he let his hands glide down to her butt, giving her cheeks a good squeeze.

"We really can't help ourselves, can we baby. We just have to make love to each other whenever we can." She said with a smile.

Fabian blushed slightly at that "I guess we can't love, but is it such a bad thing?" He asked softly.

She shook her head and kissed him. "Of course it isn't love, but I do suggest we move this into the bedroom, we can do a lot more… spirited things in there." She said huskily.

He nodded and walked back onto land with his lover still wrapped around his waist. "I'm still so amazed you can hold all of our weights like it is nothing baby, you're so amazingly strong." She said with a adorable smile.

He had to smile at that "I've spent a lot of time working out in the last years baby, and it has given me a lot of upper body strength, you girls are as light as a feather to me, even when you are wrapped around my waist like you are now." He said softly as they walked up the stairs, drying himself and his lover magically.

Nym smiled and kissed him all the way up the stairs and into the bedroom. He then gently laid them down on the bed before he broke the kiss, looking at his lover adoringly.

"So love, do you have any requests for today?" She asked with a smile.

He smiled and nodded "I have love, could you morph into Narcissa for me, I've had some spirited fantasies about her before they got married.

Nym smiled and slowly morphed into her mother-in-law, to the obvious delight of her husband. She decided to also involve a bit of roleplay today and when she felt the morphing was complete she smiled down at her lover. "Hello sweetie, what has happened to us that we are both naked in a room together?" She asked sweetly.

He had to smile and got what her idea was. "I don't know Auntie, but I have to admit I always had a crush on you when I was little and it would be a shame to let this opportunity pass us by." He said with a smile.

"I agree with that dear nephew, but would you be satisfied with someone as old as me?" She asked softly.

"You're not old Aunt Cissa, you still are a very beautiful woman that any man or woman would be lucky to love." He said before pulling her down for a kiss.

She moaned into his mouth and smiled as she felt something familiar poking against her thigh. "Did you bring your wand to bed or are you just happy to see me?" She asked with a coy smile.

"I am always happy to see you Auntie, how could I not be happy to see you?" He asked with a smile.

She smiled and kissed him deeply. "I must admit that you have quite a large penis for someone so young, I wonder how it would feel inside of me."

He groaned softly as she let his dick slide inside of her, Nym moaning loudly as he filled her again. She bent down a little as she started riding him and pulled her lover into a deep kiss.

At that moment the bedroom door opened and they heard a loud gasp. "Cissy, what the fuck do you think you're doing here fucking my husband, who is also your son!" Bella yelled out.

Fabian smiled at her "It's okay love, this is not your sister. It's Nym who has morphed into her." He said with a smile.

Nym morphed back into herself and smiled at their raven haired lover. "I'm sorry baby, but this is something we usually do when we are alone together." She said softly.

Bella smiled and rendered herself naked with a flick of her hand before joining them on the bed. "No harm was done baby, I was just a bit surprised, since Cissa wasn't at home when I was there. But I have to admit it was pretty hot seeing my sister fucking my husband, would you mind if I join you two while you look like Cissy, then I can show our husband the combined seductiveness of the Black sisters." She said before kissing them both.

Fabian and Nym shared a look and smiled at their lover while Nym morphed back into Narcissa. "Why would we mind Bella, you know we love it if you join us." Fabian said softly.

She smiled and gave them both a soft kiss before she crawled towards her two lovers. "I must say that you are a dead giveaway for my dear baby sister." Bella said before she kissed her.

Nym smiled and wrapped her arms around Bella's neck "I aim to please dear sister." She said with a wink before she kissed her raven haired lover deeply.

Bella moaned and pulled her closer until they heard their lover groan. "I'm sorry sweetie, do we make you uncomfortable?" Nym asked sweetly.

"Far from it Mummy, but I would love to join you two with this. I have heard a lot of stories about the seductive powers of the eldest and youngest Black sister." He said softly.

The two women looked at each other and smiled at him "What do you think Cissa mine, shall we show our nephew how we earned that reputation?" Bella asked seductively.

Nym nodded at that "Yes Bella dearest, I think we shall." She said in a similar tone.

Bella smiled and gave her a kiss before the two crawled up to him, peppering kisses all over his body, getting a nice groan from their husband. "He sounds so desperate for us, doesn't he Cissy." Bella asked almost evilly.

"He does my sweet Bella. Shall we torment a bit more or shall we indulge him?" Nym asked softly.

Bella kissed her and smiled "I think we should indulge him, your son has shown a lot of restraint by not jumping us already." She said as she ran her nails tantalizingly slow across his chest.

Fabian groaned and pushed his chest up into her nails, which made both women smile at him "I think he likes it Bella mine, do it again." Nym said softly.

Bella traced her nails across his chest again while she kissed Nym deeply. "Bella please, I need to feel you." He pleaded softly.

"Not so fast love, we have all the time in the world today. You'll get your chance to ravage your mother and Aunt soon enough." Bella said with a smile.

He only smiled and surrendered himself to his lovers, who both kissed him softly, but were a bit surprised to see it, since they weren't used to seeing that from him.

They slowly kissed their way down his body and started sucking his penis in tag team, both of them moaning at the taste of their husband.

Fabian tangled his hands in their hair and knew he wouldn't last long. "Please Mum, Aunt, let me taste you too." He said softly.

They smiled and gave him a last kiss on the tip of his penis before Nym laid herself down and pulled Bella on top of her.

Within seconds their lover was behind them and was eating them out like it was the last thing he would ever do.

They both moaned loudly and kissed each other deeply. "You even taste like Narcissa baby, how do you do that?" Bella asked softly.

Nym smiled at that "When I morph into someone, I take on every bit of their appearance and behavior, along with their smell and taste. It's part of Metamorphmagus biology." She said softly.

Bella smiled and kissed her deeply while she let her hands trail down to her breasts, squeezing them softly while Nym did the same to her.

Behind them Fabian was losing himself in pleasuring his mates. Suddenly they bucked into each other and screamed out their orgasms. He felt a sharp pain in his nose and cursed under his breath. Again he had lost track of his lovers' movements and in their passion they had broken his nose.

He pulled back and held his nose closed with one hand. Nym had morphed back into herself and saw that he was holding his nose closed. "Are you okay love?" She asked softly.

He smiled at them "No love, I lost track of your bodies movements and the with the way you bucked into each other, you broke my nose, but it is an easy fix." He said softly.

He waved his good hand over his nose and incanted the healing spell, feeling the familiar warmth as his nose reset itself.

Bella and Nym smiled and gave him a soft kiss on the top of his nose. " Feeling better love?" Bella asked softly.

"I do now baby, thank you." He said softly.

"Thank you for giving us a most memorable orgasm baby, would you like us to return the favor?" Nym asked with a smile.

He only nodded and relaxed against the pillows as his wives started sucking him again. This time he couldn't hold back his orgasm anymore and it took a mere minute before he emptied his balls in Bella's mouth, who gave Nym a deep kiss to share his essence with her.

They then cuddled up to him and gave him a soft kiss on his cheeks. "We love you baby, but we're pretty tired, would you mind if we take a nap together?" Bella asked softly.

He smiled and pulled them both close. "Of course my babies, I would love to take a nap with the two of you. I'm pretty tired as well." He said softly.

The girls cuddled up to him and gave him a last kiss before they closed their eyes. Fabian repeated the action on them both and smiled as he fell asleep with his lovers in his arms.

A few hours later they were woken up by a soft giggle coming from the door, and upon opening their eyes they saw Luna and Gabrielle staring at them with smiles on their faces.

"Well good evening my sweets, I can see your day has been eventful." Luna said with her patented dreamy smile.

All three of them smiled and sat up as they stretched "Indeed we did my love, and apparently we slept longer than we thought, I guess we were pretty tired." Nym said softly.

Luna smiled at that "Well, if you want we have dinner waiting for you, we figured you might be hungry." She said with a smile.

They nodded at that. "Absolutely famished my love, give us a few minutes to get dressed and then we'll join you downstairs." He said with a slight yawn.

"Don't take too long baby, we have guests for dinner." Gabrielle said with a wink.

The three of them smiled and nodded as Gabrielle and Luna made their way back downstairs, leaving their three lovers to get dressed, which they did without delay, all of them too curious to see who their guests were.

When they came downstairs they had to smile to see Angelina and Daphne sitting in their living room.

"Good evening Fabian, I hope we're not interrupting anything important?" Angelina asked with a smile.

He smiled and gave his best female friend a big hug "of course not Angie, you and your girlfriend are always welcome here, but I am curious to know the nature of your visit." He said after giving Daphne a hug as well.

The two girls smiled at that "Well, we ran into Hermione and your mother in Diagon Alley and she invited us over for dinner after we had lunch together, stating that it had been too long since we sat down and talked as friends." Angelina said softly.

"Well that sounds like a lovely idea Angie, we would be glad to have you for dinner, I'm sure my wives have made something amazing." He said with a smile.

Fleur and Yvette blushed slightly before they served out a familiar pasta dish. "We kind of took a page out of your book tonight baby, we hope you don't mind?" Fleur asked softly.

He only shook his head at that before they all dug in, Angelina and Daphne moaning a little bit when they tasted it. "This tastes amazing, what is it if you don't mind me asking." Daphne asked softly.

"It is pasta cooked with bacon and broccoli, combined with an herbal cream that Hermione suggested. Apparently it is commonly used in the Muggle world." He said with a smile.

"Well it tastes amazing, could I have the recipe to give to our cook? My Mum would love this." Daphne said softly.

He smiled and nodded "Of course Daphne, we don't mind sharing this recipe." He said with a smile.

The ate in silence for the rest of dinner and after dinner they made their way to the den.

"So what do you guys have planned now that you are out of school two years early?" Angelina asked with a smile.

They all shared a look and smiled at her "Well, we're not sure yet. First we want to make sure to prevent the coming war with Tom and his Death Eaters, but other than that we haven't really thought of anything." Fabian said softly.

The two girls nodded at that. "Well that we understand, but why put this burden on your shoulders, why do you keep fighting this battle?" Daphne asked softly.

They all smiled at that "Honestly, because we can. and what I am going to say next you will have to promise me will never leave this house." Fabian said in a serious tone. They both nodded before he continued. "We are descendants of the first Soul Bond, that between Merlin and Morgana. Because of that we have been granted mastery over the eight schools of magic and it also aged us a bit. All of us except Bella and Dora are seventeen and Bella and Dora are around twenty, although we haven't checked in a while. But due to these powers we have been granted we are the only ones with the opportunity and ability to stop this before it begins. We have already weakened Tom to the point he is at Death's Door once again, all he needs is that final push that will make him step through, and we hope to give him that push together with Harry. Not because we have to, but because we want to, to make a better world for our friends and families to live in." He finished softly as he took his sister's hand and gave it a light squeeze.

"Wow, I never knew about the burden you carried, no wonder McGonagall wanted to help you by letting you take your N.E.W.T.S. already. You all may very well be the difference between open warfare and stopping the Dark Lord before he can even get started." Daphne said softly.

They all nodded at that "We are, and we will make sure to do exactly that, but now you also understand why we have done what we have done over the past two years." Hermione said with a smile.

The two girls nodded and smiled at them. "We do, and we can't be anything else but thankful for it. But there was another reason we wanted to talk to you tonight. As you know Angie and I haven't been together for long, but due to a marriage contract made by my father, I have to be engaged before I am eighteen, otherwise I will lose my magic. You have more experience with youthful marriage than us, so we wanted to ask you for advice." Daphne said softly.

"We will be happy to help you, all I can say about it is that if you are absolutely sure of your love for each other, I don't see a reason why you shouldn't make it official. And while our circumstances were special, you just have to look a Draco and Pansy to see how true love will always conquer all." Fleur said with a bright smile.

They both smiled at that. "Thanks Fleur, that really helps, but now I'm a bit curious about how Fabian proposed to you all." Angelina said with a smile.

The girls smiled at that. "Well, I proposed to Hermione after the First Task, to Fleur, Yvette and Bella after the Second Task, to Luna I proposed a few days after we figured out our Bond and I proposed to Dora and Gabby after they rescued me from Umbridge. I tried to make it original for all of them, but they were all done out of love." He said softly.

"I never knew you were such a romantic guy Fabe, I certainly never saw it when you were flying above the Pitch." Angelina said with a wink.

He laughed lightly at that "That's easily explained Angie, you know I lived for Quidditch and grades before I started dating Hermione at the end of third year, and from then our lives kept changing almost daily. It was so hard to keep up with all of the information, but eventually we found ways to slow it down." He said softly.

The two girls only smiled at that, deciding to change the topic before they would talk about marriage all night.

They talked for a few more hours, but eventually Angelina and Daphne bade them a good night, giving them all a big hug before they stepped through the Floo.

Since it had been a long day for them all, they all made their way to bed once the two girls were gone, all of them quickly undressing and cuddling up in bed, where they were asleep in seconds.

Two days later they were preparing to leave for Hogwarts once again for the Order meeting.

Once again they were dressed in their best clothes which they had all become accustomed to over the last few weeks.

"It still amazes me how natural it feels to wear something like this." Hermione said with a soft smile.

They all smiled at her and Yvette gave her a kiss on the cheek. "You look like you have never worn anything else Mrs. Black. No one will ever doubt you are a Muggleborn in this dress." She said softly.

"Why thank you Mrs. Black, that means a lot coming from you." Hermione said with a smile.

"If both Mrs. Blacks' are ready, we do have a meeting to get to, and we are already late as it is." Fabian said with a soft smile.

The two girls smiled and gave their husband a kiss. "We are ready Mr. Black, let us depart for Hogwarts." Hermione said in her best pureblood voice, which made her lovers smile brightly at her.

She then looped her arm through that of Yvette and apparated them to Hogwarts, the others quickly following suit.

When they arrived outside of the wards of Hogwarts they were greeted by the sight of Severus who was clearly waiting for them. "Good morning everyone, it is good to see you again." He said with a smile.

"Hey Uncle Sev, it's good to see you again too. How have you been?" Fabian asked with a smile.

He smiled at them as they made their way to the Castle. "I've been doing well, considering the circumstances. Tom is still hell-bent on taking over the school, and he is getting closer to that goal, no matter how much I try to dissuade him. He has taken the loss of Robert and Umbridge quite harshly and has dedicated all of his remaining forces on revenge. He has brought back Lucius and restored his memories, as we expected he would." Snape said with a smile.

"We kind of figured he would pick up Lucius again, he still has the financial means to support Tom. We have a few ideas how we can end this, but I think it's best that everyone hears this at the same time." Fabian said softly.

Snape only nodded at that. "I understand that Fabian, but I have to say that you all look absolutely amazing. It's almost like you have been born to wear outfits like this. I always said you would clean up nice once you accepted the fact you are nothing like your father." He said with a soft smile.

Fabian only smiled at that "Yes I know you've said that, and I have to admit that it feels amazing to feel this kind of confidence just through our outfits. Most people only see our age and not what we have done. It is nice to finally be taken seriously." He said softly.

"Everyone knows that all of you are wise beyond your years, anyone who doubts that is a fool. Tom still thinks of you as children, and that will be his downfall." Snape said with a smile.

By now they had reached the Castle and Snape led them to the Great Hall, where they could see how everyone was already there, including their mothers, who had brought the twins and Merlin and Morgana, to their surprise.

The twins were getting a lot of attention from everyone and it was clear to them that the two babies loved every second of it.

They walked up to their mothers and gave them a big hug. "Hey Mum, how have you been?" Fleur asked with a smile.

"Hello my sweet, we've been doing good, a lot of sleepless nights, but it is all worth it. Your brother and sister are growing like cabbage, and their so incredibly sweet. Your sister reminds me a lot of when Fabian was a baby." Eliza said with a smile.

Fabian blushed slightly and got a kiss on the cheek from Luna. "Don't be embarrassed love, it only means that your sister will be just like you, irresistible and sweet." She said softly.

He smiled and walked up to the stroller where the twins were. Harry and Draco stood next to the stroller as well and were smiling down on the twins.

"Hey Fabe, I must say your brother and sister are adorable." Harry said softly.

They all smiled at that. "Why thank you Harry, cuteness runs in the family." Gabrielle said with a smile.

Just then the twins opened their eyes and smiled brightly when they saw their siblings, apparently already recognizing them. Cordelia even went so far as to hold out her arms towards Fabian, clearly wanting to be picked up by her brother.

He smiled and picked his little sister out of the stroller, holding her comfortably on one arm and holding her to his side as she cuddled into him, murmuring contently. Cepheus pouted a bit and was quickly picked up by Fleur, making him smile again.

"I must say it looks very natural to see you with children on your arms, congratulations on the birth of your new siblings." McGonagall said with a smile.

They smiled at that "Thank you Headmistress, but we will wait a little before we start our own family." Bellatrix said with a smile.

McGonagall smiled at that "That is understandable Bella, but I think we should get on with this meeting, I don't want to take more of your holidays then necessary." She said with a smile.

They all nodded and took a seat on the benches of the Gryffindor Table. "Welcome everyone, first of all I want to thank you for coming today. Our first and probably only order of business is to think of a way to stop Tom. I think we all have thought of a way to accomplish this so I would like to hear your ideas." McGonagall said with a smile.

Everyone shared a few glances with each other. "Why not take the fight to him and end this before it starts? Surely he is weak enough to be at least careful?" Sirius asked seriously.

"Careful has never been in his vocabulary Sirius, he is hell-bent on revenge on everyone that has crossed him. Besides, he keeps that snake closer than anything, and since that snake is his last remaining Horcrux, it will be difficult to take the battle to him." Snape said softly.

Sirius nodded at that, seeing the wisdom in the explanation.

"Well we may have an idea that might draw Tom out. We were thinking if Professor Snape would be placed in charge of the school, he could bring Tom here for his 'ultimate victory'. But meanwhile we can make sure to finish off Nagini from the shadows and then Harry can finish him off once and for all with the Elder Wand. This will require us to be in our old room for a couple of months where we can plan his demise, so I hope that will not be a problem." Fabian said softly.

Everyone looked a bit shocked at that "You would be willing to take on this burden?" McGonagall asked softly.

"Who else if not us, we have the numbers and abilities to do this undetected, and as we have said before, we will do anything to ensure a better future for ourselves, our friends and our family." Hermione said softly.

McGonagall smiled at them. "And as always your dedication is admirable and if you are sure you can do this, I think it's best as we keep to your plan. But I suspect we can't just give Severus my position and be done with it?" She asked softly.

The nodded at that "You would be right Headmistress, that would be suspicious, so what I suggest is to make it look like a coup, preferably somewhere after the Holidays.. Once everything is in place we will Floo into our room and start planning his downfall." Fabian said with a smile.

"But that is not everything, when we are ready to execute our plan, we will need to get the Elder Wand to Harry so he can end Tom once and for all, since Harry has to be the one who has to finish him." Fleur said softly.

Now Harry chimed in. "Please tell me you have a plan for me as well, because you know as soon as he sees me, he will try to kill me." He said a bit worried.

"We thought of that Harry, since our hope is that Professor Snape will stage his coup after the Holidays, we wanted to offer you the second bedroom in our 'War Room' the room is entirely cut off from any kind of magic. Someone who does not know where our room is will not know where to look for it. You and Parvati will be safe there. That I promise you. And of course it will serve a dual purpose, since you can help us with the grand plan." Fabian said with a smile.

Harry let out a sigh of relief and smiled at his friends. "Thank you, that means a lot to me." He said softly.

They smiled at him for that "Don't mention it mate, we want to keep you safe in all of this. You have lost too much to that bastard already." Hermione said softly.

He smiled at that as he was pulled into a hug by his girlfriend.

McGonagall then gathered everyone's attention again. "I am glad we now have a plan for Tom's downfall, and once again we owe everything to our by now famous Coven. But I have kept you long enough, feel free to stay as long as you like and I will see you all soon." She said with a smile.

They talked a little while longer until Eliza and Narcissa softly cleared their throats. "We know you love it to hold your brother and sister. But we have to take them home so they can take a nap." Narcissa said with a smile.

Bella handed her sister Cepheus with a slight pout. "I'm sorry Cissy, he is just so adorable." She said softly.

"I know Bella, but they have to take a nap soon, or otherwise they won't sleep all night." Eliza said with a similar smile.

Fabian put Cordelia back into her stroller and made a few funny faces at his baby sister, who giggled happily at her brother's antics.

Eliza smiled at her son "She seems really taken with you already Fabian, it even took Draco longer before she let him hold her." She said softly, as to not wake the two babies who were already asleep.

"I think it is his natural charm mother, how else would you explain him seducing his Aunt, cousin and sisters?" Draco said with a teasing tone.

Fabian smiled at that. "I think you are right, my dear brother, but I think Cordelia and I are a lot alike, and that is why she trusts me easier. Because I think Cepheus is already a lot like you, am I right?" He asked softly.

Draco only nodded at that "You are right, Cepheus is always calm and smiling when I hold him, much to the annoyance of my fiancé." He said with a wink to Pansy.

Pansy just stuck her tongue out at him, which made everyone laugh softly.

After their mothers had made their way to the Floo with the twins and Draco and Pansy, Fabian and the girls made their way to the edge of the wards with Harry and Parvati.

They gave their two best friends a big hug and then apparated home, where they would enjoy their holiday and would plan for the future.