Warning: This has no plot, it is just a bit of fluff. If you like stories with plots then look elsewhere. Oh yeah, this story was inspired by a picture I drew. It's so kawii, I wish I got a scanner for Christmas instead of having to wait for my birthday. Oh well, it will be viewable some time in March, hopefully.

Yugi trudged up th e stairs, tiredly dragging his feet. All he wanted to do was shower and go to sleep. He walked into his room and shed his jacket and book bag. Soon his neck belt and shirt followed. Next went his boots.

He then made his way into the bathroom, grabbing a towel on the way. He opened the door, not noticing the sound of the shower being turned off, and slipped into the small room. He closed the door and locked it, making sure his grampa couldn't get in.

Suddenly, in the middle of the room, he froze. The blood rushed to his head causing a bright red illusion, aka he was blushing. The other occupant of the room froze, towel clutched tightly in a dripping fist. Yami's face turned the same color as Yugi's.

Yugi let out a cry of dismay and rushed to the door, turning the knob in a hopeless attempt to get out. Yami quickly wrapped the towel around his waist and grabbed his little hikari.

//Yugi,// he spoke though the mind link due to the fact that his tongue didn't work, //calm down Aibou. It's okay, just calm down.//

He pulled the smaller teen away from the door. Yugi, wanting to look Yami directly in the eyes, sat on the sink. He then hung his head, deciding he didn't want to look him in the eyes after all.

//Yugi, look at me,// Yami said as he leaned his head down.

/No,/ came the childish reply. Yami leaned his head against Yugi's and grabbed his hands.

//Yugi, why are you so upset?//

/Because, I don't know. I guess because, becauseIsortakindalikeyou,/ Yugi said in a rush.

Yami's eyes widened and he gasped in surprise. He quickly hugged his hikari to him before he could get away. Yugi struggled against the hold, but relaxed when he heard Yami's reply.

//You do? Then why so upset? I like you too. You are my Aibou and I love you. Alot.//

Yugi tilted his head up, the tears streaking down his face now tears of joy, not shame. He quickly pressed his lips to his yami's, hoping it wouldn't be rejected. It wasn't, it was deepened.

Yami pulled away from Yugi. "You need a bath, and now I need another one. Shower with me Dear Heart?"

"Of course," Yugi replied with a happy grin. He quickly shed his remaining clothes and dragged the slightly taller teen into the shower with him.

Ahem, they, um, had a lot of fun.

The end