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Ages: (Takes place 50 years ago during the Space Colony Ark arena)

Shadow - 15 years (I'd say he's been created a few years ago hahhah)

Maria Robotnik - 12 years

Gerald Robotnik - He's like in his 40s or 50s


"What an earth is this peculiar life form?"

"Where the heck did it come from?"

"Gurinda, go and double check if there's any openings or signs of forced entry in this ship! You two, help me catch this thing!"

"Yes sir!"

"Ah! It bit me! Vile creature, you'll pay for that-"

"For some reason it looks an awful lot like our Ultimate Life Form."


"Wait, don't hurt it-"

"That face..."

"What is the odd warm feeling in the pit of my stomach?"


"Did it just speak?"


"It looks like it's going to cry..."



"Sir, calm down, it's just a...a..."


"A Chao? Shall we call it a chao?"

"Shouldn't we call, erm,"

"Oh? I see that the egg has finally hatched."

"Doctor Robotnik?"

"Good morning to you too Doctor Numan,"

"You know what that...that thing is?"

"As a matter of fact, I do,"

"Chao! Chao chao!"

"I think it wants a name."

"What shall we call it?"

"Shadow number two?"

"No...just no..."


"Doctor Numan, calm down."




(Later on)

"Come on Shadow! I want to see the surprise Grandpa wants to show us," The young blonde haired girl tugged on her best friend's hand while he remained clutching his blanket.
"No. I want to sleep and nothing will stop me from doing so." Shadow pulled his hand out of Maria's grasp making her lose her balance and fall on her bottom on the floor with a little 'oof!'

Maria shot a scowl at the ebony hedgehog who only covered the blanket over his whole head and quills as he snuggled into the bed. Oh how it frustrated her when Shadow gets his way most of the time.
"You know, I was lucky that my head didn't hit the floor as soon as you let me fall just then. Think what could've happened-" Maria tried her guilt tripping tone and widened her big blue eyes but:
"You're approximately fifty centimeters away from the bed and the rug has a radius of four meters therefore even if you hit your head, it would've brought no harm to you." Shadow then lifted the blanket up slightly from the side to peek at her face "Besides, since when do I let any harm befall on you?"

Maria felt her cheeks warm up with the familiar foreign feeling she felt whenever Shadow was around. Though, the feeling as soon as it came and she stood up with her hands on her hips.
"My bottom is a little sore no thanks to you." Shadow only huffed in response and turned away from her, riling her up even more. "Fine! Be like that. I'll stop sharing those chocolates imported from Earth with you."

While Maria carried a smug look as she skipped away, Shadow's eyes snapped open and he instinctively kicked the blanket off of him only to look at Maria with a horrified glance.
"Maria!" The girl halted in her steps and twirled to face him as she playfully twisted her finger around strands of her golden hair.
"You don't mean that...right?" Shadow was now off the bed and was in front of her in a matter of seconds. "You know I'll die without them!"

"I dunno, you were pretty rude to me just a second ago," Maria leaned forward with a mock anger face.

"You can't do that to me...nothing is as sweet as that outer white chocolate shell...nothing is as creamy and tasty as the strawberry dream filling inside..." Shadow then had his nose touching hers with a glare "I'm the Ultimate Life Form! You cannot deny me of my rights to exquisite Earth imported chocolates-"
"Well if you're so ultimate and blah blah blah, you might as well forge-eeeeet about even having a glance at those treats. I'll eat them all ONE by ONE and there's nothing you can do about it."

Ruby red irises dueled with a pair of aquamarine blue ones. The artificial of the two had his teeth clenched but inside his mind, it was more of a panicky mess as he realised that his chances of getting those treats seemed to slip away. All of a sudden, a simple fact dawned upon him and with a grin, he retaliated to Maria's answer.
"I am much, much faster and stronger than you so I could get those chocolates before you can even blink Maria. Ha!" Much to his dismay, Maria's grin widened and her eyes narrowed even further.

'No way...she still has something else to say? It seems like as the days goes on, the girl gets more cunning.' Shadow's thought process was halted by her reply.

"Shadow, Shadow, oh naive little Shadow," Maria playfully tutted as she circled the hedgehog decreasing his sudden boost of confidence. A feeling of dread began to build up in the pit of the stomach.
'She knows something I don't, I will NOT be outsmarted by her otherwise she'll forever tease me about it.'

"Do you even know where I even put the chocolates?" All time stopped in Shadow's mind as he realised that he stupidly has been arguing futilely. It was like someone has delivered a K.O punch to his face at a wrestling ring.

Shadow's cheeks heated up and he looked away with one of his cheeks puffed up. Talk about embarassing...being outwitted by a young twelve year old when he has a wider intellect and skills than her in mental terms. Swallowing down his pride, Shadow unconsciously bent down his ears and muttered an apology.
"What was that? I didn't hear you~" Of course, Maria did hear him. In fact, her hearing abilities was probably the best on the Ark. She was teasing him again.

"I said I'm SORRY." Shadow hissed out but it didn't deter Maria even by the slightest since she's so used to such behaviour. After all, Shadow has a moody personality and that's something that even Gerald can't control. Shadow may be an artificial being but that doesn't mean that he's not a living, breathing anthropomorphic hedgehog. To relieve Shadow of his embarrassment, Maria delivered a genuine smile and tilted her head as she closed her eyes cutely.

"Okay, I forgive you. I'm also sorry for my rudeness, teehee," Her charming giggle caused all his frustration to melt away and his heart to speed up. The fact that such a minor thing had a major impact on the way his thought and heart process went sometimes scared the ebony hedgehog. However, most of the times, especially this moment, he succumbed himself to the feelings and allowed his lips to upturn into a small smile.

"You should smile more often Shadow, you look a lot more handsome that way." Shadow arched an eyebrow at her only to notice her genuine expression. Her eyes were half way closed allowing her bright eyes to sparkle through her lashes, her thin lips were shaped into a beautiful smile and her cheeks were tinted with a strawberry hue which added a nice touch to her fair complexion. Her dainty fingers were clasped behind her and she was leaning slightly forward with her back against the doorway as her honey golden locks framed her young face.

'If I had a camera of some sort, right now is the right moment to take a picture.' Shadow mused to himself inwardly as his eyelids dropped down.


Gerald's booming yet jolly voice snapped Shadow back to reality and grabbed both his and Maria's attention. Mentally, Shadow reminded himself to nick one of the lab's camera just in case he wants to capture any moments and keep it to his heart forever.
"Come on Shadow, let's have a race," Shadow's ears perked up at the last word "Only one rule, you can't activate your hover shoes." She added whilst Shadow slipped his trademark shoes on.
"Hmmph, you're on!"

It was only a matter of glances before the two best friends darted out of the room.


Finally, the young duo in ark reached their destination and were face to face to the elder scientist. The female of the two was slightly out of breath while the male's composure contrasted with hers.

"About time you two, I'd like to introduce you both to someone," As Shadow and Maria ventured forward, Gerald pushed a big box in front of them both. As Maria wore an excited smile, Shadow had a surprised look and both were about to lay their hands on the box-


Shadow flinched slightly and Maria jumped back a little at what seemed to be a paranormal activity.
"The box moved...wha-" Shadow was interrupted as soon as the box fell forwards revealing a small, black looking creature that resembled Shadow.

"Chao..." The creature whined out as it rubbed its head with its stubby hands. It then blinked its blue eyes and cocked its head to the side at the sight of the two new faces.

"Gerald...what is that?" The hedgehog rudely pointed at the creature with a hard stare causing the little thing to narrow its eyes at him "Look! It's glaring at me. I don't like it."
"Chao!" Shadow only huffed at the small being's little sound. Gerald merely chuckled at Shadow and bent down to stroke the creature's head. Surprisingly, the creature allowed Gerald to pet him and its cheeks visibly turned into a raspberry red colour.

"Calm down Shadow, heheh, it's a Chao." Shadow only snorted at the Chao while the Chao blew a raspberry at him. "Our robot probe found it in a nearby planet familiar to Earth. It's the same place where it gathered some necessary DNA to create you." Shadow remained silent. "I wanted to see what comes out of this egg and unexpectedly, it's a harmless little fella that looks a lot like you. I'm quite taken back that you don't like him."

"It's a little blob of annoyance that'll end up ruining your whole life. I can sense it." While Shadow and the Chao were having a glaring contest, Gerald turned to Maria who was silent throughout the whole ordeal.
"Maria dear, have you got any thoughts to share about my surprise?"

The blonde girl only blinked for a moment before clutching her fists together onto her chest and her blank face was immediately replaced with a starry eyed expression. Noticing her behaviour pattern, Shadow immediately covered his ears with a wince prepared for the worst.


Nobody had a chance to blink before Maria scooped up the little Chao and nuzzled her nose against his non existent one. Her gibberish babbling fell onto deaf ears, literally, as she hugged and gave multiple kisses to the Chao.
"I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Thank you so much Grandpa!" She snuggled the Chao closer to her body. While the Chao had a visible heart above its head, Shadow felt his world come crashing down and everything turning black and white.

'That stupid Chao didn't even do a thing...and he already won HER heart? Just LIKE that? I'm...I...I'M GONNA KILL THAT PIECE OF-'

"Chao, Chao!" The chao cooed happily in Maria's arms and nuzzled her back as the heart above its head grew bigger while Shadow's composure started to shatter. Maria's eyes suddenly focused on Shadow's form and felt her heart get weighed down with guilt. Though, she misinterpreted Shadow's inner raging monologue on ways of getting rid of Chao as a form of grief. A simple idea flashed in her mind and her eyes brightened.

"Shadow! Come here, I want Grandpa to take a photo of the three of us together." Shadow's eyes lit up at the word 'photo'. He peered at Gerald to see that he had a camera in his hand too and beckoned Shadow to join Maria and her newly found friend. Without his permission, Shadow's legs began to make its way to Maria's side ignoring the minor glowers from the Chao.

"Alright, get into position while I set the camera up." As Gerald fixed the camera into its position on the rods, Maria sat down in a cute fashion on the floor and with one hand, held onto Shadow's hand.
"Can you smile in this photo? Like the way you smiled back then?" Not even the Ultimate Life Form would've been able to resist such innocence. He blindly nodded and squeezed back Maria's hand with a tiny smile.

"Anything for you Maria." Shadow murmured softly but it was loud enough for her ears to pick up. She squeezed his hand with a giggle and their eyes were interlocked into a loving, tender gaze. It was as if they were communicating in a unique way that only they could understand.
"Chao." The Chao nuzzled against Maria's cheek, calling for attention which resulted with her laughing and Shadow to give the Chao a death glare. There was always something to ruin the moment. Always.

"Mind if I join you in the group picture?" Gerald asked and Maria responded 'No' therefore he made his way behind the crew as the camera was getting ready.


Gerald bent down on one knee and placed a hand on Shadow's and Maria's shoulder with a warm smile. He quickly brushed his mustache so that he looked presentable.


The Chao gave Shadow one last gibberish rant and then faced the camera with it's neutral stare; which was a half glaring pair of blue eyes and a little pout. Its pudgy arms were clutching on Maria's top as if it were to say 'She's mine!'


The grip between Shadow's and Maria's intertwined hands tightened and a light blush decorated the tips of their cheeks giving them both a youthful look. Their eyes were once again locked to one another for a memorable second before facing the camera.


A blank, glossy piece of paper slipped out of the bottom of the camera which then revealed a picture. From an interpreter's point of view, the beings in the photo seemed like one happy family with the ways all their eyes had that odd yet charming twinkle. Though, if you were an acquaintance of Shadow The Hedgehog, the only thing you'd find quite peculiar is something rather minor yet intriguingly different.

A smile...



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