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Ages: (Takes place after Runners)

Sonic - 15 years
Amy - 12 years
Silver - 14 years
Blaze - 14 years


"No. Don't talk to me."

Blaze and I paused our little handiwork in the snow as soon as a familiar pair of voices disrupted our conversation. We both simultaneously glanced behind us. I puffed out a cold breath and sighed. They were at it...again. I guess Blaze felt the same irritation I did.

"I haven't come all the way here to deal with your stubbornness. You're gonna hear what I say whether you like it or not Amy Rose."

Oh wait, Sonic's serious this time! I blinked at Blaze and she blinked back. Ehehhhhh, I love it whenever she blinks her cute little gold eyes...it makes me- ah! Snap out of fantasy mode Silver! That's for sleeping time only. Anyways, we both crept back and tried our best to camouflage in the heaps of snow. Luckily for us, Sonic and Amy didn't notice us...even though we stuck out like sore thumbs.

"Don't touch me! Otherwise you'll be talking to my hammer!"

A-aaaaand she's bringing her hammer into it, again. While I rolled my eyes, Blaze was quite focused on the argument. I suppose since she and Amy are good friends, Blaze would be quite interested in what was going on. And me? I just want to carry on with my snow cat. It's already looking like my pretty kitty.

"Ha! That's your answer to everything!"

Not literally...ish? Well, mainly for him whenever he ticks the girl off. Blaze let out a quiet gasp; the only reason I knew she gasped was cos of the cool air that was exported from her lips quite vigorously. Those lips...SILVER SNAP OUT OF IT!


"Silver, I think we should jump in and stop the argument from getting any worse." Blaze whispered to me in a serious voice. I squinted at pink and blue only to shake my head at her.
"Nah, don't bother. They're probably fighting about something stupid." Like usual. They bicker over the most insignificant things! It's no wonder everyone nicknames them as an old married couple. But, Knuckles' and Rouge's arguments are a bit more to the old couples thing than Sonic and Amy. Nevertheless, they're always entertaining.

"You never try to listen to what others say. You're always resorting to your hammer when you know you can't win an argument!"

"That's so not true," Blaze suddenly growled out. "She has her sass to claim victory in arguments." And you my lady look very hot today, literally, and in both ways.
"Blaze, calm down, you're melting the snow," She stopped her inner threat monologue and stared at me for a moment. Suddenly, I spot a faint redness on her cheeks before she turned away! She blushed...SHE BLUSHED! She blushed at me! Oh wait- maybe she was embarassed? D'oh.

"I do not!"

I stopped paying attention to the noisy two and stared at my lovely girl intensely. The good thing about her being wrapped into that little show was that I could finally take the time to really look at her.

"You so do!"

Her soft, silky fur was decorated with the currently falling fluffy snow. I was taken aback by the fact that they were barely melting considering that she's pyrokenetic. But then again, her fur looks so sparkly~

"Do not!"

Her fiery golden eyes looked like jewels. They are jewels. They're so pretty. She's got one of the prettiest eyes I've ever seen. Amy's may be pretty but Blaze's eyes are gorgeous. So ferocious. So dazzling.

"Do too!"

If I was an artist, I'd be painting a picture of her right now right this moment. Sadly, I cannot even draw a freaking stick man to save my life let alone my Blazey-Wazey. I swear it's illegal to be this beautiful.


Holy guacamole, they're LOUD. Wait a minute...
"I know Silver, this has gone serious! We have to stop them." I gulped at the sight of our friends. I've never seen them so angry at each other. Usually when they argue, it's always babyish and pulling faces at each other.


"Are you sure Blaze? I mean, is it right for us to interfere between them two? Shouldn't we let them cool down on their own or something?" One thing I don't wanna risk us doing is making something turn for the worst.


"If we leave them all alone, I guarantee you that this will result in World War three." I couldn't help but giggle at her words. Images of Sonic and Amy charging at each other with battle tanks and guns raged in my head causing me to clutch my stomach as I tried to control my laughter. "Your laugh..."

"There we go! You got your hammer out again- you big baby!"

I stopped laughing immediately.
"Wha-what about it? It's not erm...horrible right?" A pang of fear struck my heart only for Blaze to start giggling herself.
"No you idiot, haha! It's just that it's so contagious and cute," Wow...what a praise! I can feel myself floating on cloud nine! "Silver! What are you doing?" I snapped back to reality only to notice I really was flying!

"The biggest baby is you! Running away from me all the time when you find the chance,"

"Ah! Sorry, you know how I get when people call me...you know..." I felt my cheeks heat up and Blaze's smirk wasn't even helping! Somebody help me!
"You're too cute Silver," BLAZE! She's making me blush purposely now!

"I have the chance now but I'm not taking it am I?"

Our little moment was interrupted once again by them two. Is that a look of disgust on their faces? It looks like they're mortal enemies or something like that! This is really really REALLY bad. Neither of them would ever make a face like that to Eggman forget about each other.

"That's just cos..."

She's hesitating...I hope she's gonna calm down...and judging by Blaze's expression, she's hoping the same thing too. Oh Chaos, please don't let this spat turn into a huge issue. Please-


"They're calming down Silver...don't you think so?" I took a second before answering.
"Er- maybe? You know how unpredictable those two can be." They're like a box of chocolate without the flavour guide. You're never gonna be able to guess what's the outcome of each piece.

"Oh shut up you stupid hedgehog!"

Both Blaze and I glanced at each other with an unamused stare. They're back to shouting again. What a delight.

"Bleh! Who's running away now?"

Oh God he's making that terrifying angry face thingy! If I wore pants and was in Amy's position, I would've crapped myself by now. I think Blaze is putting a fake fearless expression cos that angry face would probably have scared Shadow away!
"We need to stop them. NOW." I didn't care if they heard me or not. Even better if they DID.

"Hmmm, the wind sure is NOISY today, I'll carry on walking AWAY."


"Wha-what!? I'm not done with you yet! Get back here-"

As soon as we witnessed Sonic grabbing both of Amy's arms rather aggressively, we both jumped out of our hiding place at such speed that I never knew I was capable of!


We both made a small error...

Instead of one of us restraining Amy and one of restraining Sonic...

Both of us went for Amy.

Leaving us three...

Face to face...


The scariest being you'd ever come across...

"YOU TWO..." Sonic hissed out causing both Blaze and I to visibly shiver. All our built up courage literally melted away like the snow under fire.
"N-Now So-S-Sonic...c-calm dow-down..." My awkward little easing off only made his eyes gleam dangerously. My heart starting to beat itself against my chest! My teeth was shattering none stop.
"Get out of MY WAY!"





Wait...I'm still alive? And why does the atmosphere seem...lighter now? With my newly found curiousity, I opened my eyes preparing for the worst.

"What the? What's..." Sonic was on the ground laughing his head off like he was drunk. Really, really, drunk. He wouldn't stop pounding his fists against the snow and was barking out words like 'He fell FOR IT!' I peered at the other side to see Amy leaning on her hammer for support as she too was laughing ridiculously like her blue friend. What actually happened?

"Silver? Are you- heheh..." I glanced back at the throat only for my breath to get hitched in my throat.
"Wa-aaah! Sorry Blaze!" I yelped and quickly let go of her and unconsciously put one hand on my chest. "What happened!" I yelled almost desperately.

"Ahah-ah! Alright! Alright, I'll tell ya, let me j-just catch my breath!" Sonic got back up but not without giggling again. I swear he's drunk. "Remember that bet we made last week? Huh?" Bet? What bet? I cocked my head to the side to show that I didn't get him.

Amy then finished off his sentence for me. "You both placed a bet on who can go on without screaming the longest." Oh...that day was full of nothing but horror movies. But wait, did I scream? "You, my friend, teehee...you not only screamed like a GIRL, you glomped poor Blaze in process squeezing the life out of her! Oh if only we had it recorded!" The duo was back to laughing leaving me and Blaze flustered on the spot.

"So," Blaze finally got her voice back. "All that arguing?"
"Oh yeah, did ya like my acting skills?" The blue idiot flashed a grin at us both like he won some kind of lottery. "We knew you two would be here so we basically improvised on the spot!" So all this time, they were just pretending? How humiliating!
"Though, you did squeeze my arms a little too hard," While Sonic went to check on Amy, I kept my head hung low with pessimistic thoughts. Oh why did I have to be so NAIVE!

"Silver, it's okay, I fell for it too." Blaze had a genuine smile on her muzzle. That smile immediately brightened my mood. "And that scream was kinda funny," I let out a mock pout, though, as long as she's happy, I'm happy.

"Alrighty, ya gotta do your part of the bet!" I raised a brow at Sonic.
"What bit?"
"Remember the stakes we held? The loser has to..." I thought deeply before taking a step back and widening my eyes. OH. DEAR.
"I GOTTA GO AND CHECK ON THE OVEN!" Before I could even fly off, Sonic (with that godforsaken speed of his) grabbed my leg and dragged me down making me face plant in the snow.

"What are you trying to-" Blaze admonished but Sonic held out a hand as to stop her from emitting a firework.
"Blaze, do you wanna know why he tried to fly away?"
"...I am slightly curious," AH! DAMMIT BLAZE! YOU SHOULD'VE JUST SAID NO!
"Well, the loser has to KISS the girl the opponent told them to KISS!" I wish that the ground would just come and swallow me up right now right this moment.

"Wait, what? Sonic! You didn't tell me any of that! O-oh! I so should've not helped you!" Amy folded her arms in defiance while Sonic stuck his tongue out at her.
"If I told you, Chaos knows how you would've sabotaged the whole thing!"
"I have been waiting YEARS for a kiss from you."
"And I have been running AWAY for YEARS from a kiss from YOU!" A-aaand the bubblegum hedgehogs began to argue again.

"Silver?" Uh-oh "Are you okay?" I jumped out of the snow with the biggest smile I could muster despite my fur freezing off.
"YES! I'm okay. Er..." Oh man, what do I say now? I really wanna kiss her but, is she gonna want to kiss me? Gulping down my fears, I looked at Blaze with sheer determination and grabbed her by the shoulders.

"Silver? Are you-"
"I'm not doing this because of some stupid bet, I'm doing this cos I really really REALLY like you, a lot!" Without a warning, I pressed my lips against hers.


They're so warm...and soft...and they taste like gingerbread! MmmmmmHmmmmmm! All of a sudden, the cold air was between our lips again and my five seconds of bliss ended. I have no regrets other than the kiss being too short.
"Blaze?" Why did she pull away?
"Can we continue this, without any, intruders," She purred out and I felt my cheeks heat up once again. I looked at Sonic's and Amy's face only to chuckle at their shocked expressions.

"This proves one thing Sonic, I'm more of a hedgehog than you'll ever be!"

Yes. I've got my girl! Now, I can make all my dreams come true~

"O-ooooh! Sonic, you gonna take that?"

"Of course not Amy! Hey Silver! How about we make another bet an-"

"I doubt that it'll work Sonic."

"Amy! You're suppose to be on my side,"

"Not anymore~"


"Excuse me? You cheated me out of a kiss!"

"And you call yourself loyal too."

"I didn't do anything that contradicts my loyalty,"

"Making yourself look all grown up with big words huh?"

"I'm still more grown up then you Sonic The Hedgehog!"

"How? I'm older than you!"



"You bet I do!"

"You're ON!"

I thought it was the end after I said my line? Hmmph! Stealing my spotlight...


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