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A/N-This is a short prologue to explain what happened in between the destruction of the ring of power and when my story takes place. Because my story is set in the Valinor and I have not found much material about the land after Frodo journeyed there, I have had to make up much of the history myself.

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The One Ring was destroyed in the Cracks of Mount Doom. Frodo Baggins had made his journey across the sea long ago, joined by Lady Galadriel, Lord Elrond, and Bilbo Baggins.

When they had arrived in the Grey Havens, Lord Elrond and Lady Galadriel were both given vast areas of land to rule over in knowledge and wisdom. The great Lord and Lady brought about peace and prosperity under their judicious rule, for though the Valinor was the grand elven paradise, there were still dangers present and the elves needed wise rulers to turn to.

King Thranduil of Mirkwood was the next great elven lord to enter the Undying Lands, and he was given territory to rule over as well. The vast expanse of land to the foothills of the White Mountains were tamed under the guidance of these three rulers and elves lived in happiness and bliss.

As time passed, those elves left in Middle-earth began to forsake the land of mortals, sailing across the sea to slowly pass out of the memory of those they left behind. Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood, and Gimli, son of Gloin, followed Frodo many years later and entered the Undying Lands as well.


'Tell me, friend Gimli, are you not sad to part from your kin?'

The stout dwarf was seated on the deck and looked up at the fair elf that stood before him. 'No indeed, Master Legolas. For there can be none left in Middle-earth who compare with the former Lady of the Golden Wood. Her granddaughter passed into shadow years ago, and none now live who resemble her great beauty. I wish to look upon the Lady one last time before I die.'

Legolas nodded his head and drifted over to the railing of the grand ship, resting his hands upon it. His face turned to the sea. Gimli heard soft elvish words being sung into the air, as the wind played with his friend's hair, tossing the blond strands about in an intricate dance. Coming to the end of the song, the elven prince breathed deeply and let out a contented sigh.

'Now it is your turn to tell me something Master Elf,' Gimli said. The prince turned to his friend, bestowing a small bow and inclination of the head in answer.

'What of a wife for you? Have you never considered such things before?'

A dark brow raised in surprise upon the elvish prince's face. 'Considered such things before, Master Gimli? The times we have both lived in were not ones that encouraged matchmaking. Long years have I spent defending my people from the dangers around them. An elven wife was not a fixed goal in my mind. The same question may be asked of you as well, can it not? If my memory serves me correctly, you have never bound yourself to another either.'

'I concede,' Gimli said with mocking seriousness. However he could not keep back the smile that played on his mouth as he observed his friend. In all the travels they had been on together after the destruction of the ring of power, the prince had seemed oblivious to the number of females that were affected by even his very presence in a room. He could easily have had any elven maiden he wanted for a bride if he showed the inclination for it.

'Perhaps now that danger is not so present you will have time to ponder such matters?'

'Perhaps, but I do not wish to seek a wife for myself simply because I do not have one, my friend. The Valinor has called to me for many years now and I wish to explore the land of the Blessed Realm before all else.'

The two companions then sat together in amiable silence, enjoying the bright sun high above and the cool spray of the ocean water on their faces.


Frodo and Gimli died at their appointed times in life, living to ripe old ages in great happiness. Their deaths were met with much sadness by those who knew them, but with time, the recollection of them was remembered fondly and always brought a smile to those who thought of them.

A tall monument, gracefully carved with elvish workmanship, was erected over the resting places of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins and the dwarf Gimli. Beautifully scripted elvish was then placed upon the marble monolith in the form of a poem. It told of the three's dealings with the ring of power and of the great deeds they had accomplished in life.

Nearly two and a half centuries had now passed since then. The small remnant of elves that remained in Middle-earth left for the Valinor, led by Lord Celeborn. Lady Galadriel was delighted with the long anticipated arrival of her husband, who joined his wife to rule the elves of her land together. Lord Elrond and Lady Celebrian received a similar surprise with the arrival of Elladan and Elrohir.

Joy seemed to abound in every household, yet not all was perfect in the Blessed Realm. Dangers existed in the vast heights of the White Mountains. Creatures lived there that would by chance, wander into the elven valleys far below and need to be killed or driven back from whence they came.

And there was always the memory of the past that haunted the present for some.

Thus was the history behind the events that were soon to take place and would shape the lives and hearts of many unsuspecting elves.

Well, enough with the prologue (who really enjoys those anyways?). Now, on to the real story...

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