This is a little different and I'm going ahead and saying that this is a girl/girl fic. I have paused my other stories temporarily while I figure them out, so this is something that I wanted to write for a while, now, anyways, so I'm putting it out there, now: If you don't like girl/girl fics, don't read. This is who I am, so I'm expressing it. Those who do read, I hope you enjoy ;-)


A backpack with very few items, plus the clothes we wore were all my daughter and I had. We were nomads, so there were few items that we actually needed. Clothes were a necessity, a little bit of money, my old human photographs along with a few of my daughter that I acquired from stealing cameras, and blood, but the last one we got on the go, because it tasted so much better, that way, which was what we were doing tonight. Hunting.

As we inched closer into the city, I felt my daughter's hand in my own, squeezing with excitement. I looked over at her, smirking, before walking down a long alleyway. Being nomads, we had no grooming methods like most, so our clothes were dirty, we were dirty, hair all matted. We were a mess, and not in the good way.

Yet when you were in the bad part of town that only seemed to attract more attention.

Being vampires, I will admit that we were beautiful, even in this condition. I forever appeared eighteen while Renesmee, my daughter, who was five, physically looked only eight, which was cool except she stopped aging three years ago. A vampire who tried to kill me while I was human came after me, only she had someone with her, who just so happened to be a witch, who cast a spell on my daughter. I was caught off guard, but I have been hunting the pair ever since. Except for tonight. Tonight, we were out hunting our dinner.

Renesmee waiting behind a dumpster while I stood to the side of a building, leaning seductively against it. I could smell alcohol and various chemicals from people who were passing by, and I scrunched my nose in disgust. Not that any of that affected us, but the less smelly, the better. Eventually, one came to stand beside me, shocking even myself. I was not expecting that, not that I am complaining or anything.

"Hey baby," I whispered to him in a husky voice. He turned his head my way and his eyes nearly bugged out of his head. I heard Ren snickering from many feet away, but I kept my attention on him as to not give us away.

After his initial shock, he smirked, looking me up and down like that alone would get me to say yes to him. "Hey sweet cheeks," he said while looking at my backside. I fought the urge to roll my eyes. "How would you like to get out of here and go somewhere more private?"

I smiled at him, there, and he winked, thinking that I was giving in to him. As if. I walked in front of him, swaying my hips as I got farther from the street and closer to the dumpster at the end of the alley.

"What gives?" he asked, when he noticed where we were. I did a quick scope to make sure we were alone before I bared my teeth, lunging at his throat. I bit down, incapacitating him, drinking only a few gulps before pulling back. I then got Renesmee and pulled her over, holding back her hair as she sank her teeth where mine had just been, and greedily drinking every drop he had. I licked my lips clean while I kept a lookout, knowing how odd this would look if we were seen, and nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard a noise. Lucky for me, Renesmee was finished, but her recovery was still a long ways off, so when I pulled her up, she leaned against me, not able to stand on her own, just yet. Just when I sniffed the air and realization set in that it was a vampire, I felt a gush of wind and was against the wall with Renesmee falling on the ground.

My vision tinted with red as I pushed the intruder back, before going to my daughter, covering her with my own body as I hissed and growled at whoever was there. At this point, the haze began to clear and I started to see figures, namely one that I recognized first as the one who attacked me, who was a blond male, his hair partly framing his face. The part that got to me, however, were the marks and scars all over his body, the parts that I could see, a lot of them looking oddly like bite marks. Like he had been in a … war …

Oh, shit!

My chaotic mind finally caught up to what I was seeing, and if I could have fainted, I probably would have. Of course, he looked the same as when I last saw him, because vampires never change, but I was sure that I no longer looked the same to him. However, when his eyes got wider, I knew that he knew me.

"Bella?" he croaked out in a small voice, almost as if he were hesitant to know the answer, yet craving it.

I gulped and, in one swift movement, I was off the ground, holding my daughter up as she got some of her energy back. I knew she was only keeping quiet so that we could process seeing each other first, even though I doubt that she knew whether or not that this was her other family. Things about her father, I usually never said anything about him, so that included his family, as well, even though I still felt a longing there, but not to Edward. Not for the family thing, but the mate thing. I think that everything went to hell because Edward knew who my real mate was, so he took it out on me, but nobody knew that story, obviously, except for the two of us. However if one Cullen was here, the rest were sure to be around. I could run, but even with my strength, he could catch me while I carried Renesmee, so it was best to stay put and to take what was coming.

I sighed, stepping forward to be closer to him, yet not too close. "Hello, Jasper." When he heard my wind-chime voice, his jaw dropped to the ground. Maybe he expected to be wrong and now he knew he was right. Whatever the case, what I was not expecting was the gasp that came from farther down, where I first met my dinner.

Another one…of course.

"And hello to you too, Emmett."

How I wished that vampires could dream, so I could just wake the hell up and not have to deal with what was coming up next.