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This was the first time that I had been in a bathtub since being turned. Beforehand, all of our baths consisted of a creek and maybe some soap, but most of the time we were still in our clothes, so we never got fully clean. I was to set the temperature while Alice picked me out something to wear.

The bathroom was anything but bland, the tub big enough to fit everyone that was here in it, including Emmett, though that was the furthest thing on my mind as I set the temperature finding that, even as a vampire, the right bath and water always felt good. I thought about everything that had happened, today, finding out how lucky I was. I threw in some bath salts, watching as the water bubbled and filled the tub, when I heard the door open. My mind began filling with the memories of my last night with Edward, and I was feeling rather unworthy of Alice's love. I was damaged and broken, used in the most depraved way, possible, living in filth and grime for all of my daughter's life. The only clothes that I had on, now, were an old bra and underwear, but I was surprised to find that, when I turned, Alice was wearing that little, as well. Maybe she was just as nervous as I was, but I knew that her reasons were not the same.

She sat some clothes on the counter, before walking over to me, taking my hand into hers. I was looking down at the floor, but when we made contact, I looked up into her eyes, wrapping my free hand around my stomach, hoping that she would not notice my scars. "Bella," she whispered to me, looking into my eyes, concern resonating in her own. She rubbed our hands together, while trying to soothe and comfort me. "Sweetheart, what's wrong?"

I was feeling exhausted, and even though I knew it was only in my head, I sat down on the edge of the tub, anyhow, sighing. I went ahead and pulled Alice onto my lap, for a couple of reasons: so that she was unable to see and notice my scars, and because I truly felt that she would not want to be with me, after she found out what had happened to me.

Alice, always a loving soul, hugged me closely, running her hands as best she could through my knotted hair. "Bella, honey," she whispered, and I heard the concern laced in her voice. She brought her free hand to my chin, lifting it up so that we were looking at one another. "What's wrong? I am and will always be here for you, no matter what. You can tell me."

My breath hitched in my throat as venom pooled in my eyes. Her concern became much worse as she brought my face closer, planting little kisses all along my face. I took in a shaky breath, gathering my courage. "You will leave me," I said, feeling as scared as I ever felt. I wrapped my arms around her tiny frame, burying my face in her chest as I cried the only way that a vampire could.

Alice gave me a few moments as she rubbed my back, kissing the top of my head. "Bella," she finally said with her voice stern and definite. "I will never leave you, not ever and not again! I barely survived all of this time without you; the only thing keeping me going was the thought of seeing you again. Only death could tear us apart."

As she said this, I bought my head up and looked at her. Alice's face was very serious, but her eyes showed me all the love and devotion she had for me. Instantly, I believed her. I knew she would never lie to me as that asshole did, but it took me a few moments to gain my nerve to bring it up, all back to the surface in the forefront of my mind. "The night of my birthday, once you all were gone, Edward…came to me, when I was in bed. It was around one in the morning, but…I was not able to fall asleep. I kept feeling guilty over what had happened, kept thinking of ways to apologize to Jasper and everyone else. I was also…planning on breaking up with Edward, but I was trying to think up ways to still be able to be around you, all." I lifted my hand up to her stoic face, which smiled at me as soon as my hand made contact with her cheeks, then lips. I smiled a small smile, myself. "I felt a little of the pull, even then, only I had no idea what exactly it was."

"I should have confided in you," Alice whispered, taking the blame upon herself. I quickly shook my head, not allowing it. None of this was, in any way, Alice's fault. I thought I was in love with Edward, back then, so if she had told me, chances were, I would have probably thought her crazy for it.

"Alice, I doubt I would have taken it well," I told her truthfully, burrowing my head into her chest, again. "I doubt I would have believed you, at that time, at least not until after my birthday."

"My sweet Bella," she said possessively, kissing my head and resting her head on top of mine. "What did my idiot brother do to you?"

I broke, right then. I held her as close as I could, not wanting to hurt her with what little newborn strength I had left The feel of her warm skin against my own was setting me on fire, but she needed to hear this and make her choice before we went any further. I could have projected the memory to her, but I refused to allow her to see me like that, so afraid and broken. "That night, while I was lying in bed…"

Bella had been tossing and turning, trying her best to get to sleep, but sleep was evasive to her, tonight. Her beating heart held so much guilt for all the pain that she caused to the Cullen family that she was not able to properly rest. She was thinking of ways to make it up to them when she heard her window opening. Bella had locked it, tonight, because of Edward's earlier behavior, so she was all too surprised when his figure stepped into her dark room, before closing and locking the window, back.

"How did you unlock it from the outside?" Bella asked, her heart picking up in its speed. She had started becoming nervous around Edward ever since the James incident, when he had almost drained her of all of her blood. That was when she knew, instinctively, that he was not her mate, but she was figuring out the best possible way to break up with him.

His eyes were pitch black, so now is out of the question. However, she did not trust him, and would rather that he not be here, with her, alone. "Edward," she whispered, knowing that he could hear her. "It has been a long day, and all I want to do is sleep. Can we please talk about this in the morning?"

As soon as she said that, she regretted it as his lips curled back, a defiant smirk resting on his once gentle-like face. "There won't be a morning for you, Bella. I am sorry, though, but I can't have my family choosing you over me."

Bella gulped. She knew where this was heading, but whether or not it would be swift and painless was a whole other story that she was not sure. He crept close to her at a painfully slow, human pace, and she backed herself up against the headboard, wishing that God would just kill her now instead of subjecting her to what was coming next. Before she knew how to react, he had used his vampire speed to tie her up to her bed and stuff a sock in her mouth to gag her. When she tried to spit it out, he put duct tape over it to make sure that it would stay.

In one swift movement, he ripped her clothes off, taking his time as he drink in her entire form, looking to Bella like the predator he really was. Her heart beat against her chest, causing nervousness to creep up on her as he pulled something out of his pocket, unfolding it. It shimmered as it caught the light outside her window, and she suddenly knew why. It was a knife!

Bella's heart felt like a jackhammer, pounding against her rib cage. She shook with fear as the knife came in to contact with her skin. At first, all Bella felt was the coldness of the blade, until Edward applied pressure, slowly slicing in a horizontal line along her stomach. As it pierced her skin, tearing it open and the blood started flowing; Bella became so nauseated that she passed out.

The next thing she knew was a hand meeting her face, almost breaking her jaw. When she opened her eyes, Edward was right in front of her, kneeling over her body, fully naked, by now. Bella's breath hitched as she saw this, her eyes growing wide. She tried to focus on anything besides his naked form, which only brought her back to the excruciating pain that she was feeling. She knew he had cut her more…a lot more, by the burning that she felt all over, but that was not all. On top of it all, he had broken her arm, burned her with cigarettes, from what she could tell, and hit her to the point of marking her everywhere with bruises.

Not only did he want her dead, he wanted to torture her plenty before she died.

As she floated back to reality, she saw Edward taking his hard erection in to his hand, stroking it a few times before thrusting it into her. He broke her barrier with no problem at all, and as soon as she smelled the blood, she passed out, again.


The next time that Bella came to, Edward had blood all along his lips and chin, licking it in a manner that told Bella that she would die, and probably soon. She hoped so. As he fucked her hard, thrusting in and out of her with no mercy, breaking her bed in the process, her body felt every bit of pain and then, nothing at all. She knew he cut her several more times, as he rode her, but she was beyond feeling anything at this point. She just wanted to die.

After he had his way with her, getting off a few times and satisfying his needs, he climbed off her. Standing above the broken bed, he now looked down at her with a sneer. "Baby, you were a lot better than I thought you'd be," he said, sighing dramatically as he leaned towards her face, sniffing her. How he was able to drink what blood he had without killing her, she did not know, but at least it was over now, and he would kill her…right?

As he bared his teeth, going in for the kill, a howl echoed in the distance, causing him to snarl. It was close to Bella's house, maybe in the backyard or something. It caused Edward to growl, deeply, as he pressed his cold lips to Bella's ear. "One day, I'll come back for you and finish what I started," he promised, before knocking her out and fleeing from Forks.

As I finished my recollection, my voice was shaky and it was hard for me to breathe. I felt Alice's arms around me as she rocked me back and forth. At this point, I knew that Alice was disgusted with me. Hell, I was disgusted with me! I honestly had no clue how she could stand to sit so close to me, let alone be embracing me. I felt safe, yet my body was tense, just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Silence followed. My body shivered in fear as I waited for her to reject me and push me far away from her, telling me she never wanted to see me again, but it never came. In fact, I was so out of it that, the next thing I knew, I was in very warm water with Alice holding me close, whimpering along with me. I knew next to nothing about mates, but it was as if she felt everything that I had felt, and then some. It was then, that I realized that she was not leaving me. I felt hope swell up in me that I would never again be alone, and my hand crept closer to Alice's hand, taking it in my own. I caressed her hand, instantly calming myself down before turning my body to where I was facing her, pulling her back against me, our chests against one another. Her face, mere inches from my own, showed fear and despair as she looked into my eyes, but something else was here. Was it guilt?

"Alice," I whispered, one hand holding hers next to our non-beating hearts while the other wrapped tenderly around her neck, pulling her face closer. I could see the venom in her eyes, and I felt a sudden need to make her feel better, to ease the guilt that she felt for leaving me. I leaned in slowly, my mouth latching onto hers as I kissed her with such reverence, I am sure she knew nothing of what to do with it. Alice was everything to me, and I wanted nothing more than to see her smile, again. When I pulled back and looked at her, Alice sent a small smile my way while I brought my hand from the back of her neck to the front, softly touching her face. Something came over in me at that instant. Suddenly, a fire lit me from the inside, and I felt it from my head to my toes. As I tasted the feeling, I found that I liked it. Possession, control, dominance, lust, and it was all for Alice.


As soon as those words left my lips, she smiled, turning to straddle me, wrapping her legs around my waist.

"Yours," she whispered back, the smile never leaving as she kissed my lips. "All yours!"

I liked the sound of that! Her arms wrapped around my neck while mine held her close to me, my hands resting on the small of her back. No longer was I able to take the waiting as I settled back, pulling her as close to me as I could, kissing her more deeply than I ever thought I had in me. She moaned into my mouth as my tongue slipped in, battling hers for dominance. "Mmmm," I heard her moan as her hands began to ghost over my neck, causing goosebumps to rise all over me while a heat settled in between my legs. I knew I was aroused for the first time in my life, and nothing I ever felt matched what I was feeling, now. As I sniffed the air, I smelled Alice's arousal, and my eyes went pitch black as I felt a low grumble in my chest. She smiled at me and before I knew it, she was on top of me, her legs on either side as she rubbed herself against me, creating friction. I almost lost it, at that moment. A fog settled in my head and at this point, I had no idea exactly what was going on, but I knew that I liked it.

Alice hovered above me, her black eyes boring into my own as she trailed her hand down the length of my body, whispering to me how much she loved me and how she hoped she could make me forget what he did to me, not knowing that with her being with me now was helping me, making me forget.

As Alice's hand reached the origin of my burning desire, I gasped in surprise. Never had a single touch felt so exquisite to me in all my life. As she moved her hand further in to me, touching me in a couple different places, I began to pant like a dog in heat, whipping my head back and forth, as she teased me with her hand while the other hand held my body down, while my hips were trying to buck to cause more friction. I saw her smirking when I chanced a look at her. She was teasing me, and she knew it, but I could not argue. Literally, I could not; I could barely gasp, at this point.

A coil began to stretch from my stomach down. The further apart it was, the higher I went, barely remembering my name, at this point. All at once, my breath hitched, caused by the snapping of the coil as I began to fall farther than I ever thought possible. I swear I saw fireworks as I began to drown in a sea of passion. Before I was able to try to gather my muddled thoughts together, I felt Alice's lips on my wet heat, lapping up the pleasure that she caused me to release. I came again, screaming her name, never having felt this level of intimacy and pleasure in all my life.

Soon, Alice cuddled up in my arms, kissing me along my neck. We both caught the other's eyes at the very same moment, and it was as if something in that moment connected us more than anything else, and the need to mark one another lit within us. Purely on instinct, we bared our teeth, each going for the other's neck. As soon as I bit down on the right side of her neck, she bit down on my right side, and an electricity flowed through us both, bonding us together for all eternity.

Come hell or high water, I knew that I could make it through anything, now, with her at my side, and I would be damned if anyone tried to come between our family and us.