Prologue: A-ko's Love

It has been ten years since the incidents of Graviton City. It's the first day of the summer, and as school is over for the year, A-ko slowly wakes up from her slumber. As she opens the windows, she sees the beautiful view of Graviton City. She sees a big tower looming over the horizon as a flock of birds fly towards it. Still being groggy, she goes to her drawers and grabs a white t-shirt, a pair of underwear, a bra, blue denim shorts, and a pair of socks.

Yawning some more she heads towards the washroom and takes a nice cool shower. Ten minutes later she changes and fixes up her hair. Walking back to her bedroom, she picks up a picture frame, as she looks into the picture she sees the image of her and C-ko smiling, putting the picture frame down, she turns on the radio.

Currently the radio is talking about how the weather today will be a beautiful summer day with a nice calm wind; also today's temperatures will be 72°. After A-ko fixes up her bed, she walks to the kitchen and prepares her breakfast. She quickly whips up some toast bread with butter and a glass of orange juice. As she finishes up her breakfast, she puts on her pink shoes, grabs her wallet and keys and heads out the door.

Deciding to visit the Graviton Planetarium, she walks into downtown, as she looks around Graviton City; she passes houses, stores and other people walking by. A-ko stops at the local pool and look at all the kids having fun, she quickly remembers all the fun she had with C-ko and she remembers when seeing C-ko leave the planet to become the next queen of her home world. A-ko continues to walk towards the Planetarium and continues to view the sites of Graviton City.

Half an hour later A-ko finally makes it to the planetarium, as she looks up and admires the building, she sees a giant dome with a gigantic telescope on the right side pointing up to the stars. She walks in and pays the employee the 600 yen fee. What A-ko sees is a beautiful site, as she looks around, she sees a luscious blue carpet on the floor, on the ceiling, the solar system, on the walls pictures and mock up displays of the planets. Continuing to look around, she sees mothers and their children walking around.

As A-ko walks around looking at the models, she accidentally bumps into a man and they both fall down. The man rubs his head and helps A-ko up; A-ko just stares at the man and says thanks. As she looks at him, he has black hair, wears glasses; he is also wearing a black t-shirt, a black and silver pendant, a red polar fleece vest, blue denim pants and a pair of brown shoes. The man apologizes to the young girl, and offers to look around the Planetarium with her. A-ko slightly blushes and accepts his offer. The two went continued to look around the planetarium and saw the flyer for today's schedule:

View the solar system and learn about the planets! Today at 12 p.m. in the Auditorium

A-ko tugged on the man's vest and told him she wanted to see it. He nodded and smiled at her and they both went to the Auditorium. Once A-ko and the man found their seats, they started to talk about themselves. The man told A-ko that his name was Junichiro Yamashida and that he was visiting Graviton City for a week. A-ko told Junichiro all about her life and her friends. Junichiro smiled and as the lights begun to dim, the two listened to the professor talk about their solar system.

One-hour later, A-ko and Junichiro decided to go out to lunch; the two went off to the local burger shop. They both ordered a cheeseburger special. As they talked and eat, A-ko asked Junichiro if he'd like to come over to her house. He smiled and said yes. After eating, A-ko told Junichiro to hold on, pondering why, she grabbed a hold of his hand tightly and dashed back to her house. Junichiro was amazed at the speed she was going, he figured she must have been running at least 100 mph. After running through a wall the got back to A-ko's house. Junichiro asked A-ko how she ran so fast, she said she got it from her parents. As she opened the door, she took her shoes off, and asked Junichiro to do the same. Junichiro nodded and done what she requested of him.

Junichiro then sat down on the sofa, A-ko asked Junichiro if he'd like anything to drink, Junichiro said yes and asked for a Dr. Bepper. As A-ko came back, she handed Junichiro a can, Junichiro thanked her and A-ko sat down on the recliner. They talked for hours about Graviton City, where Junichiro came from and a lot of other things. After seeing the time on the clock on the wall, it said the time was 11 p.m., Junichiro thanked A-ko for her hospitality, he told her that he had to go back home tomorrow, but promised he would come back to Graviton City. After thanking her one more time, Junichiro gave A-ko a hug and waved goodbye and left to the inn he was staying. As A-ko closed the door, she slowly slumped to the ground and sighed in happiness. She totally hoped she would see Junichiro again, unaware to herself; she was beginning to fall in love.

Five months has passed since A-ko meeting with Junichiro. As the morning sun shined through A-ko's window; she slowly got up heard a loud truck parked into a driveway. As she looked through the window, she was astonished as to who it was. It was the person she met five months ago! A- ko quickly put on her clothes and ran outside. Junichiro looked behind him and right before he could react he was quickly glomped to the ground as A- ko started to hold onto him tight. He asked A-ko to let go due to the fact he couldn't breathe. Laughing embarrassingly, A-ko let go and helped Junichiro up. She asked him why he was back, Junichiro told her that he decided to move to Graviton City and start a new life. A-ko smiled and asked Junichiro if she could help him with his furniture; Junichiro smiled and told her he could use the help and thanked her out of gratitude. A week later, Junichiro and A-ko decided to go out on dates. They went to the movies, the seaside shore and other hotspots in Graviton City. A-ko also gave Junichiro a tour of the city, where the best places to shop and showed him her friends.

A-ko and Junichiro was quite the happy couple, after Junichiro walked A-ko to her home, he softly kissed her on the lips and said goodnight. As he walked across the street, he gave A-ko a pleasant smile, unlocked his door and walked inside. A-ko smiled back and walked inside her house. As she took off her shoes she walked to her room and took off her earrings, changed her clothes and quickly fell asleep on her bed.

The next morning, A-ko woke up once more and heard her doorbell rung. She walked downstairs and opened it, seeing Junichiro made her very happy, after giving him a hug; she noticed a small box in his right hand. She asked him to come inside. Junichiro smiled and came inside, after taking off his shoes; he sat down on the recliner. A-ko asked Junichiro what was in the small box. He quickly blushed and slowly opened it. Inside the box was a beautiful sapphire colored diamond ring. He took a deep breath and asked A-ko to marry him. A-ko's eyes were filled with glee, she accepted Junichiro's proposal and gave him a tight hug, and he took the ring and carefully put it on A-ko's ring finger. As she looked carefully at the diamond, she saw small words etched on the base; on it, it said "A-ko, my forever love." As she kissed him passionately on the lips, she whispered in Junichiro's ear that she would cook up a great dinner for this occasion.

One year later, the marriage took place; the marriage would be set in the Graviton Church. The church had a long hall way, on each side was the long seats which was in polished oak finished of wood. On the windows were beautiful glass panes of various religious artifacts and beings. All of A- ko's friends came to the wedding all dressed up in tuxes and dresses. As everyone got ready, a young girl with blond hair with a white flower on the right side of her hair came in the church dressed in a white dress. She also wore long white gloves and white high heels. She looked around and waved her hands and yelled A-ko's name. A-ko was wearing a beautiful white wedding gown with long white gloves that went up to her elbows. On her hair, she wore a beautiful white tiara with a ruby in the middle of it. She saw the girl with blond hair, grabbed her gown and quickly ran at the girl. The two girls hugged each other and begun to talk. Meanwhile, Junichiro saw this and asked A-ko this girl was. She told him that this was her old friend C-ko she told him about. C-ko looked at Junichiro and gave him a big smile and congratulated him on marrying her wonderful friend A-ko. C-ko kept talking her big head off and Junichiro just stares at A-ko sweat dropping. He smiled at A-ko and figured this how she was. A-ko, told C-ko to go take her seat. She smiled at A-ko and skipped to her seat. Ten minutes later the marriage begun. The usual marriage theme was playing through the organ. As Junichiro was walking on the right side and A-ko was on the left. The crowd went silent and the preacher said the words of marriage, A-ko and Junichiro said their wedding vows and kissed each other on the lips.

After the marriage the reception took place. Everyone had a great time. C- ko was dancing all around having a blast, while A-ko's parents sat together smiling as they see their daughter all grown up. As the night continued on, A-ko and Junichiro danced the night away on the dancing floor. Everyone smiled in awe as the two young couples danced away happily. Truly, to A- ko's parents and to C-ko these two were made for each other.

Nine months has passed since the marriage, A-ko requested Junichiro that she would like to keep her last name, respecting her wishes, Junichiro agreed upon her request. Junichiro found a job as a Computer Technician and their child would be due soon. At 8'clock in the morning the next day, A-ko could feel the baby inside her move around, she knew it was about to go into labor. Junichiro quickly got the car ready and helped A-ko into the car. They quickly drove to the Graviton Hospital, the doctors and nurses quickly took A-ko to the Emergency Room while Junichiro waited patiently, but with worry in the waiting room. Meanwhile in the Emergency Ward, A-ko was screaming in pain as she pushed hard for the baby to come out. Half an hour has passed and one of the doctors came inside the waiting room and congratulated Junichiro that he now has a healthy baby boy. She guided him to the room where A-ko was. Lying on the bed exhausted with her baby in her arms, she looked at Junichiro and faintly smiled at him. Junichiro walked closer to his wife; she looked at her, kissed her on the forehead and looked at their new baby son. The young child was sound asleep covered in a warm blanket. A-ko asked her husband what to name the child, taking a minute to think, he decided to name his new son Hiro. She said what a wonderful name that is, and the two looked at their new son, seeing a bright future for the young child.