"People are dying."

Located on the fringes of existence, folded somewhere between the fabric of space and tucked neatly into the abyss of time, Death's Plane stretches forwards with long, covetous fingers to cup all of existence within its grasp.

"People are always dying."

A girl rests upon the earth, earth that decays and develops in an endless circle. The laws of matter strain here, extended far and thin to the point were few assert themselves, each one taking it in turns. Gravity remains absent throughout, and curls of red frame an oval face from all angles. The principles of physics amass around the woman, orbiting as if poorly substituted moons.

The being that looms over her, dark and amorphous, lingers. Shapeless limbs reach out and curl upon delicate shoulders, and the entity emits frustration as a candle does light.

"You waste away up here, Master, yet only two mortal years has passed since you joined my domain."

"And you want me to go to another world, to stop the humans from killing one another."

"You speak as if you are not one of them, Master. You will live, and you will breathe, and you will die. Mastery is only a temporary thing."

"A lifetime of infinite power, for a girl who never wanted to be anything more than normal." The girl doesn't chuckle, but it's a close, bitter thing. "I suppose you wish for me to go play hero?"

"My wishes matter not. I am Death, I have no opinion on any sole subject, barring my Master. And my Master should get out more."

Snorting, the young woman stands, and with such a motion the spectrum bends, green eyes burning viridian in the darkness.

"I suppose I can go see what all the fuss is about."

And with that, Hariel Lillian Potter, Master of the Hallows and nineteen year old mortal, returns to a form of earth once more.


Next Chapter Preview;

Finally, green eyes flicker over to regard him, greener than anything he's ever seen within a human face before. Divinity reflects in the sublime colouring, before the girl turns back to staring at the ceiling.

"No. I came because it was recommended to me, but I think I'll stay out of curiosity."

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