A/N: Word prompt. 200-300 words.

Fandom: Whichever one you want it to be!

Rated: T

Genre: Suspense/Mystery

"And it was at that exact moment that the power came back on."

The power had been out for three days. Everything in my fridge has either been eaten or thrown out. I can't go to the store, let alone leave the house, at this time of night. The nationwide curfew forbids it. I have enough candles and batteries to last the rest of the week, but without power, thus no microwave, there's only so much to eat. Sure, I have a gas stove, but all the gas is shut off an hour after curfew.

To make matters worse, I've had the feeling of being watched since the second day. Hearing creeks of floorboards when I'm simply sitting and reading is frightening when no one else in this house with me. Sometimes I think I hear a whisper in my ear or a breath on my neck. Others I simply feel a presence behind me, but when I turn around, there's no one.

It's getting cold, both inside and out, and with no heat comes the pile of blankets and warm clothes. I'm currently sitting on two thick, folded blankets with one wrapped around my shoulders. I have my book in hand, five candles lit, and a small flashlight for my reading. I turn the page, but stop when I hear a few scrapes on my window. The only tree in my yard isn't close enough to be the answer. I stand, shaking in fear, praying my time hasn't come.

I feel a breath in my hair, near my ear, giving me the chills. I walk slowly to the curtain-covered window, hand outstretched. I grip the curtain and it was at that exact moment that the power came back on.