Wonder Woman: Half-Blood Disciple

Chapter 2: Open the Eyes (Rebirth of the Spartan)

She has the soul of a lioness, fierce with me as her equal in battle but elegant to be fit for my court. Maia has the makings to be a great princess and a great warrior. As I retired to my chambers, there were still some that are against my decision, "Please my Queen, you should not give her such a title, she's not of pure-blood," said Artemis,

Maia was practicing javelin throwing at the targets, and spear fighting with General Phillipus. I watched as my daughter flipped the general over her shield, and straddled her with her spear at her neck, "When are you going to come to your senses? Maia is a reminder of your sin against the gods, her very being is an insult to our hallowed kind,"

"Even after all these years, you still can't accept her, can you?" I asked, not looking for an answer, "I know what she is, she is still my daughter, and she is no different from anyone else on this island, she breathes the same air, she walks among us, she laughs among us, and I see nothing about her that is going to make me change my ways,"

I knew I would come up against resistance from my fellow Amazons, "Maia is the daughter of a man, and I will not stand idly when your time comes and you kneel before some half-breed Spartan dog who thinks only with her sword and shield," I was not going to stand by and watch my daughter be insulted, until Princess Maia made a stand.

"If that is what you see with your eyes, Artemis, then your true sight and judgment are clouded and blind," Maia said in firm defiance to Artemis, one of my best warriors. Even in her evening dress, Maia still carries her father's kopis, "you are but one, and though you have an opinion about me, your opinion does not count for one hundred,"

"Humph, we'll see about that," Artemis huffed, and stormed out of my chambers. I saw my daughter leaning on the balcony, and looking up at the moon. It seems that honor can be twisted and molded even if it means that others must be hurt in the process. I slowly approached Maia, and put a gentle hand on her shoulder as a mother would do.

"I am sorry you had to hear all that," I apologized, "what you did back there was very brave, sometimes you cannot fight battles with a sword and shield, sometimes words can be used as weapons, and can be just as potent as steel, so use them wisely," I said to Maia as words of wisdom, Maia slowly turned to me and nodded a single small nod.

"I am who I am, mother, someone has to be and I know there is no changing that," she replied, "I have embraced who I am, what I am, and I see no shame in it," she put her hand on my shoulder as well, and smiled a small, proud smile, "it's late now, I bid you good night," the princess left my chambers, and went to her room for the evening.

I could hear her playing her flute from her room. Such music is a way to relax the spirit, and let the soul run free. Maia's ways with her flute can make the dryads dance in the meadows. When the music stops, then I know she has gone to rest for the evening. She is growing into an individual with her likes, her dislikes, talents and her hobbies.

The next morning after breakfast, I saw Maia strolling through the royal palace gardens, "Maia, I think it is time you and I had a talk," I said, knowing the Princess is ready for the next step in her life, as a hero, "since you were little, I have watched you grow, and you have grown into a fine princess, but I feel you are ready for the next step,"

From the times we trained in the courtyard to the times we fly and talk to each other, I felt Maia was destined to do great things. I feel that what happened last night secured my final decision, "You have great qualities, Maia, you have my powers, you have shown me that you can use them wisely and not abuse them as some would have feared,"

"You think I am ready to become a hero?" She asked, I nodded 'yes' to her question, "I have thought about it for some time now, I would like to see the world for what it is through my eyes, not the eyes of others, you have told me of your adventures, mother, I feel I need to walk my own path, and forge my own destiny with justice at my side,"

"You always did have a way with words, come with me," I led my daughter to the throne room, "I was saving this for you for such an occasion, your weapons, your armor, and your shield...are right here," I presented Maia with a special necklace with a polished garnet as the centerpiece, "just press the gemstone, and you will be battle ready,"

"Here now try it out," I suggested, and Maia pressed the gemstone and appeared in full battle gear. She pressed it again, and appeared again in her usual dress. It is much easier for her then for me to using the Speed of Hermes to transform. Maia uses her Hermes-given speed for other necessities like barely making it to royal court meetings.

"If you are going to go into the world, you have to learn how to blend in," I said, giving her some modern clothing. I thought a nice pair of jeans and crimson red shirt would suit her. Her Spartan braids with golden beads were tied back in a ponytail, "I have taught you everything you need to know, now you must put that knowledge to good use,"

When she enters the world, she will have the company of my friends and my enemies will know of her as well. I know my place in the Justice League, and Maia needs to find hers. I believe hers will start with her working with other superheroes her age, "There is a meeting being held at Mount Justice, and I feel that you should be in attendance,"

"Thank you, mother, I assure you that I will make you and Thymescira proud," She replied, 'The Team' would be a good place for her to start learning how to be a hero. If she wants to forge a path she is going to need a place to start her journey. The meeting is in two days, and I think Maia is just what this upstart team might be looking for.

"Before you go, Maia, there is something you must do," I informed her, "you need to keep your name safe from ordinary people, you need to have a name, something both good and evil will remember you by, think about it," my daughter is very smart and quite the poetess and bard. Some of my best warriors nicknamed her 'Maia the Minstrel'.

Everyday in her spare time after a days training, Maia would play her flute. Her music is worthy of Apollo's ears. A day and a half passed, and Maia had her bags packed and was preparing to leave Thymescira to Mount Justice, "Have you thought about what you are going to call yourself?" I asked her. Maia smiled back at me, and nodded to me.

"Yes I have, mother," She said with a nod, for all her years she trained in Amazon weapons and the ways of diplomacy. She has made some friends with the likes of General Phillipus, and a few enemies that I will have to keep my eye on. She will have to watch her back if she returns to Thymescira. Maia sighed with a small smile to me, "Hoplite,"