New Readers- this won't make sense unless you read my other two stories. This is book III

Chapter 1: Uso's

"Henry." I shake my brother's hand and he grabs my arm pulling me close. Then he surprises me by taking my face in both his hands and stares at me with his intense blue eyes. His face tense…his eyes distant, his grip firm.

"Caleb….what have you done? Who are you? I don't even know who you are anymore. Why….why?" I look down and take a deep breath. "Don't look away. Look at me. Look me in the eyes and tell me you will tell me the truth. No more lies." He shakes his head slowly and his hands fall to my arms and then to his sides, but he keeps staring right through me. I doubt I could lie to him anymore even if I had to. He is staring right through to my soul. My brother, my flesh and blood…my best friend. He is the one person I can talk to…but I have no words. I push back and walk to the wet bar in my penthouse.

I pour two glasses of 1955 Glenfiddich Scotch. Each pour worth about two thousand dollars. This bottle was a gift…a $75,000 gift from Ted when I built my first $100 million dollar structure. "Wow…either you think I am going to kill you when you finally come clean and you want to try this before I do break your neck, or you're in a generous mood." Henry grabs the glass after seeing what I poured not trying to be funny as he mumbled this more to himself then to me.

"Liquid courage." I motion for him to sit down and I take the sofa across from him. Tongo walks in telling me that he has the information I asked him to get me earlier. He looks at Henry and my brother glares at him. "Don't take it out on Tongo Henry." Henry never takes his eyes off Tongo while he slowly sips his scotch.

"Just know motherfucker…you are off my payroll. If Cal wants to keep you on his own…that is up to him. But you're done with GEH." Henry doesn't forgive easy and earning his trust is almost impossible. I anticipated that he would fire Tongo. No problem….I will put him on my payroll…but I will never let him go. He has saved me over and over again the past few years…from myself and from others. Tongo nods and walks away. He expected this as well.

"Was that necessary Henry? Tongo has only done what I asked."

"Caleb…he works for Mike and GEH. He was obligated to keep Mike informed. He was not hired to be your bitch and cover for you. He was hired to protect you. This brotherhood shit he thinks he has with you is horseshit. You have two brothers Caleb…he is the paid staff. Period!"

"He is not just paid staff to me. And he has protected me. In more ways than you know. But it's fine. Where I go…he goes so don't bother hiring his replacement. I won't have anyone else. That is final." I look at my brother and let him know that this subject is off limits. He takes another slow sip of his scotch and barely acknowledges me.

"Who is the mother? Better yet…where is the mother? And why…have you kept her from us?"

I lean forward and take my scotch and sip it while gathering my thoughts. "This isn't pat answers Henry. But her mother…is someone I was deeply in love with…I still am in love with her. I will always love her." I put my head down and hide the tears that fall so easy when I think of her. "Her name was Augustine."

"Was? Caleb?" He gives me a few minutes to gather myself. He gets up and brings the bottle of scotch over to the table pouring us each a bit more.

"Let me start from the beginning Henry but in case you were wondering, my daughter's name is Viviana. But let's go back…you need to know everything."

"What happened? My god…how come we didn't know any of this and why have you hidden Viviana from us? Wait…is she named after mom?"

"Yes sort of. I wanted Mom's name in there. Her maternal grandmother, Estella has been raising her. Look Henry…. I couldn't take Viviana from Estella. I promised August…I promised her that I would let her mother raise Vivi. And…well…like I said there is a lot to this tragic tale…I have been hiding them, Estella and Viviana for their safety and for our family's safety. You need to understand….if I bring Vivi here…and I want to…everyone in our family is at risk."

"And Augustine is where?" Henry looks at me penetrating his eyes right through me. "The mother…this woman you still love is where?" He leans forward getting angrier by the second.

"Are you going to fucking listen or interrupt me every other word. Jesus Henry…let me tell you and quit interrupting me." I stare back.

"Maybe you should start from the beginning. Fuck me…this is really bad isn't it Cal? You need to tell me everything. From the beginning. But hang on…let me call Timmi and tell her not to wait up for me. Something tells me this is going to be a long night." Henry takes his phone out. "Hey baby…listen…I might not be home tonight. I am with Caleb." He looks at me. "Yes…finally…I think he is so…don't worry I am here at his place. But I am sending Mike home so he will be arriving..." I motion Henry to get his attention.

"Don't send Mike home. He needs to hear everything too. I…we might need him." Henry nods.

"Okay babe…Mike is evidently staying here with us. But you have Gransky and Warner there. Are you feeling okay?" Timmi is expecting their third child in a few months. "Put them on. Hey Steele…hey buddy. Not tonight. You be a good boy for Mom and I will see you tomorrow and we will finish your Lego's Pirate ship. I love you more. Okay…put him on." He looks at me and holds up his finger. "Hey Ricky. How's my little buddy? You did…all by yourself? I'm so proud of you. When I see you tomorrow I am going to kiss on you and we will play outside okay little man. I love you…Ricky…Ricky…Hi…where did he go?" Henry smiles. He loves his kids and is a real hands on dad. I can't help but feel envious every time I see my brothers and sister with their children. It eats away at me. Ricky…Carrick…is named after my grandfather who died six years ago. Ricky is almost three and a cute little guy. They found out that they are having another boy which should offset Ted's three girls. "Okay baby….I love you. Get some rest and I will either see you in a few hours or in the morning but don't wait up for me." He hangs up looking at his phone for a second.

"Everything okay at home?" He looks at me and shakes his head. I know he has to be thinking how much he loves his children and I have all but abandoned my daughter. I live with that guilt every breathing moment.

"Yes…of course. Why do I need Mike in here? Don't you think this is a family matter Caleb? If anything, I feel like a sneaky fuck not having Ted here right now. And let's just lay it out there. Dad knows about Viviana. He doesn't know her name…we didn't know that…but I had to tell him something. He was using his own resources to look into this. And let's not leave T out of this. He spends morning, noon and night tracking your travels and he is close to figuring out some things. But I will give it to you…you have done a hell of a job keeping this shit from us." He looks towards the room that Tongo and Mike are sitting and glares. "Too good. And some heads might roll when this is said and done." I hope he doesn't fire Mike. They have been together since Henry was eighteen. Seventeen years is a long time and I know they are close. Again…because of me….and my life the world is turned around in the wrong direction.

"What does mom know?"

"Nothing yet. Dad wanted me to find out a bit more but he is telling her tomorrow. So talk fast."

"Good…gives me another day on earth." I half grin but I don't feel any joy in knowing I have hurt so many people.

"Okay…talk to me. You know how pissed off Ted will be and Phoebe…"

I take a deep breath. "Yea…I understand. I knew you were all circling the wagons. I half expected T and Dad with you tonight. But thank you for coming alone. I am tired Henry. I don't want to repeat this fucked up story a hundred times. I need to get my daughter to safety and I need help. But…the less people that know what is going on…the better. However, Mike will probably need to help us." Henry nods. I pick up the phone next to the end table. "Tongo…can you and Mike come in here and join us please." A few seconds later we here the footsteps. Both men dressed in dark suits. Tongo leans against the wet bar and I motion for Mike to sit down. He looks at Henry who nods and he sits next to Henry on the couch.

I take another deep breath and then lean back to share the nightmare that has been my life for the past five years.

Five Years Earlier – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"I'm exhausted Tongo. I am going to settle in and take a shower then grab a quick bite down in the bar." We had just checked into the Sofitel Copacabana after a long flight. I was staying in the penthouse of this luxury hotel that would be my home for the next month. I was in Rio to design and oversee a new $500 million dollar resort that Grey Construction and Grey House Design had won the bid on and building it from the ground up. This was my biggest project to date and while I had crews and project managers hired to oversee the project, I wanted to be hands on. I was just twenty-five years old and my Uncle Elliot and Uncle Brady trusted me with this project. It was completely my baby. I was laser focused. I had developed all the designs, the construction costs and hand selected the products, right down to the tiles used in the 400 luxury bathrooms.

After spending three years traveling the world, I settled in and was committed to becoming the best designer and architect of my time. I was well on my way.

After a shower and making sure Josie my service dog was settled in, I headed to the bar for a quick meal and to get the lay of the land. I found the locations for the workout room, gift shop, business center and finally the concierge desk which was unattended so I threw my card on the desk and let Tongo know where I was and to join me after he lined up security for the rest of the week. I took a seat by the window and watched the activity in the street. It was just before six pm and I was jet lagged and hungry. I could speak Spanish…but not Portuguese so I was relieved to find that most of the staff in the hotel could speak Spanish or English as well. I was reading through the menu when a sweet soft voice interrupted me.

"Mr. Grey. Mr. Grey. Excuse me." I looked up, annoyed to be disturbed. But I wasn't annoyed for long. She was beautiful. The most exquisite woman I had ever laid eyes on. She was exotic. Deep green eyes, tall, dark complexion with long brown hair. She had a full mouth with lush lips and was wearing a tight red skirt that hugged her body perfectly. Her sleeveless blouse was less revealing, but I could imagine. She was stunning. I couldn't even respond. She was holding my card. "I am sorry to bother you, but I wanted to introduce myself. I am the concierge here in the hotel…and I will take care of whatever you need while you are here this month." Her accent was rich and it was hard to understand everything she was saying in English. So I responded to her in Spanish which she spoke better than English. I had become quite fluent in both French and Spanish over the years. But as I said…I couldn't speak a word of Portuguese.

"It's nice to meet you. Thank you for seeking me out. What is your name?" We shook hands and I didn't want to let her go.

"Of course Mr. Grey. You are an important guest. I am sorry I missed you at check-in." I spotted Tongo walking in and he came quickly to my table ready to ask this lovely creature to leave. I held my hand up to stop him from discouraging her and chasing her away.

"Tongo…meet the hotel concierge….I didn't get your name?" I went back to English for Tongo.

"I am Augustine. Augustine de Costa." She held her hand out again doing a cute little curtsy and then to Tongo. She was easily 5'9 and could be a model. My month long stay was looking better by the moment. She handed me her card, apologized for interrupting me and assured me that I was to call her if I needed anything at all. My mind immediately went to the services I wanted from her…none which were repeatable. God damn she was hot. I saw Tongo smirk and we both watched her walk away.

"Damn…Tongo…did you see her? She is gorgeous. Jesus….that is the most breathtaking woman I have ever seen in my life. Find out more about her?"

"Like what boss?"

"Like everything. Is she single? What is her story? Is she single? When is she working? Is she single? What does she do in her time off? Is she single?" We both started laughing.

"I got it. Give me her card I will see what I can find out."

I spent the next few days on the construction site reveling in the rush of breaking ground and working twelve hour days. I stayed up late working on the drafting table that Tongo had delivered, redesigning and loving the work I was creating. I was implementing facets of buildings I had seen in Cairo and Peru and it was going to be a killer building. I thought about Augustine when I walked by the concierge desk each day, but didn't see her and was too exhausted each night to do much more than think about her.

The third night I walked into the hotel around seven in the evening. I was tired, sweaty and needed to get on a conference call with my Uncles to give an update. I had spent half the day in red tape with the locals. An American company building in Rio was going to cost us double in permits and further ground breaking was halted when permits were pulled until we greased some palms of the government officials that stopped by our site. We needed to put more locals as foremen's as well, which meant sending some of our crew home. This wouldn't go over well with my Uncle Elliot. I was pissed as I promised him I had all of this covered. I didn't want to look like a novice on this.

I almost ran her over as I headed into the elevator. "Mr. Grey?" I looked up and into her green eyes and could barely catch my breath she was that beautiful.

"Oh hey…sorry I was deep in thought. How are you…Augustine right?" I knew her name. I had said it in my head a hundred times but wasn't about to tell her that.

"Yes. Are you alright? Can I get you anything?" She smiled at me and I felt myself twitch just looking at her.

"No…no I have to get up in my room and make a call back to the states. Rough day with the locals on my construction site.

"Ahhh…" she said knowingly.

"Ahhh? What does that mean?" I needed to get to my room but she intrigued me and I had given her more than a few passing thoughts over the past few days.

"You have run into the Fernandez government I see?" I know I looked surprised that she knew this. I squinted my eyes at her. Many American companies come here and meet Fernandez and his men."

"Really? And how does it play out for them?"

"Depends Mr. Grey. Some good…some not so good. But be very careful either way." She licked her lips and again I felt my dick twitch.

"Well I would love to learn more, but I need to get to my room, get on this conference call and get a cold beer and something to eat." I started to walk away but turned around. "Are you working tonight?"

"For another hour Mr. Grey. Let me know if I can help you or get you anything." I watched her walk away. She was wearing a bright yellow dress that showed all her assets. Particularly her fabulous ass. She turned around and caught me staring but she didn't blush or get mad. She smiled and winked at me. I was hooked from that moment on.

I went up to my room and washed my face in the sink with cold water. I decided after the conference call I needed a good workout. I was stressed, horny and restless. I worked out at least six days a week. My body was my temple. The occasional vice was a beer, wine or scotch. But my days of getting smashed were well behind me. Now, it was all about focus and success.

When I was away, traveling the world I saw some of the most beautiful architectural designs imaginable. I wrote thirty-seven journals in three years and took over three-hundred thousand photos. I drafted 3241 designs for future reference and by the last year I was laser focused on what I wanted to do with my life and my career. I was still emotionally unbalanced in that I couldn't rid myself of the nightmares and I developed this fear of having anyone see the scars along my chest and back let alone touch them. I talked endlessly to my father who suffered from the same problem which turns out…had a name. Haphephobic. My dad had tried to tell me that with the ultimate trust in people, I would lose the fear. So, evidently I don't have that ultimate trust in many people because I can't stand for most people to get too near me. My mom can touch me and my nieces and nephews. But not a woman when I am intimate. My dad actually told me to tie women up when I am with them. That shocked the hell out of me and then I remembered his kinky past. But I would just rather say, 'keep your hands on my ass' while fucking, then to tie someone to the bed or tie their hands. Jesus…my dad has some freak in him…and I didn't like thinking about it.

I dialed into the conference line and my Uncles were both waiting on me. "Hey Uncle Brady…Uncle Elliot." I put the phone on speaker so I could stretch and move around while we talked. I was still a bit high strung and sitting still was hard for me.

"Caleb…what the hell is happening that you had to close down production today?" My Uncle Elliot got right to the issue.

"The local politico's are up my ass and want payoffs to keep us moving along and staying on target."

"Well we start that bullshit and paying them off…they will come back every day shutting you down for one thing after another and you will end up paying them off daily. We need to find a way to cut that crap right now Cal." I knew my Uncle Elliot wouldn't cave on this. He was my dad's brother in that way. He wouldn't let anyone manipulate his business. "Look…who exactly came to see you and what exactly did they say to you?" I sighed as I already had this conversation earlier with my Uncle Brady.

"The guy's name was…" I pull the business card out of my back pocket. "Juan Carlo Fernandez. He is the Manager of City Development according to his card and oversees permits and licensing. He shut us down supposedly because the pylons didn't meet code, although they were delivered by the largest manufacture in Brazil. When I presented the invoice and the stats on purchases he smiled like the shithole he is and then said for twenty grand…today…the pylons would make code. I told him that I was just the nephew and couldn't make that call then told him to remove his crooked ass off the property. He said he would be back in the morning."

"Well this delay cost us almost twenty grand as it is. So…not sure how we proceed here." Uncle Brady is running the numbers in his head. "God damn it…Cal…do one of us need to come to Brazil and help you with this. I am not trying to insult you here, but I think they might be trying to jerk you around because you are a kid. Let my old ass show up and have him tell me the same thing."

Uncle Elliot jumped in. "No…we don't need to do that Brady…those crooked politicians won't go away no matter who is there. Do this Caleb…when they show up tomorrow, discreetly record the bribe. I will have Aunt Kate reach out to Kavenaugh Media and have them draft a story that we threaten to drop to the Brazilian newspapers. I will have it to you tomorrow. We won't need to use it hopefully, but this will show them we can play hard ball too. You will just need to have it ready to go once you have the recorded bribe. Then you will let Mr. Fernandez know that we can play dirty too. Got that Caleb?"

I smiled. My Uncle is known as the easy going guy…but he is more like my dad than anyone will admit. "Got it Uncle Elliot."

"Hold on here. This worries me a bit. Now when you pull this Cal, make sure Tongo goes everywhere with you – these politicians are all in the back pocket of the cartel. I am worried about that." My Uncle Brady is more cautious then my dad and Uncle Elliot.

"Yea…that bothers me a bit too. Let me call your dad and brother and get you more security."

"No it will be fine Uncle Elliot. I got this." I wanted to prove that I had this and didn't need extra help.

"I wasn't asking for your permission Caleb. Hang tight I will call you back in a bit." Just at that moment the door knocked and I was expecting Tongo who was out walking Josie. I was surprised when I opened the door to find Augustine at the door holding a tray with a large beer in a frosted mug and a good all-American hamburger and French fries. Not food I would usually order, but I would definitely order her up if I could. God damn she was smoking hot.

"Hey…are you working room service now. Come in." I gestured for her to enter and again got caught drooling over her body. She entered the suite which was located on the top floor and looked at me asking for direction as to where I wanted her to place my dinner. I motioned outside on the large balcony where I had a fire pit and several couches. "Here, let me take that for you. I see just one beer…can you join me?"

"No…no I am still working for another hour Mr. Grey. But you looked so tired and like a starving man, so I thought I would take care of you. All part of my job." She smiled shyly at me. "Well not really part of my job, but I just wanted to make you feel better." Oh baby….I can think of several ways to make me feel better. The door opened and Tongo walked in with Josie who sat ceremoniously next to where I was standing. My dog Josie was very protective of me, even when I wasn't stressed. I loved that dog as much as some family members.

"Oh your dog…it is beautiful." I loved her accent it was probably one more reason I was drawn to her. But I wanted to get to know her. The entire package that was Augustine was phenomenal but for the first time in years I wanted to know more about a woman. "Can I touch him?" I didn't want to tell her he was my service dog and have her ask me questions.

"Um she…its Josie…a she…and she is a bit protective of me. Maybe when she gets to know you better." I motion for Josie to go lay down and tell her I am okay.

"Well…enjoy your dinner Mr. Grey. I hope you get rest. You look tired."

"It's Caleb. Please call me Caleb. Can you come back when you're done working?" I moved closer to her and squatted down to catch her eyes and pouted hoping I would get her sympathy. She smiled and shook her head to say no. "Please. Por favor. Si'l vous plait, Bitte, Per favore, Low samaht, Tack and in honor of Tongo, Fa'amolemole which is Samoan ….ummm that is all the languages I know." She giggled and her cuteness went up even further. Cute…no beautiful.

"I am not allowed to socialize at the hotel with guest. I could be on fire." I laughed out loud.

"Yea you are hot that is for sure. You mean fired?"

"Yes…I sometimes get my words mixed up. Yes fired."

"Okay I will meet you somewhere so you won't be meeting me at the hotel and I can take you for a drink. Where is a good place to go?" She shook her head again.

"Is this a good idea Mr. Caleb?"

"Just Caleb. Yes it is a great idea. Like the best one I have had all day." I raised my eyebrows at her and smiled again. "Say yes!"

"Um…I don't know." She looked like she wanted to but seemed nervous.

She smelled like gardenias. I knew that smell well. My mom had a garden full and the smell of gardenias always reminded me of her. "Gardenias?" She looked confused. "Gardenia. You're wearing something that has that fragrance." She smiled again shyly and pushed her arm out for me to smell. Oh fuck…I wanted to bite her arm amongst other things…not smell it. I took her arm and ran my finger up it and moved her bracelet rubbing my thumb gently on her wrist. I heard her take a deep breath as I moved her arm closer and her wrist up to my nose to smell where I could breathe in the exact location she dabbed her fragrance. But as I held her arm, I softly kissed her wrist once then cocked my head and looked at her. "Please spend some time with me tonight. You can meet me if you would feel safer…or whatever makes you most comfortable. I would like to get to know you better."

She took a deep breath and sighed. "I know I should say no to you…Caleb. But I have what is it American girls say….a crush on you. So yes…let's meet at Nahi here in the Copacabana area. Great dancing…do you Samba?"

I laughed. "Umm…that's a no. But I would love to watch you. Maybe even learn...but don't hold your breath." We agreed to meet in two hours. I still wanted to work out and needed to make some phone calls. I walked Augustine to the door and counted the minutes to meet this beautiful creature and learn to Samba and whatever else I needed to do to get to know her better. I was more than smitten. Who knew that fateful night would lead where it did? That was the night I fell infinitely in love. God I miss her.

"Hey….Hey…Caleb….you with me bro?" I look up and see Henry staring at me. "Wow…you zoned out. You okay man. You look shook up. Is this recall too hard on you? We can take our time."

I leaned down and put my head in my hands and I lose it. Massive tears falling faster than I can wipe them away. "I loved her so much Henry. I loved her so much. I fell so in love with her that night. She was amazing. I will never love anyone like her again. Henry….how do I make this go away. How? Tell me how?" Henry stood up.

"Caleb…you have to tell me the rest of this. I know this is painful. I can see it in your eyes. Your breaking my heart here…to see you so broken again after I thought you were healed. But how and why have you kept this from us? Loved so deeply…had a child with this woman and not tell us. You can't fucking look at me crying like this and tell me you loved her so deeply and on the other hand….completely kept her and your daughter from us. Hell how often do you even see her for Christ sake? Are these crocodile tears for real? You have a daughter and you see all your nephews and nieces more than you see her. Excuse the fuck out of me for not feeling like this is tearing you up as much as you let on. " I jump up and go after him, I want to hit him. Tongo and Mike both jump up seeing it coming. I stand back and just stare at him. If he would just hear me out. "For the love of god…Caleb I want to help you here….I want to understand this….but none of this makes sense."

I get right in his face and yell. "I know Henry…god damn it I know it doesn't make sense….let me tell you everything. But you can stop right now thinking I don't want her here…my daughter….in my arms? I want her here so much that I would do whatever I could to get her here. But I haven't been able to do that…until now. Now I have no choice I have to get her. I have to leave in the next day to get her."

"Why what's changed?"

"Estella is dying. She doesn't have long to live and I can't leave Viviana alone. I mean she has security…but I have to bring her here….but just know Henry….when I do…you will need to add more security to the entire family, more than you can even imagine. Don't you see….I kept Vivi away to not only protect her….but to protect all of you. God damn it….you need to hear the rest of this."

Henry rubs his hair back and forth squeezing his head and letting out a gust of air. "Oh fuck me….keep talking Caleb. This is going to be really bad isn't it?"

"Will you quit saying that? Yes it is really bad…really bad okay."

"What is really bad?" We both look up. Oh fuck …I can't do this.

"Teddy what are you doing here?" I break out in a cold sweat thinking now I have two of them to deal with. He comes right at me.

"No Caleb you don't get to ask the questions. You get to provide the answers." He looks at the bottle on the table. "Is that the scotch I bought you when you had your first big project? Jesus this must be one hell of a story." He pours himself a glass. "Move over Henry. You and I will talk later about you keeping me out of the loop on this…meanwhile start talking Caleb. And by the way….change your security code the whole world can figure out your birthday dumb-ass. I walked right in. Okay….start talking." He saluted his glass to me and leaned back.

"I need to make a call….Henry get him up to speed I can't do this all over again. Tongo come with me, I will be back in ten minutes." I get up and walk into my office and grab one of the phone burners we use to call Vivi every day. We don't want to use our cells and have the calls traced.

"Saurez how was Estella today?" Saurez is one of six security members I have stationed with Estella and Viviana at all times. He is in charge and I pay him a fortune to keep them safe and on the run.

"She might make it through the night. I don't know Mr. Grey. The doctor just left."

"And Viviana? Does she like the new au pair?"

"Yes sir…she is really good with her and very patient. Vivi likes her."

"Okay…call me in the morning when she wakes up. I am pretty sure I will be awake…I umm have some business here that will take me into the late hours if not all night so even though you are six hours ahead…call me. I want to talk to my daughter….and of course if anything changes with Estella call me right away. We should be there in 24 hours or less."

I hang up and look at Tongo. "Have you got everything ready Tongo?"

"Yes Caleb. The plane…the au pair is prepared to leave – we have her papers in order. The fake passport is complete for Viviana and that is the part you need to show Teddy now that he is here. I mean if you are going to use his daughters name and information to bring Vivi here…you have got to tell him man. This is your opportunity. Your brothers, your Uso's, love you Uso. They will help you. We can't do this alone anymore.'" Tongo has called me Uso, the Samoan word for brother for several years. Usually when he is trying to get through to me.

"But I don't want to bring this problem to my family. God….what if something happens to one of the kids or my sister or brothers or god forbid my parents…because of this. Don't you see Tongo what I am up against?"

"I do Uso….but the time has come. We have no more options. Viviana needs you….she needs your mother…it is time to bring her home."

We walk out together into the family room and Teddy jumps up and points to me. Henry holds him back.

"I want to choke you until you can't breathe right now Caleb. I want to beat you until you can't see straight. A daughter….you kept her from us? A woman that Henry said is the love of your life…but I am looking around the room…I don't see a single trace of her. So what the hell is going on here Cal? There better be an amazing reason behind all of this….because if there isn't….I promise you…I won't hold back." Teddy is beet red and I understand. Without knowing the entire story it doesn't look good for me. I only hope I don't lose my family when they find out the entire truth. I nod…sit down and we begin where I left off.

"So that night that, we went out for a drink and dancing…"

Not another cliffie….just a good place to leave off.

I know some of you want more Ana and Christian. Sorry…this is Caleb's story. They will appear….but this is not about them. Also as we progress you will learn more about Ted, Henry, Phoebe and their families. Patience for those that want to know about the past eight years. I just really wanted to write a mystery, crime, love story. I will still do some one-shots here and there in ACHB.

For my South American friends, please don't be offended that I have picked Rio as the back drop of this story. Like all big cities it faces crime…but we all know it is a fantastic city and as we get into Augustine and Caleb's romance, we will show it as a city for love and romance as well as some corruption and problems for Caleb.