My contribution to the FanFiction Christmas Countdown - for the previous installment, see Lily Lindsey-Aubrey. The next will be written by Phillip Callaway.

Business aside - hello again! As you can see, despite my best efforts, I just can't stop writing. I know this has been done probably thousands of times, hopefully, I gave it a fresh new look. =) Either way, enjoy!

"Obi-Wan – I mean, Master," Anakin tugged on his sleeve as they stopped beside the window overlooking one of the gardens. The ten-year-old tapped unintentionally on the windowpane as he pointed. "What's that?"

"Snow," Obi-Wan answered absently, stopping to stare in surprise at the huge, fluffy, and very white flakes drifting indolently down to alight softly on every surface. The delighted shrieks of younglings outside announced that at least one Clan Master had permitted an excursion – suitably bundled, doubtless, but still an oh-so-rare adventure.

"What's snoh?" the Tatooine boy asked, wrinkling his nose curiously as he pressed his face to the transparisteel.

"Frozen water, mixed with dust and other particles," Obi-Wan replied, still distracted, as he leaned forward for a better look. This was Coruscant, the rare snow that did fall was invariably filthy and brownish. Yet the garden outside was undeniably, cleanly alabaster, the blanketing much deeper than usual.

"Isn't that dangerous?" Anakin gasped.

"Of course not, you little goose," Obi-Wan replied in amusement. "Want to go outside in it?" he added, looking down at his apprentice.

Anakin's eyes went as wide as the twin suns of his homeworld. "Can we?" he breathed. "Wizard! Let's go!"

"Hang on, not so fast," Obi-Wan said hastily, tugging the boy to a stop. "You've got to put on more clothes than that, or you'll turn into a Padawancicle!"

Anakin gave him a queer look, but it was a mark of his excitement that he acquiesced with little more than a bout of impatient wiggling as Obi-Wan wrapped him up. Released from the necessity of keeping warm, the boy all but dragged his Master out, his own cries of astonishment and delight mingling with those of the other youngsters.

Spotting Yoda sitting complacently on a marble bench and watching the young Jedi play, Obi-Wan made his way over and bowed respectfully. "Might I join you, Master?" he asked, indicating the smooth seat.

"Certainly, young Obi-Wan," the venerable alien replied. "Glad of your company, I will be."

Obi-Wan sat, and the two Masters watched the swirling snow and squealing children in companionable silence for a few moments, before the ginger young man broke it. "Such pure snow is a rarity indeed, on Coruscant," he observed, voice completely neutral.

The Grandmaster nodded his green head sagely. "Winter Fete, today, it is," he observed. "And while allowed possessions, Jedi are not, deny the younglings some enjoyment, I would not."

"It's a very frivolous use of the Force," Obi-Wan commented curiously.

The Master's expressive ears perked up. "Worth it, it is," Yoda murmured.

Obi-Wan smiled, his eyes finding Anakin as the boy squealed, copying some of the others and throwing himself onto his back to make snow angels. Taking a deep breath and centering himself, the young man added his efforts to his friends to gently pull the cleanest snow towards the courtyard of the Jedi Temple, presenting his natural gift to his Padawan as a Winter Fete treat.