Chapter Seventeen- A beautiful Existence

Summary- It has been about eight months and no one has heard from Hermione, and it seems as though no one misses her.  Harry and Ron have each been married since school let out and they still bear a grudge for their old friend.  Hermione is leading another life, away from the man who used her and broke her heart, and has a terrible secret.  Draco Malfoy is the present heir to the Malfoy fortune and is unhappily married to Pansy Parkinson Malfoy.  He still has haunting dreams of another love.  Around eight months after graduation, Pansy and Draco come across something extraordinary, which links them to the last person they had in mind.

Pairing- Ron Wesley and Lavender Brown Weasley, Harry Potter and Parvati Patil Potter, and at the beginning- Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson Malfoy, but subject to change.


 Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone,

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,   

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Disclaimer- I do not claim to own any of the characters from the Harry Potter series.  They all belong to Ms. Rowling.  Don't sue, I have a disclaimer and I'm not afraid to use it!

Previously-"Goodbye Julie!  Be good for Harry and behave yourself!"  Hermione shouted from the limousine.  "Goodbye mum!"  "Bye Mione! Have a fantastic time!"

Hermione waved until she couldn't see the wedding party anymore, and sat back comfortable into the leather interior, and Draco's arms.

Hermione gave a small sigh of content and snuggled closer to her new husband.  "We did it."  She whispered.

"You did it, darling."  Draco said into her soft hair.  "You gave me a chance all those years ago, when no one else would, and now you've blessed me again, I love you Hermione."

"I love you Draco."  She replied, smiling.  "We're going to have a beautiful life together, we are truly blessed."


Love is worth forgiving for

Now I realize

Everything worth living for… 

Is there… in his eyes


"You're almost there, love."  Draco said earnestly, trying to keep his cool composure, when in fact he was the most terrified he had ever been in his entire life.  "You can do it, hang in there Mione."

Hermione was laying on a starched hostpital bed at St. Mugos, the maternity ward, and all around her the best doctors and nurses in England where bustling around, preparing for the arriving baby.

Two years have past since Hermione and Draco where reunited, two years of complete happiness for the couple, and their now soon-to-be thirteen year old daughter.  Their daughter, as fate would have it, was sort-of seeing James Potter, sort-of, because Draco did not want his only daughter dating until she was sixteen, but Hermione kept her daughters secrets, and spent long nights giggling in Juliet's room, Hermione talking about what a heartthrob Harry was in school, and how Juliet had just received her first kiss.

But right now a pale and very tired Hermione lay on the bed, giving birth to her second child.

"Draco…it hurts."  Hermione said in a heartbreaking voice,  "I had forgotten how badly this hurt."

"It's alright love."  Said a paler-than-normal Draco.  "I'm here this time, I'm here and nothing bad is going to happen.  Juliet is going to have a new brother or sister! You're almost done Hermione, just a few more pushes."

He squeezed her hand tight. "I love you Hermione."  He said in a low voice in her ear, and with that, she gave one final push, and the cries of a very healthy baby could  be heard though out the privet hospital room. 

Nurses rushed around the doctor, who was cleaning the baby off and wrapping it in a soft blue blanket.

"Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy."  The doctor said.  "You have a very healthy baby boy."

The doctor handed the small child to Hermione, who took him in her warm arms.  Draco kneeled down beside his wife and kissed her lightly on the cheek.  Her hair was disheveled and her breathing was deep, but she was glowing in Draco's eyes.  Hermione met her husband's eyes.

"What should we name him?"  She asked softly.

"Evan."  Draco said, staring into the baby's eyes, the same color Draco himself possessed.

Hermione thought for a moment.  "Evan Draco Malfoy."  She said with content.  "I like it."  A gentle smile played across her lips and she kissed the beautiful blonde baby's head.  "Hello love."  She whispered to the baby, who was in fact, snoring softly.

"You're amazing."  Draco said to Hermione.  "I hope you realize that."

"You make me feel amazing."  Hermione retorted.  "I'm so glad I found you again."

Draco crawled into the hospital bed with her, and the doctors made a quiet exit.  They lied there, cradling their new baby, Hermione was singing softly, which nearly made Draco nod off.  Hermione sang-

"When the winds of remorse leave you tired and broken, know that I'll always be there.  When the people you love show no signs of forgiving, know that I will always care, when you feel like the world wont turn, and the sun will never rise again, know that somewhere out there, a brand new day will soon begin.  Remember your heart, never forget your heart, remember the love you can share, remember……remember I will be there…"


"Happy birthday dear Julie! Happy birthday to you!"

As Juliet Malfoy blew out the thirteen candles that adorned her enchanted birthday cake, James and Ryan came up behind her and tackled her in a huge hug. 

"Happy birthday Jul!"  Ryan said enthusiastically.  "You're a teenager now!"

Juliet grinned like a Cheshire cat and hugged her friends back.  "Yea, now I'm the oldest!"  She playfully hit them on the shoulder and the adults looked on, laughing.

Juliet Malfoy's birthday party had quite a turnout.  Most of the Hogwarts staff showed up, including the headmaster, McGonagall, and Severus Snape.

The whole Weasley family was there as well.  Slightly aged Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, both in high spirits, along with all of their children. Fred and George both had partners and Ron was there with Lavender.

Harry and Parvati where there, Parvati being very, very heavy with child, sat on one of the more comfortable couches and relaxed, looking on with a great smile at her son. 

Hermione looked on at Her own child, who was dressed in a pretty white birthday dress, specially made for her by the best tailor Draco could buy, and let me tell you, that's the best anyone could buy.

She held Evan in her lap, he was playing with a toy wand that could only cast a lumos spell and rattled.  Draco was eyeing James Potter wearily, as he and Juliet hugged once more.  Harry noticed.

"They sure are getting along, aren't they?"  He said with a good natured smile

"Hrumph" Draco  said incoherently, and crossed his arms over his chest.

Hermione smiled at Harry.  "Draco's playing protective father."  She said.

"Am not."  Draco said indignantly.

"And now he's playing eleven year old prat." Harry said with a broad smile  "Funny, bringing back some strong memories."

Hermione laughed pleasantly, and even Draco let go of a small smile.  Evan started squirming in Hermione's lap, so Draco held out his arms and took the small infant in, and he stopped fussing.

"I can't believe how good you are with kids, Malfoy."  Harry said with a laugh. 

"Yea, Potter."  Draco said.  "Even your son likes me, although if he doesn't step away from my daughter, he won't like me much more." 

Hermione put a hand on Draco's shoulder and Draco smiled at them to show he was just kidding.

Harry, Draco, and Ron, although were relatively fine with each other, all decided that calling each other by there first names was far too strange, and stuck to calling each other by their last names, all good naturedly of course. 

 "Juliet likes James."  Hermione said gently.  "She's a smart kid, and James is a good boy, you don't have to worry." 

"It's a father's prerogative to worry about their kids."  Draco said matter-of-factly.  "Especially about their teenaged daughters."

"I wonder if we'll have a daughter."  Harry said, glancing at Parvati, who was talking to Lavender.   "James is enough of a handful, I think I'll give Parvati all my parental rights if we have a daughter."

Hermione just laughed at Harry's confused state.  "Good luck, Harry."  She said affectionately.  "You'll do great, no matter what."

"Thanks Mione."  Harry said with a smile.  "Well, better see if Pav needs anything."  He nodded to Draco and left them.

"I did mention you will never, ever get my pregnant again, right?"  Hermione said with a weary smile. 

"Yes."  Draco said with a laugh.  "About a dozen times a day since Evan was born.

"Hmm, and it's been about three months."  Hermione grinned.  "I would hope you don't forget."

Draco went over, Evan and all, and wrapped Hermione in a warm hug.  "You're amazing."  He said.  "You are absolutely amazing, and everyday you show me more and more."

Across the room a tall figure with a long, white beard smiled as his aged eyes twinkled.  "Yes."  He said to himself.  "Love is worth forgiving for."


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