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Chapter 1

Dark smoke filled the air around two figures as they huddled close behind a large chunk of wall, the piece having long since come loose from its former building, and now instead played the role of shield against multiple explosions, thankfully holding up against the intense heat and force of each blast.

The smaller of the two figures, barely coming up to the hip of the far larger, pitch black with red detailed mech, was shaking, her grip on the riffle in her hold sloppy at best, the mech had just found her breems ago, shoved the weapon into her unskilled servos, and told her she'd have to learn to shoot fast, or she would end up scrap metal.

Blue optics wide with fear she glanced around her, spark almost leaping from her chassis as another explosive round detonated not far away from their shelter, causing a startled yelp to leave her as she shuffled closer to the mech. "I-I-I'm scared." She admitted, tone almost too quiet to hear over the sounds of battle.

The larger mech cast his own blue optics down towards her for a moment, in his spark he knew the femme wasn't ready for war, she wasn't even in her adult frame yet, but, after pulling the youngling seeker femme from the rubble, he knew deep down that this was the only way, he himself had been cut off from his unit when he found her, they were waiting for him, holding off any Decepticons who tried to take out their transport, all he had in his way, was a whole lot of explosives rigged ground, many having already detonated leaving nothing but charred remains and craters, he would go straight ahead himself, but, the femme seeker complicated things, there were too many shots flying overhead randomly for her to fly, so the only way for her, was to go across by pede.

"I know runt, but if we're going to get out of this mess online, you're going to have to control that fear, and focus." He stated, taking another glance down at her, her form was still developing, but her violet, with gold and white accented form was one built for speed and stealth, not full out combat, she was quite narrowly built, her pedes clawed with three tips each for grip. The femmes back strut was adorned by four separate wings all of which were currently pinned down, her fear easy to see even in the thick smoke. "Hey, runt what's you're..." He was cut off by an explosive round going of directly on their shield, a large crack appearing up the middle, their shelters life expectancy had just dropped significantly.

The larger mech coughed up smoke which had filled his vents, he looked back to where the femme was, only to see her gone.

A different kind of fear latched onto his spark then, she'd likely bolted, and the only way was over the fields of buried mines. Choosing not to give away his position with a call to try and locate the femme, the larger mech threw himself over the shield and into a roll which quickly turned into a lumbering sprint, his two arm cannons firing up to take out any possible would be attackers, of either himself or the femme he was trying to protect, who'd all but disappeared from sight.

The sounds of battle drowned out the startled squeak which came from back behind their makeshift shield, followed swiftly by panicked pede steps.

By some miracle, none of his steps triggered any of the explosive mines, the field had been laid a few orns ago, so he figured that most had already been detonated.

He reached the large soldier transporter in surprisingly little time, but when he arrived, his spark fell into his tanks.

The small seeker femme wasn't there.

Instead, Kup stood there at the entrance, the lights from inside illuminating them both. "Ironhide! We feared you'd been taken out by that sniper!" The Wrecker leader all but cheered as he welcomed the larger solemn mech.

Ironhide didn't respond for a moment, optics darting up into the entrance of the flying transport. "Did a femme seeker youngling arrive earlier? I lost sight of her on the other side of the mine field. And it would take more than a sniper with a lousy shot go take me out, you should know that yourself Kup." He growled out the last part of the conversation, the worry he'd expressed when asking about the femme quickly switching out.

Kup gained a confused look for a moment, he looked like he was about to respond when a large shell hit the side of the large, and thankfully well armoured ship. "No time to search 'Hide. We have to get out of here. Crystal city's too torn up to be use to anyone now." He stated solemnly.

Ironhide released a vent as he followed Kup up the walkway, some mech he was, not being able to look after...

"You are so cute! Hey?! Where'd she go?"

The call came right as he entered the main seating area, his optics widening at the sight.

Whirl, a less than stable in the helm mech, was standing in the middle of the seating area, his helm twisting and turning so that the single optic, and only feature on his faceplates, could search the surrounding area.

"Where'd who go?" Kup enquired, glaring at the insane mech, if it wasn't for the fact the mech was an incredible fighter and only just sane enough not to offline anyone on their side, he'd would've long since been thrown into some prison to live out the rest of his mad cycles.

Springer, a large green mech spoke up in answer. "Little femme seeker, Whirl picked her up after he found her hiding under a chair, next thing I saw, she fizzed out in a load of pixels." He explained.

The dots started to come together in Ironhide's helm. "What were the femmes colours?" He enquired.

"Purple, err, gold and white, cute little thing. Little creepy though, okay, really creepy." Springer answered, his optics darting around the area in an attempt to locate the small femme.

Ironhide stepped further into the room. "Runt? You there?" He enquired, only to jolt as something latched around his pede, staring downwards he found nothing there, at least until he heard an almost 'fizz' like sound, before the youngling seeker he'd been trying to keep safe, appeared, arms wrapped tightly around his pede and helm buried into his knee joint. "Primus Runt, where did you go?" He asked as he slowly knelt down, prying her arms from around his pede and lifting her up, she was so light he could easily hold her in the crook of his arm.

She gazed up at him with wide and fearful optics. "The e-explosion scared me, I think my cloak turned on as reflex, then the next thing I knew, you were going over that wall and charging out onto the field, I didn't want to be left behind so I tried to keep up, I ran up here when you stopped to talk to that other mech, then that one with no faceplates startled me, Mr, I want to go home." She whimpered, burying her helm into his neck cables as silent cries rocked her frame, her wings hitching up and down with each laboured breath.

Ironhide glanced around the seating area, everyone was watching the sight before them with sorrow in their optics, another innocent member of their kind pulled into this horrible war.

Kup stepped up and gently tapped the femme youngling on the shoulder plate. "Little one, do you know where your creators are?" He enquired.

"T-t-they're g-g-gone, we-we l-lived at the t-top of a s-skyscraper, c-carrier p-pushed me out the w-window when the f-floor g-gave w-way, I was h-h-halfway down the b-building when my b-bond with them s-s-shattered, that's how I ended up in the rubble." She whimpered, her voice box hitching at intervals.

They all exchanged looks, this was a delicate situation, internally Ironhide cursed off quite a few things, for causing such grief in such a young femme, she looked no older than six vorns old at the most, it was now however, in the light of the now in motion transport, that he noticed the multiple cuts and dents on her form, likely from when she'd landed in the pile of rubble she'd landed in.

He'd seen that scraper go down, not breems before he'd pulled her out of the rubble pile, she'd only been an orphan for a joor at the most.

The youngling whined again, holding even tighter to his frame as he moved to sit down, once seated she relaxed slightly, but at no time released her surprisingly powerful grip on his shoulder armour and neck guard.

He nudged her slightly, he still hadn't even learnt her designation. "Runt? What's your designation? We may be able to find you a close relative to stay with if we knew who you are." He stated.

She lifted her helm up to look at him and his spark felt like it had just split in two, there was so much fear and grief swirling around in those pools of blue, he was surprised she hadn't drowned in them. "N-novalight, my d-designation is N-novalight. But my creators always called me Nova. And don't bother, they're all gone too, they all hid in a shelter, we saw Cons break inside, they're not online anymore." She whimpered.

The next few cons he saw where going to lose their helms by his bare servos, Novalight was too young, she shouldn't have to be put through something like this, no one should in truth.


"Runt, let go."


"Runt, how is Red Alert supposed to help you if you won't let go of me?" Ironhide asked as he Red Alert and Inferno all tried to pry the tricolour seeker youngling from her vice like grip on the weapons specialists arm.

Novalight didn't respond, her grip loosening just enough for Red Alert to be able to pull the youngling off.

Red Alert carefully placed the small femme down, the mech then moving to one of the table's which held his tools. "Okay then little one, let's get you all fixed up."

For the next five breems, Novalight didn't move, optics focused on the wall adjacent and form as stiff as crystal.

The moment Red Alert finished however, Ironhide was very nearly knocked off his pedes as the femme youngling launched at him, servos wrapping tight around his neck cables and her legs wrapped tight around his lower arm.

Inferno let off a low whistle. "She's a fast little thing ain't she?" He muttered.

Ironhide looked down at the small femme, then to Red Alert, he knew seekers were clingy when scared, but this little one was being a little more than clingy.

"If what you said earlier is to believed, she's in emotional shock, you were the first thing she saw after losing her creators other than rubble, it would then stand to reason that she would want to stay with you, you are currently the only thing she recognises as safe, and as such she's likely to follow you until she feels safe again." The medic analysed, keeping his distance just in case, Inferno stood beside him, the large emergency response mech gazing at the small femme with intrigue.

Ironhide decided to just roll with it, he had a debriefing with Prime first though, and then he could go looking for Chromia, the femme who had his spark wrapped around her smallest digit.

Novalight was completely contempt with continuing her vice like hold on his arm as he made his way out of the med bay, her optics darting at any bot who walked past, and each caused her to tense.

"Easy runt, they ain't gonna even try to hurt you." He tried to calm her down, he was surprised she hadn't told him to stop calling her runt, but for now, he was content with the femme youngling being there, odd looks from others weren't anything new.

If his presence helped her stay calm, then so be it, no need to stress a youngling who'd just lost her creators.

He strode right into Optimus' office, knocking wasn't something he really bothered with.

He had to admit though, Optimus' expression when he noticed the femme seeker wrapped around his arm tighter than a neon snake, was one he would keep in the storage files of his mind for as long as he was online.

"Ironhide? Who's this young one?" Optimus enquired, one optic ridge having been lost high up in the mechs helm.

"Novalight. Optimus I found her in some rubble from a fallen skyscraper, her creators perished in the collapse, and she's adamant in staying attached to some part of my frame, I intend to leave her be until she feels safe enough to leave my frame herself, if that is alright with you? Red Alert's already fixed her up and he says it's just a instinctual desire to be with something she recognises as being safe." He explained.

Optimus' face had shifted at multiple points during his weapon specialist's explanation, but by the end, he'd risen from his chair and had made his way over to the two. "I am sorry for your loss young one, but for obvious safety reasons, you will not be able to go with him back onto the battlefield, it is too dangerous for someone as young as you out there." He explained.

Novalight looked up at him, to the six vorn old, the mech was huge, larger than even the one she was currently latched onto, out of habit, her cloaking ability activated, her frame dissolving from view in a flurry of pixels in a matter of astroseconds.

Optimus blinked in confusion at the suddenly unoccupied arm. "That, that was not what I expected." He admitted.

Ironhide nodded. "Gave me a major fright too, she was sparked with a cloaking device, it activates when she gets spooked, you likely surprised her, I assure you though, she is still very much locked around my arm." He couldn't stop the endearing smile even if he wanted to.

Something Optimus didn't miss. "I will have Kup send me the details of the battle, Chromia has been com-linking everyone to ask where you are, and I think the femmes will enjoy having another member in their small group." It was the Prime's turn to smile knowingly then, he was well aware of Ironhide, and Chromia's fondness for sparkling's and youngling's.

And knowing how all the femmes where, this little youngling was going to be well looked after. "Dismissed old friend."

Ironhide gave a loose salute before turning and walking back out the door, making his way towards the main recroom, where he'd been informed by Jazz, was where his intended was.

Novalight was still invisible on his arm, to his knowledge there was no time limit on her ability.

What confused him though, was the fact that she had been sparked with the ability, cloaking devices where an added feature that could be given, but most didn't due to the taboo which surrounded it, a femme seeker being sparked with that ability, was in truth, unheard off, he was genuinely surprised that Red Alert, nor Optimus had made a comment about it.

The moment his second pede had entered the recroom, a blue and white mass had crashed into him, thankfully he kept it balance, but Novalight's grip seemed to only increase tenfold at the sudden movement.

Chromia currently had her arms wrapped around his middle, her helm resting on his chassis. "I was so worried when we lost contact." She whispered, not willing to let anyone else in the recroom know how worried she was.

Ironhide responded by easily hefting her up with her free arm, something which caused the blue and white femme to laugh in mirth about. "Put me down you!" She exclaimed.

"Nope, got someone to introduce to you." He responded.

That seemed to peak everyone's interest.

Arcee looked up from the data pad she was reading. "You find a new pet Ironhide?" She joked.

Ironhide didn't answer straight away, instead easing himself down into one of the large sofas, Chromia shifting to lay half on top of his chassis.

With his arm free again, he carefully nudged where he could feel Novalight's arm. "Come on runt, time to come out."

That earned him a few extra odd looks.

At least until Novalight's form reappeared, the pixels fizzling out to reveal her frame, still wrapped incredibly tight around his upper arm and shoulder.

There was silence in the room for a few moments as Chromia shifted closer to the youngling. "Well, that wasn't expected, what's your designation little one?" She asked, Novalight lifted her helm from where she'd buried it into his shoulder plate, looking at the femme with a bit of curiosity.

"Novalight, my designation is Novalight, but my creators called me Nova for short." She stated, her voice sounding a bit better now due to the relaxed environment around her.

Flareup practically leapt onto the sofa, her faceplates mere inches from Novalight's own. "You are so cute!" She very nearly squealed.

And just like that, her cloak had reactivated. "Wow! You can't even see her from this distance!" She exclaimed in awe.

Only to then have Chromia's servo pressed up against her faceplates as the blue and white femme pushed her off the sofa, causing her to land with a thud on her aft. "Don't scare the poor thing like that!" She snapped before turning to where Novalight was still clinging tightly to her intended. "Ignore Flareup, she was dropped on her helm as a sparkling." She joked, causing Flareup to give an indignant cry form her place on the floor.

A faint giggle came from Ironhide's arm, Novalight became visible again not to long after.

Chromia smiled at her little achievement of getting the seeker youngling to disengage her cloak. "Now then, I'm Chromia, Ironhide here's intended, that was Flareup." She pointed to the red and orange femme. "That's Arcee." She pointed to the purple and blue femme then to a slightly larger than the rest pink and white. "And our commander, Elita-1, Moonracer is off somewhere with that CMO of hers, so you'll meet her later. Now then, how did you end up with my mech little Nova?" She asked.

Novalight didn't answer, instead choosing to stare at the piece of armour she'd been burying her faceplates into.

Seeing this Ironhide spoke up. "I found her in the rubble of a collapsed skyscraper, I pulled her out, put a rifle in her servos and… "He stopped at his intendeds murderous look. "Well, the point is, her creators didn't survive the collapse of the building, and now, she's latched onto me for comfort until she feels safe enough here to move around herself." He explained.

Chromia frowned at this information, before an idea flew into her helm. "Screw comfort, Ironhide, we're adopting her."

"Hey! No fair!" Flareup cried. "I wanted to keep her!" She exclaimed.

Arcee chuckled. "The only thing you'd teach her to do is how to blow scrap up!" She shot back.

Ironhide however was starring between his intended and Novalight. Chromia seeing this interrupted his thoughts by saying. "Ironhide, look at her, she needs a family unit to raise her, she already feels safe around you, in my opinion, we're her best bet and you know it." She stated firmly.

"But, we aren't even bonded yet!" He exclaimed.

Chromia smirked. "Easily remedied." She responded.

Ironhide was thrown by her forwardness. Flareup however, burst into hysterical laughter at what she'd just heard and seen, followed quickly by a large percentage of the recroom. "'Mia! You have no shame!" Arcee squealed, placing her servos over her helm. "Little Nova's present for the love of Primus!"

Chromia didn't answer, instead sitting up and nudging Novalight's shoulder. "Little one, what do you think? Would you like it if we adopted you?" She asked.

Novalight had about half an astrosecond of thought before finally unlatching from Ironhide's now partially numb arm, instead lunging at the blue and white femme's chassis. It was all the answer Chromia and Ironhide needed.

Chromia gently pried the femme youngling off her front. "Then it's decided, but first, Nova sweaty, I want you to behave for Mrs Elita okay? She'll keep you safe whilst me and Ironhide 'sort out' a few things, when we get back, we'll make it official, that sound good to you?"

Novalight nodded her helm rapidly. "Yes new carrier." She chirped.

Chromia smiled. "Carrier, I like the sound of that."

She handed Novalight over to Elita-1, the pink and white femme placing the tricoloured seeker on her lap. "Hello there little one." The femme commander greeted.

Novalight smiled up at her leaning her helm back so she was looking that the femme upside down. "Nice to meet you Mrs Elita-1."

Chromia smirked as she took her intendeds servo, easily dragging the larger black and red mech out of the recroom at high speed.

Springer howled from his seat. "Give her a good one 'Hide!" He cheered.

Other mechs joined in on throwing cat-calls at the fast moving pair.

After they disappeared from view, all optics moved back to Novalight, only to find her having fallen into recharge against Elita-1's shoulder.

"Oh she is just precious." Arcee cooed.

Elita-1 nodded. "And soon, she'll be 'Mia and 'Hide's."

Well, that's all for now, the next will be out whenever I finish chapter four, now Lunar can stop nagging me about this!