After the last chapter, I think you all deserve to know the truth, which you must read the entire chapter to understand fully, so no skipping to the end for the big reveal! There's some really touching moments and a lot of other scrap before that! Now then, hope you all enjoy!

Chapter 26

Word traveled fast.

Within the hour you'd be hard pressed to find a lieutenant who hadn't heard of the Predacon's jarring reveal in regards to the bases resident long standing wild card.

The news had been broken to the twins by Bumblebee, who'd been quick to track down the two mechs and solemnly explain the situation as best as he could with only radio clippings.

They'd arrived at the medbay just as Ratchet finished up checking her over with his scanners.

The medics expression was somber, turning to regard those who were present, Optimus, Ironhide, Chromia, Bumblebee, Solardancer, Qwezel (whom was hovering in the doorframe) and now the twins themselves.

The CMO vented before he spoke. "Qwezel was right… it's old, but there's clear evidence of untreated tearing, suggesting coupling with a far, far larger individual, it's honestly a miracle her ability to walk wasn't impeded…"

Chromia cut him off. "How old? How old was she Ratchet?"

Ratchet shook his helm. "The most recent was… by my calculations, just before you found her… but there's evidence that that was hardly the first incident… for all I know… I don't even want to think about this anymore…" The medic looked haunted as he shook his helm as if that would help remove the thoughts now plaguing him, as did the rest of those present. "I can't believe I missed this… I've performed thousands of checks on her over the vorns… yet I never considered…"

"Old friend, do not judge yourself so heavily, not even Novalight knew, this is something that none of us ever wished to think of, so we did not, and so, it slipped past all of us." Optimus stated, trying to soothe his old friend.

"But it was my job to make sure that all Autobots under my care are fully functioning!" Ratchet ranted, waving to the seeker as she lay on her side on the same medical berth she'd left not even three hours earlier.

A huff from Qwezel drew their attention. "Perhaps this would be a better conversation somewhere where your vocal outbursts won't disrupt Nova's rest." He announced, gesturing with his muzzle to the grimace which had formed on the seekers features.

The group of Autobots were quick to agree, the majority moving past Qwezel.

He was just about to move himself when Sideswipe grabbed onto one of the large maroon plates which made up his side.

Turning his large helm down, he regarded the red mech. "Yes?"

Sideswipe sighed. "We caused these memories to resurface… didn't we?"

Qwezel's gaze flickered between the two mechs before he sighed and nodded.

The grimaces which took over the two mechs faces were pained.

Sunstreaker spoke then. "We… we… wouldn't of done any of that had we known… we realised too late we were pushing her too hard to go on to the next step with us."

After a bit of maneuvering, Qwezel managed to get his tail and the massive bladed plates at the end through the medbay doors and to wrap around the gold mech as best as he could. "Do not rebuke yourselves too hard, there was simply no telling… Now, we must be there for her, this could go one of two ways in general, one side she will become highly distressed like she was when her memories returned… or… as has been happening since the very beginning, this will just be another incident she will have no recollection of… in that situation, it would be best to preserve it and hide any inclination that we know the truth, after all, ignorance is bliss."

The twins exchanged a forlorn look before Sideswipe spoke. "So what? How the frag are we supposed to pretend like we don't know about this now… wait… this has happened before…" The mech trailed off, bringing his servo up to rub at the lower part of his faceplates, a human trait he'd apparently picked up, then, his digits snapped together. "I got it! Right before the first time me and Nova kissed! She told me she goes into this weird… state? Where she just blacks out in high stress situations and she just runs on this crazy autopilot! That's how she's such a beast in most battles!"

Qwezel tilted his helm to the side in thought. "I was not aware of that… she has no recollection of her conflicts?"

Sideswipe just shrugged whilst Sunstreaker responded. "This is probably the same thing… being… assaulted, by one's own creators like that… that's likely where the glitch comes from, as a defense mechanism, to just, forget everything…"

Qwezel nodded, unfurling his tail from around Sunstreaker and turning his gaze to the still open doors which were now completely blocked by his girth. "I will go alert the others to the hypothesis, you two remain here, com-link one of the others if she stirs."

With that he began shifting, trying his best to avoid knocking over too many things with his wings and body again as he tried to squeeze back out of the double doors.

The twins were there to catch most of what he knocked, wanting to at least limit some of the noise that the Predacon couldn't help but make when it came to simple motions of his gigantic frame.

Soon enough though, mostly thanks to his growing experience, the Predacon was able to slide back out and move down the wide corridor towards the rest of the Autobots.

With the unintentional wrecking ball no longer almost making a mess, the twins turned to one another, and then to their femme friend lying strewn out on the berth.

"She's never remembered a battle before…" Sideswipe mumbled. "What was different this time?"

"Maybe it's how old they are? The defenses holding them back are shifting to more current blackouts? Maybe there's a limit on what she can forget?" Sunstreaker offered, moving over on his wheeled pedes to lean against the wall next to Novalight's berth.

Sideswipe nodded and moved to take vigil on the other side of the berth. "Best mech to ask about that kind of stuff would be Perceptor."

"No one's heard from Perceptor since the Wreckers he was with went on that suicide mission to Urchila 9, so he's out of the question." Sunstreaker responded.

A huff from the berth cut them off as Novalight rolled somehow onto her front, burying her faceplates into the hard metal with a groan, but after that the soft vents of recharge were all that were heard.

Sighing, Sideswipe slowly eased himself down onto his aft. "We won't know what we're dealing with here until she wakes up…"

Sunstreaker nodded, though his twins new position prevented him from seeing, the bond between them was all that was needed to transmit the understanding between the twin mechs.

Sunstreaker soon mimicked his twins position, only resting his helm in his servo.

The day had been exhausting… a check of his internal chronometer revealed they'd been conscious for well over a human day solid, what with being called to California after a human female exploded and a human cybertronian hybrid infant was found at the scene.

By Primus it seemed like it had happened orns ago.

Too much had happened within the span of such a small time frame, Sideswipe agreed with him, and both were feeling the inevitable tug of recharge.

"We...we're meant… to… watch Nove…" Sideswipe mumbled, voice lethargic as his optics flickered and helm drooped.

Sunstreaker was already out cold, Sideswipe following soon after his sentence trailed off.

Not even an hour later, the femme on the berth moved, wings flicking before hiking up fully, optics cycling online and wide as they slowly pushed themselves up in the now dark medbay, their frame shook slightly as they rolled onto their side and hung their clawed pedes over the side of the berth, optics locking on the golden mech lying slumped against the wall in recharge.

They froze absolutely still for a moment before slowly easing themselves down, her clawed pedes making only slight clinking noises as they touched the ground.

She wasted no more time in bolting from the med bay.

It was only by sheer hapless chance that one of her claws hit a discarded human bucket, sending the poor, now dented, item clanging into a wall.

It was all the sound needed to jolt the twins into wakefulness.

But Novalight was already gone before either could so much as look up.

A startled shout from Sideswipe upon realising Novalight had bolted, was able to do what the bucket hadn't, wake the recharging Predacon lying coiled up in the corridor just to the left of the med bay doors.

His hell fire optics snapped open, spotting a flash of purple wing tip vanish behind the corner, like a snapped spring, his frame uncoiled and lunged forwards, panic quickly taking over his normally logical senses.

"Nova! Wait!"

The hanger doors buckled as he crashed through, due to the too narrow gap that they'd been left at. Very nearly coming off at the runners when his wings made contact, causing an almighty bang to echo throughout the moonlit base.

His frame coiled again once he was fully free, optics spotting the trails of smoke quickly vaporising on the horizon.

His frame went lax, there was no way his bulky form could ever catch up with her. In a rare moment of distress, the massive Predacon let off a keening sound, hanging his massive helm.

Sunstreaker arrived first at his side, followed swiftly by his twin who skidded to a stop just to his right, both spotting the trails of smoke themselves just as they completely vanished.

Noise was quickly erupting around base, any and all startled from their sleep and recharge by the ruckus.

None of the three standing there noticed, for all they knew, they were on some derelict plateau, empty of all life.

"Now what?" Sideswipe muttered, frame slumped and a dejected look on his faceplates.

Sunstreaker turned his helm up to Qwezel.

The Predacon didn't acknowledge the look, but let out a slow exvent. "Now… we wait… and pray she comes back…"


The sun was a good two hours from rising when she landed, her form transforming before she even hit the ground, legs giving out underneath her as she fell forwards without even the slightest noise, arms coming forwards to catch herself before she buried her faceplates into them, wings drooping and the hiking back up erratically.

The forest lay before her, even now, faint smoke rose into the air not far away, and the smell of charred wood and foliage was a pungent smell here now.

None of that mattered, her processors running faster than she'd ever flown as they tried to cope with what she'd discovered, or more accurately, remembered.

It was no use… it was too much… too, too much. Her processor was straining, her spark screaming inside its casing and thrashing erratically.

She couldn't hold back the agonised scream anymore as she completely caved, optics blurring with lubricant as her frame convulsed, she was low on energon… and no matter how much she heaved, nothing was coming out, nothing was making it go away, not the burning pain in her empty tanks, not the pain tearing her spark apart.

She barely had the sense to keep the bonds with her family sealed tight.

They didn't deserve feeling even a tenth of this.

They wouldn't be able to help. Another cry left her at the realisation, the volume fluctuating and frequency shifting erratically.

If they knew the full extent… they'd distance themselves… shun her… cut the bonds completely.

She couldn't… she couldn't let that happen again!

Some small part of her pleaded with her, telling her that Ironhide… Chromia… Qwezel, none of them, none of them would do what her creators did… they wouldn't sever ties… they wouldn't repeat it… again… and again… they wouldn't welcome her back to safety… then tear her apart again…

That small part of her went completely ignored.

As did the soft hand on her faceplates, wiping away the lubricant from her sealed tight optics, not even flinching away when her frame convulsed… when her mouth plates opened and her abdominal plating clenched painfully, trying to purge her empty tank.

Even when a second hand joined the effort, wiping away what they could.

Soft noises flitted to her audios, but they went ignored, passed off as some organic creature unphased by the Alien jet having a breakdown on an empty cliff.

"Suga belle… wha' happened honey bunch?"

Their form froze stiff, optics cycling open in a mix of shock and horror, the sudden voice jarring her from her self loathing for long enough to take in the human standing in front of her.

Steel silver hair, lilac shirt with a plunging neckline which went right down to the naval, a loose darker purple hoodie on top hanging loose from the shoulders.

The sunglasses they'd worn gone, too dark out to be functional, instead, bright, practically glowing hazel eyes stared into her wide blue optics.

Her vents stalled when she tried to cycle a vent. "A...Aska… W-w-what…. h-how?"

The woman just shushed her, running her hands up and down her lubricant streaked faceplates. "Came up here tah see wha' all tha hubbub was abou'... instea' I find yah cryin' yah spark out… don' worry, ah knew yah weren' human the momen' ah spotted yah." The woman tilted her head to the side with a weak smile.

Novalight's mouthplates hung open slightly, the lower lipplates wobbling before everything came rushing back and she was seizing up again, her vents straining to pull air in and causing a pained whistling sound to leave her as she began folding in on herself even tighter, armour rattling.

Then came the sound of transformation, the loss of feeling of the human hands, replaced by far larger, metallic ones which gently caressed the sides of her helm, slowly lifting it away from her arms towards the femme now crouched in front of her.

"Swee' li'l baby bear… who did this tah yah? Who broke yah spark?"

Novalight couldn't even begin to respond.

So, the femme shifted, running her servos over their helm, not touching her wings, knowing to keep away from the sensitive limbs, softly cooing as they pulled the larger femmes helm into her lap.

"Yah take all tha time yah need suga belle. Take all tha time yah need..."

The sun was cusping on the horizon when Novalight's whimper's finally petered out, exhausted as she lay in the unknown femmes lap, just taking in the feeling of having careful servos running over the armour of her helm.

"Who… who are you?"

"Ah… guess ah should'a seen tha' comin'... Don'... don' freak out or any of tha'... tha designation's Thunderblast."

Novalight's frame locked up again.

She was well aware of who Thunderblast was, she'd been to enough briefings about the Sea of Rust and it's most prolific femme tyrant.

The very femme she'd had her helm in the lap of for over two hours.

Her frame recoiled, rolling back in shock as she let out a startled shout.

Not a moment later, her back strut was stuck to the ground, her wings impaled into the soft earth, and the position gave her no leeway to push herself out.

That realisation came swiftly, a sharp intake quickly following as the dark purple and gold femme rose, before taking a step back?

"Honey belle, don' yah worry yah pretty li'l helm, ah ain'even gonna harm a flake of yah pain', cross mah spark and hope tah be struck down bah Primus himself!" Thunderblast announced, making a crossing motion over the center of her chassis with one of her clawed digits.

Novalight scowled, barring her denta at the femme for a moment before pulling her helm back as far as the ground below would allow.

The older femme just chuckled and held her servo out in offer. "Alrigh' then. Give me one good reason tah harm mah own energon and armour?"

Own… energon… and… armour?

It took a moment to register, but a moment later, she had Spitter aimed directly at the older femmes chassis, a borderline feral snarl leaving her vocaliser. "GE' AWA' FROM MEH YAH MONSTER!"

Thunderblast's expression became one of horror, jaw dropped as she stepped back in fright and shock, a servo raised to cover her lower faceplates. "D-darlin'..."

"NO! STAY AWA' FROM MEH!" Novalight's vents were quickly becoming ragged, her processor firing on all cylinders.

Why hadn't she noticed before? They were practically the same colours! The only difference being her white and lighter tint overall.


Her pedes where kicking now, trying her hardest to pull herself out of the ground so that she could gain further distance.

It was no use, and she was witness to Thunderblast's expression going from shocked, to realisation.

"Suga… Do you… You thin' ah'm yah carrier?!"

It honestly didn't make sense, Qwezel told her that he had met her carrier for a brief moment in the well, but that could've been anybody, the spark could of thought he was being drawn to someone else.

"Honey…Yah carrier offlined on the table she birthed you on! Ah saw it with mah own optics! Ah'm yah Aunt! She never even go' tah hold yah before they killed her!" Those words seemed to physically hurt her as she wrapped her arms around her abdominal plating. "Ah don' know wha' makes you thin' she ever harmed yah… but… but yah wron'!... Mah li'l sister couldn' even hurt a scraplet! Let alone the sparklin' she sung tah every luna' cycle!" Lubricant was pooling under the older femmes optics now.

Spitter's sights lowered as Novalight's optics cycled and took in the sight before her, her processor reeling at the new information.

Her carrier… was… murdered? The notion of this all being a deception wasn't even thought of, no Decepticon, no mater how good, couldn't act like that.

Thunderblast seemed to pick up on the question in her optics. "They… they wanted tah use yah… make yah into a weapon… they though' bondin' with her would make yah weaker… more susceptible tah 'emotional corruption' so the moment they had yah…" A visible shudder went down the older femmes frame. "They… they put a round… right' through her spark… ah still hear her scream sometimes… Oh Primus have mercy if I don't see her smoulderin' chassis every time ah try and close mah optics! When it happened… Primus yah let off a cry so loud… yah'd already been a good way to formin' tha bond…" The older femmes pedes slowly gave way, leaving her to slump back down to the earth on her knees, one servo clutching at a fist full of earth and the other clutching the armour over her chassis. "No' once did ah ever thin' I coul' still lose her… Tha' was tha deal… ah joined their fraggin' ranks tah keep her alive… they said they'd let her go once yah were born… I never though' they meant let her go to tha Well…"

Novalight just stared at the femme before her, slowly she manged to push herself out of the dirt and into a position with her arms and servos propping herself up.

"But… I had… a carrier… they…."

Thunderblast shook her helm.

"They weren' yah creators suga belle… they were two of Starscreams lakeys, told tah make sure yah stayed alive as insurance to make sure me and yah sire never dare' step outta line…"

Novalight's helm dropped, for some reason that revelation didn't help, it made it worse… her creators were never even able to raise her, instead she was… violated… by two Cons who just used her as a toy…

Wait… Thunderblast just mentioned her sire…

Her helm shot back up. "My... sire?"

Thunderblast nodded. "Yeah… mah brotha in law, though it was never made official… he's been kept under lock and key for… Primus… the beginning of the war? That was after he went and nearly offlined Megatron when he but that round through yah carriers chassis, they never bonded… they were captured and held separate before they could… meant he didn't snuff when he lost the love of his life… he's a brilliant mech… processor like a scraplets jaw, that's why Megatron ordered he be kept held, even after very nearly getting offed himself by yah sire… Heh heh… From wha' ah'v seen… though it ain' much… yah take afta yah papa more than yah mama… she was tha sweetest li'l oil puff this side ah tha Universe… They… they hur' yah… didn' they…? The grunts tha' were tol' tah look afta yah? Tha's why yah go' violen' there?" Thunderblast then reached out, though their reach was nowhere close enough to actually touch Novalight.

The seeker still flinched back, pedes tucking that bit closer together in front of her.

That was all Thunderblast needed to know for a furious snarl to leave her.

"Imma kill um… ah mah fin' those damn scraplet fraggin' petro hound glitches, ah mah pull them righ' outta tha Well if ah fraggin' have tah, and imma rake their protoforms until their ribbons on tha groun'! YAH HERE ME PRIMUS! YOU BETTER LE' ME BRIN' THOSE SONS OF GLITCHES BACK TAH LIFE SO I CAN KILL'EM PERSONALLY!" She shouted towards the heavens above, brandishing her fist.

Then her helm snapped back and a soft, placating look quickly replaced the one of fury. "Now don' yah worry yah poor li'l spark there suga plum, auntie Thunderblast is gonna take care of this, even if ah gotta cut off some mechhoods to do so." She got up, walked forwards, and before Nova could react, had pulled her up into a very nearly crushing hug. "When this whole scrap is ova, Imma be tha bes' aunt tah yah ever, now I hear yah've had a lot so ah got mah work cut out for me, but nothing beats blood right!?"

"Uh… uh… uh?" Was all the younger seeker could respond with.

Thunderblast pushed her away by the shoulders until she was out at arms length. "When me and yah papa are finally outa tha cons, we're comin' righ' tah yah, yah papa ain't gonna allow no breaks… oh, by tha by, he found out abou' yah datin' two mechs, Imma hella proud of yah, but I thin' it' be wise for yah tah go hide them on some very, very, very far away moon, yah papa's less ecstatic about yah havin' tha arms ah two mechs… Nova… when… when yah papa get's out, don' freak out ok?"

Novalight just tilted her head to the side slightly, not quite sure she was okay with where this was going. "You're not making any sense… who… who is my sire? If it's not… them… then who is it?"

Thunderblast paused for a moment, pulling her lower lipplates into her mouth to chew on, before gazing around quickly before leaning in.

"... Yah Papa's designation is… Now, don't freak out, ah now ah already said tha', but the cons threw a lot of nasty scrap towards the Autobots to make him seem like one of them to not raise suspicion… not that it was ever actually him on the battlefield… damn Makeshift…"

Novalight huffed. "Just tell me! If I can't handle it! I'll… I'll… I'll just forget it! Like everything!"

A look then took over Thunderblasts faceplates that the tri-colour seeker couldn't even begin to place.

"Primus above… don' say stuff like tha'... if yah papa heard tha'... he'd be spark broken…"

"Just… tell… me." Novalight pressed, staring into the golden optics of her newly discovered aunt.

Thunderblast nodded, took a deep exvent before leaning in and whispering into Novalight's concealed audio.

"Thundercracker. Yah Papa's designation, is Thundercracker… me an him ain't related outside of yah momma, just happen' tha' way…"

Novalight's body, for nth amount of times that early morning, locked up, optics cycling wide.

Thunderblast pulled herself away, running her servos down the sides of the taller seekers faceplates before turning and breaking into a sprint, transforming once she'd entered the forest and disappeared quickly from view.

For a solid two minutes, the world seemed to of been put on mute.

Only to be broken by likely the loudest exclamation/shout to ever leave Novalight's voice box.


SURPRISE! I debated for a really, really long time who Nova's sire should be, but, in the end, I settled on Thundercracker, well, I hoped you all enjoyed! Until next time! Bye!