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Chapter 1: The Hunter

Many years ago, God created human kind, but the many beasts of the Earth threatened their survival. So he sent down from Heaven, his children, legions of angels, and they guarded the earth as celestial rulers, guiding and protecting the naive people who lived upon it. Through this, people were happy. But one angel was not.


He believed it was wrong that people be kept in the dark, that they not know any but what God chose to tell them. He believed that humanity should be free to grow and flourish. So he confronted God, and asked him why he chose to hinder his chosen people so. Angered by his impudence, God sent Lucifer away, with the command to never speak of the matter again.

It was then that Lucifer's heart began to twist, and he began to gather angels to his cause.

Many more angels who shared the same views as him, joined him, and they attacked God, thinking to overthrow him and let humanity go free. Instead, it heralded a long and bloody civil war between angels, one that Lucifer lost. Angered beyond all reason, God threw Lucifer and his followers into the deepest abyss beneath Earth as punishment. Then, He began to rebuild the world that had been destroyed by the war.

But Lucifer still persisted, his heart now twisted and evil. Over the course of the war, he had let the darkness into his heart, and became the tyrannical ruler over his once prison, turned kingdom he now called Hell. Now known as fallen angels with blood darkened and tainted by the very place they now lived in, Lucifer gave each of his followers a piece of hell to do as they wished, keeping the heart of it for himself. He then created demons as the nightmarish citizens of Hell, all eagerly doing his and his followers bidding for death and destruction.

When God had created his beautiful Garden of Eden, where the humans lived with their naive promise of not eating forbidden fruit of the largest tree in the garden. Lucifer, deciding to pull his strings of securing human their true place on Earth, disguised himself as a snake, and tricked two humans named Adam and Eve, into eating the forbidden fruit and breaking the promise they made to their Creator.

Forced to throw his chosen people out of the garden, God could wept for their innocence, and realized that Lucifer had been the cause. He denounced him from that on, and right from that day onward, angels and demons have used Earth for their battleground, unseen by humanity as they entered their eternal struggle for domination.

But all that changed.

When God began to create the half-human and half-angel warriors known as Nephilim to aid in the battle, Lucifer countered with demon and human hybrids of his own, only to discover that demon blood poisoned and eventually killed humans.

Forced to resort to stronger demons instead, one of his followers suggested breeding with the humans, to create a new race of ultimate killer. He forbade them to do so, knowing what havoc that would cause on Earth. Mad and evil he was, he still wanted humanity to thrive and grow, for the darker side though.

Still, as Lucifer had done to God, one of Lucifer's followers, named Belial, did to him, disobeying his command and creating a son that he raised in secret until manhood , before granting him a name and unleashing him upon the world to hunt down the angels and slay them all.

But when Lucifer found out this treachery, he immediately sent hordes of demons forth to destroy the half-demon spawn before he could wreck chaos. Belial himself was chained to a stone in a sea of magma, forever burning for his crimes as Satan cries out for his son's blood.

However, the hunted…became the hunter.

He slew every demon and angel he found, killing without discrimination. He was raised to be a killer of angels, and what were demons but fallen angel's blood in a bestial body? Still, he swore vengeance upon both Heaven and Hell, swearing to destroy the God that he had been made to destroy, and the Devil that desired his demise.

But after centuries of killing, he met someone who appeared to be his polar opposite in every way.

Woman to his Man.

Pure to his Corrupt.

Mercy to his Ruthless.

Kindness to his Brutality.

Control to his Chaos.

Sorrow to his Anger.

And Ice to his Fire.

This is the story of Dimitri Blodfel, son of the Fallen Angel turned Arch-Demon, son of Belial.

1 Year After The Great Thaw

Forest, 10 Miles from Arendelle

Late Night

Trees crash and branches snap as the demon Painclaw runs through the underbrushes and the thick greenery of the forest, part of a bloody pursuit. But he is not the hunter.

He is the prey.

The normally fearsome killer is terrified, running as fast as he can. He knows not who or what is chasing him, only that they radiate death and bloodlust greater than that of even Satan. And he has no doubt that he is the target.

Crashing through the woods, Painclaw stumbles over a buried tree root before forcing himself back up. The hunter is drawing closer. No matter how fast he runs though, he cannot escape the being that chases him. The shadows that once were his power have turned on him, the darkness no longer safe.

He manages to get on his feet and keep running, making it about a hundred meters before tripping on another root and hitting the ground. Before he can get up though, a hand grabs him by the back of his neck, lifting him and slamming him into a tree. He gets turned around before seeing the face that haunts the nightmares of all demon kind. The red demonic gaze, the shark-like teeth, the razor sharp claws that dig into his neck, and the visage that manages to be both humanly handsome and demonically terrifying.

"No. Please!" He begs frantically. "I would never go after you! I am just a hunter-"

The man tightens his grip on Painclaw's throat, cutting off his voice with a gurgle as the claws dig into his neck and send rivulets of dark red blood running down the trapped demon's naked body.

"No excuses." He growls, his voice low and vicious. If Hell and Heaven had a child and it could speak, that was his voice, both ferociously ruthless and seductively beautiful.

"If you've heard of me, you'd know I don't give a shit." He growled again. The demon let out a strangled whimper as the man drew a massive white and black blade from the sheath on his back. It was easily discernable as a broadsword, only that it had a number silver demonic runes carved onto the bleach bone-white blade, and the hilt was black as night. The entire blade seemed to suck the life and warmth out of the air around it, leaving behind traces of death. A flickering shadowy aura of pure evil, seemingly sentient, emanated from the runes all the way to the point of the blade.

Painclaw's eyes widened with sheer terror, his demonic senses feeling…a presence, with a raw, bestial, hunger with intent so bloodthirsty, it clouded the very core of his mind and only leaving fear intact.

The man hefted the massive weapon with one hand, placing the tip at the demon's breast.

"Say hello to dear old Uncle Satan for me, eh?" He said quiet, yet deathly tone. The demon whimpered again, then screamed inhumanly as the man slammed the blade home, running both the demon and the tree straight through. The weapon's aura of shadow increased and expanded until it became a fixated pulsation of darkness, and the demon glowed as a blistering red energy flowed out of it and into the sword. Slowly, the demon himself, started to wither in form and shape. This continued until the demon was little more than an empty husk before the red energy dimmed and finally stopped flowing into the blade altogether.

The man brutally yanked off the now-dead creature from the head first, its lifeless empty form tearing like paper as he threw it on the ground. He then ripped the sword out of the tree with a loud crack, noticing that the aura of shadow had returned back to its normal state.

I was getting hungry. A dark voice sounding like knives scraping over rocks said in his head. I was thinking I would have to devour YOU.

"And you know what happens if you try Chaos." The man replied out loud, sheathing the sword – that spoke - firmly as he did. "I only keep you because you are the strongest blade in existence and have never failed. Don't think I won't destroy you."

Well that's the question now, isn't it? Chaos hissed. For all your power, could you succeed where even the Devil himself failed and break my power?

"Try me and find out." The man growled.

So touchy Blodfel. I know how to bide my time. When I finally decide to be rid of you, it will be too late. Until then, I'll stay tame so long as you continue to give me souls.

"Good." Dimitri replied. "Stay that way, for that day shall never come."

A chuckle from the voice, then no more.

Dimitri positioned his legs on the forest floor, and bit his lips firmly. With a grunt, a large pair of black leathery wings sprouted from his shoulder blades and into full length in a matter of seconds. The wings several powerful flaps, leaving gusts of gale-like winds that blew off scattered leaves and fallen branches, and Dimitri rose high above the forest and looked around, hunting for a new battlefield of demons and angels, the night being no problem for his demonic vision.

Off in the distance, he saw the glowing lights of a city, and a large castle. Smiling, he took off for the city, contemplating the bloodbath that would follow when he arrived.

Arendelle, The Next Morning

As the city of Arendelle began to awaken the next morning for another day filled with its usual routine, a darker business was being conducted beneath it. There was a black market in every village, kingdom and empire providing you knew where to look, and Arendelle's was buried deeply, in fear of Queen Elsa's powers. Still, Blodfel had practise finding places like this, and it wasn't long before he found the hidden entrance, in a secluded house in the far western side of Arendelle that many people entered and few came out of.

It wasn't all that impressive, a simple cottage really, but many people in concealed attires of black, or was just keeping their outlooks on low profile walked up to the door and entered without resistance. After watching for a little while from afar, Dimitri walked out of the alley he was in and towards to the door. A muscular tattooed brute who was about to enter saw Dimitri and froze for a moment before walking swiftly the other way. Dimitri smiled to himself. Humans were always scared of him, as even though his claws and wings only appeared when needed, his red eyes and demonic aura of fear kept people away.

Knocking on the door, it was answered by the huge doorman who did his job for everyone else who's a regular in here. He looked like he was going to say something rude, then froze as he saw who was standing there.

Blodfel cut a fearsome yet handsome figure, with shoulder-length hair the colour of poisonous miasma, and stubble on his rugged features. He was had a lean and muscular physique and was about six foot two. He wore an iridescent purple overcoat that shimmered in the light, a black buttoned shirt, a thick long length of dark spiked chains crossing his chest like a harness, and greyish long pants. He had a massive blade strapped to his back, as well as fingerless black leather gloves, and heavily studded boots of what looked like scaly leather, only tougher and darker.

"Move aside." Blodfel commanded, taking control of the man's mind with a glance. His eyes went cloudy for a moment, and he stepped aside.

"Yes sir. Down the hall to your left." He said, outwardly nothing wrong. Inwardly, he was under Blodfel's control, his mind empty unless mental commands were directed to it.

"Once I'm gone, lock up and let no one in. I'll be back here sometime later and I will painfully eviscerate every limb of your body if you fail to carry out my instruction." Dimitri muttered.

"Yes sir." The man replied nonchalantly.

Dimitri entered the cottage. Overall it had only four rooms, but he didn't bother the other three and instead proceeded to the living room where four massive muscled men were playing cards on a wooden table with flagons of beer next to them. They looked over at him with a quick glance before one pointed at the carpet on the middle of the room.

"Under there." He said, unaware that Dimitri wasn't supposed to be here. Dimitri resisted the urge to smile in front of them, as his razor sharp teeth scared people. He had no reason to cause trouble for himself.

Lifting the carpet, Dimitri lifted the heavy trap door and started down the stairs, flicking his hand at the four hulking brutes as he closed the door and smiling. The last thing he heard before the trapdoor sealed him in the darkness was chairs crashing as the four went at each other's throats.

The trapdoor did not lead to a basement like most houses would, instead it went even deeper into the ground. Dimitri descended down into the darkness, finding the wooden steps replaced by rough stone steps after a few minutes. The steps led to a one way passage that stretched for over a mile before eventually exiting into a massive cavern full of stalls and people. The cavern had one wall open to the sea, allowing in light and showing that the cavern was carved by many years of water erosion and on the far side of Arendelle where it wouldn't be found. For a moment, Dimitri was amazed that they could hide such a massive construct so near to the city. It was easily large enough to hold all of Arendelle inside of it. Then he realized that it was directly underneath a mountain, which explained the mile high ceilings and the fact that it hadn't been found.

This was the black market of Arendelle.

Dimitri entered, mingling with the crowd as he shut down his aura of fear and his blinking his eyes repeatedly, a black color replacing the crimson red pupils. Sometimes it was better to hide in the shadows.

Walking through the crowd, Dimitri saw everything that went on, from the weapons being exchanged to the illegal substances that abounded everywhere. This was a red-light district, a black market, and a cess pool for human rejects all in one, and Dimitri's nose wrinkled in disgust.

What's the matter? Dislike your own kind? Taunted the voice of his sword, Chaos.

Enough. These are not my kind. I am not human. Dimitri snapped back.

You're part human. Doesn't it count?

He ignored that question and Chaos altogether.

Dimitri continued to explore, finding that there was a system to the apparent haphazardness if one knew how to read it from another angle. The minor drugs were being trafficked in a cluster of ramshackle stalls of tin and wood around the entrance. Beyond that was a ring of the heavy drugs, followed by a ring for weapons, another for prostitution, and so on. After about a dozen rings of stalls, it changed to a mess of small huts in disrepair, as well as rickety warehouses mixed in, making it hard to find a way around.

Being a frequent visitor to many black markets in the past, it was no trouble for Dimitri to find where he wanted to go, eventually arriving at the mess that they called the living area part of the black market, where the shadows seemed alive and thugs were in abundance.

There were gangs everywhere, pawns of drug lords, weapon smugglers, and other criminals. One of the gangs approached Dimitri, and they were all armed to the teeth.

"Hey, pretty boy. Get over here." One said, the gang surrounding him. Dimitri just glared at them, daring them to make a move on him. The leader didn't flinch though.

This one has steel in him. He should taste delicious. The voice said. Dimitri didn't reply.

"Do you realize what you are doing?" The leader asked. Dimitri grinned with lethal bloodlust, showing his razor sharp teeth and scaring the gang.

"No. Why don't you tell me?"

The leader seemed to be immune to Dimitri's fear tactics.

"You're in Wrecker territory with a weapon pal. Fill in the blanks."

Dimitri dropped the lethal smile, seeing that the leader was too stupid to back off.

"You want to kill me and take my sword."

The leader nodded.

"I see. Would you spare my life if I were to offer you my weapon right now? I'm pretty sure your hand will do just fine with it." Dimitri said in a faux respectful voice, earning a chortle of laughter from the rest of the goons. Grabbing the blade, he unsheathed it. He held it out towards the leader, and with no surprise the muscly behemoth grabbed it.

Not before the leader could utter a command for his goonies to slaughter Dimitri, the huge blade dropped to the ground, the hilt crushing the fool's hand, and breaking his arm with an audible snap.

"What the fuck! Kill him!" The leader screamed out. The other gang members looked scared and reluctant to fight, but grabbed their weapons anyway, all of them armed with blunt weaponry. Dimitri spun around, just grabbed his sword and cleaved the leader of the thugs into two bloody halves, both falling on either side with a sickening splat as the blade glowed with its black light.

"Anyone else?" Dimitri yawned. He wanted this to be over with quickly, plus these fools bored him. The gang looked ready to run like hell, but they stood their ground.

"Fine." Lunging at the biggest of the thugs, he punched him, breaking his nose and probably his skull, sending him to the ground. Dimitri then slammed the blade into the thug's entire face, cutting it wide open and the blood sprayed out everywhere to a number of he thugs who were about to spring on him, disorienting them. Quickly, he then grabbed the next victim with superhuman effort, slamming him up against the cavern wall, allowing his claws and wings to sprout. His wings extended with a leathery snap, and his claws grew into the man's throat, making the man scream in terror as Dimitri bared his sharp teeth.

"You have made a huge mistake asshole." Dimitri growled, before turning around and hurling the man at his comrades. They all went down in a tangle of bodies, only gaining slight composure when Dimitri calmly raised his monster sword at them.

"Run." He commanded. "Tell the world to fear the name Blodfel."

They needed no further encouragement, bolting for the hills as Dimitri retracted his claws and wings, sheathing Chaos with a sigh.

I feel cheated. Chaos complained, a fake pouty tone in his voice. He had no steel, just stupidity.

"Be lucky you got anything." Dimitri snapped before continuing on his way.

Dimitri reached his destination in short time, the remaining thugs and criminals avoiding him. Many unfortunate souls had seen his demonic transformation, and rumors abounded quickly within the hour that he was Satan walking on Earth. The thought amused him.

Stopping in front of a small ramshackle building, Dimitri stared for a moment before kicking it. The door flew open with a bashing sound of wood against wood, and someone inside shrieked. Stepping through the doorway and standing next to the dislodged door, Dimitri was greeted by that someone slamming a battle-axe into his chest.

Looking down at the weapon tentatively, the much shorter man who had swung it backed away, disbelief evident in his face, Dimitri casually ripped the axe out with a sickening splurching noise, his blood spraying a bit on the rotted floor. He held the axe up, and the wound knitted and quickly healed itself wile, leaving no trace he had been injured. Looking at the cowering man, he casually asked.

"Was that supposed to hurt?"

The man broke down. "What are you?! Are you the devil who's come to take me to Hell?!"

Dimitri smiled. Fear can be very misleading. He shook his head, lowering the axe, and he grabbed a chair nearby. Sitting down in front of the man, he gestured for the man, with a swing of the axe, to do the same. The man stayed rooted where he was though.

"Close, but no. I'm much worse. Now, you are going to tell me everything I want to know, or I will torture you until you beg for the Devil himself to save you."

He said it calmly, as if he was speaking about the weather. The man terror only grew with this evil spawn's words.

"Yes, I'll tell you anything, just don't hurt me!"

"Good. I won't." Dimitri assured. "Now tell me where I am."

The man swallowed deeply. "You are in Arendelle, City of the North, and Home to the Ice Queen."

"Ice Queen?" Dimitri's ears perked. This could be one of the arch-angels he was hunting.

"Yes. Her name is Elsa. She was born with powers over ice and snow, and that was kept a secret up until she lost control a year ago. To make this really long story short, she was sealed away in the castle all these years because her parents feared for the safety of everyone around her, as she had no control over her powers. Just last year though, she lost control at her coronation, freezing the entire kingdom and fleeing into the mountains. He sister managed to bring her back despite the usurper that had wanted her dead, and has since gained control of her powers and led us into peace."

"Not an Arch-Angel than." Dimitri muttered to himself.

"No, but she certainly looks like it." The man piped in.

"Silence!" Dimitri bellowed. "What do you know of angels and demons?"

"Not much." The man confessed, feeling stupid for his earlier words. "You'll be wanting Sophia Purity for that. She claims she's a heaven speaker, and keeps claiming that an invisible war rages between angels and demons."

"Where is she?" Dimitri demanded. The man gave the directions to her house, and Dimitri casually wiped his mind of the conversation, that and a blow to the man's temple which knocked him out, before leaving.

The house didn't prove too difficult to find, as it was out at the edge of the sprawl that passed for the living area, at the edge of the cavern entrance directly on a spur of rock that pointed outwards over the cove. There were no houses around it, so it stood alone, looking like a sentinel on watch against invaders from the sea.

Arriving at the house a short time later, Dimitri started to cloak himself in powerful illusions to conceal his demonic features, dulling his teeth and turning his demonic eyes blue as his hair turned brown. His sword turned gold and silver, and the chains vanished. Satisfied that the illusion would pass inspection, he knocked on the door.

"Go away!" A woman's voice shouted. "I don't want to hear how you think I'm crazy!"

"I don't. I'm a Nephilim." Dimitri replied, much to Chaos's amusement. There was the sound of pounding feet, and the door opened slightly to reveal a beautiful woman with gold hair and a pure white dress. Her eyes went wide at the sight of him, then turning suspicious quickly.

"Nephilim have never visited me before. How do I know I can trust you?" She asked.

"How many normal people know of the never ending war between angels and demons?" He inquired.

"Anyone who wants to mock me." She replied dryly.

"Fine." He said. "Will this due?" Lifting a hand, he conjured an illusionary flame, looking like heavenly fire on his palm. Sophia still looked like she had misgivings, but ushered him inside.

Inside was like a church, with holy objects everywhere. The ground was consecrated, and Dimitri saw a spent rune circle where Sophia seemingly summoned a heavenly being, perhaps a few days, or months ago. It was physically painful to be in here because of his demonic heritage that burned inwardly under the presence of God's items, but Dimitri banished the pain from his mind. The only reason he was still able to walk and breathe in here was because of his human heritage.

Sohpia locked the door, for good measure. She was just about to start interrogating the 'Nephilim' behind her further, until Dimitri grabbed her by the throat and lifted her off the ground with one hand, giving her a fierce look. She watched in horror as the illusion dropped, revealing him as the infamous demonic warrior of death.

"Dimitri Blodfel…" She gasped, despite the choking hold of the half-demon's hand on her throat. .

Dimitri eyes widened, but his tone was that of mock surprise.

"Oh, so you know me? Good. That means you know what I'll do if you don't tell me what I want to know."

Slamming her against the wall, he grabbed for the chain that wrapped his torso. It glowed and writhed like it was alive, and started to wind up his hand, as a snake would, before curling around Sarah's entire torso, constricting her ability to breathe, or move for that matter.

Dimitri smiled and dropped her on the floor. She landed heavily, before hearing an intelligible syllable coming out of Dimitri's mouth.

She cried with pain as the chains glowed and bit into her flesh with its spikes, heating up slightly to remind her of the hellfire it spawned. Dimitri stood back, letting the Chains of Hell do their work on Sophia. He observed the room for a moment before approaching the circle. The circle was more heavily runed than any he had seen before, and it was surrounded with more spent supplies than went into five average summoning's. Whoever, or whatever Sophia Purity had brought into this world, it was powerful. Leaning down, he put a finger to the ash where the angel, he presumed, would have stood.

"Still hot." He said to himself. Definitely a powerful angel. Turning around, he faced Sarah, still screaming in agony as the Chains sizzled her soft flesh.

"Where is it? He or she can't have gotten far." He demanded. For all the pain the Chains of Hell could muster, she laughed brokenly at her tormentor, her head lolling to one side as she spoke with defiance.

"He is gone, gone to lead the armies of heaven. The Arch-Angel Michael walks the Earth again."

Dimitri felt a tingle down his spine. Michael, God's right hand man.

He approached Sophia with two large steps, grabbing her face. She winced when his claws cut into her flesh.

"Then I'll kill him. No angel is a match for me." He growled, his bestial side showing for a moment. "Now, where can I find the bases of the angels and demons in this cess pool of humanity?"

"I'll tell you nothing." She said, her voice slightly delirious. Heavenly elements didn't do well against the corrupting taint of demon metal and hell fire. "I would sooner die in the most painful way imaginable!"

Dimitri smirked, his teeth flashing with a sudden intent of sadistic glee. She was feisty, for a servant of the pure and holy.

He will enjoy breaking her.

"That can be arranged."

Sophia's screams rang out through the rest of the day and the night, but no one came to her aid, everyone thinking she was having one of her 'heavenly contact' episodes again.

Humans being humans. It just made things easier.

Contrary to her earlier defiance of Dimitri's demands, she was now begging him to stop his torture. However when he demanded the locations, she still gave him no answer, a whimper at best, a tiniest bit of mercy was all she wanted.

He continued his torture, which involved either increasing the hellfire level on the Chains, or simply hitting the woman like a rag doll, as if it were a routine he was accustomed to.

How long before she yields? I'm getting bored of listening to the screaming…

Dimitri answered mentally, looking at Sophia's tear ridden and bloody face. Soon, she may be a servant of the angels, but she is still human.

Yeah yeah, do what it takes…else I jump out of the sheath and drain her life before you know it.

Do that and I'll smear you with those ashes from the circle.

You're no fun. Chaos pouted.

Bother. Dimitri replied, and he continued his work for the rest of the agony riddled night.

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