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Naoki couldn't stop himself from releasing a sigh as he returned home after another job interview.

He was hopeful that he'd finally receive a job offer soon, even if Saki had revealed the presence of the MBI card she had, he still wanted to make sure he wasn't relying solely on something that could be taken away at any moment.

"Welcome home Naoki-kun," he was greeted by the voice of Yashima as he made his way to the living area.

"Hello Yashima-chan," he responded with a smile as he found her sitting in front of the TV, "where's Saki-chan?"

"Ah, she went out shopping," he nodded, it wasn't a surprise she would do so given her possessing a MBI card that supposedly had no limit.

"Did she say what sort of shopping she was going to do?" he found himself wondering if she was planning on buying groceries or was just doing some pleasure shopping.

"Well... she said she was going to buy me some new clothes that..." she seemed to look away in embarrassment before continuing, "don't stand out so much."

He had to blink at that.

"Didn't you want to go with her?" he asked, causing her to shake her head in the negative.

"I didn't want to leave the house unguarded... or for you to come home to no-one," she explained and he found himself offering her a soft smile.

"You don't have to stay here Yashima-chan," he told her without hesitation, "as long as you make sure you lock the door then it'll be fine."

"Sorry, I just wanted to be here when you got back," she responded with her expression downcast, causing him to let out a small sigh as he put his hand on her head and rubbed it softly, much to her apparent surprise.

"I'm not upset Yashima-chan," he told her as softly as he could, "I'm just not sure if you're doing it because you feel like you have to or not... I don't want you to limit yourself trying to please me."

The way the girl immediately looked away with a blush made it obvious that something he said had embarrassed her.

"It's just that… well, I'm just happy to have my Ashikabi," she said and he found himself inwardly flinching at that.

It made him feel like a jerk from trying to get her to stop putting so much focus on him.

"Sorry Yashima," he said with a sigh, causing her to look at him with confusion, "I'm still getting used to this whole 'Ashikabi' thing, so I'm probably making mistakes… but I do want us to be equal in this relationship."

She let out a smile of her own as she spoke up with her own thoughts.

"I know… but right now, I just want to be with you," she said without any real hesitation.

Closing his eyes, he started to think before he came up with a small idea that might work.

"All right then," without hesitation, he voiced his thoughts aloud, "then how about we consider this our honeymoon period."

"Eh?" she seemed confused by the phrase he used so he decided to explain.

"When a human couple gets married, they usually go somewhere to spend time alone to celebrate their marriage," he told her, "but in this case, I'll stop trying to get you to do other things."

She looked surprised by his statement before her cheeks lit up.

"Uh… could we have a proper honeymoon at some point?" she asked him nervously and he found himself blinking in surprise before feeling a smile tugging at his lips.

"Of course Yashima-chan," he told her as he pulled her into him, "though we'll probably have to bring Saki along too."

"Of course we would," she said without hesitation, "she's with us too."

It was still strange to think that he was in a relationship with two women who were both aware and willing to share him… though that was mainly because of the idea of the relationship being romantic as opposed to purely sexual.

He could easily have believed it if they were simply forms of Succubi using him to fulfil their lust, but that would've been completely different to his current situation.

The fact that Yashima was so accepting… and even somewhat encouraging, of the idea of there being another woman with her Ashikabi was still strange.

"Well then… I guess we'll have to find somewhere we can all agree on going," he told her with a smile, earning a nod from the short haired Sekirei, "do you want to start looking at holiday spots now or wait until Saki gets back?"

"We should probably wait for Saki-chan," she responded without even a second thought, "its for all of us after all."

He nodded before deciding to give her a quick kiss on the forehead.

Her smile was radiant.

XXX A Devil's Wings XXX

"I'm back," Naoki heard the voice of Saki call from the doorway, causing him to look at Yashima and give her a warm smile that was quickly returned.

"Welcome home Saki-chan," he called out as he rose from the sofa with his first Sekirei and moved to greet her.

"Hello Naoki-kun," the response was almost immediate and he found himself watching as she carried several filled bags that would've been too awkward and heavy for a normal human to manage effectively.

"Do you want a hand with them?" he asked and she blinked before offering him a smile.

"That would help a lot thank you," she responded and he immediately took some of the bags she was having the most trouble holding in place with her limited limbs, giving her more room to grip the remaining bags effectively.

Taking the bags into the kitchen, he started to help her put everything away, before noticing one of the bags contained some red and black, frilly female undergarments.

"Do you like them?" he heard her ask uncertainly, with a small blush on her cheeks.

It was plainly obvious why she got them.

"They're nice, but you didn't need to get them," he told her with a smile.

"That's a relief," she claimed while releasing a breath she had clearly been holding, "I didn't know if you were into that sort of stuff."

He couldn't stop himself from chuckling at her.

"Saki-chan, you and Yashima-chan are far more important to me than you seem to realize," he told her in no uncertain terms, "you're probably two of only three people that will stay with me for the rest of my life."

"Who's the last?" Yashima asked without hesitation.

"Pixie," he told her without a second thought… she was the one demon who had stuck with him no matter what after all.

"Uh… does that mean you'll be joining us tonight Saki-chan?" Yashima asked and Naoki found himself noting the blush that currently adorned the former waitresses face.

"I-if you're okay with it?" she said with a tone of nervousness in her voice.

Yashima's response didn't surprise him anywhere near as much as his lack of surprise did.

"Of course!" hugging the older girl made it clear she was happy at the thought of sharing her lover with the other girl.

Saki herself looked surprised by the reaction before offering a soft smile of her own before returning a soft hug before being released from what was probably a death grip by human standards.

It didn't take long for Saki to compose herself before opening her mouth.

"So, uh…" she started to say before finally settling on something, "what did you want to speak with me about?"

She was definitely sharper than Yashima.

It was natural that having both of them get up to greet her would mean there was something they wanted to talk about.

"Me and Yashima were talking earlier," he admitted before deciding to simply say it bluntly, "we think it would be a good idea to have a honeymoon at some point."

Immediately the older of the two Sekirei proceeded to trip up when putting something away, nearly dropping it before managing to catch it and turn to him.

"A-a-a honeymoon?!" she sounded shocked by that thought.

"Yeah," he replied without hesitation, "I take it you know what it is?"

"Of course I do… it's just," she started before looking away from him, "isn't it a bit sudden?"

Naoki found himself blinking in surprise at her reaction before remembering that despite being a Sekirei, she had managed to build a life for herself in Shin Teito before winging herself to him.

"Besides, shouldn't we leave it until we're actually married?" she asked him after a few seconds and he found himself frowning in response.

While it was true that it would probably be more traditional to leave a Honeymoon until then, the issue was marrying both of them given how many countries made Polygamy Illegal.

It wouldn't be impossible to go to one of the few countries where it was still legal but that would push it back a little while.

"We can wait," Yashima spoke up, "if we can both marry Naoki-kun then we can have our honeymoon then!"

He couldn't stop himself from releasing a smile at Yashima's declaration.

He would definitely take them somewhere where Polygamy wasn't illegal at some point in the near future.

XXX A Devil's Wngs XXX

Yuko Takao found herself smiling upon returning from work.

Seeing Naoki and his two psychic aliens sitting in front of the television, cuddling up to each other with an intimacy that looked perfectly natural for the three was something that she couldn't stop herself from feeling a sense of satisfaction from.

Even if they were new figures in his life, seeing how easily they were all getting along made it clear to her just how good for him they were.

The fact that she was almost certain he wouldn't have to worry about any mortality they might possess given the immediate after-effects of their bonding ritual only made it even more comforting for her.

"Welcome home Yuko," his voice called out and she found herself moving towards a lone chair where she proceeded to sit down and join in watching the TV, "how did your day go?"

"The same as always," she responded without hesitation, she was currently just going through the motions at work after all… she wouldn't be staying long if her current condition was anything to go by, "and how was yours?"

"More interviews," he responded with a shrug, "hard to get used to how they're conducted over here when I spent so long in the West."

Ah yes, the cultural differences between Japan and the West were rather pronounced when it came to interviews if she remembered correctly.

"I'm sure you can manage," she said with total confidence in her tone.

"Thanks Yuko," the smile on his face was clear and the two Sekirei that were currently pressed into his sides also seemed to brighten somewhat at his slightly improved mood.

"So, have you decided what we're having for dinner?" she decided to ask, earning a small chuckle off the only male in the room.

"Do you have any preference?" he asked her in response,, even as Yashima perked up in interest.

She started to think carefully about something to choose… she wanted to pick something that was within Yashima's ability to cook, but wouldn't be too easy for the budding chef either.

If it had been Naoki on his own, then it would've been a much simpler process, she was pretty confident he could make practically anything she could think of to a professional standard if he put his hand to it… but Yashima didn't have the same vast experience he did when it came to the kitchen.

So she would have to be a little more careful with her selection.

The problem was that she didn't know what would be out of Yashima's ability… the girl hadn't been around that long after all.

Eventually, she decided to simply ask for something simple.

"How about some Yakisoba?" she could see the amused smile on Naoki's face even as a determined glint appeared in Yashima's eyes.

"All right then," he said as he looked at the youngest person in the room, "are you ready to learn how to cook Yakisoba, Yashima-chan?"

"Yes Naoki-kun!" the determination that filled the voice of the light brown haired girl was clear and almost infectious.

"Uh… I know how to make Yakisoba," Saki spoke up with a small hint of annoyance in her tone.

"I thought you would," Naoki said in response, earning a blank stare from the older Sekirei, "but Yashima-chan here wants to learn how to cook, so I was going to give her a few lessons."

The nod of acknowledgement from the girl who arrived with an oversized hammer made it clear that she was agreeing with that statement.

"O-oh… I see," the blush that came to Saki's face at that was obvious.

"Do you want to help Saki-chan?" he asked her and she seemed to jerk slightly in surprise.

"Uh… is that okay with you?" the darker haired Sekirei seemed uncertain but Naoki's first psychic alien seemed more than happy to accept that idea.

"Of course!" the softness that appeared on the more socially adept member of the alien species made it clear she hadn't been expecting to be accepted quite so quickly.

"Well then, let's go and cook some Yakisoba," and without any delay, the trio all got off the sofa and made their way to the kitchen.

Without the trio sitting down, Yuko found herself in he prime location to change the channel.

And so she did.

XXX A Devil's Wings XXX

Higa Izumi could do little more than frown as he returned to his office in defeat at the hands of Mikogami Hayato.

"I see you failed to defeat the Ashikabi of the South," he was immediately drawn out of his thoughts as he noted the woman that currently sat at his desk, her jet black hair and porcelain white skin more than recognizable to him.

"And I see you've decided to show your face to me again," he pointed out with as much confidence as he could manage.

"Yes, well, we had a slight miscalculation in our plans," she admitted without any real hint of concern, "we didn't expect our enemy to hand out the Demon Summoning App so soon."

So she admitted that she hadn't expected Mikogami to be capable of putting up as much resistance as he managed.

"And what do you intend on doing about that?" he decided to ask, it was pretty obvious to him that the woman wasn't there for nothing and he doubted she was planning to kill him so quickly.

Her smile was not quite dangerous enough to be called a smirk, but it still possessed an edge to it that made it clear she considered herself superior to him.

"I will simply give you access to the market," she said without hesitation, causing him to frown, "of course, you'll have to earn the right to hire more powerful demons, but it will be a start at least."

He wasn't entirely sure what she meant by 'market' but he got the impression that it would be something he'd be more than capable of adjusting to without much effort.

He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and immediately pulled it out and looked at the screen, blinking in surprise at the message noting that the 'Demon Auction' had been installed.

"How did you do that?" he asked, he hadn't seen her do anything that would allow her to transfer a program to his phone.

However, upon turning his gaze back towards that Yuriko woman, he felt his blood go cold as he realized she was no longer there.

The fact she managed to vanish in the time it took for him to look at his phone simply made him swallow nervously, that was clearly not a human ability, meaning she was either using demons herself, which was very likely in his opinion… or she was a demon and he was being played like a fiddle.

Neither option was something he found particularly appealing.

Releasing a sigh of defeat, he quickly made his way to his desk and took a seat before opening the new application that had been installed just seconds ago.

It was clearly some form of Online Auction House, though he found himself frowning at the currency it apparently used.

He didn't recognize it.

He had no familiarity with the symbol used for the currency, had no idea how to make a currency exchange for it, hell, he couldn't even do something as simple as input his credit card details into the app.

All he knew was that he only had 100 units of it in his app.

And from what he could tell, most of the surprisingly high numbers of bidders were all paying far more than that for what they were purchasing.

He gritted his teeth in frustration.

Here he was, the owner of a multi-billion Yen conglomerate and he was unable to pay for something simply because he didn't know how to acquire the correct currency.

Then he froze.

He was thinking of this by the same standard he would think of his usual business, but this wasn't an auction for items… it was an auction for demons, while he was certain they held different standards for propriety, the fact they were being sold meant they were likely being sold not by humans, but by other demons.

Meaning there was an opportunity for him to learn what he was wanting to find out.

Switching back to the Demon Summoning App, he activated it with a simple intention.

"So… you finally decided to call me back out Higa-chan," the teasing voice of Lilim called out in his office once again.

"I need your help," he admitted without hesitation, causing the demonic girl to tilt her head slightly to the side in response, "I was recently given the Demon Auction App, however I have run into an issue with it."

"Uh… I'm not a techie, you'll have to call someone like Dagda for that," her response wasn't entirely unexpected given that he'd seen her eat batteries like candy, but he wasn't going to give up just yet.

"My problem is the money used," he stated immediately, causing the winged girl to blink.

"You mean Macca?" her response was quick and questioning, causing him to return to the Auction App and show the symbol for the currency, "yep, that's Macca."

Well, that was step one completed.

"What is Macca?" he decided that step two was to figure out everything he could about the currency.

"The official coinage of the Demon World," she told him chirpily, causing his eyes to furrow in thought.

"And how do I get more?" that was probably the most important question of them all right now.

"I don't know," the nonchalant shrug the creature gave with that admission only further served to make him grit his teeth in irritation, "back home we just kill each other and take it."

What a very demon-like thing to do.

Regardless, it left him back where he was before regardless.

Releasing a sigh of annoyance, he found himself looking at the Auction App some more and trying to figure out just how he would hire his demons without using up all of his currently available finance.

Naturally, there was a 'buy now' price for most demons but those were obviously going to be higher prices than what a person would normally be willing to pay for them.

And then there was a group at the very bottom, several demons that hadn't sold yet, that had no bids on them despite their timer being close to running out.

Well… he was desperate right now, so placing a couple of bids probably wouldn't hurt too much.

He just hoped they weren't completely useless.

XXX A Devil's Wings XXX

Mikogami found himself almost frowning as he looked at the new application that had been installed on his phone alongside the 'Demon Summoning App'.

The so called 'Demon Auction' was something he found himself not particularly happy with.

Maybe if he could spend his own money on it then that would be fine, but he couldn't and to make matters worse, there were so many targets in it that looked strong or cool.

Certainly, the fact that he had been given access to something like that by the Angels that had given him the summoning App was a little strange, but Angel had told him that the demons selling themselves on the Auction would pledge their allegiance to whoever bought them, making their presence tolerable for the upcoming war.

And that was something that he was still having trouble trying to wrap his mind around.

The revelation that the Sekirei Plan was now ground zero for a higher dimensional war.

It truly made his previous actions within the confines of what he thought to be a game into sharp relief.

It was one thing to participate in a tournament with the belief that it didn't really matter if you won or lost, sure he had been aiming to win since that was the most fun way to play, but it wasn't important that he won.

Now it was.

Now winning the tournament was the single most important thing he could do, because if someone like Higa won, then everything would be doomed.

"Mutsu-kun," he called out as he looked at his first Sekirei, "which demon do you think I should buy?"

He noted the frown that the grey haired man made upon being asked that, not that he couldn't understand, buying demons to save the world wasn't something that sounded particularly heroic after all.

"That's your decision, I know nothing about any of them," the swordsman stated even as he glanced towards the angel that was still manifested in the room.

Why was Mutsu focused on the angel?

He doubted the Sekirei was attracted to it, their bonding meant he could only love him after all, and beyond that, even the look in his eyes couldn't be described as pleasant whenever he looked at it.

Thinking about it for a few more seconds he came to an obvious conclusion.

Mutsu must be jealous.

For so long, the number zero five had been his strongest and most effective Sekirei, with Akitsu being his only real challenger for that spot and even she lacked the skill to surpass him in battle, but now he was being completely overshadowed by the sheer, unassailable power the angel possessed.

And now he was aiming to collect more fighters that were just as powerful as his angelic guardian.

He wanted to reassure his favourite Sekirei, but given the situation, he couldn't find anything that he truly could say to do so.

So with a frown, he once again looked at the options available for his purchase in the Demon Auction.

XXX A Devil's Wings XXX

Naoki found himself releasing a comfortable smile as the movie they had been watching ended.

Cooking Yakisoba with Yashima and Saki had been quite the fun experience and he actually found himself looking forward to the next time all three of them tried cooking together.

The meal had turned out correctly, though the variation they ended up with wasn't his preferred style, even if it was still perfectly enjoyable for him.

After that though, everyone had found themselves sitting down at the Television and watching whatever came on, eventually leading to them watching a subtitled Superhero Movie.

Finding out that neither Yashima or Saki had learned any English gave him something else to teach them.

After all, they'd probably be able to enjoy Hollywood Movies more easily if they weren't having to split their attention towards the subtitles.

"Well, I'm going to go and have a bath," he announced to the group as he prepared to get up from his very comfortable position between his two Sekirei.

"I'll wash your back," Yashima immediately said before a look of realisation crossed her face and she proceeded to look at Yuko, "I mean, if you're okay with me joining Naoki-kun?"

"Go right ahead, it'll probably save me money on the water bill," his old teacher responded with an almost amused smile gracing her lips, "same goes for you Saki."

Naoki couldn't stop himself from releasing a small chuckle at the small jerk his second Sekirei made at that before she looked at him with cheeks red enough to make an Oni proud.

"Uh… are you okay with us joining you Naoki-kun?" she asked and he found himself offering her a soft smile.

"We're bound together for eternity… of course I'm okay with you joining me," he decided to simply put it as bluntly as he could.

He immediately noted the way her face seemed to fall at that.

"Are you okay?" his question was an obvious one but he felt he needed to ask it anyway.

"Y-yeah…" she definitely sounded hesitant, "it's just, well… I guess I haven't really processed the whole 'eternity' part of our union."

He let an amused smile grace his face at that before pulling her tighter to his chest, earning a rather undignified squeak in the process.

"That's fine, I've still not fully processed it myself given that I've only spent twenty years of it," he said with amusement at the thought of how young he was compared to how old he would probably grow to be, "now I think it's time to get washed up."

And with that, he rose from his seat, with the two alien women quickly following suit.

"Enjoy yourselves," he found himself smiling at Yuko's words and how both his Sekirei seemed to be blushing in embarrassment from them.

"We will."

His response just made their blushes darker.

XXX A Devil's Wings XXX

"Minaka-sama, your coffee," Gabby said as she put the white haired idiot's cup of caffeinated beverage on his desk.

"Thank you Conway-chan," his response was perfectly normal, with nothing indicating he was up to something.

That alone set her on edge in the current situation.

"Is something wrong Minaka-sama?" she decided it was better to try and pry instead of being caught off guard by whatever idiocy he was contemplating, "you sound awfully quiet compared to normal."

"Oh, it's just that Higa Izumi has lost the majority of his Sekirei in his confrontation with Mikogami Hayato," the man's words made her internally relieved, sure Higa may have been granted the Demon Summoning App, but in this situation, the Sekirei were still the keys to Kouten, so the less Sekirei a person had, the easier it would be to remove them from the pool of candidates for creators.

"Is that a problem Minaka-sama?" she found herself asking, wondering just what the man was thinking right now.

"Of course it is!" the man proclaimed without hesitation, "it means that the competition is one-sided, and one-sided is boring!"

She had to suppress a smirk… the idea of the war being one-sided was laughable at best but the fact that their pawn apparently had an obvious edge should make everything easier.

"Beyond that!" the man continued, "some Ashikabi are still refusing to join in!"

That wasn't really something she was all that worried about, honestly, she'd be far more concerned if Kashima decided to get involved than if he continued to sit it out.

"I mean, what do I have to do to get these people to want to compete?" the white haired moron continued to rant, "tell them that victory will give them the power to give birth to a new world?"

Her fake heart skipped a beat at that declaration.

"A world filled with Sekirei, superpowers and true love!" the idiot continued and she found herself relaxing.

For a second there she wondered if he had somehow managed to figure out what they had repurposed Kouten for, but regardless of that, she was certain that if the Hitoshura heard that description of events then he might actually investigate and that was the last thing they wanted him to do.

"Perhaps you should simply leave them be?" she offered, earning a curious look off the billionaire, "if they aren't fully invested then they'd not be of much entertainment would they?"

The man seemed to almost consider it before shaking his head.

"Maybe, but it will help spice things up if we bring the more interesting people in," she felt her heart sink at that declaration, "such as number eighty-four and her Ashikabi."

This was bad.

How should she deal with this? Maybe if she had been a little more powerful then she could've simply brainwashed him into leaving the Hitoshura be, but she was at the weakest she had ever been for millennia and lacked the power to really do anything like that.

"Why does it matter if they're involved?" she asked, earning a grin from the man.

"Don't you remember Conway-chan?" he asked with a grin that could almost be considered predatory, "Kashima-san broke number one oh five's hand by not moving out of the way… so we have a potential super-soldier in the fray and they're not doing anything right now."

This was definitely bad, he was certainly heading in the direction of dragging Kashima into the Sekirei Plan.

"But would it be interesting if he got involved and won without issue?" she asked, only to witness his grin grow.

"Oh? Does that mean you know something about him that I don't?" dammit! She hadn't meant for him to consider that!

Think, think…

"No, but if he is durable enough to withstand Benitsubasa's punch, then he's likely going to be impossible to defeat," that should be reasonable enough to deal with his suspicion.


"Hmm… perhaps," the man acknowledged, "however, he would certainly unite everyone against him if he got involved and that could prove entertaining to watch."

Stop it!

Stop trying to destroy the plan that had been so carefully laid out until now!

"But wouldn't that just cause the plan to end too quickly?" perhaps she could appeal to that type of mentality.

"I suppose it might," he admitted, "but I do find myself curious about his potential for violence."

She had to stop herself from flinching at that statement.

The idiot had no idea just how much potential the Hitoshura had for that, it was right there in his name after all.

"Well, I shall allow you to return to your tasks," his words caused a sense of dread to fill her, if he decided to drag the Hitoshura into the plan when she wasn't there to try and avert that then everything would be ruined.

"Yes, Minaka-sama," but she had a role to play and overstepping her boundaries would cause more problems than it would solve.

So for now, she would leave him and pray that he didn't do anything too stupid.

And that's all for today.

Shadow out.