"What happened to him?" Leia asked, jerking her head towards the pale humanoid currently suspended in the Bacta tank. She'd been in high-level talks with several prominent senators all morning when Luke and Harry returned, and she'd rushed to the medical facility where the prisoners had been transferred to.

The Nagai within held a close resemblance to Knife, though this one was missing an arm, severed cleanly at the shoulder. Beside him, a female with light brown hair occupied the adjacent tank. She too had lost extremities, though some time ago judging from the bionic limbs grafted to her body.

Potter, who was just finishing signing the last of some rather tedious paperwork, glanced up at her, then Den Silva, their newest captive.

"He resisted." was all he said.

Luke, who'd accompanied the Wizard and his captives, looked resigned. When he'd caught up with Harry and Kiro, the man called Den Silva was already subdued.

While Luke could understand the need to kill when necessary, as a wizard, Harry almost never needed to resort to such drastic action. The Jedi, even with their considerable gifts, were often forced to take lives to preserve their own.

In the short time he'd known Harry, the wizard had come across as level-headed, though somewhat childish. Luke had seen him kill, but he didn't relish it.

Recently though, he'd noticed that Harry was becoming more...apathetic to his foes.

And while their captive was indeed alive, many of the other Nagai under his command were not. Luke also knew for a fact that Harry could have easily subdued Silva without taking the limb.

Only Kiro seemed indifferent, perhaps even slightly pleased at the man's misfortune.

It seemed Leia had quickly deduced this also.

"Others have done that when facing you," she stated matter-of-factly. "Why the arm?"

Potter shrugged. "He had a knife. So I disarmed him." the half-formed smirk at the end was in poor taste, and she narrowed her eyes.

"I hope you won't make it a habit to cripple our prisoners." she chided with crossed arms, and now it was him who was looking annoyed.

"All's fair in love and war." He winked at her before walking past, heading outside and effectively ending the conversation.

Leia shot her brother a confused look before both followed. Dani and Kiro were still being seen by the physician, so there was no reason to remain in the white-walled prefab.

Harry's ship was in orbit over the moon, his crew enjoying some much-deserved shore leave, even if it was Endor. That meant an additional fifty to sixty bodies partaking in the admittedly limited amenities of the fledgling capital of the New Republic.

Leia was sure the merchants would be flush with cash by the end of their stay. Harry paid his crew well and the frequent hazard multiplier he insisted on meant they could, and likely would splurge a bit.

Even now, she saw small groups of them roving, their uniforms a stark contrast to the usual garb the former Alliance favored. One waved at them, and she found herself returning the greeting.

Harry had referred to the two-piece form-fitting outfits as 'Trekky garb' once but never elaborated on the term. They certainly looked different. Formfitting but conservative. Oddly though, he himself never wore anything other than his usual combat gear.

Another part of the enigma named Harry Potter.

She sighed. Their lives were busier than ever, and while she thought she knew the man walking ahead of her, that wasn't really the case, was it?

Even Han had been acting strange as of late. Was it simply a case of too much changing, too fast?

"Leia!" a male voice greeted loudly, from just ahead. It was Fenn.

Fenn Shysa.

She found herself moving ahead of the wizard, who cocked an eyebrow at the tall, blonde man. Harry was by no means a tall individual, though he had a few inches on Leia.

The other eyebrow rose when 'Fenn' wrapped an arm around her, falling in line as the now growing group made their way towards the tallest structure in the sprawling complex.

Leia, who was familiar with the handsome Mandalorian's infatuation with her, allowed the thinly veiled advance, if only to gauge Harry's reaction to it. She'd done this with Han as well, and the Smuggler had predictably stormed away, fuming.

Potter though didn't even break his stride, nor did he offer a greeting to the newcomer. While rude, Fenn hadn't done so either, so it fell to her to introduce them. Men, she thought with a heavy sigh.

"Fenn, this is Harry Potter. Captain of the Iron Justice and frequent ally of the former Rebel Alliance. Harry, meet Fenn Shysa."

"Pleasure," Potter said, stopping and extending a hand. The taller, better build man shook it, and from the sounds of his gloves creaking, with quite some force. The Wizard endured it without any outward sign of discomfort.

She rolled her eyes. Why did they have to resort to such childish behavior? She wondered if Fenn would still be so forward if he knew just what Harry was capable of. Or perhaps it was exactly because he was so renowned?

Mandlorians loved a good fight above all else.

The group entered the command center of the base, a sizable tower with attached chancellery quarters and large antechamber, the latter of which was currently occupied by the New Republic's leader and her staff.

"Commander Skywalker. Captain Potter." Mon Motha greeted. "Good to see you made it back unscathed."

Leia, who'd already met with Mon earlier that day, didn't feel the need for a greeting, and sat back, eager to hear what happened on Kinnoine.

What she learned disturbed her.


Potter slumped into the Captain's chair on Justice's bridge with a drawn-out and perhaps overdramatic sigh. The last five days had been a pain. Sure, the mission had actually gone relatively well, but the introduction of the Nagai was troublesome, even if it didn't concern him directly.

"Sir, we received an encoded burst message from Operative Jade." his communications officer reported, making him feel like M from James Bond.

"Transfer it to my console, if you would?" he requested, and moments later, the previously inactive screen lit up, showing a mass of text.

He took his time reading, making sure nothing was accidentally misinterpreted.

Mara had made contact and presented the 'gift'. It was well-received, especially considering the wrench he'd thrown into Zsinj's mining operation. The man had a frighteningly competent intelligence arm, and on top of the original bounty on his head, another of nearly the same value was added by the Warlord himself.

Miss Jade was quite flush at the moment, it seemed.

The corner of his mouth rose. In a way, Mara breaking off to pursue her goals was working in his favor. It would soon remove a growing thorn in his side, which, admittedly, he'd created through his own reckless actions.

But he digressed.

Now that he was leaving Endor, Harry would need to be careful with his public appearance, lest he attract unwanted attention and more importantly, cast doubt about Mara's admittance payment into Zsinj's Inner circle before she had a chance to take control.

He estimated another week or two until she sufficiently understood his operation enough to enslave his mind, and perhaps three months before the coup de tat that would see her take over officially.

Harry frowned. Laying low was not something he excelled at.

At least the New Republic wasn't actively perusing him with missions. That meant he could focus on his long-term goal.

The school. Dathomir would need some attention. On the one hand, he'd love nothing more than to hide away any future institution on the planet, un-locatable by anyone whom he didn't wish to be there.

But history has shown Harry that if he, and by extension magic, became a big enough thorn in someone's side, (which it would) the complete annihilation of a whole planet would be deemed acceptable and likely probable.

That was a problem.

To garrison an entire planet required tremendous recourses. Co-ordination. Leadership. All things he didn't really want to put up with.

Damn it, Mara actually had the right idea. Simply take over an existing autocracy and call it a day. Instead, he'd need to acquire ships, be it through capture or purchase, and man them with competent crews. Crews whose families would reside on the Dathomir itself, lest they desert at the first sign of danger. He was looking to establish a homeworld defensive fleet then.

Then there was the proposed economy to consider. You know, the one needed to raise taxes that would fund said defensive force and provide the planet's new inhabitants with some of the amenities that would make them want to stay. He hadn't the faintest idea how to go about that. It was a massive undertaking to be honest.

Still sitting in the captain's chair, he drummed his fingers against his chin, deep in thought. Should he just throw in the towel now, and look for another world that could support magic? Where had those furry little critters he'd met on Endor come from?

A voice calling out to him broke the train of thought.

"Pardon me?"

"Captain," Tonha repeated, a hint of concern etched on his face. "What is our destination?"

Potter rubbed his palm over the stubble on his chin. He wasn't going to figure this out overnight. And the runic sinks on the Justice would need a recharge soon.

"Right. Sorry. Plot a course to Hoth." he stated. "Tonha, I'm going to take a kip. You have the bridge."

"Sir!" his 2IC saluted. Potter, who technically wasn't part of any formal military command structure, returned the gesture, despite it feeling silly. He was too knackered to care.


The solution to his Dathomir problem, at least a small part of it, came the following morning whilst languishing under the hot spray of the shower. Not the sonic kind, but actual hot water. A large reason why his crew was content here was the first-class amenities Harry's magic offered.

But enough about that.

The issue he faced was setting up a fully functioning society on a backwater world. His solution was as simple as it was brilliant. Find a people who'd been robbed of theirs. And he knew of one who fit the bill quite nicely.

The Alderanians.

Harry toweled off and approached his personal holo station. Punching the correct contact, the ubiquitous call connect symbol hovered as the connection was established.

"Potter." Mothma greeted, sounding surprised. "I didn't expect to hear from you so soon."

Harry nodded. "Neither did I. Though to put you at ease, this isn't to inform you of any misdeeds on my part."

"What a relief." Was her dry response.

He cracked a smile but reigned in the chit-chat. "This is more of a request for information if you will. I was hoping you'd be able to tell me what became of the Alderannians who escaped the destruction of their homeworld?"

Mothma, who had previously seemed at ease, now took on a more guarded look. "Why do you wish to know?"

He blinked at her sudden change in attitude but forged on.

"I may have a suitable planet for them to call home. One where they can rebuild and live under the protective umbrella of my newly founded faction."

It was entertaining watching her eyes widen to the size of saucers, and because it was a holo call, he promptly saved a still image and set it as her standard call display.

"Y-your what?"

"My faction." He reiterated. "Come now, Mon. You didn't think I would just build my institution under the proverbial thumb of the New Republic? Magic is my duty to protect, as are any future wielders under my tutelage."

The display flickered as she stood there, seemingly lost for words.

"I see." She finally said. "And what world do you so casually claim, then?"

"Dathomir." Harry responded after weighing his options.

Mothma gave a repeat performance of her earlier reaction. "Dathmoir! But that's within Zsinj's territory."

"Not for much longer, I'm afraid. My lovely pupil has aspirations that go beyond my humble goals of education. But I do hold that particular leash, so in a way, I control much more than just Dathomir."

Harry didn't know a hologram could go pale as a ghost.

"So, back to the Alderanians." He said. "What can you tell me?"

She didn't immediately respond, nor move, making him wonder if the connection was spotty.

"They have formed a new colony, though its location is not privy to many. I'm afraid I cannot tell you where exactly. I'm sure you understand."

He blinked but didn't take offense at the rebuttal. "Quite all right. If they already have a new home then the point is mute. Though, I trust that this colony has proper defenses. Being hidden will only serve them for so long, especially in a galaxy torn asunder by war."

What Mon didn't say next spoke volumes. Harry smiled as he disconnected the call, not entirely convinced that the Alderanians, who would have had more than enough time to sort out a form of government by now, would be perfectly content with living on an unprotected world like the one that was blown to smithereens when they weren't there.

He rang up Winter next and bluntly laid out his plans to her. Coming from a military background, the girl could appreciate his offer of refuge with the added benefit of a defense fleet in orbit. She too knew of the colony and offered to mediate with the new council to get the ball rolling.

Harry finished by mentioning that any relocation costs would be on his dime, not to mention a sizable stipend and a percentage of the refineries output would go towards funding the settlers thereafter.

The added benefit of pre-existing industry was a mighty fine carrot to be dangling in front of them, offering employment and steady revenue. With that, he disconnected the call.

Twenty minutes later he received a report from the bridge that they'd be arriving in the Hoth system shortly.


"Zeltros you say?" Harry asked, rotating in the plush, green leather wingback chair of the former Goblin King until he faced his minio-err, second in command standing on the other side of the richly decorated desk.

They'd been moored on Hoth for the last three days, and during that time Harry had put the crew to work boring down another shaft, this time to access Gringotts's London location.

He'd promptly located the long dead Goblin's opulent office and set up shop therein.

The reason for gaining entry into the underground realm of the long-gone creatures was twofold. Well, threefold actually.

One, there was a lot of loot. And he wasn't just talking about the galleons. All manner of wizarding artifacts were stored in the old vaults, with no one left to claim them.

The second was that he'd always wanted to break into the bank again, if only to stick it to the goblins. The miserable little blithers had been very bitter when he, Ron, and Hermione had liberated the dragon to hitch a ride out of the bank. And over the subsequent centuries had never let him forget the slight.

Sitting here, now, and passing an atrocious amount of gas following chili night on the ship was oh so satisfying. He had half a mind to call up the last goblin king using the resurrection stone right here and now to simply gloat.

But the real reason was for the galleons. Not for their actual gold value, he had plenty of the precious metal already. No, their use lay in their numbers as a currency. If he wished to build a functioning society, a currency would be needed. He didn't want to rely on the Republic Credits or trade bars, so the wizarding currency made sense. And the goblin's greed had yielded a perfect product in the form of the gold, silver, and bronze coins.

Going through the ledgers, it became apparent just how wealthy the ugly, sharp-toothed creatures had actually been.

For every galleon that had been in circulation within the wizarding world, Gringotts held fifty. Physically. The bank's main vault alone held several billion of the things. It bordered on the ludicrous.

Harry was tempted to loot the place down to the bedrock, but even the Justice's expanded holds couldn't contain that much booty. He'd take what he could and when the time came to settle large quantities of people on Dathomir, he'd introduce the coins as a currency equivalent.

"Yes," Tonha stated, speaking for the crew. "Many of the crew have expressed interest in –ahh extended shore leave there."

"They have, have they?" Harry grinned, conjuring a white cat to pet while he sat in the throne-like chair. He'd definitely be taking it with him when they left, presumably headed for Zeltros.

Tonha knew the captain was messing with him and simply smirked, knowing full well he'd be game.

"Indeed. Its inhabitants are renowned the galaxy over for their friendly demeanor and insatiable appetite for," he coughed. "-partying."

Harry leaned forward, the only noise coming from the creaking wood and the purr of the feline in his lap.

"You mean to tell me that there's a planet out there that basically describes Miami spring break to a tee, and this is only now coming to my attention?"

"Uhhh?" the other man said, not having the faintest idea what a 'Miami' was.

Harry left him hanging for a few seconds more before agreeing.

"Of course we're going. Who do you take me for, Commander?" the Wizard grinned, looking forward to unwinding for a bit.

Charging the runes took another day, giving Harry enough time to reseal the vault door and make a two-way portkey to the surface(portkeys in space were too unpredictable, he found after the Niffler incident)

A few turbolaser bursts ensured that the borehole refilled with water, sealing the way in from any enterprising space muggles looking to scavenge from the dilapidated rebel base a few hundred miles away.

With their business concluded here, the Justice set a course for Zeltros.


"This is the Independent Exploration Vessel 'Iron Justice' requesting permission to enter Zeltros airspace. How do you copy, over?" the com officer broadcast. The ship had completed the journey to the fabled party planet in a record six hours by pushing the engines. (there had been a lot of enthusiasm from the engineering crew, those randy bastards!)

The channel remained quiet for a moment, before a loud "Sure, just land wherever you want!" reached their ears, along with what appeared to be music.

The bizarre response caused Tonha to blink in surprise. The helmsman and com officer gave each other confused looks, and Harry just shrugged.

"Well, pick a good spot." Harry encouraged, before adding; "But not too far from where we're staying. I hate walking across parking lots like some pedestrian pleb."

The man did as he was told, and soon the screens showed an expansive cityscape, though with no real skyscrapers like Chandrilla. It looked rather underdeveloped. More like a resort, but on a far grander scale.

Harry wondered if their Capital had a name, but didn't want to sound like an idiot by simply asking.

The ship landed in what must have been a sports field. Its shape and proportions reminded him of a soccer field with a surrounding oval running track.

How odd that these people didn't even bother building a spaceport, with customs and border control. The future, he concluded, didn't make much sense to him.

With practiced ease, the helmsman settled the Justice into its new berth, a ramp extending from the bottom of the ship shortly thereafter. Within minutes a gaggle of Pink skinned bipedals was mobbing the end of the ramp, and anyone that came down was treated like rock stars.

Harry personally watched as Tonha was whisked away by a dozen female Zeltrons to meet his sticky and likely pleasurable end.

No wonder his crew wanted to come here. Heck, they may as well scrap the engines right here, right now, and settle. It wasn't going to get any better than this.

Amongst the sea of Pepto-Bismol, he spotted a lone human. Scratch that, two. No, three!

Watching as they fought their way through to him, Harry waived at the trio with a chuckle.

"How is it that I always run into you lot?" He asked. "I mean, statistically it shouldn't be possible."

"Hello to you too," Lando greeted, being the first to reach him and extending a hand. Harry pulled the man forward, onto the ramp and out of the clutches of the locals. The Skywalker twins soon followed though Leia was wearing a golden yellow dress of all things.

"Hello, Skywalkers. Fancy meeting you here."

"Harry," they sighed without much excitement. After all, they'd seen each other less than a week prior. "What brings you to Zeltros?"

"Ah, I'm afraid my crew mutinied against me and picked this little locale to blow off some steam. I'm not sure if I should throw them in the brig for insubordination or out of the airlock because they didn't tell me about this place sooner."

Leia rolled her eyes, but Lando laughed.

"C'mon, Harry. I'm sure the King and Queen will want to see you. Together they stepped off the ramp, and Harry held a key FOB towards the ship and locked it with a chirp chirp, followed by the orange indicator lights flashing.

"Lead the way, luv!"


"Your grace, it's an honor to make your acquaintance." Captain Potter bowed respectfully, dressed in more formal attire that he'd transfigured on the spot. It wouldn't hold up under close scrutiny, but he received next to no warning that he'd be meeting the Zeltronian Monarchy instead of checking into a hotel and lounging by the pool as he'd intended.

"The pleasure is ours, Captain!" the queen said with a dazzling smile that mirrored almost everyone else's in the large throne room. "Your reputation as a savvy strategist and fierce warrior precede you."

"Aww, shucks." He responded, not sure what else to say to such glowing praise.

These people, at first glance, all seemed like they'd been hit with a cheering charm or ten. It was truly a bizarre place. And perhaps a little freaky, even for him. He hadn't met many Zeltrons in his travels, but those he had certainly didn't walk around grinning like a bunch of potion-dosed imbeciles.

Maybe there was something in the water?

"Errr, Right. Well, we're basically here to blow a bunch of credits and have a good time. I'll make sure to keep the crew in line, lest we have a diplomatic incident."

Leia rubbed her brow at the crass way Harry was addressing the leaders of a whole planet, even if it was the easygoing Zeltrons.

"Oh, but of course. Stay as long as you'd like. Rest your weary heads and indulge in the pleasures of our hospitality," the king stated with much cheer.

Harry had the wherewithal to nod in gratitude, but something about that what he'd said just sounded dirty. They excused themselves and mingled with the crowd for a bit, many of whom Harry noted were setting up equipment.

"Are they throwing a party?" he asked the others, who'd stuck around. It explained why Leia was dressed like a less modest Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

"Ah, yes," Lando answered. "On account of Luke visiting."

Harry looked at the blushing young man and grinned.

"Well, if it's for Luke, then I may as well break out some of the wizarding fireworks."

Both Luke and Leia looked terrified at the prospects of Harry handling explosives, especially ones modified with magic.

Yes, Harry thought as he looked around later that evening and clutching a glass of mystery liquor. These folks knew how to tie one on, alright. Tucked away from the main dance floor sat the usual crew suspects plus Tonha, who'd by some miracle managed to extract himself from the pink orgy of flesh after three hours.

To be honest, the man looked exhausted, while at the same time sported a shit-eating grin. Harry had half a mind to send him back with a pepper up and barrel of premium lubricant, just to see if it would break the man. But he wasn't that cruel. And he needed his XO more than his XO needed him.

A particularly enthusiastic Zeltron was using the fine crystal chandelier as a swing, while a popular band played some fan favorites on the other end of the hall. All in all, it was quite the shindig.

Luke was chatting with Lando, leaving him to converse with the lovely princess. Now normally, Harry wouldn't waste such an opportunity at some alone time with the petite brunette, especially with their favorite smuggler tied up babysitting a mining moguls bratty spawn. But as the current Princess of Alderaan, he actually figured she might help him advance his plans on settling Dathomir with half-decent people.

It only came as a half surprise when she informed him that Winter had already broached the subject to her. After all, the two were quite close.

"I think it's a wonderful idea," she shouted over the cacophony of noise. Harry had to lean in to hear even that, so he cast Snape's favorite muffling charm over their immediate area, leaving out Lando and Luke.

"Sorry lass," he said with a wink. "-but my hearing isn't what it used to be."

She glanced around, amazed at the reduction in volume. It was as though they were sitting in a quiet little bistro instead of a rave. The light and sheer amount of movement were completely at odds with what should be reaching her ears, and it threw her for a loop.

"I'm not sure why the Chancellor would be opposed to the idea, apart from the location perhaps." He continued.

"Well, you can hardly fault her for that, Harry. Dathomir is firmly within Zsinj's territory, whereas New Alderaan is closer to Mon Calamari."

He could understand that, though proximity did not guarantee safety.

"And yet, you agreed with the idea." He stated, sipping on the colorful drink.

She pursed her lips. "I agreed that the idea was good, yes. But not the location. Really, Harry. Why does it have to be Dathomir? Won't any planet do?"

He shook his head. "In this case, not all planets are created equal. I'm not really sure why, but both Hoth and Dathomir support magic. It seems to well up from the ground. I suspect the Hobjobs homeworld is the same, as they are, technically, a magical species. Sentient too," he added.

She blinked, digesting the information. "I see. And Dathormir has the added benefit of being a resource-rich world. Perfect to jumpstart a society."

He raised his glass in agreement and took another sip.

"Which leads us to your agreement with Mara Jade." She said.

He hummed. Mara had been in contact with him through the mirrors. She seemed poised to take over, at least indirectly. Harry had offered to extract her if she ran into any issues, but so far the force-sensitive witch had not been in need of such services.

"She and I have an agreement. Dathomir is, at least unofficially, under my authority."

"And you expect her to abide by that agreement going forward?" her tone was incredulous, and he was reminded that the young princess was all too aware of how fickle verbal contracts could be.

He sighed. "I have plans for a defensive fleet. One that should act as a large enough deterrent against anyone wishing to claim magic as theirs exclusively, be it Mara or the New Republic.

"Harry, you know we wouldn't-" she started, before he cut her off.

"But would they? If they saw Magic as too large of a threat or too tantalizing of a prize, would they really be content with leaving us alone?" He stopped, not quite sure why he said us, and also not really sure what he'd meant by that.

Who was 'us', exactly. Harry and the miners? Any future magicals that would need to be plucked from the greater galaxy and made aware of their abilities? He and Mara?

"I'm not asking your people to drop everything and come here. If need be, I can establish the defenses first and build them from there. But it'll take time."

He didn't say resources. He had plenty of those. Manpower was what he really lacked.

He was fondly reminded of the Niffler and its skeleton crew. Now that ship was designed for combat, with minimal crew requirements. Heck, he'd be surprised if there were any organi-

The proverbial lightbulb went off in his head. 'Of course. It would be perfect. A droid crew would solve many of his logistical problems.'

"Harry?" Leia asked, and he shook his head.

"Sorry, mind was wondering."

She frowned, misinterpreting his distantness.

"You care for her. Jade, that is."

He blinked, taken by surprise at the directness of her question.

"She has some redeeming qualities," he admitted with a shrug. He didn't add that her being a witch was a great appeal, not wanting to sound specist. He'd loved his muggle wife dearly, but back then magic was still around and not something exclusive to two people in an entire galaxy.

"She's evil."

Harry rolled his eyes. "Come now, Leia. So she has aspirations. How does that make her any different from Mothma?"

"Democratically elected official verses Autocratic dictator, Harry. Or soon to be. From what I hear Zsinj is still kicking, is he not?"

He chuckled. "So what about the worlds the New Republic is liberating as we speak? Do they have a choice?"

"Of course," she responded with passion. "They can choose whether to join or not."

"Ah, but do they?" he asked, confusing her. They were getting off track, but that was all right.

"How does the New Republic conduct trade and commerce with neutral outside parties? Especially ones whose economies relied heavily on the Empire's iron-fisted centralized economic models? They don't really have much choice, do they? Join, or starve. No economic assistance unless you're a member."

She sat there, mulling over a response when he reeled the conversation back in.

"But to answer your initial question, yes. I'm fond of Mara."

"I see." She nodded. He sighed, now confused.

"Things are going well between you and Han then?" Following the night the New Republic was founded, he gave his odd relationship with the girl sitting next to him some more thought. There was no denying that there was some underlying attraction he felt, and she seemed to feel the same way. But Han was in the picture, and with Mara's involvement, the waters had been muddied even further.

They were by no means exclusive, but perusing Leia was one headache he didn't need right now. They were good friends, and he valued that more than a piece of tail.

"I suppose." She shrugged.

"Good," he patted her leg. "I'm happy for you. Both of you." He smiled, driving the point home that she'd chosen Han.

It had taken him some time to accept that, he admitted. Without delving into it too much, Harry reckoned he'd latched onto Leia a bit following his thawing on Hoth. He'd been in isolation for so long, and now part of an entire galaxy he knew nothing of.

The girl sitting next to him was kind and friendly and had helped him get his feet under him, so to speak. Who wouldn't want to pursue her?

Harry also realized that Mara played a big part in opening his eyes. It was more than just a shift from one woman to another. Leia was the embodiment of good. A modern, spacefaring version of the Mother Theresa.

They'd never work out.

Now though it was Leia's turn to realize that. The way she'd acted around that Fenn bloke had been odd, indeed. Almost like she wanted a break from Solo. Not that he could blame her. The man was a massive spanner.

Before she could say anything further Luke was shaking him by the arm. Harry turned his way, saw the worried expression on the Jedi's face, and located the reason.

The Nagai had crashed the party.

Knocking back the row of shots on the table, he dissipated the charm and heard screams replace the music and cheering. Standing, he drew his wand and sought out the head henchmen of this merry group of rabble-rousers and Rapscallions.

"Well, well, if it isn't our old friend, Den Silva. Nice arm you got there, by the way. Want another to match it?"

A/N: If you think I'm making the Zeltros landing instructions up, just read the comics. I didn't have much to work with in that regard, I'm afraid. Also, to address the delicate and quite frankly, confusing relationship between our wizard and princess, I'm happy to say that the issue has now been put to bed. The urban dictionary term for the reason, I believe, has been coined 'Post nut clarity'.