CH 2

"I have here Miss. Lily O'Tanner, daughter of Mason O'Tanner who owned Gunggung food chain." Tearing my eyes away from Bane, who didn't seem interested, I watched the guard make a show of pointing, accusingly, at me. As if this was one of those cheap drama shows on in the afternoon where we will soon find out who is the father of my child. Maybe that is what he did with his life before bomb instead of getting a real job.

"We caught her sneaking around with the prisoners. I thought she needs some special treatment, you know what I mean?"

"Thank you, Mr. Allen, you may go back to the prisoners." Mr. Allen seemed a little put out he wasn't going to be in the spot light anymore but did what he was told none the less. Jabbing his thumb towards the door, him and the other guard went back.

"Ms. O'Tanner, Is it?" I fixed him in a glare, fake fear gone, but really I was studying the structure before me. "You seem to have caught me off guard."

He shuffled amongst his papers, searching, a few snickers filling the rooms. I could feel their hungry eyes watching me.

"I am afraid I do not have your fathers' paperwork."

"Would you like for me to tell you?" I piped up, just putting enough fear into my voice to warrant a few more snickers. "I-well-I thought such a prestigious court would want all the facts before reaching a decision."

King Crane glanced up, eyes scanning the crowd, a small smirk pulling at his lips.

"Please, Ms. O'Tanner." King Crane waved, setting back in his throne. "Do enlighten us. The people want to know."

The whole place grew silent as they waited. Ducking my head, as if to gather my thoughts, I gave my own smirk.

They want drama.

They were going to get drama.

And I was going to get the distraction I needed.

Creating body language to feign nervousness and fear, like picking at the whole in my pants, I obverted the room through my hair as I spoke.

"Mason O'Tanner, was born in Scottland to a poor farming family. Day to day they worked hard, barely putting enough food on the table."

Guard to the right of throne, two guns. One in boot, one at left hip. Left handed then.

"Mason started working a few days a week, working in a kitchen for a wealthy family down the road. There he met a woman who was from a small island in the pacific and taught him to cook fish."

Two guards on left. First; knife on hip, rifle in hand. Second; just a rifle.

"When the marriage for the wealthy family caved, Mason had the opportunity to move with the husband to America. Gradually Mason worked his way up in the household and eventually saved enough money to open his first restaurant. Gunggung. Meaning 'delicious' in his kitchen friends language."

Guards stationed randomly through the room. They would get choked in a panic. Banes men were few.

"The next twenty years, Mason had multiple restaurants all over the country. All his family died from disease and exposure, except for his sisters young son, James."

"James…?" King Crane asked, resting his chin in a hand. Giving me elevator eyes with his bright blues orbs. They would have been attractive if they didn't belong to a sick psychopath that sent my skin crawling.

"James MacFurr. Now the Co-owner of Gunggung restaurants and all other charities owned by Mason. Many soup kitchens, medical facilities, and half way houses. Mason has done nothing but serve this city and the people in it."

A loud and obnoxious scoff had my head jerking to the side before I could control myself.

A scraggly looking man, arms resting at his sides, smirked.

"Helped this city my ass!" He snapped. Murmuring breaking out around the room.

"Do explain, sir." King Crane included him in the conversation with a flick of his fingers.

"He closed down the safe house on 5th. Kicking everyone out onto the street." He snarled, giving me a nasty look. My heart beat hitched, and it wasn't fear.

"Ms. O'Tanner. You have a defense against these accusations?"

"The building in question was in serious disrepair when Mason bought it. The damage was so great he eventually had to shut it down for repair."

"See! Threw all them people-"

"But!" I cut the man off. The room going silence at my outburst. "Not before the fully renovated another building on 9th street. Successfully moving everyone there before closing down the building on 5th."

"That is a load of bullshit! He threw us out-"

"Was it because you failed the drug test?" I snapped, my anger finally getting the best of me because of this mans obvious petty anger.

His eyes widened in surprise.

"Judging by the marks on your arms, I would say you failed the drug test. And therefore were not allowed to make the move until you were clean." Consciously or not, the man started to rub at the new and old scars up and down the inside of his arms. Fury in his eyes.

"Any other objections?" King Cranes eyes scanning over the crowd when the man stayed silent.

I too kept looking.

The other guards were more concerned with bidding… I needed their attention.

"Like she knows shit!" The man finally bellowed. "She is his dam daughter. Spoon fed since birth. She don't know shit!"

"Since I am his daughter I would be the perfect defense for Mason O'Tanner." I spat back. "And you being the druggy that never progressed in his life because he couldn't keep himself from shooting, want to blame everyone else for your problems. Come to think of it. Another reason Mason closed the building on 5th was because of the drug problems. And you look a lot like the man who was in charge of it and was imprisoned for it."

The man opened his mouth as if to speak again, murder in his eyes, before King Crane butted in.

"Would you mind introducing yourself then, Ms O'Tanner.? You are also on trial. Who are you Ms. O'Tanner? Tell us about yourself. You told us about your father and uncle so we have what we need to give him justice. But what about you?"

"I was born Marcie Louise Stafford." My head shooting up just in time to see Crane blink in surprise.

"Sorry, I did not hear you. Say that again."

"I was born Marcie Louise Stafford." I said a little more loudly, getting to my feet and taking a step. Cranes eyes followed my every movement but said nothing, a flick of curiosity.

"I was born in the rain and abandoned by my alcoholic father before my first birthday. When I turned seven, my druggie mother ended us on the street because of her drug problems. Though it was not like she gave a shit before that but this time we lost our apartment and her new boyfriend wanted to sell me out. I ran away but was picked up and taken to the Gotham orphanage when I was ten. I eventually ran away from that too and grew up on the streets where I fended for myself and scrounged for food."

Crane confused slightly, watching my slow approach to his throne.

"We do not tolerate lies here, Ms. O'Tanner."

"You asked me who I am and I would think such a prestigious court would want a thorough answer."

"When I was fourteen, I was assaulted by that man," quickly finding him in the crowd I pointed at him, "and gave him that scar." His face darkens in remembrance. "But I had had many similar instances and got away only a little scratched up but he left without an eye and finally got the point. I was not to be messed with. Even got a nickname and reputation for myself. Hellcat."

Whisper burst from the crowd. King Desk yelling 'order' did not seem to do much.

I world until I was pointing at the second man.

"This man, found me when I was digging through a garbage can behind a Gunggung restaurant. He attacked me and lost his ear."

"Ms. O'Tanner! I repeat, we do not toller-"

"You can call in that asshole Malcom Jeffreys if you like! He was all up in Masons business about that time." I yelled over him. At the corner of my eye I could see more people piling in from the door leading to the prisoners. The distraction was working.

King Crane waved for a guard to go get Malcom, opening his mouth to interrupt but I push on, not taking my eyes off him as I continued my slow and steady pace towards him.

"Then! On my death bed, an old man saw me starving and bleeding in a corner of a street after I was passed by so many he saw me!" I screamed turning toward Crane. Making my way to him again. "He offered me something to eat and cleaned me up. He took me in and paid for my schooling. On November 8, that old man, Mason O'Tanner, adopted me and I became Lily Annie O'Tanner… even helped me track down these sick and twisted monsters who tried to kill me."

I gave the one eyed man a pointed look and he sneered back. Gripping his bag of goods close to him. I could only guess at his thought then my attention was back to King Desk.

"Then I helped the police track down multiple creeps I encountered over the years. Compiling evidence and putting most of them away for life."

I made eye contact with a few of the said convicts, realization filling their eyes. A few even reaching for hidden weapons.

"Speaking of 'living off the blood and sweat of people less powerful than you' and being a 'sick and twisted monster'." I turned to King Desk again. "What did you do before the bomb, Dr. Crane?"

Surprise filled his eyes and face. Seems no one thought to ask him any questions before.

"I remember you." I seethed. "You were a doctor to the asylum where these assholes were taken after being sentenced. Sentenced insane by you. But that wasn't true. Was it Dr. Crane? A few of the monsters I helped put away you declared insane so you could house them in your facility. What really happened is they were employed by Carmine Falcone. The very Carmine Falcone who was responsible for at least 90% of the crime during his reign. You worked for him. You were his lackey, getting his men out of prison."

Almost there.

"Yes, I read the reports, Dr. Crane. So what gives you the right to judge any of these people!" I turned, taking in every angry or astonished face. "What gives any of you the right to judge any of these people! Mason is a sweet honorable man. Giving half his income to charity. Mason has done more good than any of you jealous nonsensical felonious childish evildoings have plagued this city!"

As I spoke I drew ever closer. Uneasiness filling Dr. Crane eyes but it was mixed with a smugness knowing he was literally above me.

"So, Yes!" I seethed with all the fury in me. "I am Lily Annie O'Tanner, daughter of Mason O'Tanner! And your juvenile imitation of a just system is nauseating." I yelled with as much heat and anger as I could.

With a heated smirk, and with all the anger I had within me, I kicked the desks leg I had pinpointed as one of the weak points of the structure. Pulling on my knowledge in Funk Fu, with a snap, it broke. For a split second, the whole room went silent. Crane glancing at the leg then at me, confusion written all over his face. But when I broke the second leg, he seemed to come to his senses.

But it was too late.


A groan echoed off the walls, followed by small trimmer that moved up the desk. Cranes eyes widen in recognition, but he was too late. Jumping away and rolling to my feet, I was out of the way before the whole desk tower crumbled around him. Sending the whole room into a frenzy.

Forcing my elbows out and my wrist into my chest, the tie raps snapped and I was running. A man coming towards me set me in motion. Taking out his knees with a swift kick, then grasping his head with both hands as he leaned forward in pain, shoved his head against my own knee. Shoving my fist into another mans throat, my thumb in his eye, a kick to his chest, brought him down on his back. Working quickly, grasped his leg, twisted him on his back and jerked his leg at a wrong angle. Once a sickening break and a howl of pain was heard, I let go and went to the next accuser.

I didn't care who I took out. I was so caught up in my own anger and reflex I didn't register how many people I took out.

A gun was fired.

Making a few people cry out in fear, waking me up to my surroundings.


Can't fight that.

Scanning the men coming at me, as I shoved my elbow into a throat, I notice a few with guns. None wore camo.

Where is Bane?

No time to wonder as I was confronted by two guards, the local kind, raising their guns. Almost without thought I grabbed one muzzle, shoving it to the other guard then shoving my wrist into the owners nose. The gun went off, taking out the second guard while the first crumbled as his nose was shoved into his brain.

There were too many.

Grasping a chair, I hurled it into the window, causing it to shatter. I made a move for the opening when I felt arms grasp me around my shoulders, pulling me back. With a war cry I shoved a shard of glass into the persons hand, making him give his own cry and let go, before turning and shoving the already bloody shard into his neck. Shoving his limp body towards the other men coming my way, I scurried out the window, opposite direction of where Mason and James were.

Hopefully it was enough of a distraction.

Sending one last kick behind me, connecting with a forehead, I was out. Rolling to my feet I was running again along the thin edge. Heights never bothered me, one upside to this whole situation, though falling was another matter as I focus onto the stone before me. Reaching a fire escape, I swung in and took the stares two at a time, climbing up. Hopefully they do not think I would go up instead of down.

Reaching the top, I paused. Scanning the top just to be sure. But a commotion beneath me made me scurry up the roof. Jumping over the edge, I glanced over to see men poring into the ally beneath. With a small smirk, I took off across the roof. Stopping at the edge to glance over.

Mason and James heads popped up at the sound of my foot prints, almost touching down on the ground.

"Down! Fast! Go left!" I snapped. They seemed surprised at my tone, or was it the blood on my clothes, but complied immediately. James helping Mason every step of the way. Throwing my legs over the edge, I jumped down. Misjudging the distance in my haste, my ankle painfully twisted under me. Crying out, despite myself, made the men below me look up.

Standing, I waved them on. Cursing my stupidity.

Sliding, more than climbing, down the flights of stairs, I too touched down on solid ground. By this time Mason and James were almost out of the alley.

Breathing a sigh of relief, making my way down the ally, looking every which way. But when I reached the corner, I was so concerned for Mason and James that I didn't look the other way.

My worse mistake of the day.

My head was slammed against the wall, eyes clouding over. Coughing for air. Blinking it away, I could finally see my attacker, and my heart clinched in fear.


His cold eyes slicing into me. But what was confusing is they weren't filled with anger… but something else.

His eyes studied me gasping for air, clawing at his massive hand squeezing my windpipe. His heavy slow mechanical breathing setting my nerves on the frits. Then my eyes caught movement behind him.

James had looked back. Leaving Mason to come to my rescue.

NO! Get away!

In slow motion, Banes head started to turn at the sound of approaching feet. Before I could really think through my plan, I brought my leg up, opposite of the direction he was turning, and kicked his mask. Many things happened at one. A growl from Bane, hissing from his mask, and a gasp for air from me when his hand lifted from me and I fell. Followed by a groan when I hit the ground.

"Go! Go now!" I coughed in Mason and James native language. His face was pained but he ran back and pulled Mason along with him. I didn't have time to watch if they made it, my full attention on the massive man before me.

Distraction was Mason and James only chance.

Using the precious few seconds it took for him to fix his mask, I looked at the alley. A few of his men were almost to us, eyes fixed on Mason and James.

I had to stall them. Glancing around there wasn't anything I could use as a weapon.

Except for an old soda can.

Jumping up, wobbling, scooping up the can, bashing it against the brick wall before taking a slice at the nearest guy. They didn't originally notice me, but now I had their attention when the first guy cried out in pain before going down holding his thie.

Two others charged me. Ducking under one, slicing his side, and driving the can into the thirds neck. But I guess I didn't get the first guy as well as I thought, and since my ankle was literally a pain, he got a good kick sending me flying into the wall again.

I couldn't see straight. My head couldn't take much more of this. But it would have to do.

"Are you alright, brother?" I heard Banes mechanical voice ask.

"She got a lucky slice in, sir. Nothing fatal."

"After them then, bring them to me."

"Willing to die for them. Honorable… but such a waste." Bane made his way to me, massive feet thudding on the concrete.

"Waste?" I snarled, or at least tried to around the fear starting to glob my throat when he straightened to his full height above me. "Says the monster who hangs around with shit like Crane."

"Necessary evil." He said like we were discussing the weather. Eyeing my tense body up and down, fighting to stay conscious.

"And what are you!" My snap was better this time. "Our very own fallen angle?"

"I'm Gotham's reckoning." Again, his voice was very calm.

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