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Ch. 3 Persona

Luke stared at the man across from him, confusion written on his face.

"Velvet room?" Luke repeated as he started to look around. He noticed that the man had a young girl next to him, wearing something kinda like the dress Natalia was wearing.

Only dark blue.

In her white hair was a clip that held back her bangs, shaped like a v.

Luke then looked out the window and noticed they seemed to be suspended in midair.

'Am I on a cable car?' Luke asked himself. The only place he had seen the type of transportation was when he was in Baticul.

And if the motion was anything to go by, they were heading up.

"My name is Igor." The man across from him said, getting his attention. "I am delighted to make your acquaintance." He gestured to the woman by his side.

"This is Bethany." He introduced. "We are residents here."

"Nice to meet you." Bethany said as she bowed her head slightly towards him, her yellow eyes closing for a second as she did.

"...Nice to meet you too?" Luke replied unsure.

'Am I supposed to be polite to kidnappers?' Luke asked himself. He supposed as long as they didn't try to harm him he would play along.

"This place exists between dream and reality," Igor explained ",mind and matter..."

'Maybe I hit my head when I fell asleep?' Luke thought as he nodded at the man.

"It has been quite some time since we have had a guest." Igor continued. Luke resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

'Huh, I wonder why?' Luke thought sarcastically. 'Maybe it's because this is, I don't know, crazy beyond all reason.' The sound of paper fluttering woke him from his thoughts.

"Only those who sign the contract may enter this place." Igor explained as the contract Luke signed appeared on the table between them.

'Ah, I get it now." Luke realized. 'I signed a one sentence contract like an idiot, now I get to hallucinate about a blue room. Nice going, Luke.'

"Henceforth, you shall be allowed to enter the Velvet room and use it's services as you please."

"Uhh thanks?" The redhead was sure he didn't want to use any services these people offered, just a feeling in the back of his mind that told him that this man was not to be trusted.

"You are destined to hone your unique ability, and you will require my help to do so."

That cemented the feeling that the man should not be trusted. Last time someone said they would help him control his power a lot of people died.

"My only request is that you take responsibilities for your actions, as the contract you signed asks you too." Igor finished.

"Uhh, yeah no." Luke replied after some thought. He reached over and pushed the contract back towards the man, who raised an eyebrow at him.

"Pardon?" The man asked in reply, with the girl frowning at the interaction.

"I said no." Luke repeated. "I do not wish for your help, nor do I wish to be here in the first place."

"Is that so?" Igor asked in return. "May I ask why?"

"Last time someone said they wanted to help me with my abilities, ten thousand people died." Luke replied dryly. "Now I'm sitting in a cable car, suspended in the middle of nowhere, with a guy who's telling me I need his help to perfect my abilities. Forgive me for not being out of my mind."

"I suppose this does seem fairly surreal." Igor admitted. "However I mean you no harm, I only wish to help."

"The other man said that too." Luke replied. "My answer is the same, please allow me to leave."

"If that is how you feel." Igor said as he snapped his fingers. A blue light flashed for a moment and vanished just as fast. In place of the light was a golden key.

"In case you change your mind." Igor told him as the key floated towards Luke. The moment Luke's hand wrapped around it another blue flash appeared. When it vanished Luke was gone.

"Interesting." Igor said out loud, causing his assistant to look at him.

"What is?"

"This is the first time I've had a guest that is reluctant to accept my help." Igor explained. "This will prove to be quite entertaining."

Dorms, Luke's room.

Luke's eyes opened as light poured through the window and the alarm blared. He sat himself up and rubbed his eyes.

"The hell was that about?" Luke asked himself.

'It was probably just a dream, just like earlier.' Luke told himself as he hit the off button on the alarm.

The annoying voice in the back of his mind begged to differ.

But Luke just ignored it as he got his clothes ready. He slipped on the school uniform and prepared to walk out, but halted as he grabbed the doorknob.

"Almost forgot my key." Luke told himself. He turned to the night table he had put it on the night before. Only to stop in shock.

On the table was his room key, but next to it was the key he had gotten in his dream.

Luke stared at the golden key that lied there, unable to comprehend it.

'That's impossible. It was a dream, wasn't it?' Luke asked himself, as he approached it. He picked it up carefully, as if it would attack him if he miss handled it.

'It's real.' The replica thought as he moved it around in his hand. On both sides of the handle there was a mask, which popped up a question.

'Why a mask?' Was the first thought that entered his mind. Before he could examine it further there was a knock on the door.

"Hello, is anyone there?" An elegant female voice asked through the wood. Luke quickly put the key into his pocket and answered.

"Uh yeah, give me a second." The redhead replied as he grabbed the other key. He quickly walked to the door and opened it.

On the other side of the door frame was a female with blond hair, some shades darker than Natalia's, that was braided past her shoulder. She was wearing white shirt and a black skirt, which he assumed was the uniform for the girls, completed with high heel shoes.

"You found your room okay?" She asked him, as her brown eyes stared into his. He noted that she was almost on eye level with him.

Probably because of the heels.

"Uh, yeah, there was no problem." Luke replied as he got his bearings.

"You seem hesitant." She remarked.

"Oh, it was a bit of trouble going around in the dark, but there was no other problem." Luke scratched the back of his head as he looked away.

"I see." The blonde replied. "In anycase, I am Annabelle Magus." She held out her hand to him. Luke took it into his own and gave it a shake.

"Luke Arikami." He replied as he pulled his hand away.

"I came to make sure you were prepared for today and to show you to the school." She explained to him. Luke nodded his consent.

"Hagashi is waiting down stairs." She told him. "We have an hour and a half before you need to arrive. You should get some breakfast."

"Alright." Luke agreed. They went down the hallway and down the stairs in silence. When they got to the main floor, Luke noticed Miko was sitting at a larger table he didn't notice before.

"Morning." The girl grumbled out as she noticed them. Annabelle raised an eyebrow at her.

"Not a morning person?" The blonde asked. To which the girl mumbled something in return.

"I'll take that as a yes." The older girl replied as she sat down across from her. Luke sat next to Miko after grabbing an apple and looked towards the elder student.

"In about an hour and a half you will need to be at Daath high for testing. So we shall leave in an hour." Annabelle told them.

"Why an hour?" Miko asked as she looked up from her plate.

"So I can give you a tour before your exams." The blonde told them, to which they both nodded.

"Now, is there any questions you have before we go?"

"Will these arrangements be permanent?" Miko asked as she seemed to wake up a bit.

"Only if you want it to be." Annabelle replied. "If you wish, you can transfer to another dorm." Miko nodded at this.

"Anything else?" The older girl asked. Luke thought for a moment and decided to ask.

"Who else is living here?" The redhead asked, causing Annabelle to turn to him.

"There's Eric, a third year and the chairman."

"Chairman?" Luke's face looked confused.

"A teacher who makes sure our needs are meet." Luke nodded his understanding.

"What's his name?" Miko asked.

"Chairman." Annabelle answered.

"I know his job, but what's his name?"


Miko looked like she was about to ask again, but Luke put his hand on her shoulder.

"I think that Chairman is literally his name." Luke explained. Miko looked at him for a second before realization set in.

"Oh, I get it." She smiled at him.

'I'm not sure about that.' Luke thought as he turned back to their senior.

"We should get going." The blonde told them as she glanced at the clock. The two younger students got up and followed her out the door.

It took twenty minutes to get to the school building.

'Not as impressive as I thought.' Luke thought as he stared up at the building. From what he could tell it was two stories and shaped kind of like an F.

"Welcome to Daath High, or DH for short." Annabelle pulled him from his thoughts. She opened the door and the three walked in.

The main hall had two corridors that went to the right, while at the far side was a small counter for school supplies and food. A stairway also leading right was the way to get to the second floor, which also had two hallways.

"Your classroom is up here." Annabelle explained as they walked up the stairs. They walked into the first hallway and past a few doors. They stopped at the third door to their right.

"This is where you'll be taking your exams." The blonde explained. "There are no other people joining your year, so you will have the room to yourselves."

"Cool." Luke said as he entered the room and sat at a desk in the middle. Miko followed in right behind him and took a seat near the front.

He looked back towards the door, were Annabelle had walked off.

'Not much of a tour.' He thought with a frown.

Luke took in a breath as a large man carrying a bunch of papers walked into the room.

"I'm Mr. Harrison. You're here to take your exams, When you're finished one exam you may have up to thirty minutes to prepare for the next one. Any questions?" Harrison said as he gazed at them, making Miko squirm a little bit as Luke stared at the guy.

'Here's hoping I'm not in this guy's class.' Luke thought as he crossed his fingers under the desk. The man placed papers on both of the students desks and sat down at the front of the room.

"You may now begin."

Seven excruciating hours later and Luke and Miko stumbled out of the room.

"That was intense." Miko said as she leaned onto the wall for support.

"No kidding." Luke replied as they both made their way out of the building. Using each other as supports they made their way back to the dorm. When they got there Luke fished out his key and unlocked the door.

They both walked inside and immediately fell onto the couch, while Luke fell onto the chair.

"That was brutal." Miko sighed out from her spot. Luke just grunted his agreement.

"So, how'd you think you did?" She asked after several minutes of silence. Luke barley turned his head to her as he tried to work up the energy to respond.

"Fairly well." The redhead answered. "How'd you do?" He asked, more out of politeness than anything.

"I think I passed." She told him as she let herself fall sideways. Her hair covering her face as she hit the cushions.

"Well, aren't you youngsters energetic." A cheerful voice said from the stairs. They both turned their heads towards a man wearing a grey suit.

"I take it you're the new arrivals?" The man asked as he approached the teens, who both let out a groan in response.

"Very articulate." The man replied as he took a seat on the chair opposite from Luke.

"You may have guessed this, but in case you haven't, I am Chairman." The man introduced himself.

"Luke Arikami." Luke replied as his body fought to stay awake. Taking in the man's grey hair and eyes.

"Miko Higashi." The brunette told him after she moved some hair from her face.

"Now that introductions are out of the way, I should tell you that dinner is at five thirty." The elder man let them know. "Are there any problems that you two are having or anything you may want to know?"

"When will we get our results?" Luke asked before he could forget. Chairman reached up and stroked his chin for a second.

"They should be here by tomorrow, if not then the day after." He answered to which he received a nod from both Luke and Miko.

"If that's all I should be going." He got up and walked to the door. "Tata."

The two teens sat in silence for a moment.

"He seems nice." Miko commented.

"...He does." Luke replied, trying to forget that the man reminded him of the Colonel.

Five thirty came around and Luke and Miko we sitting at the table. They were joined by Chairman, Annabelle and an older student.

"Ah, so you're the new guys in the dorm." The older student said as he sat down.

"That makes you Eric, then." Luke replied as he took in the his appearance. The guy had short, sandy coloured hair, teal eyes and a vibe that said you could trust him.

Luke didn't like him.

"Right in one." Eric said as he helped himself to the food in front of him. The others soon followed his lead and the food was quickly demolished.

"Well,that was good." Miko said as she leaned back in her chair.

"After years of watching over this place, my skills should be up to par." Chairman joked with a smile.

'Yep, too much like Jade.' Luke thought as he got up and excused himself. He quickly washed his plate and went to his room, followed by Miko a few minutes later.

"What do you think?" Chairman asked the two students.

"They both have the potential." Annabelle commented as she brushed some hair away from her eyes.

"But will they fight?" Eric asked, not really aimed at anyone specific.

"That's their own choice." Chairman answered.

Once Luke was inside his room, he sat down at the desk he didn't notice last night.

'First impressions, these people are going to suck.' Luke thought as he cupped his chin and leaned on his elbows.

He had hoped he could at least like the people he was living with, but that idea went down the drain when he first conversed with them.

Miko was just too scatterbrained for his taste.

Annabelle reminded him of nobility and caused him to remember things he'd rather forget.

Chairman reminded him of Jade. No comment.

And Eric seemed like the guy who couldn't see the bad in anything. Luke didn't need any idealist crap when he had been through his own ordeals.

'Maybe I'm judging them to harshly.' Luke thought as he turned his head to look out the window. 'Today is the day I met them, I need to give them a chance before making any judgments.'

'I got some time before I need to sleep, I should study.' Luke nodded to himself as he got his books out.

It was ten o'clock when Luke decided to go to bed.

It was at twelve he was woken up.

Luke sat up as his vision started to unblur. When he could see properly he looked at a person sitting on his bed.

"Hello." The boy who gave him the contract said from his spot on Luke's bed. Luke gave the kid a wary eye and started to reach for the sword he got from the coach man.

"Tonight's the full moon." The boy said as he looked out the window. "Are you ready to start your journey?"

"Wha?" Was Luke's reply. Luke opened his mouth to ask what the kid ment, but was stopped as the building shook.

Luke quickly grabbed onto the bedpost to steady himself. When the shaking stopped he looked up to see the kid was gone.

"What the hell?" Luke asked himself as he got out of bed. He quickly threw on his clothes and grabbed the sword. He hurried down the stairs and onto the main floor. When he got to the second floor Miko ran up to him.

"What's going on?" She quickly asked him. Luke shrugged as he continued down, with Miko right behind him.

When they got to the main floor they heard a crash. They shared a look and nodded to each other. They proceed carefully, weapons raised.

When they were halfway across the lounge a window exploded inwards. They covered themselves with their arms as the glass rained down at them. When it was over Luke pulled his arms down. He gave the room a quick glance to see the extent of the damages.

The broken window and shards of glass that were scattered all over the place didn't really faze him.

What did shock him was the giant monster outside.

From what he could tell It was a mass of arms, each one holding a sword.

The face just seemed to be a mask it was holding.

He took a slight step back, only to notice something on his foot.

It looked like one of Legretta's fon tech guns, but with a more cylinder barrel. Without thinking Luke picked it up.

He held it in his hand for a moment, simply staring at it. His pointer finger unwrapping from the handle and finding the trigger.

"What the hell is that!?" Miko shouted as she pointed out the window, Taking Luke away from his thoughts.

"I have no idea." Luke replied as he brought his sword up in front of him.

"You two!" Annabelle's voice came from outside. "Run to the roof, now!"

"What about you!?" Miko screamed back as she held onto her staff.

"We'll be fine." Eric yelled as he brought an axe down on the monster, which jumped back before the blow could connect.

"But…" She tried, but at Annabelle's glare she relented. Grabbing Luke by his shoulder she started to pull him up the stairs. Luke stared back at Annabelle, who was now facing the monster. He watched as she pulled out a gun similar to the one in his hand. His eyes widened in shock as she placed the barrel against her temple.

He was pulled up the stairs and Annabelle left his sight as he heard a shot ring out.

With the sound of glass breaking.

It was a few minutes as they ran up the stairs. When they got to the roof they both panted in exhaustion.

"What the hell is going on?" Miko asked no one in particular. Luke didn't respond because something else caught his attention.

The lack of the sounds of battle below them.

Luke turned to the edge of the roof, hoping beyond hope that his hunch was wrong.

A blue mask popped up over the edge of the roof and destroyed his hopes.

The thing carried itself onto the roof, each of it's blades glinting menacingly.

Miko pulled her staff back into a battle position, ready to fight if needed.

Luke looked down at the gun he was carrying.

He stared at it for a few moments as the memories of what he just saw flashed before his eyes.

His hands started to shake.

"Go on." The kid's voice echoed through his mind.

Luke brought it up to his head.

Miko stared at him in alarm.

His finger wrapped around the trigger.

Her arm shot out to stop him.

His breathing was shallow and erratic.

Her's was caught in her throat.

He started to smile.

Her panic hit it's highest point.

He whispered one word.


He pulled the trigger.

His head shot to the side as glass flew out from the left side of his head.

He started to glow blue as a figure started to appear above him.

All Miko could do was stand by and watch.

Luke just continued to smile as a voice filled his mind.

I am thou...

The figure appeared clearer as the glow started to die down, parts of it just appearing slowly

Thou art I

The figure held a sword in one hand and a gun in the other.

From the sea of thy soul, I come…

It was covered in chains, there was a hole in it's stomach and tear streaks were on it's face.

I am Daath, the traitor of Yulia…

And then it flew towards the monster.

Daath immediately struck with it's sword, causing the monster to jump away again. Daath raised it's gun and fired two quick rounds at it, causing slight damage to it.

Luke just stared at it with a smile.

Until his head started to throb.

Luke's hands clenched at his skull as he tried to hold in the pain, his efforts were in vain as he started to scream.

Normally when this happened, it felt like something was trying to get in.

Now it felt like something was trying to get out.

Miko stared at the boy, not sure how to help. She then heard the sound of flesh being ripped and turned to the fighting giants.

Hazel eyes widened as Daath started to spasm.

It's body contorted itself into a painful position. When two arms suddenly shot out from it's neck.

The arms pushed apart the body of Daath, causing it to split in half.

In it's place was another giant. Wielding a sword of it's own, it's face a mask of bone and surrounded by coffins.

It terrified her.

The new beast flew up to the monster and started to ruthlessly tear it apart.

Hands were flying everywhere as the monster was attacked, each one fading moment's after they hit the floor.

With one final hand in its grasp, the beast crushed it into nothing.

Then it disappeared.

Miko started were the beast was before. Her mind not comprehending what she had just seen.

She was taken out of her thoughts as two dark puddles began to form.

They seemed to reach a state between liquid and solid as a blue mask appeared on both.

Miko pulled back her staff as she watched them approach.

Luke picked himself off the floor and walked up beside her. His blade pointed behind him in his usual stance.

"Ready?" He asked her. Which Miko nodded with a shiver.

"Alright then." Luke pointed the gun at his temple.

"DAATH!" he yelled out as he pulled the trigger. His head flew to the side a bit as the sound of broken glass rang out.

The next instant Daath was in front of Luke, bringing it's sword down on one of the creatures.

It stood no chance.

As quickly as it appeared Daath disappeared.

Miko did her best to focus on her opponent, she ran up to it and slammed the end of her staff into it.

It seemed to cause the thing damage, but did not destroy it. Two arms reached out and slashed at her, causing her to take a few steps back for the damage.

Luke quickly shot towards it and raised his sword.

He first struck with a diagonal slash from his shoulder to his hip, followed by a thrust and ended by pulling the blade under his right arm and slashing upwards.

The thing's head shot back each time the blade connected with it, until the final strike ended its life.

Luke let his arms drop to his sides, his breathing now heavy. He gave one last look at Miko to see how she was doing.

When he noticed she was shaken, but still okay, he let himself fall into morpheus' realm.

Velvet room.

Luke's eyes blink for a couple of moments, getting use to the new source of light. When they could see clearly he noted where he was.

'Oh, this place again.' Luke thought bitterly as he looked out the window.

"It's so nice to see you again." Igor said, getting Luke's attention.

'Can't say the same.' Luke thought as he stared at the man.

"You fell unconscious after your "power" awakened." Igor explained.

'Really, I didn't notice.' Luke thought sarcastically.

"It's no cause for alarm, though." Igor said. "So, please relax."

'I'll do that when I'm far away from here.' Luke thought as he wished he had his sword.

"By the way…" Igor paused for a moment. "I have noticed it was Daath who answered your calling."

'Yeah, I knew that.' Luke wasn't sure how he knew that, but he did.

"That is called a Persona…" Igor continued. "It's a manifestation of your psyche."


"It may take some time to comprehend it completely." Igor told him. "A persona is a facet of your personality that surfaces as you react to external stimuli…"

'So my personality is a sword and gun wielding thing, with tears running down it's face and a hole in it's stomach?' Luke thought. 'I have way more problems then I thought.'

"Think of it as a mask that protects you from hardships you face." Igor continued.

'I don't recall a time when a giant thing came to help me with my problems.' Luke thought as he raised an eyebrow.

"That being said, your power is still weak..." Igor told him.

'Well if I just awakened it, then of course it would be weak.' Luke thought as he leaned back a bit.

"How so?" Luke asked, mostly to move this along so he could leave

"You must channel inner strength when you use your persona ability." Igor explained. "The ability evolves as you develop social links- the emotional ties you share with others."

Luke just stared back at the man.

"The stronger your ties are with others, the more powerful your persona ability." Igor continued. "It will do you well to remember that."

Luke made no movement to show a reaction.

"Time is still moving in your world." Igor said as he looked out the window. "I shouldn't keep you here any longer."

'Oh thank goodness.' Luke thought as a smile nearly broke out of his face.

"Our next meeting will be when you come yourself." Igor said with a smile. "Until then, farewell."

'The next time we meet will be never then, cause I sure as hell ain't coming here.' Luke thought as his vision darkened.

'And the ties of others will only weaken me.'

And finished.

The reason I choose Daath as Luke's persona is because Daath was just that, a traitor to Yulia. While Luke feels he is a traitor to the world.

Daath is a highly physical persona, with slash, pierce and bash attacks.

Also If Luke had an arcana other than fool, it would most likely be the lovers in my opinion. Representing his choice of staying in school, or finding the group.

Also things that confuse me.

The two social link songs in persona are called "Power of the heart." When first created and "The path is open." When you complete it.

I feel that it should be the opposite way around, but that's just me.

So review and tell me what you think.

And Pm me about OC's and persona Ideas.