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The Empire is defeated! After nearly five decades of oppression, the Galactic Empire has finally fallen. Triumphant, the Rebel Alliance has been reformed into the New Republic.

As the heroes of this new, free government celebrate, the Force begins to set new plans in motion.

Out of the population of the entirety of creation, only a small percentage can sense the Force, fewer can grasp the concept of the Force. Out that decreased number, only a more miniscule smidge have every truly understood the power of the Force. None, however, have ever completely understood its mystical and divine ways.

The Force is a metaphysical power, a spiritual and binding energy field only a few can perceive. It flows around us, it churns among us, it is ubiquitous; everywhere and anywhere. No matter the place, no matter the time, above land and under the sea, no matter where an individual may be, the Force shall always be with them.

It is, above all things a font of unimaginable power, and we are catalysts for its infinite strength. Yet our lone measure and durability is limited to our mortality. One may be a weak conduit and another may be strong. Yet, the Force has always been a constant companion for any being. Apart from death and pain, separate from joy and life. The Force exists in all, transcended from the very concepts of reality.

It was these lessons he was taught so long ago.

There is no emotion, there is peace

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.

There is no passion, there is serenity.

There is no chaos, there is harmony.

There is no death, there is the Force.

Yet, he could never embrace this ancient mantra. He could only ever embrace it's opposite, the moral antithesis to the philosophy of the Jedi.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

Through passion I gain strength.

Through strength I gain power.

Through power I gain victory.

Through victory, my chains are broken.

The Force shall set me free.

This new reality; it had freed him of his chains. He was purged of weakness, granted power beyond recognition. Yet, he was also not.

His body, no matter how magnificently attuned to the Force was ravaged so horrendously it felt so terrible whenever he attempted to unleash all of his power. No matter how hard he tried, he could never truly utilize the full power of the Dark Side.

Yet now though, he was thankful for it.

Now, as he watched and listened and smiled, he could only feel serenity for the first time in eternity. His son; he was right. He was right about it all.

He looked on, his oldest friend and his greatest mentor beside him. They all saw and they all enjoyed in the lively energies of the celebratory festivities. The Force was awakened, and it was rippling with the unleashed torrent of pure ecstasy that the galaxy was letting loose with the fall of the tyrannical Galactic Empire. It washed over them, and they embraced it; together.

The sun was beaming over the land of Halkeginia, bathing the vast continent in golden rays. Across vast fields of green, doors to homes were opened. Common people with common lives left their luxuries to pay for their luxuries. They began to toil and labor under the watchful eye of their wealthy, noble "patrons".

The divide between magic and mortal was strongly thick, separating peasantry from magical nobility. This was the case across all of Halkeginia as the many birds chirped, the various insects buzzed, and the winds gusted around the duo-mooned world as it continued on its daily lifestyle.

So it was, that Tristain Academy awoke to the its usual daily routine. Students awoke, faculty rose up, and servants finished their overnight tasks. People of all ages began to meander, getting ready for the day in all their normal ways. Bodies were reclothed, somehwat cleaned, and regroomed as they began their daily activities; which in this case was their magic classes.

Tristain Academy of Magic was renowned for producing the greatest mages in all the countries. However, it would seem to many that the magic Academy had fallen into dark times. These, if you asked any were caused by the "incompetence and inability" of one Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière.

One year of bullying, mental torture, and pure agony in self-doubt was one thing. It was one thing because it was only a watered down reflection of her home life.

There was a mother she could never stand side-by-side with in rank or power. A father whom showed only disappointment and disapproval at her failures. Then the two sisters, two woman whom seemed to embody good and evil. Where the eldest beat and blamed her, the other cared and loved her outright.

There was truly no escape from her own shortcomings.

Or so she thought.

"Hey, Zero Louise is going to summon a familiar.

Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière felt a vein pop on her head as she stepped out of the crowd of students, wand in hand. The professor, Mr. Colbert looked on with a nod and she held up her wand. Snickers swept through the crowd as a joke passed around along with a few snide remarks added. The vein bulged, but she held in her anger.

"Might as well give up now, Louise. Everyone knows you can't perform magic."

Anger coursed through her as fury and hatred culminated. Zerbsts and Vallières, the worst of enemies by age old doctrine. However, she chose to stand stalwart and simply absorb the taunt. This was her moment, her one chance to do something right. If she failed now, it could mean her greatest failure and a possible expulsion from the academy.

She could not allow that.

Her family would not allow that.

Her face was reddening as she stood there, in the sight of all her critical peers. The courtyard buzzed with activity as all watched on in anticipation. The petite girl raised up her right arm, wand held between the pointer and middle fingers of her hand. She pointed it downwards and then snapped it up towards the sky as she began to call out a spell.

"My servant that existence somewhere in this vast universe!" Louise shouted with demand, straining her muscles to go farther than they already were.

She greatly confused the other students with her stunt, most stunned at the words she spoke. No one had really gone past the common summoning calls, and this custom spell was rather inventive for any of them.

"My divine, beautiful, wise, and powerful servant, heed my call! I wish from the bottom of my heart, answer my guidance and appear!"

She swung her arm down and pointed it straight at the ground in front of her, fully sure that nothing terrible could occur now. Not now, not at the pinnacle of her career so far. Today, she would prove her worth. Today, she would prove that she was not a zero. Today, she would show them all what a Valliere could do!

With that last thought, she experienced utter shock as the ground lit up and the screeching noise of an explosion starting rang out.

A new ripple rushed across the Force, pleading and commanding. Power was behind it as power flowed into it. A whole new path had been revealed, and it's chosen walker has been offered the choice.

"Chosen a new destiny, the Force has."

"Indeed, a new path lies ahead for you, old friend."

"It is an opportunity I shall gratefully accept."

"Montmorency! Are you alright?"

The blonde noble ignored her lover's concerned cry as she stared at the sight that lay in the midst of the dissipating cloud of dark smoke. All other students left their panic behind as curiosity overrode all other feelings. They saw and they could not believe.

Louise was standing on two wobbly legs. The back of her uniform was stained with green and sprinkled with blades of grass. The front of her uniform was slightly blackened with soot and her hair had become somewhat frazzled.

However, even she held an expression of curiosity, but it mingled with shock as well. Her eyes, as well as the rest of the second year student body stared down at a clump of black on the fine grass ground. Everyone looked, a few whispered, and some dared to take a few steps forward for a closer view.

Mr. Colbert himself adjusted his glasses, the tightened grip on his staff loosening as he attempted to relax.

"Th-this is my familiar?" Louise mumbled in shock, staring at the large figure in black armor.

It seemed to be a fine combination of metal and leather and cloth, definitely a classification of heavy armor. While most of the armor was a pure black color, some of it was a steel gray that shined in the sunlight with the dark leather.

"Miss Vallière, might I implore you to finish the contract?"

Her mind went into a panic as she began to rapidly observe the suit of armor, presumably occupied. It did not rise or fall as if it were breathing. Neither did it move any limbs or extremities. No breath came from it and no noise was uttered.

"B-but, Mister Colbert. I th-think it's dead!"

Snickers suddenly erupted somewhere in the middle of the crowd. A year with the Zerbst was enough for Louise to identify her amused noises.

Kirche's voice came next, "Guess it fits right. She manages to summon a familiar and ends up killing it in the process."

Her hands clenched into fists, but she maintained her anger.

"I am sorry, Miss Vallière, but the contract must be fulfilled. There are no exceptions and no excuses," the somehwat bald teacher stated firmly and gestured for her to finish.

She bowed her head in defeat and slowly swayed towards the fallen set of black armor. Defeat hung in a thick cloud around her as she took heavy footfalls towards it, each weighed down by her despair. Guilt for failing her family worsened her anxious pain as she bent down next to the smooth helm of the armor, placing her hand on the band that bisected the right and left hemispheres of the skull.

Slowly, she placed her lips on where she assumed the forehead to be.

Louise rose up with a quick snap, hoping to the Founder that a miracle would occur.

Nothing happened.

Zerbst's laugh rang out, her attempts to suppress her amusement having been in vain. Another student joined in, and then another, and another. The laughs were taunting and mentally abusive. Tears were burning her vision by then.

"That's enough!" Mr. Colbert suddenly cried out with such command and fury in his voice that the entire crowd silenced immediately. "Miss Zerbst, I will have a word with you after cla-"

He was stopped suddenly as a terrifying noise sounded from beneath Louise. It was breathing, but not an organic breathing. The sound was definitely an intake of air, yet it was labored and sounded to have scraped across metal and down small iron pipes. It was asthmatic in nature, cruel and grueling.

Next though, an exhalation of that breath came it released an atmosphere of fright. It seemed to be pushed out with force, but instead of being free it pressed up against a hard wall.

The terrifying sound of inhalation and exhalation continued as the pink haired, magic student stumbled back in fear. Her eyes went wide as the armor began to animate. It's chest rose and fell by the smallest measurements, barely noticeable as its limbs began to stiffen. The light gleamed across its black surface, glinting and casting an attracting glow to its form as it began to move.

Slowly, the being rose and came to stand two meters tall, dwarfing it's summoner further. It had pushed its back up with its elbows and hands. However, it seemed to struggle with its legs as it labored over falling into a kneeling position. Pulling itself up, the being came to size up as a titan. No one uttered a word, not a single voice was heard. All that there was, was the labored breaths of the tall warrior in black armor.

His helmet rotated to the right where Mr. Colbert stood, and then moved to the left where the small, commoner staff house was.

"Where... am I?"

Louise shook at its voice, feeling dread and terror as its piercing voice came out from the triangular mouthpiece on its helmet. It was an unholy sound, carrying with it confusion and some form of demand. The sound seemed somewhat echoed on a tiny scale, as if someone was speaking into a bucket and the bucket vibrated to the voice. However, the being's voice did not shake in fear, but instead it made the air before it quake instead.

Looking back, Louise saw the terror that the being in black had inflicted into her class. For a short second, she reveled in the joy of seeing her oppressors in this state of fear. However, Mr. Colbert's panicked countenance was enough to make her take control of the action. After all, she was the one who summoned it.

"Th-the Tristain Academy of Magic," the pinkette stammered out quickly, shaking visibly as it looked down at her with two black, oval spectacles.

Both substitute for eyes were purely made of whatever shining material most of it was made out of, and she could only take the idea that it was metal into suggested reasoning. It's breathing terrified her, but the revelation that this being was her familiar drove her to test her courage. She wanted her class to feel more fright, she needed to command the armored being so she could keep it inflicting fright on the rest of the second years.

"Who are you?" it asked, the voice more terrifying as it was directed to her, alone.

The pinkette nervously put on a show of superiority, pulling the corner of her mouth up in an attempt at creating a smug smirk. Her diminutive body shook and quivered as it looked down upon her. It's form did not shake or waver, instead the black armored being stood with a stiffness accustomed to decorative armor sets in the homes of nobles.

Gathering her courage, Louise managed to muster her name up and out of her mouth, "Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière, and I am your master now!"

Her voice hit a peak in arrogance, but quickly seceded away as the being uncomfortably shifted. Anger and hate almost seemed to exude from her familiar as it stood there. Its gloved hands slowly curled into fists, the sound of squeezing leather resonating from them. It's breathing almost seemed to delve deeper from within, dredging up inner fury.

"I have no master, I threw him down the reactor shaft myself."

The Vallière stiffened in fright at his remark. While she was unsure of what a "reactor shaft" was, she knew very well that "threw him down" and "shaft" in the same sentence could only imply one thing. One impossible thing.

"I will ask again," the fear exuding being proclaimed harshly, "Who. Are. You?"

Before anything could be done, Mr. Colbert stepped in. He protectively pushed Louise behind him and gave the friendliest smile he could. The being shifted, his right hand going to his left side in an instant. There sat a thick metal tube covered in black metal, clipped to the bulky belt wrapped around his waist.

Louise took note, as did Mr. Colbert. Both believed it to be some sort of wand. Both mages were terribly wrong. Yet, still they persisted in calming the summoned being down.

"Miss Vallière is right, she is your master now," the teacher stated, but found himself suddenly found that to be the incorrect answer.

An invisible hand had gripped his throat and pulled him up into the air, at least a few inches in elevation. The students gasped in shock and horror as Colbert clawed at his own throat, trying to pry the nonexistent extremity off him. As everyone gave cries of confusion and fright, Louise looked to the black armored being and saw him with an arm outstretched, curled into a fist as if crushing the mage's throat from afar.

"I have no master!" he boomed in a crackling and buzzing voice that resonated hatred.

The Vallière was up against her summoned familiar in an instant, grabbing at his arm. The alert and distress in her countenance showed vividly as it looked down at her. People were crying out to get her to make her familiar standing down. Only a few were questioning what strange magic this was and how was it using it without a wand.

"Stop!" she screamed and it stared with its black helm, looking with a stoic countenance that somehow exuded a confused thought. "Please!"

For a brief, frightful minute it stood and stared. The being made no motion, and simply stood with a anxiety induced stoic posture.

Finally, however, it looked to Mr. Colbert whom had managed to hold on to that point. The Black armored being let his hand relax and the near bald teacher dropped. He coughed and gasped for air, heaving in and heaving out great gulps of oxygen. Louise ran to him as did several other students, but in the fray, the pinkette was pushed away and called a monster in a few mutters.

She grit her teeth in repressed anger, but felt a coldness against her back. The Vallière twirled around, seeing her familiar standing mere inches from her. A gesture of its right arm motioned her to move out of its way.

Louise complied hesitantly, but nonetheless let him pass. The students parted wwithout any signal to do so, all moving away out of fright and cowardice. Mr. Colbert was then left alone, at the mercy of the familiar whom towered above him.

Suddenly though, the black armored being offered a leather gloved hand.

"I... I apologize for my... brash behavior," it spoke, the frightening voice now holding variations of compassion and genuine regret. The square mage stared at the extremity instead pure shock, utterly in a blank state of mind as his would-be murderer attempted to offer him aid. Slowly, and rather hesitantly, the professor moved his gaze up towards the black helmet.

"I, accept your apology," he spoke after taking a gulp down his throat. "I suppose that I was brash, as well, by making that claim out of context."


"Yes... well, perhaps we can... discuss these circumstances with you in my workshop, then?"

His suggestion was noted, and obviously taken as the being looked ready to follow. His right foot has inched forward, bending blades of grass to his physical will. Both his arms drew back slightly and his breathing, still deep and terrifying drew to a more natural pattern.

Meanwhile, the students moved back as their teacher addressed them, "That's all for today, class. Please take your familiar and learn more about them for the rest of the day!"

Reluctantly, the second year crowd dispersed and meandered back to their dorm rooms. Most were traumatized to various degrees, frightened by the events that had transpired in a near instant. Most of them had never truly seen a near-death experience, and so this was a first look at death's door from a third person perspective. So murmurs began to spread in seconds, people beginning to gossip and plot.

As they wandered off, the square mage began motioning for Louise and her familiar to follow. They did, the former immediately and the latter after a second of contemplating. He lead them to a small building in the nook between one bridge's support and the perimeter wall. The door opened with a silent creak to reveal a laboratory of sorts.

A single, island table sat besides a counter topped with various chemical mixtures in a multitude of glass flasks and bottles. Vials were held in holders, shelves were stocked with books, and many rolls of paper sat on the island table.

"Please, take a seat," Professor Colbert offered and the youngest Vallière obliged as the black armored being stood in stoic silence save for his labored breathing.

Both Humans were nervous, now that they were in a secluded location with a man who could kill them without using his hands or a wand.

"I am Professor Jean Colbert of the Tristain Academy of Magic," the nearly bald man introduced and bowed respectfully.

"So, mister... er, I'm assuming you are a man?"


"Very well. So, mister... er, forgive me, I have also forgotten to ask for your name," the mage nervously laughed, attempting to lighten the mood with his question.

However, instead of bringing on the familiar's wrath or having him respond with his name, the black armored being simply trembled. Louise noticed as did her teacher. Both Halkeginia Humans saw the summoned man suddenly show a kind of panic, even if it was on a miniscule scale.

"I... do not have-... I do not know... my name, I have had two names; I know not what name is truly mine now."

Louise's eyes grew only slightly as surprise took her. His emotionless voice was now weighed with what seemed to be mourning and regret. Professor Colbert, himself was stunned, but remained silent to allow the grieving warrior to vent himself of his burdening pains.

"I... I apologize, once more," he shamefully claimed, bowing his head down. "It has been much time since I have been burdened with... socialization."

The square mage gave an encouraging smile and lifted up a hand, as if offering something.

"Perhaps," the professor began, "you could use the name you most recently used."

The man in black armor tensed, but looked up nonetheless.

His blank gaze, accented by his black helm and mask showed only a stiffness that seemed accustomed to a quiet veteran.


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