Authors Note: Warnings: Characters (mostly my beloved Snape) are out of character. There are spoilers for the last movie. A few movies are referenced in this (but there are no spoilers for them) Lame humor. Yaoi of course. Oh and don't forget I do not own. Not harry potter or any of the other references to anything. No. I also do not own Severus though I adore him. Onward my ducklings.

I should run. I should have already started running. But I can't move. I'm frozen to this spot. Not literally. But of all the people that could have open the door. I was not expecting a snarky unhygienic Snivilious. I mean what is he even doing here. This is a muggle town. Not that wizards don't live in muggle towns, but from what I gather snarky unhygienic Snivilious' do not. But maybe I was wrong. Not that I have the right to say anything. I am in this town. Well. My dog form is. I hate going back to Black manor, and since the dark lords downfall I admit I've visited 'home' very little.

This isn't even the first time I've used my dog form to beg for food. Normally muggles will freely give away scraps and it keeps me from having to go back home. But to see him here. Well. The building is falling apart, yes it suits him. He's never seen me as a dog and I'm fairly certain that he doesn't know about this form.

Maybe this is his summer dwelling. That would make sense. He kneels down and I can actually see the sunken in skin and how chapped his lips really are. Long fingers scratch my neck.

"You don't seem to have a collar. Were you abandoned?" He's talking more to himself than to me. He stands back up and opens the door wide. Is he trying to get me into his house? No way. Knowing him, he'd chop me up for potion ingredients. His head tilts to the side. "I'm not going to hurt you. Come inside and I'll get you some food." Food does sound good. And anyways, I'm sure I can handle myself against him. I've always been able to.

The inside is just as decaying. But it's clean. The inside is completely muggle. While I am observing my surroundings Snape lays a piece of partially cooked meat in front of me along with some water in a bowl. His fingers touch me again and a part of me debates on growling. But he's not done anything to harm me yet.

"I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to check to make sure that you don't have any injuries. I don't know if you're a stray or just abandoned." He's gone back to talking to himself. He looks different in muggle clothes. His clothes are plain. Dark denim pants and a dark green long sleeve shirt. It's summer. Is this man never hot. "I haven't seen any missing dog signs. But I'll give it a few more days before I decide what to do with you." He half pets my head then leaves me to my food.

Come next semester I will be teaching at Hogwarts, but until then I do not particularly want to go back home. Not that I really want to stay here . And I'm sure that if I asked I could stay with Harry, but he's newly married and I really don't want to bother him. Same with Moony. I miss James. With him around I never felt alone. It wasn't until Snivilious came back that I realized that I was whining loudly.

"I'll take you on a walk. At the very least, I will take care of you until I find your owners. After the walk, we can go by the pet store to get you some supplies." I briefly consider this. Staying with Snape for the time being. Actually this will be brilliant. Pranking him will be just what I need to get me out of this funk. I'll pretend to be a real dog until either the start of next school session or until he gets rid of me. But until then I'm sure I can find loads of dirt on him. I bark happily and he seems to take it as approval.

He seems to have a set destination so I just follow him. Most people didn't look in his direction, but one older lady pulled him from his thoughts and began talking to him.

"Severus, I see that you are back once again. How do you enjoy being a teacher for that boarding school, what did you say you taught again. Science right." He nods quietly.

"It's always eventful." If I could laugh at that then I would. Yes. Hogwarts is always eventful.

"But I wonder how you can have any time for yourself when you are so seldom at home. You are to young to not have a romance." She's waving her finger in his face.

"Ms. Vinny, I hardly see how that is any of your business." She laughs.

"My niece is about your age. She's a real beauty, I do wish you would let me set the two of you up."

"No. No. I do not need to be set up with anyone." She rolls her eyes.

"Since when do you have a dog?"

"I think he was abandoned, or maybe a runaway."

"That's a shame, such an attractive dog too. He needs a bath and to be brushed, but he looks to be a smart breed. Do you know what kind he is?"

"I'm not sure Ms. Vinny. We should be off, but make sure to give my best to your niece. I believe you told me her name was Quin the last time you tried to set us up." She laughs. He walks off before she can stop him again. I walk beside him. He seems almost human with his muggle clothes and small talk.

We aren't walking ten minutes before he stops and sits under this large tree. It's overlooking a lake. In the distance I can see a park and a nice neighborhood. The area is well taken care of. I hear him chant for a short period of time and the field is full of lilies.

"It'll be turned into a parking lot soon. This was our spot. It was the middle ground between our homes. She'd like it to have flowers. While it still can at least." His eyes are closed. I sit next to him. I've only known him to be friends with Lily. "It's been too long. I messed up in a lot of ways, but she was always on my side, even when I didn't deserve it." He shakes the thoughts from his head. He scratches behind my ear and I let him. Who knew he could actually be good for something. His nails are well taken care of and the scraping is relaxing. He lies back down. "You'd be proud of your son Lily. I'll be sure that he knows who you were. He has countless people to tell him about his father, but he needs to know about you." He sighs loudly. "He knows that we were close. He saw my memories, I showed him. But that was when I thought I was going to die. I don't know how to go about talking to him about you."

He sits up again. "You were always good about helping with social interaction. I just don't understand." His fingers grip into his hair. It doesn't look as oily as it normally does. "You aren't alive. I can't keep talking to you like you are. I'm not crazy. A little lonely maybe, but not crazy." He growls loudly then looks at me.

"I'm not crazy." I doubt anyone has seen this side of the old dungeon bat. "The dark lord is gone. Dumbledore is retireing. I'm no longer a spy for either. I'm free. McGonagall is going to be the headmistress, she's training this year under Dumbledore. But her classes are being replaced with Sirius Black." He growls again. "Damn it Lily. Why does he have to be there? Hogwarts is the only real home I've ever had and anytime he's there he makes it hell." He sighs. "I'll handle it for this school year and then quit. I refuse to let others think I'm leaving because of him. I'll just avoid him to the best of my abilities. Worst comes to worst I can create excuses to start taking my meals in my quarters. I'll be okay Lily." I know we never got along, but is my presence that difficult for him. He licks his chapped lips in a nervous way.

"No doubt rumors will spread about that too." He looks tired. "No doubt you'd think me a coward for running from him, but damn it Lily you have to understand." He grunts in frustration. "You're gone. You were all I had, and you're gone. I was never meant to be like this. I was content to just." He clinches his eyes shut. When he looks at me his expression has changed.

"Don't worry boy I'm not crazy, and I won't hurt you. I'll make sure you're taken care of. It'll be good to have something to talk to other than myself." He nods to himself then stands abruptly. "Come on boy, let's go to the pet store to get some things." I follow him taking on my role as pet fairly easily. He does act a lot different when no one is around.

The streets are narrow so I hug against his leg when we walk. In my dog form I'm fairly big. His fingers tips brush my back as we walk. I'm not sure if he notices.

The store is small and most likely family run. They greet him by name when he walks in. He responds back friendly. Is he always friendly with these muggles, or is it because the war is over.

"Ms. Cats, how are you doing today." He addresses a tall stout woman who leans down to pet me. She was stocking shelves before.

"Severus, I wasn't aware that you had a dog." She scratches my ear while smiling up at him.

"He just showed up today actually. I think he may be abandoned or a runaway, he's in too good of condition to have been on the streets for long. I may adopt him if he isn't currently owned." I want to laugh at the thought of Snivilious actually adopting me. "He's intelligent." Well, Snape isn't an idiot at least.

"I haven't heard of a missing dog, but I'll look around for you. I do hope you adopt him, it'll do you good to have some kind of companion." She winks at him. Is she actually flirting with him. She's not unattractive and actually looks genuine. "But how would that work, you're away for so long at that boarding school?"

"The school is fairly relaxed with animals, many of the students have pets. Though dogs are not one of the approved animals I'm sure I could hide him in my room during the day." She pauses for a moment and then they both laugh.

"I remember when you came to ask my mom about how to care for newborn kittens. And you had been hiding them in your room so that your parents wouldn't find out."

"No no, you have that confused. I had the squirrel hidden in my room; the kittens were kept at Lily's."

"That's right. Your parents were always so strict about animals." Snape nods thoughtfully. The silence is thick for a moment. "So you need some things for him. What's his name?"

"To my knowledge he doesn't have one. He wasn't wearing a collar and I'm reluctant to name him if he already has a name. I don't want to confuse him especially if he does have an owner."

"And knowing you, you don't want to get attached. You never change." He rolls his eyes.

"I wouldn't even begin to know how to name something. Me and names have never really gotten along. I'd hate to stick him with something he wouldn't like."

"Just choose a name you like or a name you think suits him. Great thing about dogs, they don't judge." She pets me one last time then grabs a collar and a leash. "Make sure to walk him a lot. I know you don't like leaving the house, but it'll be good for him. And good for you. Do you have a preference for dog food?" Yuck. He shakes his head.

"I'd rather feed him actual meat." She nods.

"That is becoming more and more common. Though it can get on the expensive side. Here's a food and water bowl." The chatter between them is comfortable.

"Should I get him a toy? I admit I know little about animals."

"Some dogs like to play with them, some don't. It's really your call." He looks at the shelf containing all of the toys. His eyes are calculating. No, Snape isn't one to make a choice lightly. He picks two toys and then pays for the total. He puts the collar on me and then the leash. The rest he carries in a plastic bag. The leash is around his wrist.

I've never walked on a leash and I test how stern he is. When I slow down my stride he does to. When I speed up, he matches me again. We walk side by side. As equals. He never yanks the leash or allows me to get ahead of him. As a human we never viewed each other as equals, but now, it feels right.

His fingers effortlessly unleash me. "There you go boy. I'm gonna leave the collar on though." He hooks two fingers between the material and my fur. "Good, it's not too tight." He scratches me softly, a light smile on his face. He looks strange and different without his scowl. "She said to name you something that suits you or a name I like. Even if it's just a temporary thing, you deserve a name. Everyone deserves the respect of being called by their name right." I can't answer. I'm a dog. But I have no doubts he's referring to himself. "Sirius." The name startles me. I'm found out. "That's a good name. And it suits you." His smile is wide and almost cheerful. "I've always liked that name. And it fits." He sits cross legged in front of me.

"A name is a reflection of who you are. The 'Sirius' constellation is the dog star and it's said to be the brightest star in the sky. So that means with a name like Sirius the person is bound to be the brightest person in the room." His cheeks are a light pick. He shakes it away. "And you're a dog, so it's like a play on words. It's a good name." He confirms again. I don't have time to dwell on the new information before he picks me up and brings me to the bathroom.

"Please be a good boy. You really need a b. a.t. h. especially if you're going to be running around inside. I promise to make it fast." The water is run and he tests the temperature multiple times. "Okay Sirius, time for a bath." I debate running just to amuse myself. But he's acting so sincere. All he wants to do is bath me so that he doesn't have a dirty dog in the house. I suppose that wouldn't be the end. "Come here Sirius." I go to him at the use of my first name. I let him lift me into the tub and gently wash the mud from my fur.

His long elegant fingers are magic. Many nasty things can be said about him, but his hands are beautiful. A groan of contentment crosses my muzzle when he scratches a particularly wonderful spot.

"You're such a good boy Sirius. I can't believe an owner would abandon you. But why would you runaway. Were you mistreated?" The bath is over before I'm ready for it to be. He dries me with a fuzzy red and gold towel. Interesting to have Gryffindor colors in a Slytherin's house. After words he runs a brush through my fur a few times. Once he is finished, he lifts his arms high above his head, and sighs loudly at the popping sound.

"We probably have time for a quick one before dinner." He nods to himself. A quick what. I follow him, but he seems accepting of me padding after him. In the sitting room is a small muggle television and a large well-worn sofa. He half tosses a box of tissues on the couch before sifting through dvds. Oh Merlin. Tell me he isn't planning on jacking off. I'm not okay with this. The shirt is taunt over his body. Even fully clothed, he looks naked without his large bulky robes. He looks a lot different than when we were student. He's still very lean and he has few muscles, but he's more comfortable in his movements. And no doubt his body has matured since James and I stripped him in front of half the school. I'm actually curious.

But watching a man- any man jack off is not something I want to see. Especially not a slimy evil big nosed jerk of a Slytherin. But his hair isn't as oily as it normally is. And I doubt an evil person would take in a stray dog. And his nose is only slightly miss-shaped. At least he's still a Slytherin.

"This one's great. You can watch to Sirius. I haven't had someone to watch these with since Lily." He pauses for a moment. He use to watch porn with Lily? He walks over. He takes out the disk and throws the case next to the tissues. I read the title. 'Love Actually' (1) "I know it's a Christmas movie, but I love these kind of movies. Shh it's our secret okay?" He giggles. Yes giggles like a girl. He pats the sofa beside him. "You can sit up here Sirius, were equals. If I can sit somewhere so can you. And you're clean now, so it's fine." I jump up immediately.

The movie is pretty good. Half way through Snape is reaching for the tissues patting at his eyes.

"You stupid jerk, you have a family. How could you just buy that floozy a necklace. You hurt your wife so bad. You have a family for merlin's sake." Tears are flowing freely. It's not even that sad. "You're going to be alone and you're going to regret abandoning someone who loves you. Don't be alone Damn it." He's screaming at the movie. By the end of the movie Snape's eyes are puffy. "Damn I love that movie." He scratches my head. "Did you like it Sirius." He's smiling like he expects me to answer. "I always have to watch movies alone now. Apparently I'm scary and unlikeable. Oh and don't forget, I have no friends." He rolls his eyes. "We should eat." He smiles at me freely. This is comfortable. I can see why Lily was friends with him. I can see why she would protect him so easily. He's never like this around the wizarding world. He must keep himself pretty guarded. For a moment I actually feel like I'm invading something private and personal.

Love Actually is a movie set during Chirsitmas time. It is a great move with many stories that all intertwine together. I choose for Snape to watch this movie because (if you didn't already guess) Alan Rickman (Snape) is also an actor in… dun dun dun… Love Actually…. In fact (Spoilior) the same character Snape is angry at for cheating on his wife… yea… it's him… I had to… and just to make it better the character is named Harry…. Ha ha. Laugh please… I thought it'd be funny.