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Prologue: Welcome to the World

"You can't sell Dreams to

someone who has walked

through Nightmares…"


Haruno Mebuki rolled to her side in an attempt to gain some much needed comfort. It was a vain attempt- her swollen belly just wouldn't grant her reprieve. Her lower back positively ached, and that burning antiseptic smell that always clung to hospitals was starting to make her temples throb. But soon it would all be worth it.

The low creak of her assigned room's door opening caused her hazy blue eyes to dart open. They softened at the sight of her husband, Kizashi, trying to quietly creep in, a cup of steaming coffee clutched in hand. To someone who had been trained like she had, he was about as subtle as an elephant. But she loved him for it.

His brown eyes skirted to her and upon noticing her wakefulness, a guilty grin stretched across his lips. "Sorry to wake you, love."

Mebuki mustered up a tired smile. "You didn't. I can't sleep."

Kizashi dragged the visitor's chair closer to her hospital bed and reached out to tuck a sweaty strand of pale blonde hair behind her ear. "It won't be much longer now. A nurse just told me that they would be in to check on you soon."

Mebuki sighed, but it turned into a grimace as another sharp pain resonated through her core. They were happening more frequently now. "He can't come soon enough."

Kizashi's smile turned playful. "She just wants to make a grand entrance- be fashionably late."

Mubuki's eyes rolled, but her husband's antics had worked. Excitement had replaced the discomfort.

But in that back corner of her mind the small little voice that she had spent the last nine months firmly ignoring was insistent… that maybe, just maybe this baby was…No, what were the chances? It couldn't be… She stared into her husband's eyes and tried for the millionth time to cast away her fears.

The door abruptly swung open, spilling copious amounts of unnaturally bright light, ending their moment. An aging nurse with a kind smile faced them.

"Well, soon to be mommy, how are you feeling?"

"Good so far."

The nurse's grin grew. "I'm just going to take a quick look and then we will see if the little one wants to get the show on the road."

Mebuki closed her eyes tried to ignore the cold press of the nurse's probing fingers. Everything would be fine…everything would work out…

Her eyes opened as the nurse straightened up. "It looks like you are about to meet the new member of your family! You're fully dilated. I'm going to go fetch Fukui- sensei."

Kizashi kissed her forehead and whispered his love into her temple. Her heart felt like it was bursting.

His lips left the moment the doctor; a stern woman who didn't waste any time, barged in.

And then Kizashi was holding her hand as waves upon waves of pain descended upon her. Mebuki was no stranger to pain. As a jounin of Konoha she had experienced almost every form of it- especially with the war. But this was a whole different kind of pain. And after what seemed like an eternity of pushing, a new set of cries joined her symphony of them.

"It's a girl," Fukui- sensei announced and Kizashi crowed triumphantly.

Mebuki had never felt more exhausted in her life- even when she had suffered from chakra exhaustion. But she managed to keep her eyes open to watch as the nurse cleaned and swaddled her daughter. And her heart sped up as the nurse finally approached, offering her the little bundle. She could feel Kizashi's nervous excitement as she reached for her daughter.

But when she had finally settled the babe in her arms and gazed down at her, she felt her heart drop. It was like time itself had stopped as her eyes took in every aspect of her newborn.

Mebuki's breath caught in her throat as her husband leaned over to get a closer look at the little bundle. And dread burned in her stomach as she felt the exact moment his excitement turned into confusion. And when she finally mustered up the courage to look into her husband's eyes all she could see reflected back was rage.

Because on the newest Haruno's tiny little head was a tuft of bright pink hair. And that sealed the newborn's fate.

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