Breathing made it worse, not breathing made it even worse. He didn't know what to do. He was helpless. Never in his 175 years of living had Damon Salvatore ever felt helpless. Lost? Yes. Betrayed? Yes. Confused? Many times. Helpless? Never. Darkness surrounded him, and this time it wasn't metaphorically. It was real. No matter how much he tried to convince himself that this wasn't real, and that someone will come for him, he knew it wasn't true. No one was coming for him, and deep down, deep in his hidden humanity itching to come out, and explode inside of him he felt like he kind of deserved this, that he was all alone and this is what he will have to do for punishment for all his sins, for the rest of his never ending eternity. As his eyes shut, and his breathing stopped for what felt like the 100th time, he let his body go limp and let a tear escape, and he knew that his humanity has finally scraped it's way through his broken, and disoriented layers of despair, and found it's way out and that's when he realized that this was just the start.

Stefan sat at the Mystic grill with the rest of the crew watching the sunset with Elena in his arms. Just like he wanted to live. No supernatural drama. Just a normal life with the love of his life. He looked around to see Jeremy and Bonnie sitting together talking and laughing, and Tyler and Caroline playing pool while Alaric sat at the bar by himself, and Matt cleaned the tables. Stefan signed at the sight of Alaric. He was so alone. Although Elena tried to hook him up with someone he still couldn't help but brood all days long. Without Damon gone he had no one to talk to.


Now that's another story. Damon left because of Elena choosing Stefan, and Stefan felt terrible but he knew that his brother needed a few days alone. Although he was slightly worried about his brother and did try to contact him, he knew that this was just Damon acting out as always and that he will come back sooner or later.

"What are you thinking about?" Elena's voice broke him out of his thoughts.

"Nothing... Just things." Elena sighed.

"I know you miss Damon and, I know you are worried about him." Elena said running Stefan's shoulder. Stefan sighed and nodded his head.

"But I think he should be fine." Stefan said trying to convince himself more that trying to convince Elena.

"Well I definitely don't miss him." They heard a chirpy voice from the back and turned around to see Caroline. She sat down in front of them. "He was the pain of my existence!" Everyone heard the little pinch in her voice that made is sound like a squeal. It happened every time she was going to say something mean or make a point. "Good thing you cheated on him Elena!" Caroline yelled and Elena shrunk down with guilt.

"Caroline!" Bonnie hissed from behind.

"I am just saying!" Caroline said. "If you want to kill a guy, just kill him with a stake instead of playing with his emotions. Damon and I aren't best of friends but I think everyone deserves better than that." Elena and Stefan looked full of guilt. "Anyways, I am going to go to the poor guy who has no one to talk to." Caroline pointed at Alaric.

Caroline smiled as she went towards Alaric. She sat next to him and he sighed. "Look I don't need babysitting!" He spat.

"I am not here to babysit I am here to check up on a friend." Caroline said and put a hand on his hand. "Tell me what's going on. You look wrecked."

"Thanks just what a man wants to hear." Alaric said as he took a sip of his bourbon. Caroline rolled her eyes, and gave him a pointed look. Alaric took a deep breath. "I have been having visions..." Alaric said. "Visions of Damon." Alaric finally finished and the whole gang quickly came towards them.

"What kind of visions?" Bonnie said genuinely concerned about the dark haired vampire. No matter how much she wanted to hate Damon, she ended up becoming close friends with him. The idea of him not being here is not even imaginable. "It's basically Damon calling for help and that's it. The rest is a little blurry. It's been happening every night! I need to know what's going on with him!" Alaric yelled frustrated.

"I should've known! Damon wouldn't leave without a phone call or something." Stefan said as he put a hand on his face and Elena tried to comfort him.

Alaric rolled his eyes at them. "Cut the crap you two. If you really cared about him you wouldn't be spending every second of the 6 months that Damon has been gone practically glued to each other lost in la la land. Do you even remember who he was and how many times he saved your life practically putting himself in the hands of death!" Alaric took another sip of his bourbon as he glared at the two.

"They might just be nightmares." Elena addressed with determination ignoring Alaric comment.

"No I am pretty sure they are visions." They all turned to Bonnie. "I have been having them too." She announced to the already shocked group. "I thought it was just because I was missing him but now that Alaric's been having them too... I think this might be something more than that. I think Damon might be in serious trouble."

And with that statement said all hell went loose in the "peaceful" town of Mystic Falls.

He's not sure how long it's been. 2 days, 2 months, 2 years. It doesn't matter. It seems like the time will never end, and the torture will never end. He couldn't breath. He knows there is no way out, but he tried anyways. So the first thing he does when his eyes open is bang nonstop on the coffin that seems to be trapping him, and slowly killing him as the water makes it's way violently into his body, making him panic, and feel vulnerable. He tries to breath, and slowly his lungs fill with water, and he goes into a slumber which he was grateful for. It would end the torture for a few minutes. He told himself each time he woke up and felt water fill up his body. He hoped someone would come for him. He didn't want to spend all of eternity here. Although, he had to think twice about that, and this scared him. What did he even look forward to if he got out of here.

The girl who he loves, yet he will never get, or the brother that he taught how to walk, who has betrayed him uncountable times, yet is always forgiven.

Damon's eyes opened once again, and, as soon as it did he started panicking ,and started banging on the coffin moving his head side to side he felt wetness on his face that he knew was not from the water.

This was his sorrow. He was drowning in his own sorrow, and no one will save him from it. No one.

Not his brother, not his best friend, not his allies...

Not even himself.

That was the last time Damon tried to get out of the coffin. The next time his eyes opened, he let the water make it's way inside his lungs.

He stayed still, letting his insides burn, letting his body shut down, letting himself die once again.