Jetta's Story:

The Joint Concert

Written by Lady Dashie Sparkle

I am in the music room at my house waiting for the other Misfits to arrive. The music room was just a 2nd bedroom with blue floor and the walls are white. It is the most quiet place in the whole house. I am working on my sax. My hair is blowing with a fan I have on the floor.

Then I heard a knock at the front door. I left the music room to answer the door. It was Pizzazz and Roxy at the door. Roxy found the couch and crashed on it. Pizzazz just looked around. "What's up, Yank?" I asked her. "Nice place you got here, Jetta! She replied. "We should have a house warming party." Roxy added, trying to be nice. I kind of liked it. "We can set it up later." Pizzazz said.

"Ok, lets get down to business. Who wants to sign with Starlight Music?" I asked the other Misfits. "I do!" Roxy said. "I don't know yet!" Pizzazz yelled. "Well I do! I said. "Jerrica has been very nice to us since the truce." I continued.

The television droned in the background as they continued to talk.
"Once again, Eric Raymond is back in jail," the news anchor reported, "Once again caught embezzling and selling drugs. Let that be a lesson, crime doesnt pay."

I overheard the news report. "When will Eric ever learn?" I asked the group. "Eric Raymond is a joke." Pizzazz added. "He is the main reason why we hated Jem and her band."

The doorbell rang and I left to go answer it. "Coming." I called out. I open the door for Stormer. She is always late to these gatherings. We are supose to be playing a concert with The Holograms to show the public that the Misfits and the Holograms are now friends.

"Do you guys know who the opening act is?" Stormer asked. "I think that band The Theatrics is." Pizzazz answered her. "Did you hear the news, Stormer?" I asked Stormer. "What news, Jetta?" Stormer answered. "Eric Raymond is back in jail. "Pizzazz interruptly said. "AGAIN!" Stormer said.