Thrasher's Story:


Written by Starchild Potter

Thrasher sat at the table. He turned away the waiter as he was waiting for someone. Thrasher was young and handsome looking, flawless complexion, had one golden hoop in his left ear, he had taken his makeup off before he headed out. He was tall and muscular from years of working out. He had piercing blue eyes and long dark hair too.
Before he was a musician, he was a roadie for The Limp Lizards. At the time he had had a relationship with the lead singer. She got him the job. Eventually they went their separate ways and remained friends. The Theatrics toured with The Limp Lizards from time to time.
As he sat there, he saw Jetta walked in. She was looking around for any sign of the person that called her. Thrasher waved his hand to get her attention. Jetta walked over to him.
"Are you the one that called?" she asked.
"Yes," said Thrasher, "I am Thrasher, lead vocalist of The Theatrics."
"I remember you guys," said Jetta, "You guys sing alot of good songs, though they're covers mostly."
"Everyone needs to start somewhere," said Thrasher.
Jetta chuckled.
"True," she said.
"Have you eaten yet?," asked Thrasher.
Jetta shook her head.
"Look through the menu and let me know," said Thrasher.
Jetta smiled.
"Ok," she said.
She opened the menu and looked through. After awhile, she decided. Jetta order a burger with some fries and a sodapop. Thrasher ordered a steak with mashed potatoes and a sodapop. They were eating and talking. At some point Thrasher pointed at her ring.
"That is a big ring," said Thrasher, "Cool looking at that."
"Family ring," she said.
"I figured as much," he said.
Jetta stopped in mid chew of her burger.
"What do you mean?" she asked.
Thrasher turned his hand so that she could see his ring. It looked the same.
"Where did you get that?" asked Jetta.
"You are Sheila Burns yes?" asked Thrasher.
Jetta almost dropped her burger.
"How did you know that?" she asked.
"Doth the Crow have a familiar face...Big Sister?" asked Thrasher.
Jetta's eyes widened at that nickname.
"J-Johnny?" she asked.
Thrasher smiled.
"It's been awhile," he said.
Jetta left her chair and hugged him tight trying not to cry.
"Where the hell did you go off to?" she said, "Mom and dad went out of their minds."
Thrasher sighed.
"I wanted to teach them a lesson," he said, "But I screwed up...I didnt have enough money to get back. I dont even know if they live in the same area anymore."
"They still live in London," said Jetta.
"I will get them a letter ASAP then," said Thrasher.
"So I see you got to be a rockstar like you wanted," said Jetta.
"Not immediately," said Thrasher, "Was performing in the streets for cash until I met The Limp Lizards at one of the Open Mic Nights. They said they needed a Roadie and tech. So I stepped up. Kinda had a relationship with their lead vocalist too."
Jetta nodded.
"Eventually, I saved enough cash," said Thrasher, "I seperated from them but remained friends. I started my own band, playing clubs and such. This opening act could be our big break."
"So what made you think to contact me?" asked Jetta.
"You looked very familiar," said Thrasher, "Plus your ring gave it away."
"Sharp eyes as always," said Jetta.
"So you're a Misfit?" asked Thrasher.
"Yes," said Jetta.
"What are they like?" asked Thrasher.
"Well Pizazz, is bossy at times but she's ok, Roxy is a bit of hardhead, but not too bad," said Jetta, "Stormer is the nice one, such a sweetheart. Very quiet too."
Thrasher chuckled.
"I think Pizzazz is cute," he said.
Jetta laughed.
"Good luck with that," said Jetta.
"Huh?" asked Thrasher.
"Ever since she found out Riot wasn't attracted to her," said Jetta, "She completely shut down."
Thrasher smiled.
"Maybe I can show her that love still exists," he said.
Jetta laughed.
"Always a bit of Romeo as usual," said Jetta.
"Hey, you forget mom is a sap too," said Thrasher.
"Wait until I tell them who I found," laughed Jetta.
"They'll be surprised for sure," said Thrasher.
"Indeed," said Jetta.
"So tell me," said Thrasher, "I happen to have time off at this moment. If you're not doing anything, could introduce me to the band?"
"Sure," said Jetta, "But lets finish our food, Im still hungry."
Thrasher laughed.
"Yeah all right," he said.
They continued eating untile their meals were polished off and then Thrasher paid the check. Jetta had taken a taxi to get here. Luckily Thrasher rode his motorcycle over. He happened to have a spare helmet so he let Jetta climb on the bike behind him. He roared the egine to life and then they drove off...