Dragon Heart, a Story of Dragons

This is set a week after the events of the second film, which ended with Hiccup and Toothless defeating Drago Bludvist. Drago returned home, but found that not everything was staying the same.

It was a beautiful morning in the Caliban Cliffs, 76 nautical miles south of Berk. Skylar, a former inhabitant of the tribe which lived there, was waiting for Drago Bludvist to return with the Dragons. Suddenly, he landed on his Bewilderbeast, and noticed that someone else was in his normal place as ruler of the cliffs.

Drago: 'You...'

Skylar: 'Are taking your throne. I trust you got the Dragons?'

Drago: 'Not quite.'

Skylar: 'What do you mean by not quite? It's a perfectly simple question.'

Drago: 'I… was defeated.'

Skylar: 'What- by the other Bewilderbeast? You didn't think to beware of another Bewilderbeast? Geez- I thought you were good.'

Drago: 'No- by a young Viking kid.'

Skylar: 'What- the blonde girl? Fearless Finn's girl?'

Drago: 'No- the leader of them. He rode upon a Night-Fury.'

Skylar: 'You can't get the staff these days. Your court is not very impressed, nor am I. Court, everyone who thinks that Drago should have his Bewilderbeast taken off of him and he should be thrown into the darkest dungeon on this island, raise your hands." About ¾ of the court raised their hands. "Good. Guards, take him out of my sight immediately. His mighty beast belongs to me now.'

Drago: 'What? You cannot take my Dragon off of me Skylar.'

Skylar: 'Remember that the Bewilderbeast didn't belong to you in the first place. It is a right of being the chief of the cliffs. A right which you no longer deserve- you are a disgrace to our society. Get him down to the cells- I will decide on a punishment for his failiure at a later date. I have a special guest coming soon- I expect Drago to be out of my sight by the time he arrives.'

Drago: 'Don't do this you ungrateful child.'

Skylar: 'Goodbye old man.'The former leader of the tribe was then removed, shouting and screaming just as the young man's guest landed on his Thunderdrum.

Servant: 'Sire, your guest is here.'

Skylar: 'Show him in- we have business to discuss.'

He then strolled in. His name was Dagur… Dagur the Deranged. 'Why hello there Dagur.'

Dagur: 'I'll cut to the chase- why did you want to speak to me old friend?'

Skylar: 'I'm sure you remember all the times that you tried and failed to take Hiccup's Night-Fury.'

Dagur: 'Don't remind me- I have literally tried everything that doesn't involve hurting him, and plenty of things that do involve hurting him. But that's in the past now- I won't harm my brother anymore.'

Skylar: 'I'm aware you have made peace. But this is your chance at redemption. Also, you and Hiccup probably are unrelated.'

Dagur: 'Excuse me, but if you're going to give me a lecture, please may I take a seat?'

Skylar: 'Guards, get Dagur the best chair we have. Other than mine.' They then brought one in. 'Right- I have a plan to let you gain the Night Fury, and the crown of Berk.'

Dagur: 'You really want my help?'

Skylar: 'Of course. I know many people, but few do I know better than you- we've been drinking partners for as long as I've been drinking, and that's a very long time. You're the man for this job, with your belief that brute force and ignorance wins battles.'

Dagur: 'You know what you're doing?'

Skylar: 'Why do you think I've been away for so long. Apart from the fact that I was banished for being even more deranged than you.'

Dagur: 'Really- you're starting that again?'

Skylar: 'Just answer the question, arguing can wait.'

Dagur: 'Hmm- Dagur the Deranged, chief of the Berserker tribe and of Berk... fine- I'm in.'

Skylar: 'Good. Now your problem is you're not focused on the right person. We do not target Mr. Horrendus Haddock III.'

Dagur: 'Why?'

Skylar: 'He has a special weakness.'

Dagur: 'Take advantage then.'

Skylar: 'His weakness is his heart.'

Dagur: 'Shoot him there then.'

Skylar: 'I'm not going to do that- you miss the point old friend. His weakness is his heart- he cares too much.'

Dagur: 'You mean target his bird.'

Skylar: 'That's right- Fearless Finn's girl.'

Dagur: 'I'm listening.' He then talked Dagur through the details of the plan, dumbing down each detail.

That day in particular, the sun was shining, and Berk was beautiful. The sea glistened under the baking sun, and the blinding light was refracting off of the mountaintops. The rocks shone as if they had been polished thoroughly. But the conspiring warmates weren't there for sightseeing purposes.

Dagur started the plan by flying over over Berk with his Thunderdrum (which he called Shattermaster 2.0). Meanwhile, I was lurking nearby with the Bewilderbeast that I'd taken off of Drago. Dagur was quickly noticed by the Dragon Riders, who were on a training mission.

Dagur: 'I've come for my Night-Fury.'

Hiccup: 'Not this again.'

Dagur: 'Hiccup- how are you my brother?'

Hiccup: 'We're not brothers.'

Astrid: 'He'd rather have Snotlout as a brother.'

Snotlout: 'Thanks Astrid.'

Astrid: 'That wasn't a compliment.'

Dagur: 'Aww, Hiccup's girlfriend coming to his aid.'

Hiccup: 'Shut up Dagur.'

Dagur: 'No seriously- she loves you so. Pity she's delusional.'

Hiccup: 'Seriously? You're calling her delusional? Have you looked in the mirror recently? Have you realised that you're called Dagur the Deranged?'

Dagur: 'Aww, sticking up for her now. Give me your Night-Fury and I'll leave you alone brother.'

Hiccup: 'We're not brothers, and I'm not giving you anything. Apart from a Plasma Blast from Toothless if you don't leave us alone.'

Dagur: 'Pity that. Now my Dragon, blow them away.' Shattermaster 2.0 then released a massive Sonic Blast, which had Snotlout and Fishlegs holding onto the bottom of their dragons.

Astrid: 'Stormfly, single spine shot.' Stormfly then released a spine shot that Dagur pulled away from. He then turned tail, with Astrid flying after him. 'This is it- he's not getting any more chances. In the name of Berk, I will take him out of our lives once and for all.'

Hiccup: 'Don't do anything stupid Astrid.'

Astrid: 'Trust me on this one.' She then smiled at Hiccup, and flew after Dagur, and Skylar set off from his lookout perch, his Bewilderbeast flying at top speed to keep up with the nimble Nadder. As the young, blonde Viking started to accelerate past him again, Skylar got her attention.

Skylar: 'Hey you, over here.' She then looked around, and I threw the cylindrical probe at her, and it stuck to the back of her neck.

Astrid: 'What's that? And where did you get that Bewilderbeast from? Are you with Drago?' She then tried ripping the probe off, but it wouldn't come off, sticking as if it was being held by glue.

Skylar: 'Now my Dragon, take what's mine.' My Bewilderbeast then roared, controlling Stormfly's mind, and the probe released a pheremone that affected Astrid as well."

Astrid: 'Wha… what's happening to me? I can't think straight, and I'm feeling woozy.' She then heard Stormfly's struggling. 'Stay… stay strong girl.' As the probe pulsated blue, she began to lose consciousness. 'I... help me Hiccup.'

Dagur: 'Nobody can help you now.'

Astrid: 'Dagur… I'm going… to kill you. Just… you' Astrid then lost consciousness mid-sentence, and Stormfly was free to follow the Bewilderbeast back, with no guidance from her rider.

Skylar: 'Good job Dagur.'

Dagur: 'I nearly died.'

Skylar: 'Not the first time I'm sure- practically a hobby of yours by now.'

Dagur: 'I want my Night-Fury.'

Skylar: 'I know, and you'll get it. Now fly behind her to make sure the probe stays on. Should do, but can't be too careful.'

Dagur: 'Why is this probe so important?'

Skylar: 'I'll explain later- take too long now.'

Dagur: 'Why do you bother with plans- I don't.'

Skylar: 'Look how far that got you. If you want the Night Fury, follow me.'

When they got back to the cliffs, Astrid was still unconscious. Skylar locked Stormfly in a cell (still under the power of the Bewilderbeast), and retrieved Stormfly's saddle for Astrid to use as a pillow, before lying her down on the cold hard ground and creating the perfect conditions for her spell to grow by blocking out all light from her cell, leaving only the darkness. The conspiring Vikings then had a little talk.

Dagur: 'So why exactly is she unconscious?'

Skylar: 'Trust me, you wouldn't understand. You simply don't have the mental capacity.'

Dagur: 'Try me.'

Skylar: 'The probe released a special pheremone. This pheremone created an effect in her brain that knocked her unconscious. Also, it will plant a little seed- a seed that will slowly make her obey me as if I am the Bewilderbeast and she is merely a helpless Dragon. Understand?'

Dagur: 'No.'

Skylar: 'Big surprise there. It'll be easier to show you tomorrow. Take my word for it, she will be ripe for reprogramming in the morning, she'll be completely evil.'

Dagur: 'I don't like waiting for surprises.'

Skylar: 'Well you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see my plan in action.'

Dagur: 'When do I get my Night-Fury?'

Skylar: 'Sooner the better- might shut you up.'

Dagur: 'Better had be soon.' Skylar then pulled out a long, thin sword and pointed it at the Berserker's neck.

Skylar: 'The more you shout, the worse things will get. Got it?'

Dagur: 'Yeah. Let's go to bed- there's more work to do in the morning, I'm sure.' They then went to bed for the night, leaving Astrid and Stormfly in their respective prisons.

The next day, Dagur and Skylar, and Astrid was on her knees, eyes half-closed.

Skylar: 'Hi Astrid.'

Astrid: 'Where am I?'

Skylar: 'You are on a remote island. Astrid, you are loyal to us. Hiccup turned on you; they turfed you out of the Dragon Riders. We took you in. Now arise and obey.' The Bewilderbeast then roared the same message at her and Stormfly, and she stood up, barely able to stand.

Skylar: 'Let's go Astrid.'

Astrid: 'Yes my liege.' They then left.

Skylar: 'Dagur, you know your sister Heather?'

Dagur: 'Should do- she is my sister, after all. Where did you hear?'

Skylar: A friend mentioned it. Anyway- you know where she is?'

Dagur: 'I know she hangs out around Dragon Edge a lot when she's not ruling territory with me.'

Skylar: 'Astrid, take us to the Dragon Edge area.'

Astrid: 'Dragon Edge, yes.' The hypnotised viking then flew off on Stormfly, with Skylar and Dagur behind her. It was a beautiful day, which Astrid would have loved. But she was mindless, her pretty braid shimmering in the light, but quickly losing all sense of herself. She was being brainwashed.

Dagur: 'Why are you wearing a piece of leather as a shirt Skylar?'

Skylar: 'Don't agree with wearing Dragon Skin. Do you understand what this probe does now?'

Dagur: 'Yeah, but is she going to keep it on for eternity?'

Skylar: 'No- after a week, the bewilderbeast and me will be able to control her anyway. Should be able to anyway- I've never actually done this before, but'

Dagur: 'Do I get my Night-Fury?'

Skylar: 'If you don't stop asking, I'll order Astrid and Stormfly to impale you on the nearest cliff. Remember- they obey me, not you. Isn't that right Astrid?'

Astrid: 'Yes my liege.'

Dagur: 'I'll take a rain check on that.' Skylar was clearly being entertained and impressed. He felt it was beautiful listening to Astrid like this, struggling yet empty. 'You're awfully quiet at the moment.'

Skylar: 'Yeah- just thinking. I know what effects my probe should have, and this isn't adding up?'

Dagur: 'What isn't?' Just then, Astrid seemed to come back to her senses.

Astrid: 'This probe… what am I doing here?'

Skylar: 'Astrid, what's wrong?'

Astrid: 'Hey, aren't you the guy from yesterday? And Dagur, I told you'

Skylar: 'Do you want me to be honest with you?'

Astrid: 'It'd be a start.'

Skylar: 'I'm brainwashing you. That probe, the one on the back of your pretty little neck, it releases a pheromone.'

Astrid: 'Is that what the Bewilderbeast's for?'

Skylar: 'Yes. You will become a brainwashed slave. After that, you will help us take over Berk.'

Astrid: 'I wouldn't… betray him like that.'

Skylar: 'Of course, being brainwashed, you won't see it as betrayal. You're simply doing what you're told to do.'

Astrid: 'Why me though?'

Skylar: 'You're the best of the lot. You belie your gender's frail reputation. The other Dragon Riders, they have weakness. Snotlout'

Astrid: 'He's an idiot.'

Skylar: 'He's too impulsive. What about those twins, what were they called now, Rutt and Tutt?' Astrid laughed at that comment.

Astrid: 'It's Ruffnut and Tuffnut.'

Skylar: 'They are unbelieveably unreliable. You couldn't give them a role and expect them to do it.'

Astrid: 'Trust me, I know.'

Skylar: 'Then we get to Fishlegs. He has knowledge, which is a powerful weapon… when used correctly. However, he's more of a lover than a fighter. He's not the soldier that I desire. Then we get to Hiccup.'

Astrid: 'You do realise I'm his second in command?'

Skylar: 'Being born into a royal family is a dubious honour. It's difficult if you're not ready. I'll give him credit for being a fantastic soldier. And he is a stable-minded leader as well.'

Astrid: 'The kind of leader you can tell anything to. That's the kind of leader I always imagined myself to be.'

Skylar: 'Exactly. I don't doubt how suitable Mr. Horrendus Haddock III is. But I do doubt whether he is as good as you. He has made himself a fantastic soldier. But there's a difference between becoming a fantastic warrior and having warrior's blood in your body. That's why I chose you Astrid Hofferson.'

Astrid: 'I kinda get it now. I just can't imagine you as the kind of guy to do… well, all this' Astrid hinted, while nodding at her chains.

Skylar: 'Precautions. Just incase my plan didn't work, I thought I'd better have a plan b. Never can be too careful.'

Dagur: 'Can we get on with things?' Stormfly then fired a spine at Dagur's throat.

Astrid: 'Do you mind? We're having a mature talk here.'

Skylar: 'Stormfly's under full control from my Bewilderbeast though. How did you get her to do that?'

Astrid: 'It's a nerve kinda thang. I just press on a certain nerve. I could get used to this actually.'

Skylar: 'Get used to what?'

Astrid: 'To this, to the free life. One of my ancestors was a nomad. It's how we ended up on Berk. Question for you now.'

Skylar: 'Fire away.'

Astrid: 'Why've you got Drago's Bewilderbeast?'

Skylar: 'Please don't freak out.'

Astrid: 'What, so what you say could make me freak out when being told you tried to brainwash me to betray my boyfriend didn't?'

Skylar: 'It might when you hear it.'

Astrid: 'Trust me, when you've heard some of the crap I've heard, you're prepared for anything.'

Skylar: 'Well'

Dagur: 'His father is Drago BLudvist! Surprise!'

Astrid: 'Drago is your father?' Skylar then turned around to Dagur, and threw his hair back, before producing two daggers.

Skylar: 'Dagur, I am this close to leaving you with more holes than the Caliban Cliffs. Astrid, let me explain.'

Astrid: 'Explain what? That your dad tried to kill all of us. That your dad killed our chieftain and my father-in-law?'

Skylar: 'My dad is now imprisoned deep in the cliffs. I can take you to see him if you want.'

Astrid: 'Who imprisoned him?'

Skylar: 'Me. His courtiers voted me in and him out. Trust me, I'm nothing like him. Actually, why am I justifying myself to you? I can take control of'

Astrid: 'Do it.'

Skylar: 'I do not like being interrupted.'

Astrid: 'I'm telling you. I'm offering myself up to you for your cause. Take me now, otherwise I will destroy you both here and now.'

Skylar: 'Let me get to the probe first.' Astrid then untied her plait, and threw her blonde hair (which stretched down beyond the boundary of her legs and her bottom) over her head. Skylar then turned the probe's setting up, and Astrid was quickly overcome by the power emanating from the mechanical meanace.

Dagur: 'That went well.'

Skylar: 'The fact you're my friend is the only reason you're still alive. You came this close to screwing it all up. From now on, leave it to me.'

Dagur: 'I tend to prefer the shorter, don't take 5 weeks over it strategy myself. You had to tell her at sometime.'

Skylar: 'Could have put it a little gentler for starters. We'll sort this out.' The three of them then flew off. Half an hour later, they found Heather, not on Dragon Edge, but on Berserker Island.

Heather: 'Oh, hey Astrid, what's up? You ok actually? You look kinda tired.'

Dagur: 'Sister.'

Heather: 'You said that you'd only be a few hours. That was 2 days ago. Hey, you must be Skylar- Dagur mentioned you.'

Astrid: 'We want to show you something.'

Heather: 'Sure. You sure you're ok? Up all night again eh?'

Astrid: 'Yes.' The 4 of them then flew off. As Heather and Windshear took the lead, Skylar seized the opportunity.

Skylar: 'Stormfly, single spine shot.' Stormfly then knocked Heather off of her Dragon. 'Stormfly, retrieve. Astrid, catch Heather.' Stormfly then dove down towards Heather, and Astrid caught her hair, still looking completely blank

Heather: 'What's up with you Astrid?'

Skylar: 'Astrid, put this on her.' I then threw Astrid another probe, and she placed it on Heather's forehead, knocking her out almost instantly. 'Astrid, let's go.'

Astrid: 'Yes.' We then went again, with Astrid looking extremely guilty. That would soon change.

Dagur: 'How many probes do you have?'

Skylar: 'Only one more. But, I only need one more.'

Dagur: 'Any plans for it?'

Skylar: 'Of course. I am nothing if not prepared with plans.'

Dagur: 'Might have known. Go on.'

Skylar: 'We need the Book of Dragons as well. And we need knowledge of dragons. For that, we need Fishlegs.'

Dagur: 'How are we'

Skylar: 'Astrid.' I then flew next to Astrid. 'Astrid, we're going back to Caliban Cliffs.'

Astrid: 'Yes my liege.' We then flew back there.

Point of View: Hiccup

By 11pm, Astrid hadn't returned, and I was getting worried.

Hiccup: 'Right- first thing tomorrow morning... no- now, we send out a search party for her. 40 strong.'

Snotlout: 'She'll be fine.'

Hiccup: 'How do you know that? We've barely seen her in the past 2 days.'

Snotlout: 'I know Astrid- she's probably camped out on Dragon Edge, or having a girly sleepover on Berserker Island while planning defences. You know, the stuff she enjoys.'

Hiccup: 'And if she's not?'

Snotlout: 'I agree with the search party, but it can wait until morning- in this light, we'll never find her. I hate to say it, but at the moment, it's a waste of resources.'

Hiccup: 'Good point, but we need to do something.'

Ruffnut: 'We do need to do something. Something that will test us to our limits... we need to try eating raw yak.'

Tuffnut: 'Absolutely- I suggest we try that immediately.' They then headbutted each other, knocking each other out.

Hiccup: 'The things I have to put up with...'

Point of View: Skylar

That night, I sat down with Astrid and let her hair down before starting to brush it out and rebraid it (a bonding process).

Skylar: 'Astrid, you and me are a team.'

Astrid: 'We are?'

Skylar: 'You don't need anyone to make you stronger Astrid.'

Astrid: 'I don't?'

Skylar: 'No- you don't. You are strong'

Astrid: 'I am... strong?'

Skylar: 'Indeed- very strong. You want to lead your own squadron, your own community.'

Astrid: 'Lead... I wish to lead...'

Skylar: 'You wish to join us forever.'

Astrid: 'Yes- I do.' I then finished with her hair (2 braids, one on each side), and showed her a large ruby.

Skylar: 'This is the Dragon Heart. You will take this and it will empower you. Empower you to follow my will. And once we have Fishlegs and all the Dragons, then we'll deal with Dagur- he will not take our throne. You will one day see the true value of this. But the value of it now is you can see yourself- mindless, an empty vessel. But we can change that.'

Astrid: 'I wish to be... queen.' Her eyes then returned to normal. 'I always wished to be chieftain. He doesn't understand that.'

Skylar: 'With the power of the Dragon Heart, you will be absolute. You will be queen of all you survey.'

Astrid: 'I will obey my liege. It is the way.'

The next morning, I met up with Dagur and Heather, with Astrid staying in the shadows.

Skylar: 'Dagur, come here.'

Dagur: 'You can't boss me around like Astrid.' Astrid then came out, wearing a new leather headband and polished silver armour, her twin braids barely moving.

Skylar: 'Dagur, Heather, meet my queen- Queen Astrid Hofferson.' Heather got on one knee and bowed down to her.

Heather: 'My queen, how may I serve you?' She then gave an arrogant look, clearly completely brainwashed.

Astrid: 'Today, we take the Book of Dragons. We also recruit Fishlegs. Today is the start of a new era- the era of Astrid.'

Dagur: 'I liked you better when you were unconscious.'

Astrid: 'Be careful what you say- I am a queen now. One wrong move and'

Skylar: 'Calm down Astrid- we deal with that later. Let's fly off- there's work to do.' We then flew off for Berk.

It took about 6 hours to get there. When we got there, we formulated a plan. 'Astrid, you will go down there and tell them you're back having got rid of Dagur for good.'

Astrid: 'I will.' Her and Stormfly then landed, as I kept an eye on her, and Dagur and Heather kept back.

Dagur: 'What is up with her?'

Skylar: 'Her brain is getting more and more infected. She's now thinking exactly how I want her to think rather than thinking for herself. Soon she'll be the all new Astrid. And believe me- you won't recognise her… nor will Hiccup.' When Astrid landed, Hiccup ran up to her.

Hiccup: "Astrid- I've been so worried about you, we all have- what happened?'

Astrid: 'Sorry Hiccup- I've dealt with Dagur once and for all.'

Hiccup: 'Really? How?'

Astrid: 'Me and Stormfly chased him to the edge of the archipelago and scared him with spine shots. I told him that if he ever puts a finger into the archipelago again, he'll be imprisoned for the rest of his life or 1000000 years- whichever lasts longer.'

Hiccup: 'Astrid, that's brilliant- you're brilliant.'

Astrid: 'I know.'

Hiccup: 'So, what took you so long?'

Astrid: "Do you know how long it takes to get to the end of the archipelago? Besides- I met Heather on the way back. She was pleased about me getting rid of Dagur. Who wouldn't be thankful I did that? Let's face it- he's an idiot. Isn't it about time you took a holiday?'

Hiccup:'Why would I want a holiday? Listen, you want to come to mine tonight? Mum's cooking like a woman possessed since she got back.'

Astrid: 'Sure. Do you happen to know where Fishlegs is? And what do you think to erecting a statue of me in the centre of town? Naming the village hall after me would do.'

Hiccup: 'A statue? Naming rights? What's up with you Astrid- normally you wouldn't even want us talking about the subject. You'd be more interested in sorting out massive towers to stop invaders.'

Astrid: 'So what? Come on- I deserve it for basically single-handedly saving the whole of Berk. What were you doing again? Oh, that's right- you were here, goofing off.'

Hiccup: 'Really? That's what you think of me?'

Astrid: 'Do you even know where Fishlegs is?'

Hiccup: 'Yeah- he went out about half an hour ago. I think he said he was going back to Dark Deep to check on the Gronckles that he helped rescue.'

Astrid: 'Great- I'll be back later. Smell ya later.' Astrid then got on Stormfly, but Hiccup stopped her flying away.

Hiccup: 'He'll be back soon- why don't you stay a while? You had me worried last night, and I got a load of chicken for Stormfly. Thought she might be hungry."

Astrid: 'Filled her up on the way back. Laters.'

Hiccup: 'Come on- you've just got back.' She then tried to fly off on Stormfly, but Hiccup wouldn't let her.

Astrid: 'Get off of me you freak.'

Hiccup: 'Please stay Astrid- you've just got back- we've been out searching for you. We had a 40 strong search party patrolling the entire night.'

Astrid: 'But.'

Hiccup: 'No buts- just stay.' Astrid then kicked Hiccup off of her leg.

Astrid: 'I'm going to see Fishlegs- I found out something new about Razorwhips and I figured he'd want to know. Don't even think of following me, I don't want a stalker. Oh, and you and me? We're through.' She then flew off, and after a well-mannered amount of time, I followed her.

Skylar: 'Plan's all going well so far.' She just smiled.

Astrid: 'I'm quite enjoying being a queen. I can do whatever I like now.' When we approached Dark Deep, she started wing-walking on top of Stormfly, and then leapt off of Stormfly, landing on her feet right next to Fishlegs, and creating a dust cloud.

Fishlegs: 'Astrid- Hiccup's been'

Astrid: 'I know- I've had the full Haddock lecture. I wanted to show you something Heather gave me.'

Fishlegs: 'Heather?'

Astrid: 'Yeah- met her on the way back into the archipelago after driving off Dagur. Really long and not interesting story.' She then passed Fishlegs the probe.

Fishlegs: 'What is this?'

Astrid: 'She said she got it after raiding a Dragon Hunter ship. Said that if you stick it on the back of your neck, then you become able to speak to your Dragons on a whole new level. Fancy giving it a go?'

Fishlegs: 'Sure.' Astrid then stuck it on the back of Fishlegs' neck. As he bent down to try and test it out, Astrid gave me the thumbs up and the Bewilderbeast did its thing, controlling him and Meatlug within seconds.

Astrid: 'Fishlegs, let's go.' We then all went and went back to Dragons Edge. When we did, we put Fishlegs and Meatlug in cells, and Astrid gave me an idea. "You know, he used to call himself Thor Bonecrusher when he was accidentally hypnotised once. He really had the hots for me. Let's make that his new identity.'

Skylar: 'Good idea.'

Astrid: 'Sounds better than Fishlegs Ingerman. Am I allowed to do this one?'

Skylar: 'Sure- as long as you have the Dragon Heart, you'll be able to tap into the power of the Bewilderbeast when it's nearby.' She then went to work.

Astrid: 'Fishlegs, from now on, your name will no longer be Fishlegs Ingerman, it will be Thor Bonecrusher. You will be a ruthless warrior, able to take down any opponent in battle, with incredible endurance. Fishlegs is your slave name; you don't want to go back to that. You are my sworn protector.'

She then came back. 'Is it going to work?'

Skylar: "Of course it is. How about when we take all the Dragons, us two live at Dragon Edge?"

Astrid: 'Yeah- sounds good.'

Skylar: 'Good- glad we're in agreement. Now all we need to do is leave him for a couple of days, then we'll be ready for the big finale.'

Astrid: 'Can't wait to see the looks on their faces.'

Dagur: 'Why did that effect Fishlegs so easily?'

Skylar: 'It's affect not effect. And Fishlegs' will is a lot weaker than Astrid's seemingly.'

Meanwhile, back on Berk:

Hiccup: 'Right everybody, stop messing around. Astrid's gone missing again, and this time, Fishlegs has gone as well. We're sending out an 80 strong search party."

Snotlout: '80? That's like nearly all of Berk's security. Where were they again?'

Hiccup: 'Snotlout, I've been through this. Fishlegs was on Dark Deep checking up on those Gronckles he saved, and Astrid flew off in that direction, saying she had something she wanted to tell Fishlegs about Razorwings.'

Snotlout: 'Acting strangely? Like she wanted to get away?'

Hiccup: 'Yeah- she couldn't wait to get going. She even missed spending time with me- we're that close, and she doesn't even bother to come? Something isn't right, and I don't like it. She was saying something about a statue, naming the village hall after her, that sounds nothing like her.'

Snotlout: 'Isn't it obvious then?'

Hiccup: 'Is it?'

Snotlout: 'Yeah- acting strangely, vanishing for days without a trace, ignoring you, trying to get away, it all makes sense.' Snotlout then whispered his idea into Hiccup's ear.

Hiccup: 'Snotlout, that is disgusting. She wouldn't do that.'

Ruffnut: 'She would… wait- what wouldn't she do?'

Tuffnut: 'What Snotlout just said to him.'

Ruffnut:"Oh right, makes sense now. So if she has done what Snotlout said to him, how do we prove that she's done what Snotlout said to him?'

Snotlout: 'Covert operations.'

Ruffnut: 'What- that yellow liquid thing you have on cake?' Snotlout then thumped Ruffnut on the helmet, hurting his own hand.

Snotlout: 'Covert, not custard dumbass. Look what you made me do to my hand!'

Hiccup: 'Snotlout, you have Hookfang- he couldn't hide behind a mountain, never mind some rocks in Dark Deep.'

Snotlout: 'Never said me. If you want to find out, you need to see it yourself.'

Hiccup: 'Do I have back-up?'

Snotlout: 'Sure- not like I have anything better to do today than see your relationship go down the pan.'

Hiccup: 'Great. Twins, you in?'

Ruffnut: 'In what- custard?'

Hiccup: 'Are you coming to help me?'

Ruffnut: "Sure- whatever you want help with. Hey- what does he want help with?"

Tuffnut: "I don't know, sounds fun though." They then head-butted each other again, knocking each other out.

Hiccup: "With those two, I sometimes feel like running away. Right- let's go. While I keep an eye on them, you lot stay back." They then flew off to Dark Deep (including Ruffnut and Tuffnut when they eventually came to again) to try and find Astrid and Fishlegs. Thankfully, by the time they'd set off, we were already in Dragon's Edge, and they didn't find us.

A couple of days later, we set off to complete our plan, with Heather flying in front of myself and Astrid, then Thor Bonecrusher, and then Dagur.

Astrid: Right- the plan is'

Dagur: 'We get me my Night-Fury.' Astrid then turned around on Stormfly and fired a warning shot of spines at Dagur. 'Watch it- you nearly took my head off there.'

Astrid: 'If you say one more word, I will take your head off. And then I'll present it on a spear to your entire Berserker clan. Understood?'

Dagur: 'Let's not be too hasty now, let's destroy Hiccup instead.'

Skylar: 'Astrid, you can deal with him later.'

Astrid: 'Of course. Just to check- the Bewilderbeast won't cause problems for Stormfly?'

Skylar: 'No- she's doing what we want her to anyway. Got your axe?'

Astrid: 'Especially sharpened to make sure the plan comes to fruition. We will take over.'

Skylar: 'Thor, you know what to do?'

Thor: 'If they cause us problems, we destroy them. I won't let them harm the queen.'

Astrid; 'Heather, you ok there?'

Heather: 'I see Berk. 30⁰ north.'

Astrid: 'Good job Heather. Everybody, swoop down.'

Dagur: "Let me guess- you want me to act as a decoy?'

Astrid: 'No Dagur- we want you to keep out of our way.'

Dagur: 'Why?'

Skylar: 'Because it's been proven that you are incapable of executing a plan properly, and you're not exactly the brightest. Astrid is going to go ahead along with Heather.' Astrid and Heather then landed, right in front of the Dragon Academy.

Hiccup: 'Astrid- what's been wrong with you lately?"

Astrid: 'Shut up- this is an invasion. Give us all your dragons voluntarily, or we will take them by force.'

Heather: 'We are the hunters- you are our prey. Queen Astrid requires my help, I will do that for her.'

Hiccup: 'Queen Astrid, invasion, what is this- a joke?' Hiccup then went to touch Astrid, but she kicked his hand away, and just stood, chest out, steely determination lighting up her eyes.

Astrid: 'You wish. I am a queen now, and we're taking all of your dragons. Including Toothless. He deserves much better than you anyway. As do I!'

Hiccup: 'Listen to me- see sense.'

Astrid: 'I only listen to the mighty Bewilderbeast. It broadcasts it's thoughts to me, it empowers me at the cost of my mind. So I have to become a queen.' She then laughed as I made an appearance on the Bewilderbeast.

Hiccup: 'Astrid? What the hell has happened to you? And who are you?'

Skylar: 'The name's Skylar. Remember Drago? Well I'm the one who hired him. But, he was unable to get the job done, because he let his ego cloud his judgement. I will not do the same.'

Astrid: 'I am a queen now- with Stormfly by my side, and a Bewilderbeast to call upon, I will reign victorious. Stormfly, show him what I mean.' Stormfly then shot out several spines, one of which bounced wildly off of Hiccup's riding armour. Snotlout then came in.

Snotlout: 'Leave this to me Hiccup- it's about to get HOT in here.'

Hiccup: 'Snotlout- you're helping me?'

Snotlout: 'I'm not just doing it for you. I don't care that she's our mate- she's threatening Berk. Hookfang- flame her.' Hookfang then released a jet of flame, but Fishlegs… I mean Thor and Metalug, got in the way to protect Astrid.

Snotlout: 'Fishlegs?'

Bonecrusher: "My name is Thor Bonecrusher. Fishlegs is my slave name given to me by my former capturs in the so called "Dragon Riders". And you tried to hurt Queen Astrid- that is a crime we cannot forgive. Meatlug, spew." Meatlug spewed lava from her mouth, but it didn't affect Hookfang much.

Heather: 'Windshear, your turn.' Windshear fired multiple spines at Hookfang, but the Nightmare flew above them. Dagur then turned up.

Skylar: 'Are you deaf as well as stupid?'

Dagur: 'I don't see much killing going on.'

Snotlout: 'Dagur- you're working with Dagur?'

Astrid: 'Not for much longer. Stormfly, single spine shot at Dagur.' Stormfly spun around and knocked Dagur off of his Thunderdrum, with him landing hard on a cliff-face.

Hiccup: 'What was all of that?'

Astrid: 'He was working with us. But we used him. Don't pretend you didn't enjoy seeing what I just did to him.'

Hiccup: 'Right- you asked for it. Come on bud- Plasma blast.' Toothless went to give Astrid a plasma blast, but the Bewilderbeast stopped it by roaring, distracting Toothless.

Skylar: 'Remember- all must listen to the alpha.' Toothless wouldn't listen to the bewilderbeast though.

Hiccup: 'Sorry, but looks like you imprisoned Drago too hastily- he didn't get to tell you that Toothless has become an Alpha as well. And an Alpha cannot control another Alpha. But as you said, all must listen to the alpha. Toothless, Alpha Roar.'

Astrid: 'Right- everyone retreat! This isn't over Hiccup- this is not over yet.' Just as we flew away, we were stopped by a cloaked figure atop a Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare.

Skylar: 'And who might you be? The Joker? Masked Avenger?'

Cloaked Figure: 'I might ask you the same thing if I did not know you young Skylar Bludvist.'

Hiccup: 'Bludvist?' Astrid then moved in front.

Astrid: 'Whoever you are, get out of my way.'

Cloaked Figure: "Astrid, you've grown a lot.'

Astrid: "Who are you- I don't know you. Do you always chat young girls up like this?' He then took his cloak off.

Hiccup: 'No way- could it be?'

Skylar: 'Astrid, is that who I'

Astrid: 'It is... he's back... no more fears.'

Mystery Figure: 'Hello Astrid, long time no see.'

Astrid: 'If it isn't my very own Uncle- Fearless Finn Hofferson.

How will Astrid react to meeting Uncle Finn? Will the Dragon Riders go after Fishlegs and Astrid to get them back?

Coming soon to a fanfiction website near you…. Dragon Heart, Part II!