Lara Jean tucked the letter back into its envelope before storing the prized possession in her hat box. Peter's promise to write her a note every single day had never been broken, even when they came to a decision to forget their contracts and navigate their relationships with their hearts. Peter might not have the words of a poet but he loved like one. Everyday he found a new way to make her feel precious.

Getting out of bed, the petite young woman took the hat box and placed it back in her closet, although she knew that if she wanted to keep her private things to herself that she should move it before Kitty came looking for her daily entertainment. Well, that would have to wait. There were things to do and people to meet. Lara Jean still had to get ready for her date with Peter and that meant convincing Kitty to do her hair and makeup…but first her outfit needed to be laid out- accessories and all. She set about choosing the perfect dress.

A giggle escaped before Lara Jean even realized she was giddy but this was the first time they would be able to see each other in over a month. While Lara Jean cherished the memory of her late mother she couldn't help but think her advice to Margot had been ill spoken. Yes, her sister had been 'that girl' who had spent a portion of her freshman year at college crying over her boyfriend, but the way Lara Jean saw it, that had been due to her sister and a self fulfilling prophecy. Lara Jean had decided that true love was worth the risk. As it was, Margot had ended things with Josh and still ended up crying over him. If Lara Jean was going to cry then she wanted the time that came before it and she wasn't going to forfeit one fight or kiss to preserve her heart. She and Peter had agreed that they would rather let each other break their hearts then to break their own.

As such, they both attended different colleges and has only skyped until now. It was fall break and they would spend all weekend together. Lara wanted everything perfect. This one weekend would be their only chance to see each other until Thanksgiving. One weekend a month until winter break was just not enough, she thought as she settled down to begin her manicure. She couldn't wait to hold him and kiss him and in less than two hours she could.