Cameron Hastings shut down his Wi-Fi connection when he heard Kaila padding around upstairs in his Skyline Apartments suite; as good as the news he just received from Daniel Hastings, Prince of Vancouver was there was no need to concern her with it or with its significance. The message itself was in fact good news; it meant that despite being 'cut off' from Hastings support by the Patriarch of the Hastings line Ezekiel, Prince of San Francisco, he was still very much a part of the line through Daniel, his Grandsire. It also suggested that by and large it was believed that Daniel and Ezekiel were not a part of the same Dynasty. This ruse was developed some time ago for exactly the kind of circumstance that Xavier Vega attempted to create six months ago. All this meant that the Hastings Line, their dynasty, and their control of the West Coast of North America were as strong as ever. That was all very good news; but it was not the best part of the message.

The best part, in Cameron's mind, was the fact that according to Daniel, his biggest problem was that much closer to being solved. Six months ago, a coven of Followers of Set attempted to set up an elaborate trap for a traitor amongst their own; the renowned criminal and enemy to just about all who had even a shred of sanity, Khemintiri. Part of the scheme that Setite scumbag Alejandro attempted to set up involved stealing Cameron's heart in order to coerce him into cooperating with the Serpents. As far as anyone knew, the trap was a failure and the Red Listed criminal never even appeared. The Setites were vanquished by the formation of a Camarilla Domain in Los Angeles, and Alejandro was destroyed. The problem Cameron had was this; his heart was still missing. The news Daniel gave him stood a very good chance of changing all that. Apparently, Khemintiri did indeed know the sarcophagus was a fake and that its appearance in the City of Angels was a trap; but she came anyway, for reasons known only to her. Chances were good, Daniel wrote, she may be still be in hiding in LA somewhere. Not only that, but there was a specialist coming to the city to hunt her down.

As Kaila continued to primp and preen herself, Cameron began to formulate a plan. Apparently this Alastor was a very young, though surprisingly talented Nosferatu. That was good for the Seneschal, he had good relations with a few of the Sewer Rats, and hooks in several others; including access to Jeanette's leash on Bertram if need be. Even better, this young, talented Nosferatu was fiercely loyal to the Ivory Tower. That meant even though he was a Nossie and could very well be here already, it would not be long before he sought acknowledgement from the Prince for the duration of his investigation. Cameron's plan was to wait for him to show up, approve his acknowledgement, and then encourage him that the wisest thing would be to bring this criminal to him personally for interrogation. Traitor or not, she was still a Setite, and therefore likely knew how to find what he needed back. Since she was a traitor, she may even help him willingly if he was willing to keep her from being destroyed outright...

"There you are!" Kaila called from the bottom of the stairs; her stealth always impressed him. He was certain she was still fussing over herself in the mirror and did not hear her coming down. All that time dancing had made her extremely agile. She passed by the fish tank and glanced at the fish for just a moment. That reminded Cameron that he had to feed them. Sometimes he missed Heather; she was always very handy at taking care of such menial tasks. Finally she glided towards him. "I thought you had taken off to that Hotel of yours."

"Not tonight" he replied. "I'm sure Ezra can handle affairs there. I was just taking care of a couple minor issues before starting my night."

"If you ask me," Kaila said, leaning to kiss him on the cheek, "you work much too hard; it's good that you allow your ghoul attend to the hotel. What minor issues, if I may ask."

Cameron grinned. "It's nothing you need to worry about, my dear."

She slinked onto his lap, straddling him. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she moaned softly. Cameron could not stop his affection for her from welling up inside of him. Even with his heart someplace else, it was as if it was warming up just from her caress.

"Tell me anyway," she whispered, "please?"

Their eyes interlocked. Cameron could feel his resolve melting away; he knew he shouldn't tell her, but found he so desperately wanted to, if only to please her.

"Have you heard of the Kindred named Khemintiri?" he asked.

"Of course," Kaila said. "She's one of those Setites. She's quite infamous; one of the ones on the Red List isn't she?"

"Yes" Cameron confirmed. "I just received word from an associate in Vancouver that she either was recently or still is right here in Los Angeles; right under our noses."

A look of fright passed across Kaila's face. "Oh my!" she squealed. "That sounds dangerous! What do we do?"

"Not to worry, my dear," Cameron reassured her. "I have also received word that a Nosferatu is coming to hunt her down. I'm told he's very good at this sort of thing."

Kaila shivered. "When will he be here?" She asked, clearly getting nervous.

"He's a Nosferatu." Cameron replied. "For all we know he could be here now. I do fully expect that he will seek acknowledgement before long; he's apparently fiercely loyal to the Tower."

"Well, that's a relief." She sighed. After a long glance into his eyes, she kissed his forehead and got up, making her way to the front door. "Just knowing that makes me feel a little safer about going to dance at Keeper Velvet's Club. You'll be happy to know she has agreed quite readily to allow me to reserve my work to dancing only."

That did please him. He didn't mind men looking at her, but the idea of other men touching her made his blood begin to boil. He smiled and waved as she left, once again finding himself stunned at how completely smitten he was with her.

Things were going well for Cameron Hastings these nights, even with those ridiculous government establishments popping up everywhere; not only did he have the Gangrel on the case to find his heart, but now he had a specialist Nosferatu on the way...