The only light was from a lone candle, resting in a corner of the cavern's depths and casting an eerie glow on the silhouettes of two figures. One sat on his throne of a rock, anxiety etched across his features. The other stayed below, the candlelight making soft waves around his dark ebony hair. Inuyasha stood stock still, eyes locked on his Master before him, face set in an uncomforted expression at the silence upon his arrival. Finally, the Master spoke. "Well done Inuyasha. The Angel of Light has finally come to..retirement, should we say, thanks to your efforts. You shall be rewarded." Inuyasha fidgeted. It was odd, in a way. The Master never rewarded anyone. Inuyasha nodded his head as the Master tapped his staff and stated something in a foreign tongue. His eyes shot wide open as a weird sensation took place.

Kurai watched in amusement as the human flinched. The black slowly drained from his hair, replaced with a silver that made a brilliant contrast against the dark cavernous lair. Two fluffed white ears replaced what was normal human, causing Inuyasha's expression change from terrified to amazed. The ears twitched. He opened his mouth to say something, then suddenly cringed again, as a pair of ebony double wings made their appearance from his shoulder blades. " it done?" Inuyasha whispered quietly, drawing himself up to full height once more. Kurai flashed a pair of fangs towards him, a dark grin barely seen in the darkness.

"Indeed." Inuyasha grinned with equal wickedness, bringing a clawed hand up and examining it. "I like this, Master." Kurai tapped his fingers on the side of the chair, making soft clicking noises echo throughout the cavern. "Good, good...I have an assignment for you, my Angel of Darkness."

"So, what are your plans for tonite, Kagome-chan?" Sango called to her friend as they raced down the steps to the noise of the school's final bell. Kagome paused, tapping a finger on the side of her cheek with a thoughtful expression. "I don't know." she finally stated simply. Sango snorted and gave her a chuck on the shoulder. "Did you forget that easily? Remember? Kouga's party!" Kagome, looking stunned, gave herself a smack to the forehead. "How could I forget?" Sango laughed. "Don't worry." she said with a smile. "We're picking you up at six, so you can't forget!" Kagome groaned.

Inuyasha grumbled, shoving his hands in his pockets. The people littering the streets kept giving odd looks to his clothing. If only they knew what I REALLY looked like now.." he thought with a light smirk. The hanyou remembered the Master's words upon his departure. "You will stay like this until the full moon rises. That is tonight. By then, you will have killed her..and every new moon, you will be human once more. I cannot completely remove your bloodline." The scene faded to a new one, this time of the child's description he was sent to take every last drop of life from. "The child's name is Kagome Higurashi. She is the new Angel of Light, destined from birth, and her blood will take effect soon, now that the Light has no owner...we brought this. Kill her." the scene went on to explain the description of the victim. Inuyasha continued walking, gazing out into space as people jostled past him. How would he find her? Suddenly, he felt something soft knock into him.

Kagome mumbled angrily to herself, striding down the sidewalk. SHE was forgetful, but Sango, her best friend, was much worse. "How could they?" she hissed, clenching two fists together in anger. The girl was so deep in contempt for her friends that she didn't notice the dark haired stranger nearby, until they crashed into each other. "S-sorry.." Kagome stuttered quickly.

Inuyasha growled deep in his throat and knocked the girl away. "Clumsy oaf!" he muttered, pushing past the girl. She looked shocked. "Nice to meet you too, baka." The girl folded her arms, cross when he didn't answer. "I'M TALKING TO YOU!" Inuyasha whirled around and glared coldly at the female, annoyed she wouldn't give up. "Feh." he mumbled when the girl glared right back. Wait a second! It was impossible...but the description matched perfectly! This WAS the Angel of Light! Inuyasha blinked in shock, giving up his determined stature for a few moments of time. He moved closer, grabbing the girl by the arm. "Didn't you say you had a party to go to?"

Kagome jumped a little. "P-party? Yuh...yes, I was going to a..." she faltered, remembering. "I'm going to be late!" the girl yelped, just realizing her predicament. "Can I come?" the boy asked, his voice emotionless, carefully disguised from her. Kagome gave him a curious look, but then decided not to ask. "Sure.."

~~~~~at the party~~~~~

Sango took a glance at her watch, nervously. Kagome-chan should have been here by now! She averted her gaze just in time to see Miroku get tackled to the floor by one of her friends at school, who now had her hands wrapped around the hentai's throat as he struggled to get free and get closer at the same time. Which was quite difficult. She laughed quietly and looked down at the watch again, as the handle struck the 8:00 mark. Two hours late..

Suddenly, the door to the house shot open. Everyone from the party turned to see Kagome stumble inside, looking ticked off. "SAAANGO!!!" she roared, glaring around. Sango gulped nervously, the silence that had befallen the party suddenly disturbed by a loud SMACK from her other friend's hand connecting with Miroku's head.

"You were supposed to pick me up!" Kagome continued, pointing accusingly at her best friend. Sango backed up a little. "I didn't mean to, honest!" Then she noticed someone standing a little ways away, outside. "Hey, who's that?"

Inuyasha looked up coldly. Why couldn't he be left alone? The girl, Kagome, answered for him. "Someone I met, he took me to the party!" she announced proudly, smiling at him. Inuyasha felt sick under all the stares he was given. "Oooooooh!" all the girls squealed simultaneously, staring with wide eyes. "Kagome!" gasped Sango. "You finally got a BOY to take you to a PARTY!" Kagome growled. She still hadn't forgotten. Miroku, in the meantime, had wiggled free and was slipping behind Kagome..

"HANDS OFF!" Inuyasha snapped, shoving Miroku out the door and closing it. Disaster averted. Kagome looked over one shoulder in a confused way. "What happened?" He shrugged dully and glanced off to the side. Kagome grabbed Inuyasha by the hand and led the poor struggling Angel of Darkness out into the middle of the party. "OI! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" he barked, trying to tug his way back to the door where the clock was. By midnight the girl would have to be dead..if possible..

Kagome grinned at him, pulling the other way. "You're going to go over here and talk to me, buddy!" she yelled over the loud music. It was a real struggle to converse with anyone. Inuyasha gave up and let her drag him across the room. "Stupid human girl.." he mumbled darkly. Kagome finally let go of his hand. He rubbed it, glaring murderously at the girl, and finally started up conversation. "What do you want?" Kagome sighed, walking in front of him and smiling slightly. "What's your name?" she asked curiously. The Angel of Darkness raised a questioning eyebrow. That was it? "Inuyasha." he replied coolly, as if it were no big deal. Kagome gave him a little room, backing up a few feet. "In-u-ya-sha..." the girl repeated, trying the name out. "Ok! Just wanted to know!" Inuyasha poked his head over her shoulder, attempting to get a clear view of the clock. "Dear kami...its almost midnight!"

Kagome yelped as the boy 'Inuyasha' grabbed her around the arm firmly and had a try at pulling her to the door. "Come..on!" he grunted. "Why?!" she whined, jerking her arm free. The boy growled deeply, a very inhuman noise. That startled her enough for Inuyasha to pull her roughly through the double doors decking the entrance to the party. Once outside, Kagome gasped. Wow...a full moon...wasn't that romantic of this kid? A feather brushed past her cheek, disturbed by the wind. She giggled and rested her head on Inuyasha's shoulder. Amazing...he took her out on a full moon? Really, love at first sight? Kagome looked up at the boy's face, wondering if he was just planning to get rid of her, and instead..

"EYAAAAAAAAAA!" Miroku jumped up at the sound of an ear piercing scream from the house's front. He ran, skidding to a halt on the lawn in front of the mansion. There stood Kagome, backed against the wall, cornered like a helpless rabbit against a wolf. The other person was hidden beneath a cloak of darkness that spread around and fanned out in a shape almost like wings.

Miroku did the only thing he could do. He dashed up the steps and tackled the person to the ground. Glancing down, his worst fears were confirmed. The poor boy had a flash of crimson eyes, light from the porch playing on two elongated fangs, before he was tossed aside.

"Now.." Inuyasha snarled, leaping down lightly with his wings spread out to their full extent, a smile crossing his expression as the final hour began for the Angel of Light. "It's time for you to die."


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