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"I've come.." he said quietly, the panic inside the mansion from the girl getting more furious by the moment. Inuyasha could just hear her screams..right now. He approached the house, the bitter cold of night was barely noticable, when an aura of spirit power radiated from inside. DAMN! She's panicking..I won't be able to win this way...Inuyasha narrowed his eyes at the house, frustrated. "Feh. What does it matter? I can kill a simple human girl!" he growled, digging his claws into his hand. With a boost of arrogance, the Angel outstretched his wings once more, then dove for one of the mansion's support pillars. An INEXPERIENCED Angel wouldn't survive a cave in, now would she?

Kagome stared at her friends, who had dashed off a couple seconds before. "What's wrong, you guys!?" she heard herself saying, though her mind was in devestation. He's here! He's here! I'm going to die....but there was one part of the story she didn't know..

The Angel of Darkness lashed out at a nearby pillar, silent laughter ringing in his ears. Beneath his claws, the pillar had no mark. Then the stone slid from its post, loud crunches in the air, and the mansion's side, supportless, sank in on itself with a flurry of dust and cracking wood. The mansion itself flattened to the ground in a racket of ear piercing screams, collapsing stone and destroyed wood, the entire expanse in ruins. She's dead, he silently told himself. But Inuyasha wasn't so sure. Something definitely...Light, was still lingering.

Kagome's POV:

They didn't believe me. Within minutes it was all over. The roof shattered from above our heads, raining splintered wood and plaster throughout the building. All I could hear was mine and my friend's screams as the mansion collapsed around us. This was a new feeling. I needed revenge. Then it was over. Ruins. My friends were nowhere in sight. Lifting myself from the painful position under the wreckage. I noticed a dark silouhette against the stars and the full moon. Then I heard it. Laughing. It was Inuyasha..I trusted him...I trusted him..

"Angel of Light." a soft voice tickled my ear, fluid and comforting. "This is the Angel of Darkness, you see. He doesn't know how to love. Don't kill him. Teach him. You will have fulfilled your duty also.."

Then it was gone. Angel of Light? Inuyasha had mentioned that. I don't know how I got the strength to steer my body away from the ruins, away from my friends, but I did. Concentration. I was busy..in...discovery, I should call it, and I didn't notice the change. A feeling of knowingness came over, then Inuyasha's yells. I didn't know what had happened, but I did it. I did it...and then darkness overcame me..

Inuyasha's POV:

It was such a good feeling. The Angel of Light was dead, lying under those ruins below. I laughed. I couldn't help it. Destruction. Heh, it was the only thing I loved. An unearthly glow caught my attention. The girl I was hoping to kill, was standing there with detirmenation with every inch of her body. Two snowy white wings were spread out behind her, a thin slash of white on each cheek, and the glow was coming from her. Before I could finish her off, I was dropping from the sky. My wings were failing, disappearing. The ground was coming..coming.........

Sango cried out in pain, in an attempt to lift herself from beneath the wreckage of her home. Bits of plaster stung her eyes. What happened? A low moan from nearby alerted her attention. Forgetting the pain piercing her back, Sango dashed over and knocked a wooden beam away from the area she had heard the noise. Miroku! "You're alive!" she yelped, pulling him out from under all the debris. "What happened?" Miroku mumbled, looking dazed. "I don't...KAGOME!" Sango suddenly cried out, staring ahead onto the lawn area. She watched as her friend flashed a violant white, then collapsed to the ground in a flurry of snowy feathers. She'd ask about that, later..then something dropped out of the sky beside her, only a small crashing sound ripping through the air and a puff of smoke from broken plaster signaled it. "You go check that out.." she whispered to Miroku. He nodded, for once not taking advantage to get a few more 'relations', and raced off. Sango watched him leave, then stumbled off in Kagome's direction. "K-kagome?" The girl didn't move, the sight of blood dripping down one cheek made Sango wince. "I'm here..don't worry.." Sango whispered, pulling her up and into her arms. "We'll get you to a hospital, don't worry." she repeated into Kagome's unhearing ears.

Miroku carefully picked his way over the scattered form of the landscape, eyes trained on that one spot. Sango must have gotten to Kagome by now, she was much more able on ground like this. "Agh!" he yelped, stumbling over a pile of debris. Cursing quietly, Miroku finally came across the area, a small cleared spot. He dropped to the ground to search, and it wasn't long. He gasped.



Sango turned around, Miroku's yell echoing in her mind. "Miroku? What is it??" she shouted back, careful not to move Kagome while doing so. "Its Inuyasha!" the reply came from only a little ways down. "I'm coming!"


Inuyasha moaned. It hurt...what had happened? He blinked, hearing voices nearby, and then winced at the bright light that stung at his eyes. Where was this? Someone's face came into view. "Good, your awake!" Sango exclaimed, straightening up again. "Kagome isn't up yet.." Miroku whispered, eying Inuyasha nervously. He still didn't trust the Angel, especially after he was almost killed by the 'winged freak' tried to kill him for interfering. Inuyasha growled deep in his throat, backing away from Sango and smashing into the wall. Sango rolled her eyes. "The doctor's coming." she remarked, turning to Kagome's bedside. Inuyasha narrowed his eyes down into slits of violet and glanced over at Kagome. It was a sad sight. The raven haired girl was lain unconcious on the bed, wings drooped over the sides and her face a battlefield of blood. She must have gotten badly hurt from the collapse, he thought gratefully, and passed out. Suddenly, it became too much of an effort to stay awake. It was all too much. He slid back down, into comfortable darkness.

Kagome's eyelids fluttered open. "Huh? Where am I?" she mumbled drowsily, rubbing her eyes. "Ssshhh, don't do that." the doctor said to her, sitting in the corner with a notepad in hand. "Where am I?" Kagome gasped, sitting upright. "OW!" The pain had just made its mark. She winced and wiped her face, horrified when the back of her hand turned out crimson and the pain worsened. "You're going to be alright!" came a voice from the other side of the room. Kagome looked over, surprised. "SANGO! YOUR ALIVE!" she cried in complete amazement. Then something else alerted her. She wasn't alone. Kagome's eyes widened; she edged to the corner of her bed. Inuyasha. "Why's he here?" she growled demandingly, eyes trained on the bed nearby in terror and hatred. Miroku sighed, for the first time speaking up. "He was hurt too; we had to help. He was awake earlier." Kagome blinked in utter confusion, realizing something. "Where are his wings? And claws? And fangs? He's just..normal?"