I couldn't stop thinking about this couple while I was watching the movie so I just decided to let my imagination run wild and free, and I was thinking of making this one-shot for another fandom, but the ideas led me to them and I couldn't stop, so I hope you enjoy it.

I would settle it a few time before the four of them were sent to Auradon, also this isn't my first story, but it is the first one that I write of them, so don't hate me that much :)

(And just to mention that English isn't my first language, so please be nice).

I have feelings

I wake up right before my alarm clock decides to harmonize the whole house with its unsubtle at all sound, but today I don't do it because of the startle that strikes me most of the mornings, this time is because mom decided to get up early and talk to the stuffed thing hanging around her neck while I hear her coming and going forth and back on the hallway outside my room, grunting and also dropping loud laughter, forgetting entirely about me and that I went to sleep almost at three of the morning for fulfilling another of her long lists of orders.

Disadvantage of a mother… I don't know how to call her, so I'll just say that she's 'different': the stuffed thing has more privileges than me, whichever I can think of that thing has it first.

I force myself to get up and take a dramatically short shower because the hot water supply isn't and never will be the best that we'll have on the Isle of the Lost. I look at myself in the mirror when I end up getting dressed, and I can swear that freckle on the bridge of my nose wasn't there yesterday, but there are so many of them that I shouldn't stop to think about how many shows per day.

While I quickly go down the stairs, avoiding tripping over some of the long pieces of furry fabric that mom decided to left lying there on the staircase, I can feel that I'm in the middle of a weird good spirit, strange thing if I reconsider for a moment the kind of things that I had to live, where do I live and with who I live, adding that I should be hurrying up to go to 'school', which means reaching considerably late to a substantially empty classroom and listen to some teacher's nonsenses that ultimately will give up and also will leave the building while I look out the window to those who decided to ditch out school and prefer to burn rubbish bins or do any other form of vandalism. We're the children of villains any way, they can't hold us back.

But anyway I just simply can't name exactly the reason why I'm feeling like this today.

When I set a foot in the kitchen I can see mom giving to that stuffed thing a piece of raw meat, like if it really were going to eat it. I roll my eyes and walk to one of the cabinets, I take the first thing I can find with my touch and when I look at what I could find I can't help but frown.

Oatmeal cookies never seemed to me a good breakfast, at least not without accompanying them with something else, but if I think that they're close to their expiration date and that surely the fridge is empty then I choose to not be so demanding.

People in Auradon should have food that isn't close to reaching its expiration date along with lots and lots of stored food in cabinets, refrigerators, cupboards, etc. I can't imagine what it would be to live in there, surrounded by good, friendly and warm people, who will surely show affection and place their hands on the shoulders of those people who are needed of a little encouragement to keep going on.

Also… dogs, Auradon must have hundreds of thousands of dogs wandering around. They should know that at any time they all will turn against them and will not hesitate to rip out their throats with their sharp fangs and claws that would kill whoever in there with a simple movement.

Horrible, simply horrible.

"I hope you did the orders I asked you to, Carlos" she says, barely looking up a bit to make sure I'm here.

"All are made, mom" she gets tense at that moment and moves her free hand to reach for something in the pockets of her furry coat. «Screw it with the good spirit», I internalize while giving a bite to one of the cookies.

"It's good you mention that, because I have some more for you" she walks closer out of nowhere and stretches her hand so suddenly that I almost feel a slap on my face. It wouldn't be the first time, and neither will be the last one.

I open my left eye before kind of sigh of relief and lower my guard when I see a piece of paper at the end of her stretching hand, which she moves strongly for me to take it at that moment.

When I unfold it I can see lots of things that I have to do when I come back home, which goes from scrubbing floors (which I did yesterday), laundry (which I also did yesterday) and all the household chores that surely the mothers and some occasional fathers of Auradon are dedicated to make while their children are in school or doing anything else that good people do.

And all that it's culminating in that, the worst job in the world: foot massage and pedicure, and it almost seems to be highlighted in thick black letters, written by the hand of a maniac of sewing, skinning animals and turn them supposedly on the last thing of fashion.

"But I made most of all this stuff yesterday, mom" I say, folding the paper and sliding it into one of the back pockets of my shorts. I finish up with the cookie and before I can take the next one her hand knocks then down mercilessly to the dirty floor.


"Don't be insolent with me, Carlos, I'm your mother and you have to do what I command you to" her gaze finds mine and she looks at me in a way so fixed that it might be a good competition for the green eyes of Madame Maleficent.

"But mo-…".

And there it is, that slap that I've been waiting for finally decides to make its stellar appearance, sending a jolt of pain all over my right cheek while I also can feel that some of the vertebrae in my neck are cracking by the almost superhuman strength she has in her hands.

I dare to look at into the eyes again and her gaze, fixed on me with greater intensity, which makes me move back a couple of steps. I don't know why I have the strange feeling that in this same way must feel those canine beasts that she has in the basement before she waves a knife on them and takes their fur.

"Mom…" I say, running out of breath and wishing I hadn't set a foot out of bed.

"Listen to me, Carlos" she clenches her jaw and it almost seems that she's going to break her teeth for it. She moves forward a few steps, the same that I move back, "I'm in no mood to deal with your stupid games today, so I want everything I gave to you to be done for the end of the day. Got it?".

I break our eye contact and the wall with which I just crashed against seems to me the most amazing decor of the whole universe, with that paint about to fall completely and the thick dust blanket that covers it, along with the bodies of some spiders she has crushed.

I close my eyes tightly while I take a deep breath, trying to think that I'm brave and the urge that I have to let go to cry (one of the many signs of weakness) is simply an itching sensation in my nose and that it will go away if I simply don't focus on it.

This moment is one in which I wish to have another lifestyle, maybe not in the strange world that Auradon is, but one where at least my mother isn't crazy and she treats me in a more human way than that stuffed thing.

"No" I snap out shakily while I open my eyes and go back to make eye contact with her.

And again it happens that my attempt to set some limits just like trying to be brave is in vain when a second slap now stains with some crimson tone the other side of my face. I trace a circle with my jaw to make sure that there's no fracture in it and my eyes get moisten a little bit, I blink a lot of times to retain them to burst out.

"Why are you doing this, mom?" I clear my throat to try to suppress the trembling in my voice, her hand takes me by the nape and her forehead collides with mine with such a deep sound that I fear I'll faint.

"Because I can".

Her hand release her grip just a little, barely enough so I can move her arm away and go out running, ducking to take my pack of almost-stale cookies. I quicken my pace when I hear her heels running after me along with some deep growls, I take the small backpack that hangs behind the front door and open it with one swift motion, jumping the necessary steps to get to the street and start running.

"Carlos!" I turn my head to make sure of her face of extreme rage, I allow myself a small smile while I stop to look at my masterpiece on the morning. "Come back here, you little piece of…!".

I turn around next to a house and fortunately I don't finish hearing her little insult. I doubt that many mothers devote those kinds of words to their children before starting the day, another disadvantage to the long list of disadvantages of a special mother.

I place the backpack on my shoulders and start walking with my head down, still feeling some pain in the cheeks, but nothing compared to the pain compressing my chest. What have I done to mom to treat me like that? I haven't been more than, metaphorically speaking, a puppy at the mercy of being subjected to blows if I choose not to obey some of her orders since I can remember.

I take another cookie, one more about to end up with them, when another lots of ideas pops in my head. I'm beginning to get tired of this kind of life, I have to keep in mind that anything I do at home and outside will never be enough for me to achieve such an important change in my life.

I need a change of perspective, discover new horizons. Now Auradon doesn't seem a so grim place, but still it isn't my biggest ideal.

Before I can take the last cookie someone snatches the package from my hands, before I can protest a hand finds a place in my head and that prevents me from both keep moving forward than to look at who just take what little I could take for breakfast.

"Hey! That's…!" I stop talking when I notice that leather outfit I've seen since the beginning of time. I roll my eyes and hear him while he devours the last cookie with a single bite.

"Hey you" I lift my head at the right time when Jay decides to remove his hand from my head, he gives me a wry smile while he crosses his arms.

I try not to focus on the muscles in his arms and keep walking with my shoulders shrugged, but that doesn't stop him to decide to follow me, or rather that he walks with me, supposedly this is the time when he should walk with me to get to school, where surely Mal and Evie are planning some new kind of evil thing, or they decided to ditch out too.

"Bad morning, huh?".

"And it's just starting" I shrug my shoulders more and keep walking with my eyes on the ground.

Right now is when I wish I had a place where I could stay for the night, with the mood with which I left mom I can't go back, and even if I can finish her list of orders it will not be enough to lighten her mood; she will find a reason to beat me, she always does…

"You know, it's not something that bad" he says, placing an arm around my shoulders, I turn my head a little to the right so I can see his smile of extreme confidence, "you can say that your cheeks are of that color due to the cold".

I push him in a friendly way and recover some of the good spirit with which I woke up, but it overwhelms me a bit that this strange and new sensation that's triggered when I'm around Jay now becomes a little more intense.

While we walk I remember to myself a thousand times that it's wrong that I feel this way, not in the aspect of having weird sensations for a guy, almost everyone in here establish such kind of relationships (the one-night thing) with anything that moves, even him. But what I remember back a thousand times is that it's impossible I can have… ugh! That, feelings.

Yes, I've already said it and admit it, I do so mentally as in silence obviously, that to avoid being lighten up in fire outside the home of Madame Maleficent while she sits to enjoy the show. Even when her proclamation as queen of the Isle of Lost was self-realized I don't see that there is or that there will be someone who opposes to it, not if they want to deal with all the fury of an evil fairy without magical powers.

To my head also comes the image of my mother if something like that comes to happen, who will likely be suffering because she will not have another child to whom she can torment, I'm sure that she will find the way to replace me.

"Watch out!" Jay says, taking my right shoulder and pulling me so hard that I fall to the ground. I think it would be better if I just crashed against the wall that I had in front of me, as it was going to happen if he didn't intervene.

"You could be more careful the next time" I get up and shake off the dust that just stuck to my clothes. Another load to the laundry I'll have to make when I get back home.

"Did you just ask me to be careful? Seriously?" he arches his right eyebrow and crosses his arms again, I look away.


I cling to the straps of the backpack and start walking, with Jay stepping at my heels. While we walk I hear the zipper of the backpack opening while I also hear people from the nearby counters to us asking to themselves where is the ring that they just placed there, or the comb with diamonds that was over there for display, or that ancient book full of spells they were about to be sold.

The question that takes the gold is that one which comes when he decides to take lamps, which makes no sense since there is no magic in this place, so I still think that Jafar's quest is in vain.

The backpack begins to become increasingly heavy, I hate being the assistant in his lootings, but it's not like if he was willing to teach me how to steal. I've asked him a few times and all of them end up in him laughing in my face.

I can't deny that I like the sound of his laugh…

I bite my left cheek and keep walking with a quick step, now school really seems like a place where I would like to be.

"Hey, wait!" I turn around in an alley that's fortunately empty.

I stand still near the wall and stretch the right foot, holding my breath, luckily my plan becomes a reality and Jay stumbles, falling down to the floor and rolling in a certain and weird way until he strikes a couple of trash bags, tossing lots of small gray feathers up into the air and knocking down some slightly smaller containers of garbage.

"Now we're even".

He growls while he stands up, like some kind of monster that lives in the garbage and had just been awakened from a nap from a thousand years, just how Aurora would earn it. I smile with some pride in my act and walk the necessary steps to get closer to him, I reach out and he looks at it with a frown, then he looks at me.

What's going on today?

"Oh, right" I pull back my hand and go back to adjust the backpack on my back, hating the fact that I might be his partner in his robbery but he decides to keep all the fun.


While he spits some feathers that got stuck in his mouth while he spoke, and those that stuck to his clothes, I have in mind that the smile that I have at this time is no longer due to my little vandalism. I'm smiling for seeing him while he removes a few feathers off his long locks of hair, which I'd like to do instead… what the hell is going on with me?!

"I was planning to ditch out anyway, you coming with me?" he asks while he walks out of there as the new king of the garbage; the King of Thieves; ironic comparison if I stop to think about it.

"No… I don't know…" I move into my place, somewhat uncomfortable about the situation I'm trying to keep afloat, if there is something to keep afloat. The silence between us now seems to completely ignore that there are people walking around less than a meter away from us.

Even when school turns down into a boring place I like to be curious in some of the books that Auradon throws in the trash, books that are no longer updated and with which, I suppose, they want to maintain some level of education in the nicest people that could step in this land.

Long live evil, right?

"I know a place where we could spend the day".

He gets so close to me I can feel the heat emanating from his body along with some kind of smell that I find sweet, repugnant, at the same time I want to stay around as long as it's necessary until I can't take it anymore. I step back a little until the backpack and the wall prevents me.

"I guess that's okay, or whatever" his smile widens and for a second I forget everything while I see he smiles so much that it even reaches his eyes.

Is that normal? Although if I think back on the kind of things that have been emerging in my head then I have no right to talk about normality.

He moves away and begins to walk on the empty side of the alley, allowing me to breathe a little calmer. «Get yourself together, Carlos, it's just another day of ditching school and find ways to torment the world with Jay, you've done it lots of times before».

But then I didn't have this sensation.

"You coming?" he asks over his shoulder.

I regain my composure and start walking, watching the movement of his body with every step, how his hair moves in all directions, how people appearing at the intersections of the other alleys walk back while he passes, even the barrier seems to increase his level of evilness.

I will not eat stale cookies again.

After about half an hour walking I can see that we're approaching to the forest, the place where the tree trunks are white and never have leaves, the grass is yellow and only can be heard the wails of the people who were brought here to be cruelly murdered. It's not something that turns out to be flashy, it happens all the time, in fact if it stops happening then it would become suspicious.

"Do we have to keep walking?" I complain, the first time I open my mouth since the alley. I like to walk, but not in an up and filled with burrows way while the only thing I see if I look up is his broad back.

"Yeah, and if you keep complaining it will take us more ".

"It's the first time I complain".

"And I hope it's the last one".

"Shut up, you're a lousy thief anyway" I growl and take a little jump to avoid another burrow.

"And you're a complainer who has never done anything evil, besides that you are afraid of dogs, so you shut up".

"I've done evil things!" I exclaim, although I could give him the reason, which I will not do.

"Destroy things that were already destroyed doesn't count as an evil thing".

I guess he will never let me forget the fact that I decided to throw rocks at the windows of a house that was already otherwise empty, and that was demolished shortly after he appeared to say that there was no point in it.

"I made you fall, that counts".

"Screw you" he lifts the middle finger of his right hand and keeps walking, now stomping. Victory for the boy in black, white and red.

It's not the first time in which we spoke to each other in that way, all the time we dedicate to each other words and actions with the same level of aggressiveness, which is funny because Evie thinks we're always angry with each other. It's not like if there was another way to treat each other, here being evil is nice, and it's not like if I wanted to change something of that.

Even if whatever that throws those weird sensations in me today doesn't want to remain inactive.

"I'm exhausted, also that I'm carrying whatever that you decide to steal today" I hear him growling from the deeps in his throat, "I don't want to keep walking anymore".

"School starts in fifteen minutes so you have these options: you can turn around and go back, complaining all that you want in the way, or also you can keep walking and stop making any noise. You choose" he sighs and turns on his heels, noticing for the first time that I'm not as close as I assumed I would be with all of this inside my head. "Personally I like the first option, but if everything depended on me I'd choose the second one".

I bite my lower lip and step slightly closer to him, looking back and forth thinking about the options he had just gave me while I also take off my backpack from shoulders.

I prefer a thousand and one times to be anywhere while I stay away from mom, but I also did something like a kind of personal vow to seek a way to get out of this devilish place. But this is our home, so I'll scratch that thought.

"You'll not get rid of me so easily" I toss the backpack towards his chest, knocking him back a little, and I start running down the road while I jump up to avoid the burrows.

I hear him whispering a few insults in my direction but I also hear that he decides to follow me, and although I'm not sure where I'm going to, or whether if he's going to slice my throat with a knife when we get to wherever we're going, the simple fact of feeling the warm morning wind against my face and hear his boots while he comes after me makes me keep moving forward.

The breeze hitting my face is a feeling that is highly relaxing, there's no point of comparison with this time with those I could have had previously of relaxation. I feel free and carefree now.

When I get to a top part of the hill I can see that a little more beyond there's an old structure, which I guess was once used to keep an eye on whatever that was in the part where the white trunks abound more and no one dares to enter, before when there was someone who kind of cared about the safety of the others. Isle of Lost, I mustn't forget it.

"Too slow!" he yells while passes next me, hitting my shoulder.

I return to resume the momentum to keep running, watching him while his long hair moves in all directions and I find myself forced to keep ordering to my legs to reach him at all costs.

I can almost feel that I have something like mind control when he stumbles upon a raised root, I wanted him to stop somehow, and I can't help but tease him while he spits some dirt while he stands up, at which I again keep running. This weird day is beginning to improve, and there is nothing I want more than to stop having these strange sensations.

I can't remember the exact moment when I started having them, but I do remember when they began to become more intense and constant. That was about four months ago, when we ventured into one of the darkest caverns of the entire isle, almost at midnight and without any kind of light, a rock fell down of nowhere and a flock of bats decided to undertake frying, moment when I almost ran away until his arms attracted me to his body and he whispered in my ear that there was nothing to fear, that he would be there to prevent that such things will drain my blood.

I think I'm exaggerating a bit those things a little for giving them that interpretation, but I'm one hundred and one times completely sure it really happened, and that's what started it all.

"Y-you brought me here to see a w-watchtower about to fall?" he growls and stands next to me, opening the backpack and pulling out two containers with fresh water inside, I drink it almost with three huge gulps.

"Not the watchtower, there are many like this all over the place" I focus myself to look at the structure while I frown, huge expenditure of energy for nothing", I wanted to show you this".

He places two fingers on my chin and makes me to turn my head until I almost turn around, watching what's behind me.

I look up to see the whole scene… and… it's amazing. The trees creates a semicircle, with every neighborhood in the lower part, allowing widely see all Auradon, that if the barrier wasn't there. To some extent it's funny to see how the dark neighborhoods are trying to cope with the high and bright castles and houses of the kingdom, highlighting again that we are that part of the personality and the world that nobody wants to be around. We're awesome.

I'm glad to live a little away from all that chaos and good people.

The sun is in a high point in the west, but it's not as bright as it should, it almost seems to be as tired as the people who have to get up to go to school, or those who go to work, or those who have lunatic mothers who that anyway would find a cruel way to wake up their children after spending hours doing housework given by them. I let out the air in my chest for such a show, that's outstanding and everything ahead.

"So? What do you think?" he stands next to me, closer to me, I guess his shoulder would be touching mine if we were of the same height.

"It's amazing" it surprises me all this almost natural wonder, and I shouldn't be doing so.

"Yeah it is, but I think there's a word that can describe how amazing it's what I'm looking at" I hear him swallowing hard.


I turn my head and the tip of his nose is on mine, he had to duck his head for that to happen, his brown eyes are glassy and his cheeks are flushed slightly. I freeze on the spot to having him so close. I smile to him and completely turn my head to look at what's behind me, just a bunch of trees and the watchtower in there.

"I was looking at you" his warm, rough hand takes my cheek to make me look back at him, his forehead being pressed against mine. "Have to ask, was that freckle already there in the bridge of your nose?" I wasn't expecting him to notice it, and I don't know how to react about it.

"I think it appeared there last night while I was sleeping".

Neither in my wildest dreams had I imagined to have two natural wonders so close to me on the same day: the isle surrounded by the dying forest and the barrier besides Auradon as an addition, both of them forming an almost fully functional cohabitation. I neither imagined that I would have the brown eyes of my best friend a few centimeters away from mine.

I move away my nose and look to the horizon again, I hear him laughing and he's still standing next to me.

Could it be that Jay has sensations for me? It seems impossible to me, I mean, he's incredibly popular among the girls, I even heard from some guys saying that he's very handsome, muscular and that he seems to move fine in the matter of having night action. Many of them haven't been unable to see how attentive, weirdly affectionate, funny, arrogant, evil and cruel besides the great person he can become if you know him deep inside.

However this isn't something that's needed to be discussed at this time, not when the sensations are being present, they're taking my breath away and all I want to do now is going back to that cavern and don't leave until all this has disappeared from once and for all.

"Jay?" I don't know if I should ask him, but something in me wants to know that I have exclusivity. But it's Jay, dammit, when he stops flirting with a girl there are four others in his waiting list.

"I hear you, Carlos" I bite the inside of my cheeks with a little more force than the necessary.

"How many girls have you brought here?".

Asking him about how he feels about me seems to be something very out of place now, now and always being in a place like the Isle, but in the inside I'm dying to know it, I'm dying to even know if he feels something more than just a sensation of incredible friendship for me, which is more than a fact if I have in mind that we have been friends almost from the day we started walking, though he's older than me for two years. However the question I just asked him is much worse than what I might think, and I didn't thought of it before asking it, but I want to know which number do I represent in his list of… dating? Conquers? One-night stands? Whatever it is that I am for him.

"Come here".

He entwines his right hand with my left and he makes me to walk. I can almost feel like I'm floating, and he should feel that my hand is trembling because of the fact that his is entwined with mine. We walk down a bit from the side of the hill, too steep for my taste, he walks in front of me with firm steps and making strength in his hand for me to not fall and die if I roll down to the end.

Why the hell am I thinking this way?

The stale cookies, definitely it's because of those things.

In the lower part of the hill there's a flat land, surrounded by trees without foliage and with yellow grass, which has an attempt of a fence to keep anything that lives in there away from the other people. Everything of that gives a kind of sinister look to the situation, and I don't stop denying that the whole thing is quite striking to the eye.

Jay collapses on the floor and pulls his legs together as much as he can against his chest, he looks at me for a moment, smiling with the same arrogance as always and pats the space next to him. I collapse in there without a second thought, really close to him; stupid stale cookies.

"I've never brought a girl here before, I came here on one of my explorations" he stays quiet for a moment, I turn my head just enough for him to appear in my visual field. "I wanted that the first person that watched this place with me was you".

I turn my head completely, the time when I can notice that he directed those words to me. I look at him straight in the eye and I know he's not telling me a lie, if he was he wouldn't looked at me, because even when he is how he is he's not very good to sustain a lie. We both smile and I can help but look to another place, feeling that something warm takes over my cheeks. «No, no, a thousand times no».

A huge flock of white birds goes to and fro in groups, like if something was following them, without departing from each other too much, just barely enough to be able to move.

I again focus my gaze forward when all I hear is the wind hitting the bare trees and his breathing. Auradon must have some kind of festival or something, I can see huge banners moving from one side to another, and in the end some fireworks. Somewhere I heard that the son of Queen Belle and King Beast was going to be proclaimed as king, but I didn't think it was going to be so soon, that if all the fuss is because of that.

And again I think back to how weird it would be live in a place like Auradon, full of festivities for anything, even someone's falling might be worthwhile for a huge party because he stood up to move on! It seems stupid to me but at the same time I'd like something like that to take place here.

Among so many thoughts I move my head to the right, falling on his shoulder and letting out something that they call as a sigh, something that I don't understand where it comes from, that if I try to find some rationality in it, but it's the fact that right now I'm so calm which makes me to let it out.

I close my eyes for a moment and I can feel how he begins to place his head on mine, I move away immediately from whatever that now just take over my chest and look away so he can't see me blushing.

"I-I'm sorry… I didn't m-meant to do that…" my stuttering isn't helping me at all. «Dude, you're a villain, you can't say you're sorry».

"You can do it again, it doesn't bother me at all".

I stare at him while he turns his gaze to look straight ahead. I look at him from his hair down to his face, the cocky smirk he always keeps in his lips, the line of his jaw, his neck, his chest, shoulders and arms, all that until I finally come down to his boots, and then I look back at Auradon.

Maybe, just maybe, these sensations wouldn't be unwelcome there.

"Give me the backpack" I had almost forgotten it was on my shoulders, I take it off and handed it to him. "Let's watch today's earns".

I look at the tips of my boots while he begins to name the things that he could take and orders them in an almost compulsive scheme, which I know almost as the palms of my hands: shiny things, jewelry and straps made of leather on the top row, which regularly he retains for himself; a few trinkets that some people consider as valuable on the right side, which he gives as gifts occasionally to Evie; some books and scrolls that looks promising on the left side, surely those are for Mal; things for Jafar's store (the lamps goes in there) in the bottom section, the section that always has more objects.

The last time there was something for me while he was checking his loot it was placed at the bottom. This time there's nothing, and it was so long ago that I can't remember what he gave me.

"I don't remember having stolen this" he says, sniffing deep in the backpack, I turn my head to see him get a red beanie from the inside.

I take a look at it and the memory of having done that thing as a peace offering (because Jay had got pissed off with me, again, by asking him to teach me how to steal) appears back in my memory. I think that was the first time when I really felt really bad for having made him so angry, enough to use a sewing machine from mom to do it.

"Looks good?" he asks, using a new purr in his voice, one that he hadn't even used with someone of the Isle.

"I-I think so, it's yours anyway" he arches his right eyebrow slightly and settles his hair behind his ears. "I did it while I was watching mom knitting and I was going to give it to you, I don't wear those things anyway".

"You knitted a beanie for me?" he tries to contain his laughter with every word, I shrug my shoulders and it's like if a dark cloud was placing above me. "Is there anything else you want to share with me? Cooking, embroidery, maybe beauty lessons? Something of that sort of things?".

His loud laughter makes me feel so overcome by my own attempts to get away from all this that I choose to do that to me goes so well, find a way to get out. I get up and start walking, I cross my arms and now it looks like a hellish cold just hit the isle when we are not even close to noon. This is just too much for a person like me.

"If you get lose in there don't expect me to go in to get you" he says, releasing something as an exhalation of relief. I would do the same if I had to deal with a fourteen year old who doesn't have the long history of villainy than he, or the girls.

I sometimes feel excluded from my own group of friends, if I consider back that Mal and Jay have been friends since like forever, also that Evie sees me more as something that has to be rescued all the time than a person. It's annoying the fact that I want things that since our naturally we can't give, being bad is part of our lives forever.

"This isn't about you, Jay".

"Of course it is" he snaps, that makes me want to sink into the ground, "that's why you're running away from me".

"For the record I'm not running away from you" I finally stop and turn on my heels, I shrug my shoulders when I notice that the long distance I thought I was taking was about fifteen steps. "I'm running away from me".

"Anyway I suggest you to come back here, so if you want to stay alive".

I roll my eyes, but since I'm in the forest he's right. I shrug my shoulders even more and drag my feet until I stand beside him, he jumps up and hugs me in the way I wanted someone to hug me for a very long time, in an unexpected way but at the same time feeling that I needed that nearby from someone. We villains have needs anyway.

My arms tremble as they lie as things lifeless at my sides, I don't know if I should stay still or continue fighting against the impulses that orders me to pull him together to my body and never let him go. I stay with the first option.

I take a deep breath (because I refuse to think that it can be translated in another way) and he releases me, but something inside me makes me to move slightly forward for not wanting to lose him.

"There's something about I want to talk to you".

"Then talk".

We go back to where his loot lays, under the little shade that provides the watchtower, while hundreds of ideas and words pops into my head, the words with which we're supposed to move away and never feel for seeking to be the opposite of what a good person is, a hero, a person from Auradon.

"Jay… I'm weak, I'm becoming in someone weak" sitting by his side I have the feeling of being a little dizzy from all this in my head, or perhaps it's due by the stale breakfast, "and because I honestly don't find a way to make it go away I hope you don't laugh in my face".

His hand slides down my neck and up to one of my cheeks, he makes me turn my head to the right and I think it's the first time in which he treats me in a way somewhat human, the same way in which he approaches to a girl to get something from her. He smiles and that warm feeling in my cheeks is much more present while I have his eyes looking straight at me.

"I have… I have sensations… no, it's not that, I have feelings…" I try to regain some of my mind while at the same time I can feel that his eyes are trying to decipher what's in my head right now, "I have feelings for you…".

His eyes gets widen a little when I finish talking, his smile widens a bit more and that's when I look away from him, the laughter is about to start. I pull my legs closer as much as I can against my chest and place my forehead on my knees, thinking that I'm not fast enough to climb to the top up to the upper part of the watchtower, neither enough to run back to the alley and hide under the bags of feathers.

Why do I have to admit it?

Perhaps it's because now I don't feel that something compresses my chest, and it even seems that my ideas have been clarified somewhat. I think it's a similar sensation when a big secret is admitted. This was my big secret, and now that he knows it I don't think I can hear the end of his taunts.

Why do I have to admit it?

He approaches towards me, his body is completely next to mine, he places his arm around my shoulders and takes my left cheek, he moves his hand a little and again my head is on his shoulder, and now his head gets placed over mine. His fingers begin to make smooth movements on my nape, the movement is surprising but I don't swerve. I like it.

"That's stupid" something like a pang compresses my chest, "but it's also a relief because I have feelings for you too, and if that means I'm weak then I'll face whoever is necessary to keep it that way".

"Even if that 'whoever' is Madame Maleficent?".

He stays quiet, he's smart enough to know that there's no way in which he can get out alive from a confrontation like that, and if it's not she then he would have to face Jafar, or Cruella, any villain of this whole isle. Besides he just called stupid to what I just admitted, and I'm sure the talk that followed it was merely to forget all about it, and I appreciate that since I wouldn't have been able to escape in this position.

Jay just can't have feelings, surely this would be about another of those short relationships in which he's an expert to get something, however small it is that he can get from me. Jay just can't have feelings, he can't feel anything for me, he can't…".

"Even if I have to face her".

I raise my head while our eyes meet for a few seconds and I shake my head away almost immediately, I stop breathing.

Doubting? Of course. Who wouldn't if they were in the same situation with the same background, the same context and the same catastrophic thoughts that pops into my head for even thinking about being so close?

"Don't play like that with me, that's all I ask".

"Carlos, I swear I'm not playing with you. I also have feelings for you, let me show you".

I close my eyes too hard since another tingle of tears is threatening to attack me, this time I can't cope it because there's not that touch of courage that there should have, like when I wanted to try it at home. Jay is somehow telling me the truth, but I don't dare to look at him to check it, so I have no other choice but to resort to it: resignation.

"Fine, mayb-…" I turn my head, and that's the most I can do.

He kisses me.

His lips get placed over mine, slowly, like if he knew that he's taking away my first kiss in this very moment. His lips making those slight pressures against mine produce that the whole universe gets reduced to him and me, here and now; us. His soft and experienced lips are moving against mine, completely inexperienced, and right now is what interests me less, or in which he's less interested at all, Jay is responding to what I kept as a secret and unique for me. Since when have he discovered this new side of him?

We tilt our heads to the right and I lift a hand to cup his cheek, wishing that right now I wasn't wearing my favorite pair of red gloves, I close my eyes slowly when he pushes himself a little more forward, his nose hits my cheek like mine against his, and when he sighs it's when my arms surrounds his head, without splitting for an instant.

While Jay's lips are still pressing against mine in a slow and cautious way I don't know how to do it. It feels like one of those experiences that one hopes to repeat over and over and over again for a lifetime, in which I would like to participate at all costs. I finally he let out a sigh that I was keeping in my chest.

"And you dared to doubt about me" I open my eyes and I can say I've seen all the wonders of the world to see a blush on his cheeks. I kiss the tip of his nose and that makes him to drop a little laugh.

"Shut up and kiss me again".

He smiles with his touch of arrogance and goes back to press his lips against mine, cupping my cheeks and sighing with much more freedom, that makes me feel butterflies in the stomach. I've never imagined I could think such a cheesy thing. However all this is something that I like, and very much: I like feeling how he strokes my cheekbones with his thumbs, I like his nose crashing against my cheek, I like the movement of his lips on mine; I like that there are feelings in this, mine over his, his over mine… our feelings. I could stay here forever and what's beyond.

"I told you following them would worth it, E" says Mal, making Jay to growl.

I open my eyes and see her approaching, she crosses her arms when she's a few feet away and purses her lips into a gesture that only she has developed over the years. Evie appears behind her, she places next to her and with a wide smile, showing each one of her white teeth.

"You owe me ten bucks" Evie takes a mirror out of the pockets of her coat, to make her believe that she's ignoring her while she settles her lip gloss.

"Ladies don't bet, M".

"Let me guess, your mother's words?" Evie blows a kiss to the mirror and keeps it, then she places both of her hands on her waist.

"Laws of decency, you should read them occasionally".

"I hope you have a very good reason for being here" I say, sounding annoyed with them for the first time before they can continue with their unnecessary discussion. Jay nudges me in the ribs and I can't help but laugh.

"The alleged thief and the coward from the dogs having feelings in the farthest section of the Isle of the Lost. Do you have any idea what people would say if they knew a word of it?" Mal smiles, Jay takes a handful of dirt and throws it on her clothes.

"Mal, leave them alone. Maybe what you really need is a boyfriend, feeling something like what they have now".

What they have now? I choose not to think about it and focus on the fact that Jay's hand is moving in my back, tracing slow circles that make me sigh more than once while I listen to their discussion. I want them to be away as farthest as it can be possible from us. Now.

"Ugh, no thank you, I'd rather waste my time on something else, like pissing children or in school, which will not happen".

In all that new discussion, in which Jay decides to take part now, I hear that the girls plan to do something in the neighborhood since we have to kill the time we have to invest in school.

He hands them their corresponding parts of his loot and keep the rest in the backpack, we both stand while they are the first ones to start moving, before I can step forward he places a hand in my right shoulder and makes to turn on my heels to watch him straight in the eye. I bite my lower lip a little.

"I could give something to you, but you already have it".

"Feelings?" he arches an eyebrow.

"Me, of course, you wanted something else?" I roll my eyes.

"I hope to not meet someone like you in the future… no one else…"-

He closes his eyes and leans forward, I turn around and start walking, I hear the groan like if he had exhaled it directly into my ear.

"Carlos, wait" he says, drawing my attention again while I turn in my heels. "I hate you".

I could almost swear that he meant that, for the deep tone in his voice and the seriousness of his position, but what takes away that touch of credibility to the moment is that small smile that tights his lips and the barely distinguishable wink he made with the right eye.

I move back the steps that I went up and I don't stop looking at him into the eyes for a single second, not even when I stand in front of him, or when I get up on my toes to at least try to be at his height. The only moment when I break our eye contact is when I close my eyes and lean down for his lips to be placed again on mine.

"I hate you too".

I hear a snort coming from Mal while I'm totally sure that it's Evie who's releasing small shrieks of joy, or from whatever that makes her to produce that sound so sharp.

This is all new, everything in which I came to believe that shouldn't exist in the universe now lies here, between us, it's too big for someone about my size can bear it; it's something forbidden if I place it in the words I hear saying in all the people of the Isle of the Lost.

I never thought that breaking one of the most important rules of the villains could take me to an incredible situation.