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I wanted some more blood, but decided to wait as long as I could. After the kings got over their initial shock, they promised to have one of them, a few guard, a helicopter, and someone to drink when they showed up, which would be before five in the morning. Nobody would see, hopefully. Therefore, I wasted my time by walking around the house and packing a few things that I wanted to keep, to have with me forever. When I finished, having only three bags full of clothes, keepsakes, books and my personal items, I dressed in tights and a big tee shirt, and waited.

I dozed off, because the next thing that I knew was a whirring sound of blades, waking me up. When I opened my eyes, the lights from the aircraft were blinding me, and I had to wait for my brain to awaken and catch up before I could focus. Once it did, three towering figures were standing over me, waiting patiently.

"Miss Isabella," one of the figures, short with dark hair, asked. He almost looked like a kid, but I was finished questioning every little thing. He held out his hand, helping me up as the three figures gasped at my stomach, which looked as if I were nine months pregnant instead of one. "How are you so big, already?"

I sighed, beginning to recall all of their names as I looked at each face, while my hand wrapped protectively around my waist. "The baby grows fast. This is after me only being pregnant for four weeks."

"Damn," a young girl who, as I looked at her, remembered her as Jane, said. She came to me, but I backed away. "Calm down. My beef was with the Cullen clan, not with you."

"But you said that you wanted to kill me," I replied, confused. In fact, as I looked at all three of them, Alec, Jane and Felix, I remembered that all of them had wanted to kill me.

They all sighed. "That was because of your involvement with the Cullen's," Alec said, matter-of-factly. "Not because of you, personally."

Suddenly understood where they were coming from, and wondered if anyone in Volterra liked the Cullen family. Obviously not, since others wanted to kill them.

I simply nodded as I began to feel the burn coming to my throat. I clawed at my neck, trying to swallow to soothe it, but nothing helped. Jane came over to me, patting my back soothingly. "Thirsty?" she asked, but she sounded concerned to my newly acquired super-hearing. I simply nodded my head, and Felix left for a few seconds. When he blurred back in, he had a man in his arms who was struggling, without much effort, to get away.

The man, looking at me with pity, screamed, but the duct tape over his mouth caused it to sound muffled. I almost felt bad for him, but then Felix shook his head. "Don't feel bad for him. He murdered a family of five in Italy a few months ago."

My vision turned red, and the next minute or so was a haze as I thought of how to punish him for doing what he did. By the time I came back to myself, my throat was no longer sore. The man was clearly dead while my clothes were drenched in his blood.

Felix, Jane and Alec were also looking at me in utter shock and surprise. "Damn, Isa," Alec said, calling me something different from what I was used to. Hmm…I could get used to this. "I didn't know you had it in you."

I shrugged my shoulders. "I had no idea, either." I patted my stomach, feeling my baby moving around a tiny bit before settling down, happy to have the blood. The baby's movements, however, had me to double over in pain, which I did my best to recover from, as soon as I could. When I relaxed enough, I noticed that we were already in the private plane, the four of us and my three bags, taking off for Volterra.

"Just lay back and try and get some rest," Jane said to me, propping up my feet. I did as she said, falling asleep rather quickly.

When I awoke, I sat up, looking around. I was in bed, under satin sheets and silk blankets, in a huge room that I have no recollection of ever going in to. But I slept comfortably, for once, which had me baffled. As I tried to sit up, a sharp pain went through my stomach, causing me to let out a blood-curdling scream. I began to breathe in and out, slowly, as the double doors to this bedroom opened, revealing Felix, Alec, Jane and one of the three kings, Marcus. I was too shocked to notice, at first, the wetness that I was laying on, until I smelled it.

Blood. The part of me that was still human.

I groaned, throwing my head back in frustration as I screamed again. Soon, those four came near me, all looking stark white compared to the average vampire. Everyone pitched in, helping to sit me up, making a birthing center, right here while I wanted the pain gone, as much as I wanted my own blood.

"Lucky this is only a temporary room," Jane said, trying to joke, yet I could hear fear and nervousness in her tone. This confused me. She barely knew me, so how could she be afraid of losing me?

Instead of thinking of that, I tried to focus on something else. "How long have I been here?" I asked, trying to catch my breath as another pain rippled through me, causing me to squeeze my eyes tight as I bit back a scream.

Jane looked taken aback. She looked to the others, who nodded, before turning to me, nervously. Huh? "You've been here around seventy-two hours. You passed out in the plane, and we refused to wake you. When you still had yet to awaken, Aro had…sent for someone who had medical expertise."

A chill went through me, right then, knowing that I would hate the answer to my next question. "Who did he send for, Jane?" I pressed, trying to keep my anger down as the bedroom doors opened loudly, hitting the wall.

I growled, keeping in a line of cuss words that I longed to release, because standing in the doorway was one of the few people that I wished I would never see again.

Carlisle Cullen.