Chapter 1

Harry James Potter lived with his aunt and uncle in number four Privet Drive. Everyone on the street knew what went on inside those walls, but either did not care enough or chose not to do anything about it. About a year ago, after Harry had defeated Lord Voldemort once and for all, Albus Dumbledore made him return to his aunt and uncle's house. After all, he was only 15.

"BOY!" Harry heard his uncle yell. He sighed.

"Shit, how did I forget to make breakfast? It's Dudley's birthday, dammit!"

"Still ungrateful, are you? Even after we took you in, all those years ago, and put clothes on your back! Hell, we even feed you sometimes, if you're good. Now you listen to me, you ungrateful freak, GET YOUR ASS UP AND MAKE DUDDLYKINS A SPECIAL BIRTHDAY BREAKFAST!" The fat man roared, pausing only to slap Harry's face with every word. Harry ducked and scurried off to the kitchen.


Meanwhile, at Hogwarts over the summer, Dumbledore decided to see how badly Harry was being abused this year. See, after Harry had vanquished Voldemort, Dumbledore had no longer needed the boy. After all, he had always hated the boy, but Harry had been a pawn in a chess board to him.

"Severus? Can you come up to my office?" He floo called to the potions master, cutting the network off as to avoid hearing the man's heavy string of profanity at being disturbed while he was working.

A few minutes later, a sneering potions master stood in his office.

"Ah, very good. Lemon drop, Severus?"

"Albus, you know as well as I do that I will never take one."

"Very well, as it happens, I have an errand for you to run."

Snape sighed. "Dear god, is it time again, Albus? I'm sure the boy is fine, just like last time."

Actually, Dumbledore had gotten there first, and put a glamor on Harry as he was sleeping before Minerva McGonnagle had arrived. He also knew very well that Snape hated the boy, and would not care. So he needn't bother with a glamor this time.

"Yes, Severus, it is, and Minerva would like to say that it is your turn."

"Dammit, Albus, I've told you before-"

"Severus, just go. Please." Dumbledore sighed. Well...

"FINE, ALBUS! I will go look at your precious golden boy!" He spat hatefully.

Dumbledore smiled and his eyes twinkled. "Thank you, Severus. Lemon drop?"



Meanwhile, at Privet Drive, Harry was NOT fine. The day had continued to unleash bad luck on him, and he was... Well.

"Every time, freak! You can never get it right!" Vernon thundered, furious. Harry had accidentally burnt the bacon, then dropped more than half of it. He had made sunny side up eggs, then Dudley whined that he wanted over easy eggs. Harry protested that he didn't know, but that did little to quench his uncle's wrath.

"To your room boy. You know the drill. I'll be there when I take care of Duddlykins's breakfast."

Harry sighed. His uncle enjoyed beating him with his belt, or even caning him sometimes, but he didn't think his uncle would stop there this time.

Suddenly, his uncle lunged for him, thrusting his hand in the stovetop. "You think it's funny to burn my Dudley's breakfast? I'll burn you!" He laughed as Harry screamed and screamed. Finally, he shoved the boy away. "Now go!"

Harry sprinted up the stairs.

Five minutes later, his uncle arrived in his room with his Smelting's Stick and a thick leather belt. He punished Harry for every little thing, so Vernon had attacked a sort of arm clamp to the wooden desk in the room.

"Alright, boy, over the desk. And strip first, you don't deserve a layer of clothing to stifle the blows today."

Harry nodded miserably and did as he was told. As soon as he was down, he heard his uncle call his aunt and Dudley up.

"Well, freak, since you ruined Dudley's birthday, I think it's only fair that he gets to watch."

Harry began to turn his head, when he heard his uncle yell something indecipherable. He heard a whistle, and the cane came down full force on the back of his knees. It took all of Harry's willpower not to scream. His uncle continued to work his way up Harry's legs until he reached his thighs. Then he handed the cane to Dudley.

Dudley smirked, and brought the cane down in the tender spot right below his ass. That's when Harry could hold it no longer, and began to scream. Dudley started down at the bottom of Harry's legs again, and when he got to the top, started to stripe Harry's ass repeatedly. When he tired, Vernon took over, and then began to belt Harry's back first with the strap, but then with the buckle end. As Harry lost conscious, he heard yelling, and felt his uncle stop beating him. Then he passed out.


Snape had enjoyed watching Potter be caned at first. He always knew the brat needed a beating! But he soon realized that this was not punishment, this was abuse. He then decided to get into the house, but the locks would not even open with magic! He had to force his way in, taking much too long than he would have liked, powered by Potter's frequent screams of pain. The boy's agonized cry gave him the energy to kick the door down. This was Lily's child! He would not allow these people to do this to her son! As soon as he got the door down, he blasted Potter's bedroom door down, and tackled Vernon. With his wand in the fat man's face, he ordered all the Dursleys down to the living room. As they obeyed, he looked at Potter's broken form.

He swore to get revenge.