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He was taken out of his momentary trance when yet another scream pierced the hull of the ship.

It made him cringe.

There was so much pain in it, that he could almost feel it himself.

As his uncle brought his foot down again and again, his dad's voice became saturated with it.

It was hard to see from where he was, but not impossible. The pod he was in was dark, its only window was fogged, tinted and blurry, and the whole ship was planted at the bottom of an impact crater, but he could manage just fine.

His eyesight had always been good. So had his hearing for that matter…

As a result, he could easily make out what was happening at the edge of the crater some thirty meters away.

What he saw tore him apart. He couldn't even begin to make sense of his emotions anymore. Anger, hatred, fear, confusion, denial… guilt.

It was a first for him.

He couldn't remember a time when he had experienced such a crippling pressure in his chest. On his heart.

The sudden storm of emotions felt like it was literally ramming his heart down into his stomach.

He had come across the expression "my heart dropped," in a handful of his novels before, as an emotional descriptor…

Now he knew what it meant…

Minutes ago, the valley around him was the site of the most intense, violent, high speed battle that the world had probably ever seen.

Shock-waves had shaken the valley at every strike.

Ki blasts raged through the skies. Wiping out everything in their paths in blinding flashes of light.

The exchange was incredible, yet had lasted only minutes.

And he had felt every second of it all, through the hull.

The vibrations, the shockwaves, the explosions…

The sheer intensity of it really shouldn't have surprised him.

It was almost expected, now that he thought about it, when the strongest two fighters on the planet battle an otherworldly being to the death with everything on the line.

Goku… his dad, the strongest there ever was, and Piccolo, his dad's heated rival and nemesis, a being whose name alone struck fear into the hearts of all who heard it, had banded together due to this threat.

This one man was enough to make his dad, and his dad's most hated enemy, band together and form an alliance.

It was an unthinkable event. He had never even entertained the idea of something like that happening before. Not even hypothetically. He had heard some of the stories after all…

There was supposed to be no way that those two would ever team up under any circumstances. They hated each other.

But they had.

And despite everything, it was nowhere near enough.

This monster, his uncle from space if he had heard right, tore the two of them apart with ease. Now there he sat, helplessly trapped in a spaceship, watching as this monster crushed the life out of his father.

'This can't be real…' Gohan heard some distant part of his mind whisper as he took in the horrific scene in front of him.

His uncle was shouting something at his dad now, amidst his insane laughter, but he couldn't make out the specific words. Tears were still flowing freely down his face and his body was trembling, all while his mind tried to rationalize what was in front of him.

He sniffled.

'It's a nightmare, that's it… it has to be.' He had had some pretty vivid ones before. But not like this

He didn't know what to think anymore.

He just wanted to go home.

He wanted to wake up, and find everything back to normal.

He wanted to see his dad on his feet again, perfectly fine and then everything could go back to how it was.

Another agonized scream tore through the air and reached his ears, prompting him to let out another whimper and cover his ears.

It didn't help any.

The screams continued to make their way to his ears despite his best efforts.

'I'm sorry daddy…'

And he was.

Because it was his fault. His dad was here because of him. All because he had allowed himself to be kidnapped earlier. He had done something stupid when he shouldn't have. He knew he should have listened to his dad, but he didn't, and now…

He wasn't sure how much more of this he could take. Every agonized scream that made its way to his ears left a scar and tore him apart a little more on the inside. He wanted to deny what was happening in front of him. He tried to.

But every passing moment was like a slap in the face, telling him that things weren't that simple.

'It's all my fault,' he told himself again. It just echoed through his head over and over again. Bouncing off the insides of his skull…

He hated himself. All that guilt had quickly led to self-loathing, and hatred. There were a whole slew of emotions running through him now. And he didn't know what to do. What could he even do? He was helpless…

So, he just… continued to watch in shock as his uncle stomped on his father's chest yet again, eliciting another agonized, pain-filled cry.

He hated himself for being so weak.

He hated that his father was at deaths door, and that he had decided to come after him. It would have been better if he hadn't, then he wouldn't be out there in this situation. He was the one that got himself kidnapped for being stupid, not him. His dad shouldn't be there.

At this point, he really just wished that his dad had never come after him. Anything was better than hearing his dad in so much pain.

He looked again at his uncle standing at the edge of the crater, standing over his father, laughing with glee.

His eyes narrowed and something almost audibly snapped inside him.

'But most of all I hate you…'

Something started building inside him. A white hot fury unlike anything he had ever felt. 'You're the one that started this… You're the one who brought me here, that made me feel so helpless…'

It continued to build.

It was sheer hatred. Hatred at himself, hatred at the situation, at the whole world for allowing this to happen. It felt like he was going to explode.

But it just kept building.

Tears continued to stream out of his eyes, blurring his vision to the point that he couldn't even see… So he squeezed them shut.

He heard himself release a low growl, and he finally stood up.

'You're the one that hurt my daddy…'

He glared with all of his hate at his uncle Radditz.

He couldn't watch this anymore. No, he wouldn't… he absolutely refused to.

His rage peaked and a blue aura started to appear around him, engulfing him in so much power.

'How dare you… How dare you hurt him…'

The spacecraft began to crack from the massive rise in energy.

His rage plateaued at a level where he couldn't contain it.

The edges of his vision began to fade giving him an extreme case of tunnel vision.

He took one final hate-filled look outside and idly noticed that that monster was looking his way with a seemingly surprised expression on his face.

That monster hurt his dad.

'I'll… I'll…'

He scrunched his eyes shut and tensed in raw fury.

He hit his limit.

The monster deserved to die.


He screamed it at the top of his lungs. His rage broke free focused on the single target in front of him.

It was his last coherent thought before the world around him exploded and he lost himself to his rage.

Moments Earlier – Outside

Radditz was elated and it showed.

He had an insane, ear-to-ear grin plastered across his face and was in a fit of maniacal laughter.

How long had it been since he was able to have this much fun?

Beating on his worthless brother, hearing those screams, it was like music.

Dispatching his brother and the green man had been cake. The fight had been almost disappointing if he were telling the truth.

If it could even be called a fight.

But none of that mattered now, he was having fun. The green man was missing an arm and hanging back recuperating, and now he was making a game of breaking each one of his brother's ribs individually, one at a time.


'Ah, there goes another one!' Radditz thought to himself in glee while his brother screamed in agonizing pain.

'That's what happens to people who try to grab my tail.' He idly thought, remembering the moment not two minutes ago where these two had tried to do exactly that, and he almost had a real chance of losing the fight.

"You're a fool Kakarot. Did you really think either you or your friend had a chance against me? I'm far stronger than you could ever hope to be!" Radditz laughed as he ground his boot into one of the last in-tact ribs his brother had left.

Goku stiffened in agony. "G–Gohan…" He spoke, weakly. The pain-filled look on his face only caused Radditz to laugh out loud again.

"You're much too soft to be a saiyan. You're a failure as a warrior, and now a failure as a father! I originally wanted you to join up with my team, but seeing as you're much too pathetic for such an honour, I might just settle for taking your brat instead!" Seeing the widening of his brothers eyes into a mixture of fear and hatred only caused Radditz to laugh even harder.

It looked for a moment like his brother was going to say something to that remark, but a boot to his last in-tact rib cut it off before it could be said.


There was no scream this time, probably only due to a lack of air in Goku's lungs at this point however.

Radditz took a moment to glance at the green man a little ways away to ensure he didn't have any more tricks up his sleeve. He had gotten careless before, and he would be willing to admit to himself that these two did show some neat tricks, some of which that had actually caught him off guard.

He was still going to kill them though.

In fact, now might be a good time. He was beginning to get bored now that his brother was out of ribs. It was time to wrap up.

Judging by the intense, yet defeated look on the green man's face, it seemed he was indeed out of tricks.

'Good.' He thought to himself with a smile. He glanced back at his brother. Still lying in the dirt like a worm, writhing in pain.

Radditz grimaced. His brother wasn't good enough for what he was about to receive. 'Oh well…'

"Well little brother, the time has come for you to die. Though you are unworthy of it, I will give you a death fit for a true saiyan warrior." He began to raise his hand and a blue aura began to emanate from it. Radditz savored the slow widening of his brothers fear-pain-and-hate-filled-eyes.

Suddenly, his scouter picked up a power level that went off the charts. He canceled his attack, and looked towards the source with widened eyes. It was coming from his spaceship.

'Impossible! A power level of 810… and it's still going up!' The spaceship cracked and Radditz lowered his gaze to the window of the ship. There was a moment where time seemed to stop, and his eyes met with the eyes of his prisoner. His saiyan eyes clearly picked up the unchecked fury in the kid's eyes.

'Power level of 1500… no way can a child be that strong!' He thought to himself as his eyes widened. An intense blue light began emanating from the pod that was only increasing in its intensity.

"WHAT TH-…" He managed to get out before he was cut off.

"I'LL KILL YOU!" He heard the kid scream from the pod in an unexpectedly powerful voice, before the pod abruptly exploded in a flash of light that shook the valley.

Outside – With Piccolo

Today had been a bad day that only seemed to get worse.

His arm was gone for starters, something that he could fix given a few spare moments…

Moments that he clearly didn't have.

He was forced to swallow his pride and team up with his most hated enemy to fight an impossibly strong fighter bent on destroying the world.

And now, despite all of their best efforts, they still couldn't win.

Goku was in rough shape, something he had mixed feelings about.

On one hand his most hated rival was probably going to die, on the other, it wasn't him who would get to do it.

He was probably next himself as well, so there was that too. He couldn't imagine this guy would let him go after everything that's happened, and that last attack of his took everything he had. He no longer had the strength to either fight or retreat. And even if he did, this guy was fast enough to catch him long before he got away.

He held onto what was left of his arm and looked down at the ground, his mind whirling trying to come up with something, anything, to get out of this situation.

A blue light caught his eye and broke off his thoughts.

Looking down at the saiyan spaceship revealed the source.

Piccolo's eyes widened as he sensed the power emanating off the kid inside. It was incredible.

"I'LL KILL YOU!" He heard the child scream before the pod exploded in a flash of blinding blue light.

What happened next was something so far beyond anything that he expected that it would forever be ingrained into his memory.

The kid blew out of the crater at an impossible speed before landing a few meters away from the saiyan.

The kid landed, spun on a dime and launched himself at the saiyan like a rocket.


There was no time for anyone to react. There was a streak of light before the kid crash landed on the other side of the saiyan, unconscious.

He couldn't even clearly see what had happened, but looking back at the saiyan, it became clear.

The saiyan's right arm was missing, along with almost a third of his torso. His right shoulder and most of his chest was missing. His formerly ankle length black spiky hair was almost gone completely, and he was soaked in blood.

The kid had punched a hole straight through him.

It took only a second or two before the saiyan fell onto his back, vomiting out blood.

The wound wasn't even immediately fatal, despite its appearance. It'd take a few moments by the looks of things before he bled out completely, moments that had to be filled with pain beyond understanding.

It took a few moments for him to remove his jaw from the floor and regain his composure. When he did, he slowly walked over to where the fallen saiyan was all the while trying to process the impossible event that had just occurred.

The saiyan was lying down next to Goku coughing on his own blood.

"Killed by a child…" The saiyan rasped out, before descending into a coughing fit. He laughed weakly and managed to take a glance at Goku, who was in almost as bad of shape. "At least my failure of a brother will be coming with me…"

"Don't count on it." Piccolo spoke up. The saiyan glared back up at him.

"He'll be up and running again in a few weeks at the most." He grinned in amusement. Seeing the guy that had almost killed him, and caused him to have to swallow his pride dying in the dirt brought a sort of vindictive pleasure.

"What? Tell. Me. How…" The saiyan spoke with as much defiance as he could in his position.

"Gladly." Piccolo spoke with conviction, not seeing a problem in explaining. "On this planet we have something called Dragonballs. If you gather all seven of them together you can get any one wish granted. Goku's friends will have him wished back in no time."

He narrowed his eyes at the saiyan. "It's Goku who will have the last laugh."

The saiyan let out a growl, and smirked. "No. I'm afraid your wrong green man."

That got Piccolo's attention.

"This device on my face… it's a transmitter. My two allies heard every word. They'll come. I know they will." At this point he was having trouble getting the words out. "They'll want to make a wish."

"How long?" A new voice entered the conversation. Glancing in its direction, he determined it to be Goku, who was barely clinging to life.

"How long will it take them to get here?" He continued, weakly.

"One year…" The saiyan began laughing despite the obvious pain it caused him. "And the funny thing is… they're much stronger than me."

"Stronger…" Piccolo spoke, with no small amount of fear.

It would seem some of his plans would have to change. A situation in which Goku, and this saiyan were out of the picture would have been perfect. All he would have had to do was eliminate the kid, who was unconscious a little ways away, and there would have been nobody left in his way. The world would have been his. Two more saiyans, stronger than this one, the one who made him look like a joke… changed everything.

"What's with the look green man?" The saiyan spoke for the last time. "We can't all have the last laugh…" He trailed off as he breathed his last.

Piccolo glared at the saiyan's corpse while processing everything he had just learned.

After a few moments, he noticed that the clearing was dead silent. Glancing over at Goku he quickly discovered why. At some point during that last conversation he slipped away. Right on cue, Goku's body disappeared signifying that Kami had some sort of purpose for him in the other world.

'Probably training of some sort…' He idly thought to himself. 'Speaking of which…' He glanced over at the kid still lying in the dirt, asleep, and thought up a plan that was insane enough to actually have a shot of working.

A plan that was so far against his nature he almost immediately dismissed it.

Kami would send someone to tell Goku's friends about the saiyans if he didn't do it himself. Leaving them in the dark wasn't an option, as appealing as it would have been seeing them all line up to die at the hands of the two saiyans for not knowing to prepare for them a year in advance.

Goku was probably going to receive special training in the other world that would make him stronger than ever. His friends would wish him back to life in a year's time to help with the two saiyans on their way here. During the wait, they would no doubt be training harder than ever as well. Maybe even with Kami himself.

'That's a lot of potential enemies in the future…' If he wanted to defeat these new threats, and still be strong enough to face off against any of Goku's friends that survive the impending attack, he would have to train like never before to stay ahead. Perhaps even gain an ally, as much as that thought bothered him.

'If I were to train the kid…' He thought to himself, still glaring at the unconscious half-saiyan.

Helping out any spawn of Goku was not something he would ever normally do, but setting aside the future attack for a moment, this situation was almost perfect.

A child with the amount of power this one just displayed had near unlimited potential. He was still a child, no older than five years old. Meaning he was mouldable, now especially since he just saw his dad get killed. That would traumatize him like nothing else.

This kid could either be a huge problem down the line, or a valuable subordinate if he played his cards right. A wild card that could change everything.

Or, he could kill the kid now and take his chances with the future. That would no doubt provoke Goku's friends into attacking him, which means he'd have to kill them, leaving less people to fight the saiyans later. Not to mention they could just wish the kid back to life later with the Dragonballs…

Thinking it over one more time, he made his decision.

He would keep the kid alive for now, and he would try to mold him into a perfect subordinate. If at any time the kid proved to be too much of a threat, he could always take him out before he mastered that power of his.

He wouldn't place all of his hopes on this either. He would still train himself as hard as he could and act as if the kid would end up being a liability down the line.

If he gained the kid's loyalty, great, if not, he'd take him out and still wouldn't lose anything.

As he started walking over to the kid he heard the sound of an aircraft flying towards them.

'Goku's friends probably. They probably felt Goku's life force disappear a few moments ago so they probably know what happened to an extent.'

He reached down and picked up the kid by the back of his shirt, and glanced up at the approaching plane. 'This kid has more power than any of us currently. I'll make sure he's ready for the saiyans.'

Before the plane could land Piccolo flew into the air with the kid in tow, and took off.

He'd regenerate his missing arm later, and he had no plans of asking for permission to take Goku's son in for training.

These saiyans were a threat to the Earth. He had every intention of conquering it himself one day, so he'd defend it for now.

Once this was over though, all bets were off.

And who knows, he might even end up with a loyal apprentice out of this.

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