All right, I have finally started to write a Lord of the Rings fanfic. Well, I hope you like this little Frodo introspection.

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I often wonder about how I actually made it alive. But that is not true. I, in a sense, have died. I am not the Frodo Baggins that I was before I left, nor the one who was willing to take the ring in Rivendell. These years after the adventures I still have not the light-heartedness I once was known for.

I often feel weighed down. The ring. I still feel the weight of the ring around my neck. I still wear a chain today, for it became too large a part of me to destroy completely. The wounds. My body aches especially in the cold winter days from the old wounds. The shoulder wound is the worst. I feel it on the brightest of summer days and the bleakest winter days, pounding as if it had a life of its own. I fear...

I fear that I may-I may be changing again. Fifty years have done much, but yet very little to change me. My appearance is older, but yet I still have the air about me as in the days after the journey. But the change... I feel as if I'm sugar in a hot tea.

I fear I will become a wraith. The wound in my shoulder will always be with me. The essence of the black rider is still within me. And as my body grows weaker, the essence grows stronger. I do not believe that I shall be Frodo Baggins in a few more years. The ring granted me the most terrible beauty-immortality.

While most hobbits believe I'm just "feeling my age" I know it is more. I grow weary, but the death that comes is one of no rest. I pity those who encounter my wraith once I am gone. I am a hobbit of much contemplation and thought. No, that is not true. I am a hobbit no longer. I am...I am the flowing darkness. The shadow.

I shall depart soon. I won't leave in a grand manor like Bilbo, but leave I shall. I will say I must finish the journey, but that is not the truth. I leave to protect them. I shall go to the abandoned lands and live my end days there. I hope that my life will be remembered as much better than it was.

I fade.