Okay, as I became obbsessed over Final Fantasy XV, And Undertale, I thought: Okay, how about I mix the Games together? And Oh, My, Lord, is my brain going wild.

So, before anyone gets confused, or annoyed, or whatever, I will say this now:

FFXV isn't out (ATM) And there isn't much plot to go by of what we know of, so, I'm just going to wing it.

Also, even though they're a group, they each have their individual roles. as well as, at the start, they're apart, but no worries, they're together by the end of the chapter.

As well as, the characters when speaking, will be in italics, as technically they're taling to eachother telepathically.

Roles: Who - Why.

Frisk: Noctis - He's the Main playable Character same as Frisk... This is straight forward.

'SOUL': Prompto - I thought he would enjoy being a floating heart, and he would be decent at dodging, especially when he finnally understands what he's doing.

Fight/Act: Ignis - He's smart, so he would know when to fight, or to act, the other roles wouldn't suit him anyway.

Item/Mercy: Gladiolus - I felt like he wouldn't suit the 'SOUL' Role, and I think he might know when to Flee and when to use Mercy, while Prompto might just constantly use the Flee button.

The reason I have this set up, is because It's more manageable for me. I don't want one character to be in control of one button, because who would control Frisk, and who will control the heart? So thats why Ignis and Gladiolus share the buttons and Prompto and Noctis just have frisk and the SOUL.

Hopefully, this makes sence. PM me if it doesn't, and tell me what your confused about, yeah?

Hope thats not too confusing. Anyway, I don't own Final Fantasy XV, or Undertale, and I hope you enjoy~


Noctis' Pov (What happened)

We've been running for a while. Our car was hit, and we crashed, so that was the reason we wern't fighting back. One hit on us, and we would be dead meat. While we were so busy running and trying to avoid getting shot, none of us seemed to notice the huge ditch in front of us. When we did, It was too late and we were already falling.

Noctis' Pov (Present)

My head was throbing, and I was sore all over. What happened? 'Oh, right, we fell into a big hole. How far did we fall? Not far considering im alive.' I dared to look up, and I was able to see the light of what seemed to be at the hole we fell from. That was a lot farther away than I thought. I looked down, wonddering what might of broken my fall, to see a huge patch of yellow flowers. 'Must be pretty durable'.

I looked at myself, to see if I had broken anything, thankfully I didn't, but I did see something weird. I was wearing a striped woolly top, blue shorts, and brown shoes. Not onlly that, I seemed to be a kid. Or I at least shrunk.

I tried to look for my friends, and I couldn't see much as it was dark. I couldn't find my voice to call out for them, so I didn't bother, thinking that my voice would return soon. Stumbling around, my eyes grew used to the darkness, and I was able to make out old, relic looking doors.

Not finding any more clues where I am now, I decided to go past the doors, and I ended up in a small room. There was also light shining in, but there wasn't any any yellow flowers. just a single, lonely flower. I decided to go up to it, to check it out, but it started talking. It even had a face!

"Howdy, I'm Flowey, Flowey the Flower. Hmmm... You're new to the underground, arn'tcha? Golly, you must be so confused. Someone ought to teach you how things work down here." Why did I not like the sound of that? Then again, it is a talking flower. "I guess little old me will have to do. Ready?" Ready for what? "Here we go!"

Suddenly I boy my height, with sandy blond hair in a messy hair style, appeared infront of me, in a sort of closed boxed area. Under the boxed area, I saw my name, LV1, and my Health, which seems to be at 20. Taking a closer look at the person infront of me, I finally recognised who it was.

'Prompto!'. As if hearing my thoughts, he turned around, and he spoke to me, but without moving his mouth.

'Noct! Whats... going on? Where are we?' I shrugged, and sort of figured that we could hear eachothers voice. And then we heard Floweys voice again.

"See that heart? That is your soul. The very culimination of your being." I looked at Prompto, who looked down at his shirt, which had a big red heart on it. he looked at me, and I gave him another shrug.

"Your SOUL starts off weak, but It can become stong if you gain a lot of LV. Whats LV? Why LOVE of course! You want some LOVE, don't you?" Me and Prompto looked at eachother, both of us were creeped out.

'Uhhh... I'm not sure how I should feel about this...' Prompto said, and I nodded.

'I agree with you on that.' I said back

"Don't worry, I'll share some with you!" Flowey gave us a wink, and Prompto seemed to back away slightly. "Down here, LOVE is shared through, little white... 'Friendliness Pellets'. Are you ready? Move around, get as many as you can!" Prompto seemed to freak out, before moving to the side, dodging the ''Friendliness pellets''. Floweys face turned into an irritated face.

"Hey buddy, you missed them. Lets try that again." Prompto looked at me, and I nodded.

'Touch ONE. Just to check it out. Okay?'

'Uh... Okay.' Prompto moved out of the way for all of them, except purposly getting hit by one. Prompto screamed, and I felt pain rush over my entire body. I looked at my health and it was one percent.

"You Idiot. In this world, It's Kill or be Killed. Why would anyone pass up an opportunity like this!?" Its voice went from nice, straight to evil in a matter of seconds. I couldn't make my swords appear, nor could I stop the bullets surrounding Prompto. I couldn't talk, my voice wouldn't work, and the bullets seemed to close in to Prompto. Prompto was trying to stay in the middle of the bullets, trying to keep them as far away as possible.


All of a sudden, I felt better. The health bar went back up to 20, and the bullets were gone. A fireball appeared next to the flower and hit it, causeing flowey to fly away. Then, there was a tall, goat woman in a purple dress. I seem to come up, just under her shoulders, and she came closer.

"What a terrible creature, torturing such a poor, innocent youth. Ah, do not be afraid, my child. I am Toriel, caretaker of the ruins. I pass through this place everyday to see if anyone has fallen down. You are the first human to come here in a long time. Come! I will guid you through the catacombes."

The box dissapeared, but Prompto was still next to me. He also seemed to be floating.

'Do we trust her?' Prompto asked, coming closer to me.

'Well, For now we should. she saved us.' I replied, looking up. He's a bit taller now that he's floating.

'Yeah, she doesn't seem too evil.' He mused looking in the direction that 'Toriel' left in.

So, I decided to follow her through another old relic-looking doors into another room. But this room, was painted purple, and I can see in them. Prompto was content in following me, so I continued to follow I got slightly distracted by something shiny in the red leaves. I saw a small star-shaped jewel, and when I touched it, I felt a rush of DETERMINATION. there seemed to be something under it, and there was a box, that said 'EMPTY'. I tapped it, and it said my name, my LV, and the time. Under that, it siad where I was. It read 'RUINS'.

Remembering that I was supposed to follow Toriel, I ran after her, which meant by running up steps, and almost triping, which carsed Pormpto to laugh. I sent a look his way, and continued. toriel stopped, and started talking. I mostly half listened, as I was more busy taing in the scenery. She stepped on some switches and then pulled a lever, which opened another door. She said something and then walked off into the next room.

I walked over the pressed buttons and did the exact same thing that Toriel did, then went into the next room. Toriel said something about switches, and Waled off, and I followed her lead. I went over to a brightly coloured switch, and pulled it. She seemed content and moved on. I repeated with the next one, and we left the room.

'I'm bored. This is all boring.'

'Maybe somehting will happen soon, Noct. Be patient.'

Toriel started talking again, and Prompto gave me a look that said I should listen, so I did.

"As a human living in the underground, Monsters may try to attack you. You must be prepared for this situation. However, worry not, the process is simple. When you encounter a monster, you will enter a FIGHT. While you are in a FIGHT, strike up a friendly conversation. Stall for time and I will come to resolve the conflict." I looked at prompto, who shrugged, and we continued to listen.

"Practice talking to the Dummy." I looked over at the weird looking Dummy thing and when I got close, It was the same thing that we were with Flowey. However, there were more options, a Fight, Act, Items and Mercy. Then, out of all of the times to find my other missing friends, we see Ignis and Gladiolus. They were wearing clothes, or holding things that seemed to corrospond with the pictures of the buttons.

Ignis has a black shirt, with a volume symbol on it, and he was holding, what seemed to be a stick. Gladiolus was wearing the same black shirt, but with an X on it, while also holding a sort of bag.

They both looked as confused as much as Prompto and me, shocked.

'Noctis, Prompto. What happened?' Ignis asked, and gladiolus chimed in too.

'Yeah, what happened after we fell.'

'We don't know, but apparently this is a Fight, and... Uh... You guys seem to control the buttons, I guess?' They looked down at the buttons in front of them, and they looked at what they had.

'Toriel told us to talk to the Dummy, so if you see something that says 'Talk' then use it.' Prompto spoke up, Ignis and Gladiolus nodded and seemed to probe for a little while longer.

'Found something. Out of assumation, 'Fight' means attacking it, while 'Act' Means doing anything, but attacking it. There are options in the Act, and it says 'check' and 'Talk'. I assume thats what were supposed to do.'

Me, Prompto and Gladiolus seemed to watch Ignis as he tapped on the Talk option.

"Uh, hello?" The dummy did nothing and it seemed as out turn 'ended'. Suddenly, the actual fight ended, and Toriel started to talk to us. Ignis and gladiolus was still with me and Prompto when the Fight ended.

"Ah, very good! You are very good" And she walked off. We all looked at each other, and it seemed as this would go on for a long time.


Okay, I thought I should end it there. This was acctually hard, but also fun to do.

I'm keeping to the story as much as I can, but I will skip some parts that arn't nessissary.

Basically I'm watching play throughs on youtube and going from there.

I wanted Ignis and Gladiolus to come in before I ended the First Chapter, So I got to the dummy bit and htought: Good place to leave it.

And yes, i think you might of noticed, but how the Fight is on going, I described the area (The options, name, LV, Health etc) because I picture it as something similar to a bored, and you have to click on the 'buttons' to activate it. thats my headcanon anyway.

I do hope you enjoyed, I had a lot of fun writing this, so... Yeah.