Rey's features mirrored the inner-turmoil currently coursing through her entire body. So much had happened in the last week. She felt completely and utterly exhausted physically, mentally, and spiritually. She didn't know that every cell of your being could be pushed to the brink as she sat in the millennium falcon.

She never thought she would be piloting the legendary rebel freighter.

She never thought she would have met Chewbaca, General Leia, or Han Solo...

She never thought she would lose Han Solo.

As Chewie took over the controls after rawring at her to get some rest she just nodded with a small smile before getting up to head back to one of the bunks in the ship. It would be a few hours even with hyper-speed before they made it to the planet that held the elusive last Jedi.

She was going to meet the last Jedi.

She was going to meet the hero of the light-side.

She was going to meet Luke Skywalker.

Laying down she released an audible sigh from between her lips.

She was just a scavenger from Jakku. For the last decade she had waited for a family that would never come. Now she was on a mission to train with Luke Skywalker. She was a force-sensitive. Her brow furrowed as questions and uncertainty flooded her mind.

What was she?

Would she be able to control the force?

Would she fall to the dark side like Han and Leia's son?

As the doubt and fear began to flood her mind a small memory came to the forefront.


This was a suicide mission. Plain and simple as Han had told them as they planned on how they would take out the base. She looked on to Han who was calm and Chewie who barely batted a hairy eye. It was Finn that surprised her the most. He simply nodded to Han before catching her gaze with his dark chocolaty eyes. Two conflicting emotions called out to her just like the first time she had met him. Fear... and a sense of bravery she had never seen. She nodded back to him with solidarity. They probably wouldn't be coming back from this one.

Everything was stacked against them.

They were out manned.

They were woefully outgunned.

They were up against a force user who had years of training.

But, as she watched Finn sling his blaster over his shoulder she felt a calm wash over her. She wasn't alone.

She had Han.

She had Chewie.

She had Finn.

Han motioned for her to stand next to her as Finn handed Chewie the explosives. Han's weathered blue eyes caught her own as he spoke quietly.

"No matter what happens kid, make sure you two stick together."

She was about to speak but he cut her off.

"I mean it Rey. You're both at your best when you have each others back. I can't tell you how many times Chewie, Leia, Luke and I barely skirted by the hair of our necks because we never left each others side... Take it from an old man who tried to go it alone, you don't last long by yourself."

She nodded in understanding. About to turn to head off with Finn Han's hand caught her shoulder lightly.

"You can always come back to him."

She raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean?"

Han sighed with a tired look in his eye that had become so normal to her.

"Finn... Finn's the type of person that won't turn his back on you no matter how bad it gets. No matter how dark it seems or how far you travel he's the kind of person that you can always find again. So whatever happens just remember. You can always come back to him."

Rey had no clue why he was telling her this. But, she had a strange feeling it was as important as her telling him the force and all the stories were true. Before she could say thank you she turned to the group.

"Alright Chewie and Finn lets get going! You two stick together, got me?"

Finn nodded earnestly.

Flashback End.

She laughed a little to herself. Han Solo always had a flair for the dramatic, but as she laid in the dim light of the Falcon her body racked with a quiet sob. So much death, so much destruction, so much darkness had occurred in such little time. She felt so alone at the moment. Even with Chewie and R2-D2 on board she missed Han. In the short time she had known him he had become like the father she never knew. Tears streamed down her cheek. And, as she felt she was about to lose it an image came to the forefront of her mind again.

Finn's smile and excited expression when they met again in the Falcon after evading the Order's tie fighters.

His look of continued surprise and respect as she fought, flew, or ran.

His sincere happiness and elation at meeting her in the hallway of the Starkiller.

Her fist locked when she thought of the slash that brought him to the ground by Ren's lightsaber.

The fury, emotion, and rage that she felt... But, also the strength, love, and desire to protect her friend pulled inside her.

Finn's care for her and the sacrifice he made though they barely knew each other stopped the tears in her mind. When she had kissed his forehead before leaving she pushed as much positive energy, love, and care as she could. The thought of him laying their calmed her mind. She needed to learn how to control her powers for him. She needed to protect Finn from the likes of Kylo-Ren... From the darkness and destruction that the First Oder brought to the galaxy...

She opened her eyes and in them determination and courage overtook the uncertainty and doubt. Finn believed in her... She had to return to him... She would return to him...



A Jedi.