Author's Note: First RvB fanfiction and second fanfiction.

In the far reaches of space is an orbital station surrounded by frigates, inside the station is the Commander in his office. Having just seen Epsilon's message he sighs "What's Hargrove gotten us into this time? he says annoyed.

Just after he said that he get's a message from said person. "Speak of the devil." he says. He presses a button and the former Chairman appears on the screen.

"Sir, I have reached a bit of a dilemma." Hargrove said.

"I am aware. So what do you need this time?" the mysterious commander says.

"All I require is another ship, some more soldiers, and your best agent." the former Chairman says.

The Commander whistles "You must in some real trouble to need him."

"That I am sir. My I please borrow him." he says.

"Of course, Chairman. But's he too valuable of an agent, I might not have even gotten this far if it wasn't for him, so take note of this, if he dies... then so do you. Is that clear?"

"Yes, sir." says the Chairman terrified.

"Good." and with that the Commander ends the call. Little did Hargrove know that the agent he was talking about was in the same room as the Commander. "I assume that will be my next mission. I will prepare for it as soon as possible" the soldier says in deep, cold and slightly robotic sounding voice. As he is about to walk out of his commanders office his commander tells him to wait stopping the soldier. "While you will be taking orders from him, if he makes a decision that you do not agree with, kill him."

"Yes, sir." the soldier says and walks out to prepare for his mission.

A little bit later on a frigate

After reviewing anything he could about the sim troopers, freelancers and the colonists, he walked towards the command deck, and sits in his chair.

"Are we ready to jump slipspace?" the soldier says.

"Yes, sir. Awaiting your command." a crewman says.

"Engage." the Soldier says.

The crewman obeys and with that the ship jumps into slipspace.

As he's sitting in his chair he hears a voice in his helmet "So we're going to go kill them?" it says. "That is the plan." the soldier says. "Are you sure we should just kill them? Why not just torture and then kill them? the voice says.

"It's good to know you have not lost your subtlety, Zeta." the soldier says.

"Right back at you, Deimos."

Author's Note: And that's chapter one, short I know I'm not that good of a writer, but hopefully the later chapters will be longer, I've been wanting to get this story out for some time. For those of you wondering what Deimos armor consists of he has a Venator Helmet, a Recon Torso, Air Assault Shoulders, XV-27 Shifting Forearms, and Over-Locking Legs. Tell me what you think of the story so far, if you don't like then please tell me, all I ask is that you don't be jerks about it. And for those of you that have seen the movie Darkness Falls, no I did not rip off the name, for those of you who haven't seen that movie and decided to watch it and got scared the crap out of by it , I'm sorry.